Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



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I still have to Re-Put the blog links to the side bar, lost them in translation, LOL, in this new template, and some other goodies,  UPDATE:  OK well I got half of the blogs back up on the side bar, with a few ones from my other blog that I rarely write on anymore...just not enough time and I had started that one back in my more revolutionary/angry's just a pain in ass to try and weed through, update, edit...a lot has Changed since then and so, the link to here is on that one--it mostly was a blog covering issues in Islam/Women and the betrayals of the far left--that and I got tired of the spam from either the far right or the women haters...just better to leave it.  So, whew, I have lost some links I think--on the seeing through eyes of embroidery, I will try to get those Back up this week--and I am leaving this post on top for a while--need to break a bit, and get the research together to pick back up on the landfill series and homeless in America--rise of women including women veterans that I had said, a while back I Would do.  Peace, Jane

For any New Readers here, Yes, this blog is NOT your typical Christian blog, it Is dark, often is, I am very honest about my anger, rage, struggle with, what God shows me, including God's correction when I am wrong [and I have been many things but not on issues, just more how I relay them, I am not a 'goodie' girl, and so well, yea, you're going to see a lot of Grit here].  It's NOT religion and I HATE RELIGION, more and more...

religion meaning dogma, structures, rules [man's rules] and fascist conformity, I hate it in politics too, been there, done that...I spit that garbage of death out to so many and ate it myself till I was rotten to the Core--toxic, my gosh I was TOXIC

but you Won't find sugary sweet syrup here either, and wanna know something, God don't work in sugary sweet either, it's FAKE...fake fake fake

and People aren't stupid, they See through it.  Besides, I Suck at being sugary syrupy sweet--not that I can't be sweet [Jesus is working there] but it's a free type of light sweet, not this heavily plastered kind, honey is good, too much though, can make you sick,
honey can even cause Botulism.  Hmmmmmm 

photo link

Okie Dokie then...

ok well One lesson I have learned in praying to God on these past few days, about misunderstandings and my rage at Indifference and Apathy esp by privilege and religious and all that--

Love is Patient.

What does that mean?  Really, love is Tolerant?  NO, no, but I tend to be of the more, er, frustrated I want Change NOW nature...forgetting that I didn't come to this place Overnight and oh, so forgetting, I didn't come here in my self to Begin with--it was God who brought me to this place, not my own goodness or uh, so brilliant Knowledge, that Knowledge for years, reading books I hid behind because you see that was my escape but it was also that Wall I would put up, I'm smart and you're not so I might be demonized and ugly and not liked and not belonging but I have Weapon,

oh yea, I admit it...I've done it.  Guilty!  Yep, Guilty.

Because I felt awkward and rejection was the demon I so wanted to avoid but I knew I couldn't it was my life so if I only just didn't CARE anymore and so academia and brilliance and knowledge would be My ticket to Freedom--only thing was though,

it couldn't erase, what I was or where I came from...that class was always there, that world was always there and the misogyny was always there, even in academia, why Hannah Ardent was Genius I tell ya, but oh NO, that wasn't Good enough,

the patriarchy [in far left too] just wasn't going to be Happy until they Sexualized her...her letters to Hiedigger and their intimate relationship had to be published and devoured and put on display why She had Sex, just like all women and why that is once more, a woman's place in this world, see, the smart too--it all boils down to She has Sex!.

I wanted to say this in another way but I"m working on that cleaning up language to NOT BE an offense to someone who may be bothered by that language but it IS how the world does do women--if you know what I mean...

and we women play into it too, rejection, that EXILE is so strong and IT HURTS

oh it hurts like hell don't it?

But you know Mao said [I still learn from the polemic, you don't have to swallow the whole loaf but there is sometimes some good elements, maybe nuts or fruit in that loaf] and well, one good fruit he had in his loaf was that Revolution ain't no tea party...

well, that has a bad side to it and a good side...Freedom isn't always nice, you know, truth isn't always puritan and well, pure...truth isn't always sweet--but truth Doesn't rejoice in Iniquity either, see there is that balance

that ying and yang, that what the Chinese say, On the Other Hand...

the coin with two sides, two faces...Negatives and Positives, even within our cells

there is no life on this planet without Decay--Decay brings life...

the tree and the evergreen that stays green all winter but the trees shed their leaves

the evergreen does not.

Anyhoo, so God is telling me, this frustration, this indignation, this Impatience. don't matter if or why some are the way they are...Love is patient...not all have Read all the books I have, not many women Read war and politics,

so is it Fair then, for me to slam them?  NO, not really, are they free from all culpability?  NO, not really, we Choose what we WANT to see, we Choose to hide if we want--Privilege, I've done it,

we all have.

But like Ardent said Misery drives the Revolution...there comes a point where misery, cares not for patience or understanding and the women drove at the Battalion [French Revolution] the starving mothers...


the Robespierre s will Always be there--waiting, waiting to be THE ABSOLUTE, the male 'gods', many women support the Robespierre s, many women support the Danton's

many women, simply choose to close their eyes and live in the Castle with the feasts while dancing around the blood of the poor and oppressed

for whatever reason

 Judas, thought about this a lot too, Judas, he was Furious, at that woman who poured the expensive perfume, why That money could have been used for the POOR, they said, Judas said...Furious he was, why the Roman Empire and the brutality and the beatings and women raped and children enslaved to the temples and the blood thirst sport Why Jesus are you NOT DOING SOMETHING, why, why, why?

