Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




I said I would be posting How to Help Series here, regarding various needs for women, including Christian women who are persecuted [see note at bottom]. My hope one day is to form 'coops', of women aiding other women, both here at home and overseas. Until then, I will post here, and eventually to the side bar, organizations that do help and the various ways one can help, including short term missions work, victim assistance, legal projects here [that are desperately needed on behalf of women] and other forms of assistance, including intercessory prayer, ethical consumption [a big one I might add], voting on policies that work to END human right abuses of women, not 'perpetuate' them, and how to create awareness and education in your own neighborhood and or church/community/group.

The first one, I would like to mention today is a Christian organization that assists Christians in very hostile lands, that do include services that aid women and children. The availability of resources, legal and assistance, to Christian women, who are a minority in hostile countries, is null to none. And I will say, I blame this partly on the pro-patriarchal mentality of the 'churches' here AND the 'prejudice of many 'left' groups here, including yes, many feminists who treat any woman who is Christian with contempt or who are cultural relativists, which, mind you, as far as I'm concerned, is Just as much as an Oxymoron as Christian men who cry about women overseas being raped when they protect the thugs in churches who do the same thing to women here]

or those Christian [or Nationalists or Patriots, same thing] men, who using 'Women's Bodies' as a 'merit badge' to push the Christian [American] Agenda BY SOME---emphasis, by Some, who really don't care about the plight of these women as much as they do using their 'rapes' and suffering as the 'badge of honor', especially when it comes to selling materials that like the porn voyeurs, do more to Glorify rape, than to confront and END RAPE and HUMAN RIGHT ABUSES. I mention this because I feel strongly, that the 'content' of 'some', again, emphasis on some, Evangelicals, Catholics and Other Denominations, who USE the plight of Christian Women and/or other religious/ethnic/groups of women overseas, particularly those in Islamic lands [meanwhile they ignore or worse, justify the same-similar sexual abuses here in THIS country, even to their own women], as more of a means to push a Political Right Wing Agenda and its really NO different, than the Islamists who use women's bodies to be weapons, such as raping them so that they'll be outcasts therefore they'll be utilized to be 'suicide bombers' for their 'religious justifications/nationalism, war, etc.,' [and yes, they Do do this, in Iraq, even women have been arrested for 'assisting men so that they can gang rape women--then these women are indoctrinated because of the shame in that culture, to be suicide bombers, and before we point out Islam, women assisted [pro-patriarchal and nationalist] men and rounded up 12 year old girls in the former Yugoslavia [Bosnian Muslim girls, the victims, it happens to Muslim women by Non-Muslims too, it needs to be stressed] to be gang raped and filmed [so they could sell as war-porn] so, its not just in Islam--its in ANY patriarchal, RACIST, NATIONALIST, MISOGYNIST culture-group, be it religious, anti-Semitic, racist, etc., what have you...there are numerous patriarchal 'women' who will assist their brothers to rape and gang rape, torture, the 'enemy's' women--its Sick, its Disgusting, but it Does happen, and if we are going to confront patriarchal misogyny, where men are concerned, I for one, believe its high time, we hold the Women who assist in this filth, accountable just as well--I can't stand them any more than I can stand men who do this crap to women and children. [and there is NO justification, for that behavior, to Any human being, to Any woman or child--PERIOD].

These 'misogynist hate crimes against women' happen all the time--its the same ole psychology, using women's bodies, as Weapons or as the Battle Fields for MALE SYSTEMATIC WARFARE--A.K.A. THE PATRIARCHY, both domestic and global. [the woman as property therefore she's fair game mentality] Another subject, another time, is on Why Patriarchy, in itself, causes women with no power to oppress other women, the oppressed being also the oppressor, and its very prevalent among ultra-patriarchal groups, especially Religious, including yes, Christianity. ITs the woman being pitted against women, and Men utilize this, from the political to the personal. This is why, when it comes to women helping women, its FUTILE, to lift women or try to, out of oppression, when women, perpetuate the patriarchal system that insists on the male right to 'control and subjugate women'. In other words, you can't on one hand, lift a woman in Pakistan out of oppression, when in turn, you support and even benefit from the subjugation of women in your own group...we are All, ladies, the 'nameless concubine' in the book of Judges--when we can really grasp this, we will be able then, to bridge the gaps and confront the abuses and the tolerance of those abuses to women, across the board.

