Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



Mother of All Creation and What That Means Exactly

[see post below]

I feel that I should clarify, to avoid misunderstanding,

what the meaning of Mother character of God in All Creation is,

in contrast to many of the Mother Earth beliefs that originate in paganism that are so prevalent today.

Bottom line, I REJECT all god/goddess beliefs, but NOT only because I've been taught that they are wrong, no,

but from my OWN research and coming to conclusions. Research in history/herstory included, antiquity, the Word of God [Bible], having been intimate with both Islam and Judaism [I am very vocal in my opposition to Islam, which I stand FIRM, is a mix of the ancient beliefs of Moloch and other gods mixed with a WARPED Christianity/Judaic LAW, for also, reasons of EXPANSIONISM AND 'EMPIRE' THAT IS EXTREMELY MISOGYNIST AND IMPERIALIST.

In saying that I am well aware of the 'reform' movements and support them, for changes in secular laws [human right laws], however, it is of My opinion, that there are inherit flaws, that I care not to go into here or to get into any argument,

but in my research I did find numerous inheritances, of pagan, [ancient] and fundamentalist other religious beliefs/or, rather,

not so much beliefs but INSTITUTIONS OF STATE, which we know as Theocracy, or Theocratic States,

that have several things in common,

they are:

extreme hatred of women
extreme control over women's sexuality
extreme moral legislation enforced by TERROR and ABUSE yet at the same time, those in power, are the Most corrupt and polluted with idolatry and sin [making themselves gods and idols]
extreme economic infrastructures that thrive on SLAVERY and EXPLOITATION AND RAPE and/or both or separate--CONTROL OF WOMEN/GIRL CHILDREN

that is just the tip of the iceberg,

interestingly enough,

the ancient pagan 'god' and 'goddesses' beliefs, Also, practice such detestable rituals that were steeped in misogyny or steeped in other forms of worship of the female but ONLY in the Sensual-Fertility way, leading up always to sexual exploitation of the female,

and the final fruit, was always, Sacrificing children, virgins, slaves, blood sacrifices, and GENDERCIDE-GENOCIDE.

Now, if one looks at the evolution of human government/society, leaving the spiritual analysis out of it, per se, then it can be summed up to strife over lack of resources, which Yes, were a necessity for survival, we can even see this in the Word of God [OT],

land, was a valuable resource, particularly land near water and good temperatures,

and yes, nationalism, or tribalism, was a huge part of the wars and conflicts. There is no getting away from this fact,

the Problem is however, is that, while in ways we have evolved from these barbaric lifestyles for necessity,

in many ways, we have not. And some societies, they are still stuck, back in Biblical Times,

with a mix of modernization thrown in.

It is my belief that no amount of technology or 'knowledge' will change human nature, and if Anything,

human nature has Devolved, not evolved.

And the same barbarism and SIN that was prevalent in the OT, is still ripe today, that Has NOT changed,

and never will until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ, that is my FIRM belief, of which I will not sway from.

I realize of course this is not a popular belief, and especially what I am about to say but, well, so be it.

When I say, the Mother in God, I am not referring to pagan Goddesses NOR am I mixing, infiltrating, either the beliefs OR the worship practices. I feel this is important that I stress this as there ARE some who do mix Christianity with Pagan or New Age beliefs,

to 'appease' people,

while appeasing people and working towards peace, is at first, at least on the surface, good, or seems good,

I feel, that if working towards justice and peace for all, that 'false' beliefs that are known to be the Root of iniquity and exploitation, and suffering,

forced on many of its subjects, then we have a duty, to seek Truth, not just what 'feels good'.

It is this reason I chose to look beyond the feel good statements and beliefs and dig further and what I found,

well, they weren't what they appeared, put it that way. Not only that, but they are sinister,

I believe, because there is a spiritual world, with many, many counterfeits lead to deceive souls into Hell, Eternal Hell,

I have no qualms in saying so. Jesus said,

"I am the Way, the Truth, the Life, NO ONE, that means, NO ONE, comes to the Father [Heavenly Father, the most High God] but through ME. John 14:6

I believe that, I know it,

how, by Faith. But more than Faith,

by the Holy Spirit which seals the truth, seals my salvation and those who believe and Receive the Gift of Grace, not by their works lest any should boast, because ALL have fallen short of the Glory of God,


not some, not a few, not just bad people,

for All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

I think, its truly a bad idea, to believe that one can make up for sin, and reject the ransom Jesus Christ paid for us, even in a secular belief,

meaning, if you were to just look at it without the spiritual, it simply, makes no sense. To reject, the one true Ransom and Payment for all our sins, sin nature, past, present, future, freely given to us By God, in His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, who LOVES EACH OF US,

to reject, and then to make oneself a 'god' relying on self or to believe in other gods that have a history, of sacrificing and self-debasement.

