Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




I am posting this, or cross posting, rather, in case it doesn't go through moderation, because,

I did not take the soft, meek voice on this issue, and my response was more to one woman, who was continuing to argue and 'bend' what another woman was saying, in regards to her husband and his porn addiction.

I personally, think, the woman should have left his ass a LONG time ago, but then, that is me,

not leave like leave and get a divorce, just saying, putting the cards right out on the table and saying, either its the porn, or me,

better decide because I can remain single, if I need to. I realize that may be to many Christians, wrong,

but porn, PORN, isn't just about, a man looking at pictures, its about, a man, perpetuating and feeding, especially financially, an Industry that thrives on

rape, child rape, and murder even.

NO way, would I take part in any form or fashion, not without one HELL of a fight,

but too, I am coming at it from a woman's and children's human rights perspective, not just a Christian woman's view.

It infuriates me, at what I am seeing in the Church today, I have, because of being away from the church, not been involved with all the workings, but let me just say,

I don't even RECOGNIZE, the Church today, from what it was, when I first came to Christ, that was 30 years ago. What I am seeing being pushed from many churches today,

makes the far left, look 'conservative' one many things. AND its not just the men either, some of the things I hear or read coming out of women's mouths,

is just Unreal.

But let me say this: is this the church, or IS the church, that has been extremely, hijacked and colonized by the world?

I would say the latter, and you know, its not just the church, I've seen this happen in the feminist movement too,

and I'm referring a lot here to the whole 'pro-sex' or what they call 'positive sex' which is really, the myth for accepting and normalizing

prostitution [temple prostitution if you really want to get to the nitty gritty of it], sex slavery, child rape-pedophilia, you name it,

its like, people today, its not just about sex drive, hell, its more like, people today, like little dogs humping rags or something, with no self-control, and what is worse,

they not even having a Care, or even any repulsion, over the enslavement, of the VICTIMS, of the industry, because hey,

its sensual.

Yea, Bull,

ITS A BIG LIE, is what it is,

and its really, high time, we start Confronting it, for what it is,

forget, just the focusing on 'if you look at a woman with lust in your heart', no, no,

Porn is more than that people,

Its an industry, that is raping, killing, and the economies that thrive which, thrive on the Economic exploitation of the poor--so that there Will be more 'fodder' for the sex industry,

and to be really Blunt--

when the victims are killed,

its yes, the same exact thing, as HUMAN SACRIFICES.

And selling books, for $$$$, kaching, can we all just say, kaching, that are telling women,

to take on, the persona of the porn queen, to keep ole hubby happy,

isn't dealing with the problem, no,

its really, just normalizing the exploitation and sexual exploitation of women and children all over the world.

It is a racist industry, do you think, that porn, that depicts the gang rape of an Asian girl, by 200 white men, isn't racist and isn't about racism and nationalism? Plaleese people,

can we, in the Church, drop the bull and pretense, and get to the ugly facts about porn and stop pandering,

to the selfish excuses that the men use, men who have been ensnared by the enemy--BTW, its not just men either,

women are also, being ensnared by this demonic force...and have been, for some time, oh Yes,

kid yourself not, its all over our culture. But people say,

but we're civilize, its not like, over there, in the Congo,

oh Really?

Where do you THINK, many of those influences to use rape as a war tool, come from? Ever hear, of blackmarket 'war rape porn'?

This I believe, is one very urgent message that needs to be boldly spoken to the church the West,

anyway--here is my post/or reply,

no, its not really Christian, actually, I'm just writing from the gut here, from years of confronting the misogyny and the porn industry and the ELITE INDUSTRY behind porn,

oh, its evil, let me assure you, IT IS SHEER DEMONIC EVIL.

and what is even more horrid, is the total lack, of empathy, for the victims, of porn,

and I'm not talking about the wife, though yes, she and family is a victim, no,

I'm talking, about the thousands upon thousands of poor, destitute poor, powerless, weak, women and children,

forced into this industry, many of them violently, in fact, most of them by violence,


and we, as the Church, in Christ,


that includes, making kaching, $$$, in instructing women, how to take on, the porn queen character, to keep her husband interested,

look, if That is what he's into, I'll tell you flat out,

he's not into the sex, he's into the Control, the fantasy to rape, the male supersupremacy self-worship,

and in doing so, he's getting off, on dehumanizing women AND children,

because the two, YES, are related.

