Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.





Over at Aroos's, there is several really good articles, about the separatist movement, of women.

Though, I have a different outlook, due to my faith...they are NOT wrong, and in fact,

whether they realize it or not, they are hitting on MORE spiritual truths, than most.


I was going to reply to them, but decided, I'd post it here instead,

I didn't go into as much scriptural detail as I would have wanted, but there is reason, for this, I won't get into now...

I posted both links...because they are both, related, to the 'false paths to destruction powered by the one who is at enmity to all women',

and the top one, about transgender...has Huge spiritual significance, that reveals, the Why's, of why God destroyed, Sodom and Gomorrah, that other fruit of MISOGYNY...that may 'look' like women's emancipation, on the surface,

but underneath, lies the viper of all vipers, Satan.

The belief too, of 'working along side the enemy OR under the headship of the 'god' that is man, is also, another viper, Satan...

to those who have ears, let them hear....

The separation is happening regardless, [going to give, a totally, different, perspective on this, that, well many here may reject, but sharing it, anyway]

whether women and/or men want it to or not, the Congo is a good example, so is Afghanistan, so is Pakistan in areas [Swat valley].

These women, many are catatonic from the gang rapes, abandonment from husbands and communities because they see women nothing but chattel and they are now seen as damaged goods [and physically, many will never be able to have child due to being shot in the vagina, by the rapists, e.g. Congo].


That is the fruit, of misogyny.

It is also, the spiritual ROOT, OF MISOGYNY, to destroy woman, to destroy the seed of woman, to eventually, destroy all of humanity.

It however, manifests its ends in various ways, not just in one, which is why, separation will result, regardless.

Not only will separation result, the transfer of misogyny will also, continue to seek, destroy and kill, all that is female.

Women, if they choose to work under the belief that men, will work in agreement, without a spiritual change,

will find, that those same men, will also, destroy them. It is a self-destructive path,

and why is that?

Because man, MAN, has made himself god.

That is the patriarchy in a nutshell, man, making himself god,

over woman.

Which, another way of looking at it, if I may, a spiritual way,

that goes all the way back to Eve, where so many miss it...

the result of the turning everything upside down, by the deception of one, WHO HATES, WOMEN, SATAN

that enmity, [though there is reconciliation, and there is to be, a restoration, of the former place, and this will not come to pass until there is an absolute turning away from the 'worship of men' back to the relationship that was meant to be, between God and Woman.]

anyway, that enmity, is the root, of patriarchy as well, first, the tribal patriarchy, to the nuclear patriarchy, in which, the latter, man became the private 'god' over woman, even more so and survives to this day,

oddly, this is Biblical, but, it is also, evident, in feminist theory, and one, did touch on this, a lot,

her name was, Charlotte Perkins Gilman. She wrote extensively about the spiritual ills [though she may not have intended them to be spiritual] of the nuclear patriarchy,

particularly to the generations, of children born,children raised in self-loathing, that will not have love, for God or human, due to patriarchy's influence, to the generations of societies,

which, in the most extreme misogynist state terror societies, we see this clearly evident.

Where so many miss it, is that, the records, of the days of old, were NOT justifications of the birth and evolution of misogyny and patriarchy,

no, but, the revealing, of the evolution, to where we are at today.

In so many regions of the world, the compassion of women, the souls of women, have been destroyed,

their very nature, bent, morphed, into the nature, of the fallen Adam. The 'other' as we term it,

where, even the 'other', is hated, one flesh, divided and if a house is divided it cannot stand.

Humanity, will destroy itself via misogyny, or rather, something is destroying humanity,

from that enmity.

The deception is however, that in embracing some other beliefs, that too, are spiritual, that women will be restored and justice will prevail--WRONG,

for, if one studies the history of these beliefs in they days of old, those beliefs, required several things,

the bloodshed of women/sacrifices
the prostitution of women for the ritual rites

to 'appease' the gods, the source behind, the one hater of all women, hated because woman in creation, was in the image of GOD,

not in the image of man. Created as a companion for man, yes, but in the image of man, NO, also, created for God...Both were called, to obey, rule and multiply, under God's command before the fall.

Today, if you think, this is all folly,

the renewal or Earthy physical manifestation of these DEMONS, demonic forces are in full power,

the appeasement, well, one example right off the bat, [one example out of many--this is global]

sacrifices, the rapes, mutilations, blood of thousands of women, young girls, PER YEAR, in Mexico,

it IS connected, to the beliefs of old, for males wanting POWER, to rule, a means in which, Satan, the beast, the dragon, the anti-christ, are coming into and onto the earth to rule and kill God's saints,

to also, bring back, the sources, that I won't get into here.