And YES, there are some so called FALSE CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS and emphasis on FALSE, they are contrary to scripture, contrary to Jesus Christ, they are Enemies of the Cross of Christ,

who also, practice and teach these things.

True love doesn't appease knowing hell awaits, NO,

True Love, tells the truth,

whether people want to receive it or not, doesn't matter.

So, I have a duty to tell the truth, whether the world rejects it [which the world does] or not,

to God in His Son Jesus Christ I will be true to the Cross and to the Resurrection.

So, when I refer to the Mother in God,

I am referring to that part of God's nature, that is yes, mother like, I don't believe its just a coincidence that God took the side of Adam [not necessary just a rib, in old Hebraic I've read that it means the side of man] and created Eve,

in His image,

and it not mean something. Not only that, but when I began my search, searching God, asking Him, not everyone else, if He was a Misogynist,

in His Word, He showed me, NO, He is not.

It is how though, His word, has often, sadly, been taking out of context, taken from the whole meaning--

and used, to subjugate women, to justify the hate of women, etc.

And not just in the Old days, no, but even today, these teachings and beliefs are so entrenched, and engrained,

and just as damaging to not only women's souls but to the Body of Christ. And they not only hinder God's work,

they also, cause the unbelievers to profane God or, they justify or are used as rationale to lure those wounded,

into, yes,

those counterfeit beliefs.

This is what I know, from my experience,

and this is Why, I began my search of the scriptures for myself. Not just to minister to women, to also, receive healing that I needed so I could be set free from the stronghold of lies and bondage.

That is what counterfeits do, they 'accuse' God and God's nature,

to lure, or rather, ensnare people into the hands of Satan himself.

AND they are destroying women, not only are they destroying women,

most of all, they are playing right into the hands of fundamentalists and extreme misogynist systems, to eventually, take over,

because people won't question them. There is too much 'complimentarism' so when truth be told, people reject the truth [in regards to systems] because the comparisons,

well, they aren't that different. In other words, the misogyny in other systems, though there are many who confront them,

if they were to truly look at our own system, including yes, religion, they would see,

there is differences, but then, there isn't,

especially when it comes to the treatment of women.

That includes, of course, economics, slavery and misogyny, go hand in hand. In all theocracies that were hell bent on hatred of women,

they also were nationalist, racist to the core, fuedalistic, oppressive, brutal, quick to want to shed blood, demanding of blood sacrifices in one way or another, demanding of extreme tribute that was in itself oppressive, and exploitive to the core,

witch hunts [the fruition of hatred of women], slavery, child rape/incest, etc., were the fruits of such kingdoms and still are today, the evidence is simply,

to there in the face, to Deny,

except to fools of course, who in their want to not come to the light lest their hearts be exposed and changed,

hang on to the very beliefs that will appease their desires.

That is how sin nature works,

and the sad thing is,

while sin may be fun for a season,

it DESTROYS and the final wages, is spiritual death.

So, to truly love, to truly care,

is to yes, tell the truth, about salvation, not just in the afterlife but here in the now. The present,

some call it consciousness,

well, it is, but what most don't realize, that consciousness, that quickening, is in fact, the work of the Holy Spirit.

though God is not credited, sadly for the rise of consciousness, it is God, who gives us that knowledge, to save us,

because He loves us. More than we can ever truly grasp or understand,

God IS love.

Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son [to be] the propitiation for our sins. 1 John 4:10

He loved us first, not us, loving Him first, in fact, in our sin nature, we don't even seek God, until He woos us, to seek Him. To those who have ears, let them hear....

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. 1 John 4:8

That means,

that No, God does not hate, He hates sin, yes,

but God in His love, hates sin, because SIN DESTROYS US.

Deny it all we want, but its true.

In seeking God's answers to so many of my questions, problems in my life, time and time again, it goes back to, sin,

my sin, other's sin, the world's sin,

but Sin.

And in seeking or reading the counterfeit beliefs, I noticed two things, consistently,

they deny sin

and two,

they lead to destruction that is also, sin.

They are sinister, they are even angelic in appearance,

but they are deadly, deadly, deadly.

And, I suppose I shall throw in the third, consistency, with counterfeits,

they all appeal, to the lusts of the flesh.

Not to the spirit, but to the flesh and that includes, self-crucifying beliefs, that aim, to prop up a false sense of holiness,

but see, there is one problem with that 'falsehood' too,

those types of false beliefs or counterfeits, always lead to legalism and most of all



indifference to other's suffering, therefore, contributing in either active or inactive, agreement with evil, in systems, in relations, etc.