No ands, ifs ors buts about it.

my reply:

Testing, first to see if this goes through, because last two times it comes back as discarded…

if it does go through,

I would love to comment in length on this conversation, if I may. I believe that Ellen, is reading some of the comments in the way they could be construed,

because there IS, today, due to the lack of Real HONESTY, meaning,

so much pretense by women because they’ve been indoctrinated and have internalized misogyny to the degree that ANY voice, to stand for any kind of self respect as a HUMAN BEING,

is deemed as sin, if its a woman doing so and is considered by many in the church, as being ‘not submissive’, etc.

However, I disagree with that and in fact, to submit in the character of a lie,

is not true submission, it doesn’t glorify Christ, it doesn’t build or edify your husband and ALL it does, truly, is just build up resentment and unforgiveness.

Here’s the deal about the ‘porn’,

for one, porn isn’t the culprit in itself all ‘alone’, oh no, its the root of porn, which IS, misogyny, racism and slavery.

Porn is an industry that thrives, not on sexual desire, THAT IS THE LIE,

it is an industry, that thrives on the MALE FANTASY TO RAPE.


So, a man, who is using porn, isn’t just feeding his sexual gratifications, another LIE, no, he is feeding his desire to

rape, control, use violence, dominate, conquer, women and not just women,
but often, people of another race, culture, nation.


feminists who have been confronting porn and especially violent porn, feminists such as myself, have seen the glaring evidence WITH the history of imperialism, MALE SUPERSUPREMACY, and racism. IT isn’t a coincidence, that porn, the porn industry, has been birthed and fueled by the US and by Europe into the global order today.

So, this husband, is yes, treating his wife, Charis, like a harlot,

in fact, he probably doesn’t even recognize that SHE, this woman, is his wife,

because men who see women the way porn portrays them, don’t see women as human beings, no,

they are simply just cumdumps [sorry, too blunt for you, tough, I say it like it is and have no qualms as a Christian in doing so], or objects to be violated, defiled, beaten, raped, maimed, and killed.

That is what PORN is, it may start out, with the illusion, EMPHASIS ON ILLUSION, of the beautiful woman with no brain, obviously OR if she has a brain its only along the desires of masculine thought,

and she is always willing, submissive, to take any type of pain, humiliation, that the man is intent on giving her,
then that ‘lust’ becomes more for more control, then he’s into more violent and degrading porn, next thing you know,

the humanity is all but gone.

The thing that really irks me about this so called ‘free sex love’ garbage being spewed in our churches today by MEN, and WEAK WILLED WOMEN,

is, that they REFUSE, literally refuse, out of blatant disregard and materialist-self gratification selfishness, to even LOOK,

at the extent of the porn industry, and the TRAFFICKING, OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN, the slaves,

that are forced to work in the porn industry. ANY man who is into porn, and says he’s a Christian and that he loves his wife,

is either, extremely stupid, seriously, or a flat out liar. There is NO WAY, one could have Any knowledge, of the many testimonies and evidence out there, of the countless women and children, who have been economically coerced, tricked, kidnapped, trafficked, drugged, gang raped, held in chains, taken across borders, etc., and then ENSLAVED, in the world of porn,

and then say, they know Christ, and not be even the slightest moved by any type of guilt or remorse. NO WAY,

oh, yes, they may buy into that lie, that the ‘token’ people, usually the few privileged women of porn who are paid and set apart to ‘deceive’, that these women and men choose to be in porn, etc., that the sex, no matter how painful or degrading, is fulfilling, etc., etc., etc., all the while some corporate porn thug is in the background counting the millions,

just like the men in Ephesus who made the idols for the goddess Artemus.

Personally, I don’t know why women put up with it even in the slightest, IF, IF there was more awareness and education about the industry itself,

the blood, spilled, innocent blood, spilled for this industry,

then, you see, its not just the issue of men wanting to get their rocks off, and a wife being prudish,

which is what the MEN in some of these churches like to portray it as,

because its so much more, SO MUCH MORE,

and Yes, Charis, you are correct, If he is just determined to NOT listen to you, to even care,

he’s basically saying, he flat doesn’t care. Its like drugs,

all they care about is that ‘fix’ and porn is like a drug, its an addiction,

and its NOT even about sex, its about the need for power, for control, for domination, to deceptively deal with inferiority, unrest, maybe unhappiness, etc., WITH HIMSELF.