Another example, the global trafficking of women and children, into sex slavery,

the global temple prostitution, such as in the days of Rome and prior to, to the Old Testament times, well, to the source--Satan himself

and its no coincidence, that our legal system, is based, on those same beliefs,

another example, you have to go back to the worship of Baal and Moloch and Chemosh,

which, is the largest by terror and force, system there is today--that requires,

the sacrifices of women [and that IS what FGMs are btw, the castrations of women, they are castrations, not circumcisions and in fact, when we use the term circumcision, we legitimize the fgm more than confront its evil--they are BLOOD SACRIFICES, TO MOLOCH, THEY DON'T KILL WOMEN LIKE IN THE OLD TESTAMENT--BUT THE BLOOD SHED, THE SEXUALITY, DESTROYED, THAT BRINGS FORTH LIFE--THAT HATE OF, IS PURE DEMONIC HATRED, THAT GOES ALL THE WAY BACK, TO THE WORSHIP, OF BAAL AND MOLOCH AND ASTORAH]

the forced marriages, forced child marriages, the deliberate killing of women in body, mind and spirit, thighing/molesting children-girl children including infants, infanticide as it is in many countries, abandoning girls, all of these rituals, including, parading girls virginity in some churches, is part of that same worship...of DEMONS. Whether they realize it or not...

as well as the slicing and cutting of self--all,

practices, of the days of old. [read EZEKIEL--its all there]

And all, that have infiltrated many of the feminist movements and yes, even the mainstream church,

via patriarchy.

The death is coming to America, in fact, its already here, though its subtle and what is so sinister about it, it is being brought, with also, the promise of women's rights,

IF, they worship, the 'man'.

It is a lie,

the signs of what is to come in all around us in nature, nature that is both characteristic of both male and FEMALE,

the passing away, it can't be stopped. Because that ENMITY, is there,

only ONE can and WILL crush it, one day,
but, through the labor [spiritual] of WOMEN,

women, separated, from men.

Maybe not always in the physical sense,

but in the spiritual sense, yes,

but I along with several others, believe, that this separation, will also, be physical, in the falling away and the love grown cold, hearts waxed.

Whether one believes in God or not, the signs are there,

Revelations, means Revealing,

Margaret, what you speak,

has more spiritual truth, that Jesus Himself predicted, that the entire Word of God, predicts,

than what you may realize or even agree with. It IS a spiritual warfare,

Man, patriarchs, woman haters, have used the Word of God, twisting texts, since the days of the fall of is NOT coincidence, that the apostle Peter, was crucified

upside down. [to those who can see let them see]

There is a dialectic, some call it something else though I can't think of the term right now,

but, the restoration of Woman, is part of that, that is to come...not in the physical, in the spiritual,

we are seeing it now. On some levels,

and, yes, the women only space, is part of that, a HUGE part of it,

whether women do so by choice, or by FORCE,

and, it will be more, by FORCE and that includes, in America. [there will be the worst butchering and persecution in America...of the Saints, and America, I believe, will fall, hard, but God, will save a remnant, those who stay in the faith...]

one many are not even aware of, see

[its about 'the woman' in Revelations, its NOT what you may think, I think, its the travail to bring in the Kingdom, and the Restoration --what Paul meant]

and, well, you may find this interesting too,

Again, its NOT what you may think. Long ago, there was a woman, Katharine Bushnell, who wrote, about all of this,

she also fought trafficking of women in the U.S. of course, the church, the men,

rejected her. She, like a few others, we DON'T hear about,

were separatists, who, loved God, in Christ, who worked, to save women and girls,

I have also, been finding some very interesting things about the women, in the early Catholic church, during the convent era, who too, under the very oppressive misogynist 'religious' system [that same spirit of pharisees--"they shut the Kingdom of Heaven in the people's faces, the Women's faces" Matt23:13]]

worked underground, there was a separatist movement.

To close,

man, including those who are false prophets [who profess Christ],

have made themselves 'gods', or God,

they will be removed from their place,

You are right Margaret, there isn't going to be change, through Revolution,

its NOT going to happen, there won't be change,

until there is that separation, and its been declared, by God Himself, several times, in the Word of God, He is restoring the DAUGHTERS to Himself, that Reversal--woman, desiring GOD, rather, than desiring MEN, because, God did NOT CREATE, MAN, TO BE






“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matt 7:15-23)

another thing, to also consider, is the Restoring of the Cities of Refuge, which, were the cities God demanded, back in the OT,

today, there IS a City of Refuge, in the Congo,

there is to be more, made by women, for women.