It is these latter beliefs that through legalism have too many times polluted or lead astray, those who believe, who live by faith,


Because men benefit from legalistic beliefs when it concerns Women,

why not? Have a subject who is demanded to submit and worship you as if you are a 'god', to be able to abuse, mistreat, act in contempt towards, etc., and to do so, with the supposed authority or false belief of God giving one

well why not? its no wonder these types of legalisms and lies, are not challenged within the modern day church,

why, it would really rock the boat of Male Priviledge, would it not?

And it is in this way that the legalists and fundamentalists, have so much more in common, though they will stand opposed and point the finger,

they are, EXACTLY, alike,

in more ways than one.

And as a result, many women have turned to counterfeits, I've associated with these women, was even ONE of those women, for some time,

I too, rejected the patriarchy and misogyny and the horrid abuses in my life and in the lives of so many women in the church that I knew, that I grew up with, and in several denominations,

not just one.

So I can understand the wounds, the hate, the feeling of abandonment and most of all, the internalization that is the belief that God hates women, that yes, causes women, to one day say,

to hell with this, lets see what female gods there is, or alternatives.

OR, lets mix, other beliefs with Christianity, that interjecting, and the New Age movement I think is probably one of the largest here, that whole pantheon or universalist movement,

but, in all those, I just mentioned,

God still comes out, looking like some misogynist jerk sitting way up in Heaven, hating Eve and cursing all of Eve's daughters, and of course, He is all male in characteristic and of course, males are entitled, as 'special', women as inferior, evil necessities even.

And hey, if you really look at the manifestation or fruit of many teachings, that is exactly the picture you get.

And there IS this love-hate relationship women have with God, even Jesus, though they may deny it,

it needs to come out, it really does, because what many don't see, is that, those 'false beliefs' are going to lead us,

right to where, the women in the Congo are.

What do you mean, you might be asking?

Well, its not that the misogyny Just surfaced in the war, the mass rapes, like some big demon just came on the scene, oh no,

that isn't how it worked,

those misogynist beliefs were, like racist beliefs or nationalist beliefs and that hatred, that seething deep hatred, in other wars=genocides like in the former Yugoslavia [Bosnia-Serbia-Croatia], were there,

all that time, just sitting there, seething, stuffed in that basket of wickedness, and then, one day, all restraints of law and order are removed and Boom,

hell breaks forth on the earth.

I often read Christian men or hear, preachers, talk about the porn culture AS IF porn is the culprit,

well, porn is, but, its not that porn created misogyny, oh no,




Get to the root of the problem

then you get to the root of the Sin,

and until WE deal, until We confront, Misogyny, in the Christian Church,

we too, one day, will suffer, just as our sisters in the Congo and in other legalistic Christian nations, are suffering.

Mass rape, butchering, Christian husbands [or so called] then tossing these women out onto the streets because hey,

they are damaged goods, no longer useful to screw [pardon the language but can we just be blunt here] or useful to breed

like cattle.

Its not Muslim men who are kicking out there women after mass raping them and shooting bullets into their vaginas, oh no,

its CHRISTIAN men,

nominal or not, doesn't matter,

they are men, who have known scripture, who have known the traditional 'legalist' so called Christian teachings,

those scriptures used as baseball bats to subjugate women, much in the same way, that laws in the Sharia, are used to subjugate and form a system of terror,


Don't think, for one minute, that we women, in the Christian nations, don't also, have these same types of CONTROL, by TERROR,

because we do.

Its called, Theocracy....

maybe not in our legal system in the way it is under Sharia Law, but oh, its there,

its so there and in some congregations its very much there, in full view for all to see.

And the saddest thing is, women, have internalized these beliefs,

and that internalization, IS A STRONGHOLD.

And it is, DEMONIC.

And then that same DEMONIC FORCE, then lures, the victims, the wounded, right into the counterfeits, right into the snare of Satan,

the lie of empowerment when in actuality, the fruit is hate. Hate of men, hate of children, hate of everything female,


Hate, in its fullness, of being a daughter of Eve.

So rather, than attempt to mix other beliefs, I instead, just one day, had it out with God per se, in one of many prayers, sort of like Job did, no, like Job, lol,

except I was way worse....and not anything near as good as Job,

I knew, I could not, truly, ever get past the infant stage spiritually, not ever able to really minister or get past, this anger and sin,

until, I came totally upfront with God, meaning, not keeping anything back.

And He began to show me, little by little, in His Word,

His character, that yes, is male, and is also, female.