However there are some Christian ministries that Do a lot of work in aiding women, not just in 'show casing' them, and therefore I will list those, as Well as Secular and those Feminist Organizations that work to END human right abuses and women's right abuses for All women. [I try to avoid those who use women's suffering as a 'political tool' and I do know how they work, For Example, the revolutionary left is Notorious for this type of hideous misogynist behavior and yes, it is hypocrisy--they will focus on a 'few' women who are persecuted, mere propaganda, then turn and do the very same thing themselves, and usually, WORSE, the Maoists, are one example, of those who 'profess' equality, yet rape thirteen year old girls and then force them to abort with total Impunity,[e.g. Columbia] their 'equality', don't mean shit* [sorry, it just sounds better than using dung] --seriously, and I know, I worked with these groups for years--they are worse misogynists than the church 'backwards' men. [this is why, I work independently and not with many feminist groups who are like Christian women in their hypocrisy when it comes to confronting Misogyny--many are simply parrots, for the leftist male umbrella organizations who are anything BUT feminist or women friendly]. [ok, had my little vent there]

here is one way, in which you can help women and girls....

excerpt: ANM receives funds for persecuted Christians worldwide and sends them to the appropriate groups. Following are the major categories of their financial needs. Upon further request, CPC can provide you with more detailed information about each of these.

* Monthly Family Support, including children's education. This would help cover living costs and school fees for families who have lost their source of income due to persecution.
* Legal Fees. This would help pay for court fees for Christians falsely accused of blasphemy or other charges. This is a very important need, as court fees can easily claim up to 75% of a ministry's budget.
* Relief Aid and Health Care. Persecuted believers are often forced to relocate to a new village and therefore need funds to purchase land, rebuild their homes, and start a new life. Sometimes they need funds to modify their existing home to make it secure from intruders (such as constructing a boundary wall) or to re-start a business destroyed by anti-Christian marauders. Some need funds to get treatment for medical problems due to torture, imprisonment, or bereavement. Examples include acid burns on the face, paralyzed arms due to torture, and blindness from excessive crying.
* Battered Christian women. In areas where the church is persecuted, it is the women who often suffer the most, as they are the most vulnerable members of society. When crimes are perpetrated against them, they are often denied justice simply because they are Christian and female. For example, in one instance the courts refused to prosecute a young girl's gang-rapists simply because she was a Christian. Other examples include Christian women who are abducted, forced under threat of death to "convert" to Islam, and then declared "married" against their will. Such women are then viewed as legally married by the state, which grants such women neither the right to divorce their husbands nor the right to return to their previous home (because a Christian family cannot harbor a "Muslim" married lady). Funds given to this account would help cover these women's legal, medical, educational, and rehabilitation costs.
* Prisoners and slaves. Those imprisoned for their faith suffer greatly. Many are provided just one small meal (a cup of rice or porridge) daily. Prisoners often must purchase wood to cook their own meals, sand to cover their own waste, water to drink, and clothing. Often, families must bring additional food to prisoners to prevent starvation. In some countries like Sudan, where human slavery still exists, there is a need to pay money to redeem slaves from their masters.
* Ministry support. ANM stands behind many native ministries working in persecuted lands who are involved in evangelism to non-believers and comfort to Christians facing persecution. Funds given to this category go to support these ministries.

There are some other Women centered [non-Evangelical] groups that assist women in these countries, however know that the political climate makes it very difficult for them to minister to the needs of minorities, particularly religious/ethnic, and I do want to say,

while the ministries [Christian] do reach out to help those women who may not get help, Christians are by far, NOT the only persecuted religious minorities in many of these countries, in Islamic countries, hundreds are tortured, raped, killed, who are of other faiths, from Buddhists to Hindus to even some sects of Islam who are not -pro-violent Jihad-and in fact, in Pakistan, the one sect of Islam I am thinking of, the persecution of the people in that sect is Identical to the persecution of Christians, in particular, the rapes [and deliberate forced marriages/forced conversions] of women and girls. This is why, fighting for Human Rights of Women is NECESSARY to help these Christian women, because

if its alright to persecute one group--then you can justify subjugation of all other groups. You can't have rights for one, and neglect the human rights of another....that is my maxim...[and therefore, to diminish, trivialize, make excuses for, protect, cover up, sugar coat misogyny and abuses using scripture even, here in the West, and then to think that somehow it should not be that way for women in hostile nations--is an oxymoron if there ever was one---its just as hypocritical, there as it is, for the leftist feminist who screams 'equality and reproductive rights' but yet, is 'tolerant' of the abuses that are far more horrid and on a much wider scale, to millions of women who have to endure living under a barbaric and backwards dark ages Sharia Law, etc--another post, another time].

So, that's it for now...I will post more this week...


in Christ Jesus, standing opposed to Misogyny and Oppression to women in All its forms...


[note: also see post below, and the posts under Misogyny is NOT Christian Martyrdom]

Also--for more on Women Supporting Women [rather than Women's Oppression used as a political and/or patriarchal 'tool', particularly when it comes to the nationalists, religious-political nationalists, and theocrats, etc], see

We need MORE actions such as this, across the Globe. And I LOVE, the statement,

"The Power of Love can conquer the Love of Power,"

to that Sister, I say, Yes and Yes.