Both physically, and spiritually [intercessory prayer/Warfare prayer, we wrestle not with spirit and flesh but with principalities... Ephesians 5]

Two things...what Exactly, did Jesus mean by this, and what Exactly, is meant, by numerous scriptures, such as the one, in Lamentations, there are numerous in Daniel, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, all to do, with women.??

There was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man: and there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary. And he would not for a while: but afterward he said within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man; yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me. And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith. And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (Luke 18:2-8)

"With their own hands, compassionate women have cooked their own children, who became their food when my people were destroyed." Lamentations 4:10

Look at that, from a spiritual, not a literal, though its both,

women, cooking their own children, for their food,

also means, the psychological damage done, by war, rape, misogyny, to where, women, will strap bombs, on their own young,

women, who are walking DEAD.

Or women, such as some in the Congo, who castrate their small boys, thinking that the penis is a demon,

or the psychological damage, that many in the churches in the Congo, men and women, tell the young, very young, that their brothers or sisters were raped and killed, because somehow, they are witches...

the falling away, that Jesus predicted, that in the last days,

men will be ABUSERS...that is just a part of it,

there are two paths,

one, in which, women will assimilate into the misogyny--the complete destruction of women on this planet,

either in the temple prostitution and Blood goods [products made by female/child slaves] -- consumption, which is, btw, the worship of Baal, whether one knows it or not,


in the sacrificing to Moloch--Chemosh and even Ashterah [sic], [that manifests differently through out the globe AND that requires, the rape and butchering of the female, the blood spilled, to bring back the spirits that once were here]

its no coincidence, that the fields near Juarez, is lined with Pink Crosses,

AND there is the path,

of separation...and Jeremiah it says, it will be, both believers and non-believers, or those who resist, the beast, per se,

there will be cities of refuge, and there NEEDS to be,

whether you believe this or not or think, this is totally moonbat crazy,

the separation IS God mandated, for a reason,

and will happen. And whether you all know it or not,

you, and many other feminists, who see, the missing the mark, so to speak--are a part of it. BUT,

beware, that you don't, fall into the enemies snare, hardening your hearts, rejecting God, rejecting Christ...the ONLY salvation for women, restoration, outside of Christ, is destruction, no, revolution, won't change a thing on this planet,

this planet is DYING, THE LIFE FORCE, IS DYING, IS PASSING AWAY....for the New Earth, where SIN and those who cling to the love of Sin won't be,

and women, because they are life forces, are also, dying and will die in vast numbers, because the ENMITY, THE FRUIT, IS COMING TO PASS....BUT, it doesn't END there,

for those, who belong to Christ, and btw, its not God destroying, no, yes His wrath will come on that day,

but the Destruction of the Planet, of all life, will be, at the hands of Satan, at the hands or by the hands OF


the fruit, of the curse, in that Garden...the spiritual reconciliation through Christ Jesus, the Resurrection, the final, RESTORATION,

there IS a reason, you have the anger, the rage, that you do,

that we all do, and the refusal, to compromise, women's human rights.

What is so ironic though, is that, the very Spirit, that is calling women, is the One, that many women,

reject, because of the sins done, in HIS name, the profaning His name and character, especially the crimes against women,

through out time. Ever see or hear, about the man eating squid, as they are called?

That marine biologists, a couple, found, that these squids, these red squids off of Mexico waters, were not truly man eaters by nature, but were made that way,

due to the raping, of them, the hunting of them in large numbers, by a tool, that is, rape, they are hunted and killed, just like a woman being raped,

away from these fishing areas, the squid, are some of the most intelligent and loving/playful creatures,

God reveals His nature, His message in nature, especially, the Female character, of God. We will see, more revealings, if we listen.

To those who have ears, let them hear...

God showed, His nature, to Women,

in Jesus,

dying on the Cross for us, Jesus, who cursed not, who did not fight Perfect Love, became sin, took the full punishment and wrath,

so that,

we could be reconciled to God, in the Blood of Jesus Christ.

They HATE Jesus,






to those who have ears, let them hear...I pray, God reveals, His love, His PERFECT LOVE AND HOLINESS,


And that He, reconciles you, to Himself.

In Christ,