And in our porn-RAPE culture, men, Christian or not, are bombarded with these influences. It is, yes, very much like misogyny in other cultures,

it just manifests itself differently. Personally Charis you are a lot nicer than I am,

I’m just very blunt and to the point, from the get go, I told my husband that porn was the one thing, I would walk out that door and never return,

because to me, its not just about a man looking at pictures,

its about men, perpetuating the rapes of countless women, children,

and not just perpetuating, feeding the industry. To tolerate porn, is to tolerate, the sacrificing of children and women to Moloch,

its as simple as that, AND IF, WE AS CHRISTIANS, DON’T TAKE A STAND,

not from some puritanical we don’t like sex [which btw, IS the typical slam, from the pro-sex which is pro-porn crowd, believe me, we hear it all the time in fighting the industry, its the same ole same ole excuse],

but from a human rights standpoint, our Christianity is worthless. Seriously,

today, thousands upon thousands of girls, as young as five, are being trafficked, into the sex trade, porn is one of those industries for the ‘demand for virgins’,

these girls and boys, mind you, are raped, gang raped, drugged, tortured, some killed for snuff films,

and now, we have Christians, or I’ll just say it, false prophets, teaching [making profit by it btw] the pro-sex porn style for marriages [and I guess the whole thing about our commission to tell the Gospel took a back seat to the man's ole libido there, sorry about that Jesus, hmmm, think about it folks]

but anyway, that the problem in marriages is that men are just Bored [boohoo] and need more spice,


Men in other countries, who are Christian, are in jails rotting, for their faith,

and ole Jack Christian here in America is crying over his so called ‘entitlement to a blow job’

to the Ellens out there, I say,

stop pandering to it. You wonder why Islam is knocking at the door [with Sharia Law] with no resistance,

well, gee, DUH,

because we have women, in this nation, that all they will need to do, is change,


lets stop pandering to men, to the excuses, to the bull,

because that is What it is, of men having their needs, and well, gee,

if wife is in a bad mood one day he just can’t help himself,

GIVE ME A BREAK, are these men, or are they, ten year olds going through puberty?

Its pathetic really, that in a nation with the amount of freedom and materials that God has provided, we should have a mass army, of male missionaries,

but No, what we have, is a lot of men, in bathrooms, jerking off to porn.

and Women, saying, oh you have to submit and meet his needs,

give me a break, do me a favor, to the women and men who perpetuate such nonsense, leave Christ out of it, because the fact is,

people, children and women ARE DYING, slow, horrid, hellish deaths in dungeons all over the world, for the PORN industry, so some white man in the west can get his rocks off,

because his wife, wants to be treated, as a human being, in the bed,

a two way giving, sure there can be play, doesn’t have to be some puritanical oh my lets repent for orgasm, good grief,

but, COMMON SENSE people,

Christian or not, just let a man, tell me [theoritical] that I have to submit, to pain, or bondage, or degrading behavior because He thinks, he’s been given some ordain card to do so,

that man, going to be needing someone to carry him for weeks because he won’t be walking well. Want respect, respect me, want love, love me,

want to be an asshole, I’ll treat you like an asshole. Its amazing, when I finally figured that out,

and Yes, you can stand in Christ and do it in love, but once I finally figured that out,

its amazing, how things turn….if the man insists on being an abusive jerk,

he doesn’t love you, and he won’t love the next woman either. And he doesn’t love God either. And all the submission [that is twisted] isn’t going to change that,

what it Will do though, is either, make it to where he brings a woman into the bedroom Then what, or,

a child, Then what do the women do? Submit,

or then go crying?

Its time, for us, to use common sense, I don’t know, why we think, that because we are to be gentle, meek, and loving, that somehow, that means,

we lose our brains and our ability, to take a stand. And the thing is,

the more, women Don’t take a stand, the more, children, and women,

are going to wind up, in brothels and in sex slave industries, because it will be NORMALIZED,

and when it becomes normalized in the Church, then yes,

something, is direly amiss. And I would say, yes, it is the Beast.

Sorry to be so blunt, I’m not one of the soft spoken doormat kind of women,

I respect my husband, I love my husband, but I do stand up, if there is any sign, of abuse, especially sexual…because the thing is,

if you don’t, guess what,

that daughter in the room next to you, will be his next victim.

Its not just, about US, what happens in our beds,

think about it, Christian brethren.