I believe, that the world, that women, need to hear, not that God needs justification because He doesn't, He IS JUST, HE IS HOLY,

no, but because, for so long, there have been LIES, spoken, about women, not just LIES spoken, but horrid abuses,

done in the name of God. Profaning His name and His character,

so, in sharing what God reveals to me, what He reveals to me through His Holy Spirit and through His Word in Christ Jesus, that I can share or minister those things He so chooses, to

uplift, heal, and to Glorify, HIS NAME,

not mine, not any church [denomination], not any ministry,

only Glorifying the Lord God.

I have not yet written on all the things God has revealed to me, not reveal in this way either as me saying I'm some prophet, not what I mean by that,

but in His revealing to me, when He ministers/heals/corrects/sanctifies me.

And it doesn't come, like all at once or overnight, and EVERY time, He reveals Himself/Herself to me,

I see, more and more, my shortcomings and my sin...leading me always to repentance, confession, to Christ Jesus.

That should be stressed even more so,

its in HIS goodness, and well,

I guess its safe for me to say, that though I may have known Christ, that relationship, it wasn't really, until I did, like have it out with Him and say,


that, I truly, am knowing now, HIS LOVE.

Its one thing, to hear, people say, Jesus loves you,

yea yea we know, hear it all the time in church, in sermons, on Christian radio, and we have that mental agreement

but its quite another,

when God reveals His Love to you, on that intimate space, on that intimate level, that quickening of the Spirit, through His word.

That that the carnal mind, simply can not understand....

nor can the unrepentant heart because the unrepentant heart or the heart that is by will very resistant to God, can't see because WE put that barrier up,

not God, but us. We put those barriers up,

and hurts can do that too...often, when those hurts surface, Legalism [esp misogynist legalism that says, summing it up to this, woman, how dare you be angry, its your lot because Eve sinned first [you know because Adam, well he just couldn't help himself, typical 'male' cop out and Adam's sons are Still using that excuse], and why God has set you under the head of male and assigned you to bearing children, etc etc etc....those texts the little 'male gods' so love to use, to put themselves on their little 'thrones',

but point is, when those hurts surface, in our SELF-POLICING, ourselves, we repress, oh, we repress and we Deny, oh how we deny and then we rationalize,

using those very same scriptures, to condemn our selves never seeing the light----and staying

in subjugation, not the Godly kind, no, not Godly submission which means service, to Glorify Christ [as He too served] to glorify the Kingdom of Heaven, oh no,

not that kind of subjugation, but the kind of subjugation that is not any different than what you see, yes,

in Islam and in other Fundamentalist beliefs/religions.

That self-loathing, not because of sinful flesh, oh no, the internalization of misogyny goes way beyond just hating the deeds of the flesh [low base nature btw, not actual body, though legalism will take it that far],

it goes to the very hating of the creation of one's self--that being a woman.

Talk about walking dead soul---

that is what misogyny does in the end, it destroys the souls of women.

The opposite, of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, which is love, joy, JOY, peace, no, not some false piousness,

not some false made up, PRETENSE,

but true joy.

You know Paul said, give without grumbling,

do you know what causes grumbling?

A mischaracterization of God, a false concept of God and of one's self.

And also, being victimized by INJUSTICE,

oh, you can hold back, and not grumble with thine mouth but in heart, oh yes, that grumbling is there and then,

its the I'm sorry Lord for being ungrateful,

never occurs to them, that the reason there is that rising up, of that volcano, is that there is righteous anger, that is God telling you, something is not right.

Its not a sin to get angry, its a sin, in what we do with that anger....anger is an emotion, just like anything else,

God gets angry.

And God gets angry, when women, are victimized, brutalized, demonized, especially, because they are women,


Demonizing women, is Demonizing


Anyway, I'll close for now,

but, I will, eventually, be posting several scriptures, that I have been pondering on, that yes, reveals so much, of God's, female side,

not just in suffering either, meaning, not in the usual 'passive' way, that also, is used by misogynists, to rationalize or justify the abuse of women,

or the demonization of women.

And I will recommend, reading the book of Job, for starters,

really pay close attention, to what the Lord says.

Because Job is not the only book, that the Lord, uses the messages in nature, to reveal Himself, His emotions, His character,

and, the creation of many animals, especially in the diversity and even, how in some animal kingdoms, God totally reverses things,

almost in this comical way,

they are messages, serious ones,

its that, often, in our human arrogance, our thinking 'we are god', that 'sin',

we totally miss it.

But God speaks,

in all His creation, if we only, will open our hearts to Him, and hear what He has to say.