What you mean Render to Caesar what is Caesars, why I'll show you...Love, what you mean Love, why Love will get us All killed...later as time passes Judas betrayed Jesus, for money or revolution I don't know, we can only speculate I suppose,

Religion says the point is to Bow to the authorities and embrace the Systems of Evil...that hierarchy why Jesus said so, remember, love thy enemies and do not revolt and the poor will always be and why hey hey we're not to rally for way, why drink the Opiate my friend...

but is That what Jesus really meant?

OR, or could it have been that Jesus KNEW, that any revolt would bring about a Worse Terrorism, the Power of Rome went far beyond the borders of Jerusalem, even IF they revolted why Rome could have gathered her armies and smashed every single Jew and Christian and there would not have been Any evolution, and actually, later, years later After the death of Christ, that IS what happened,

Reactionary Politics Works like that, Reactionary Politics is about FREE ME NOW...FREE ME NOW, it sees through PAIN, it does NOT see through the bigger picture, it does NOT see what lays Behind the 'god's of Empire, or how Extensive the matrix of oppression is,

it only sees the surface of where they sit.

On the Other hand...did Jesus mean we were to Embrace and ASSIMILATE?  NO, render to God what is God's...obey as Unto the Lord,


Silver shekel of the Second Jewish Revolt from Rome

meaning, like Paul in imprison used wisdom, to say I am Roman Citizen [in Acts], he didn't just bow his head and take the beatings and go, ok well I"m a piss toilet for Christ I love you go ahead and beat me some more...

they Rebuked evil---John the Baptist didn't get killed for eating locust and honey and singing Kumbayah, oh no, He got killed for saying Herod what you are doing IS EVIL

and off his head it went...

that fine line--question is, how to walk in wisdom Without, sitting on the Fence.  Patience, knowledge comes power, empowerment...but what Kind of knowledge?  Well, I am learning this,

revelation, comes in bits, not all at once--Love is Patient...kind, does not barge its way or forces it's way, Love sees inside, where, we don't,

I don't have that capability, so maybe this is where Prayer comes in, relying on the Spirit, on Power, not on words of brilliance and wisdom...and maybe, knowing that sometimes, many just aren't ready to hear or don't Want to hear...but Jesus, spoke in Parables,

not in lengthy thesis and anti-thesis and well--

ok well I'm getting it.

to those who have ears, let them hear...this is Not about elitism or pious better than's about, the Spirit knowing the Whole picture and where People are at and well, Trusting Him...

but misery drives the Revolution, not so easy to Trust when one is sitting in THAT place.  But maybe, God uses Those, who don't 'hear' to revolt,

life and decay...

oh to See, to Understand...that balance,

the Evergreen, the Elm that has lost her leaves in the dead of winter...winter that is life/water,

for the Birth, in Spring.

There are some blogs I so need to get back up here, the Walk in the Woods, I should get that one up today on the bar.

I also learned, that there are times, one just walks away too, shake the dust off your sandal Jesus said, there is a Season, a Time, for everything,

maybe, the key is, wisdom, is knowing when to speak, when to shut up.  That Season,

in the Spirit.

When women have been told to remain silent, to shut up, ALL THE TIME and when she finds the room to Speak--she wants to Scream it from the mountain top, oh yes she does, like a Bird that has been cooped up in a cage for years and her voice slowly dying, no singing, one day that cage door is opened and she takes off and flies onto the highest branch and she hears the Free Birds singing and she opens her beak but no sound comes out,

then one day, it does and it's Loud and it's Fierce and oh, she Sings and Sings and Sings and like a river it is like a Dam that bursts and then the other birds are like, OK now we hear you..

.but some birds you see they've been plopped on their little branches for Years who don't know cage bars and they don't Care to know, that other birds are in them...

and so they look at this Crazy bird with her Screeching Singing loud as a Raven, why she Loves the Raven with her wide wingspan and her Cry of Laughter over the birds who seek seed when she knows,

they may well be her next meal...

the Hawk too...Seasons, and that bird plopped on her branch of privilege and security looks at this screeching bird with Contempt and says, huh, what does this little creature mean coming in here and Stirring up the choral nest you go now you crazy little ugly plucked bird, we don't want to hear about your cage and other cages, take your crazy cage stories to the Ravens...and btw clean yourself up some, your wings look Horrid.

Ah the little bird steams, oh she steams, she screams at the singing canary like birds and says You'll see and off she goes, to find the Raven but the Raven has long gone...

and so the little bird sits alone, voice begins to quiet down and then the old cage bars though not there in steel are there in heart--and she feels the door begin to close and she bows her head...there's a few feathers growing back she could pluck 

and then this voice, this Wind blows, and says what's wrong little singing bird, I freed you, what is wrong?

And she says I sing but I don't know how or where, it seems no one wants to hear me sing and the wind speaks around her, there is a Season, my dear little bird, you've come into yours but with everything in Seasons there is a time and place...not all bloom at the same time, or feed the same way but I love them all--as I love you, sing to me little day they will not sing and either they will be gone or they will be in need of the Ravens to sing through the dark and you, little bird, other birds like you, will sing through the dark,

you do not know, how many of those other birds may need to hear your screech then that by that time will have been trained with wisdom and it will be the song that lifts them up out of the cage doors that will clamp down once again or the darkness that settles over all living things,

the winter.

You do not know what is in store...or where it all comes from but I do little bird, so sing to me...and fly with the wind and hear...hear what the winds have to say...

and that screech, will become a song in the night.

There is a Season...a Time, Love is Patient...

the wind speaks,

and I hear,


Jane - see photo credits below

Singing Bird, from link

Birds in Tree, from link

Raven and Canyon, from link

Raven in Flight, from link

Bird flying into the Wind, from link

Plucked Bird in Cage, from link

Birds flying and kiss, from link

Cowbird with Mourning Dove, from link

Evergreen Tree, from link