This, I realize, comes on Very Strong, and Yes, I have prayed to God about this, in length,

but it boils down to this:

for me, anyway,

its not just about, the marriage, it is, but, its not,


that, Porn, the industry, hurts innocents, especially teens and children. And, well, I simply have zero tolerance for it,

Christian, or not,

I just think, we have a duty, a human duty, to stand up, against the slavery and Especially sexual slavery and sexual torture, of people, women and children,

and When we normalize it, and we normalize it by NOT taking a strong stand,

we eventually, will see our own children, trafficked, and it IS going to happen, sad to say,

all it takes for Evil to prosper, is for good people to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

[and I don't care that much for Burke's philosophy on everything but on that, he was absolutely right]

My husband, is Not a Christian,

I believe in submission [in the Lord, the way its supposed to be, not this blind obedience Sharia law type of indoctrination that I've seen churches use and men use to 'abuse' women And children today],

but, this was ONE issue, that I did make a strong stand, and NOT because of puritanical views,

but because, I know, just a little, from the 'inside' of the whole sex industry, without going into details here,

but I've seen enough, and read enough, and dealt with the cold blooded and I do mean, cold blooded only out for money with no regard for human life, of the industry,

to not have any qualms about being very vocal and strong, against Porn, and against any 'appeasement' of the porn culture.

And I do believe, it has, effected men in a very negative way, sexually especially,

just as, those men effected by the decades upon decades of the free license to rape children [forced marriage] and the sanctioning of abusing women,

there is a hardening of the hearts that happens, and to women too,

but for me, confronting Porn, isn't just about, confronting the 'sin' of adultery in the marriage,

to me, when I hear, any Christian confronting porn, or someone ministering to one in a marriage hurt by porn,

that isn't where my mind goes,

no, my mind immediately goes, to those trafficking routes worldwide, to those cold basement cellars where girls and children are chained and taken, one by one, beaten, raped, drugged, tortured until they submit

to the first John,

and another John, and another, and that John, can be a female, just as much as a male.

And those children and women, are chained in that for LIFE, or until they escape, by a miracle,


and Why, yes,

I am, VERY vocal, without any apology, against the pandering in any way, to this industry,

and I want to say, because at this time, the Holy Spirit is convicting me, and I need to say this,

this includes 'feminist porn' too, because while it may seem to be, this empowering vehicle, by women for women,

to counteract the porn [male controlled] industry,

its Just as exploiting and deceptive,

and many women are ensnared by it, young women today especially. That is what misogyny leads to,

why I emphasize and it Should be emphasized,

Porn is NOT the root,


and That, goes all the way back, to the garden.

That enmity,

that is what misogyny is,

and from then on,

it went to hell from there, no pun intended, well, o.k., maybe pun intended.

Why I react So strongly to this, of late, is reading several so called Christians,

who are writing books, instructing women, and its in the way, that these messages are being put out,

and it really is, taking on this porn woman persona,

its NOT about intimacy,

its NOT even about playful sex,

if you really peel away the layers,

its about, instructing women, to take on the 'victim' bondage role, and then, doing so, using the name of Christ, in this twisted form of submission,

I don't believe, that is what Paul meant, when he said,

your body is not your own and vice versa.

There is abuse being encouraged, by taking scripture, and using it, to justify,

abusing and degrading, one another,

again, I'm not saying, that we should only concur with missionary style and so forth, Paul also says, the marriage bed is undefiled,

but its in the Way, there is intimate play between a man and wife,

when its about control, when its about using scripture to DEMAND, a 'service'

that is really, no different, than yes, prostitution,

is that your wife? your husband?

or the prostitute and are you the John and are you using scripture, as the means of payment to the pimp?

I am not going to sit here and say, that we always avoid, the not so good exchange and that its always, the pure love exchanged because we ARE human beings,

we are selfish, lets not hide that fact,

but we are to Strive, for purity, purity meaning,

without 'fraud or selfishness',

NOT that, we aren't right in asking for enjoyment, because both man and wife are, entitled to that,

but I think, its in the way we do it,

that we ask God, to seek our hearts.

These can be painful issues, lets not forget too, sex is not the only aspect of marriage, if there are other abuses and disrespects, the sex will be poisoned,

or vice versa,

or at least, I think so, I think sex is more mental anyway, always have believed that.

But, I do have a problem, with this way in how many are pimping out books and teachings and I've even seen some on the internet,

that, watch out---that type of teaching, leads to

men demanding, the right to rape children

and women, believing that in submission, they can't do anything,

or vice gets really dangerous I think,

when we use scripture, as a means, in getting not just what we are rightfully entitled to in the marriage,

but when we extend that, to getting more, than what God, intended. And when it gets to that point,

or, well, not to the point but when it gets in that spirit where, when the consciounce (sic) of another is totally disregarded in a cold lustful state,

something is wrong, very wrong,

and when we have people, telling people, they are to submit to that,

I think, Testing the spirits, is in order.

Especially, in light, of what is normalized in our world today....