Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



Child abuse, Discipline and Common Sense, the Lack of and Why we need Across the Board Common Sense Legislation

[I am cross posting this, a reply I made, on another forum...about why I feel the Solution needs to be Human Rights Legislation, removing the Immunity under ALL RELIGIONS, AND CULTURES, that have protected child abusers.]

OT, good example of Rod, used by God, in Exodus, it was a rod, yes, a type of staff, used for farming/sheep, etc., cattle--when God instructed the use of by Moses it was NEVER to be used on people, it was used on the rock that gushed out water, the ground, the sea, etc., so, it Is a form of discipline, metaphorically but it's in HOW it's used as a form of discipline, no where in the Bible have I seen any examples of God demanding a 'rod' to be used on a child. No where, so the example in Proverbs is metaphorical, symbolic, not literal. But there is yes, examples in the Bible of how God will chastise and sometimes harshly those who PERSIST in blatant rebellion, so it's not this God winks, winks, at sin and rebellion either therefore, the whole Rod thing in proverbs has to be the neglecting discipline will result in a child who thinks they are entitled to do as they please to others,

and that, of course is raising sociopaths. If we don't discipline the STATE sure as hell WILL, and they don't care about who doesn't like their 'methods', just being truthful here...we have children rotting in adult prisons being raped by grown men, funny don't see a lot of rallying around for THOSE KIDS,

so...Spare the Rod Spoil the Child means just that, Spare 'discipline' not abuse now, Pearls are sociopaths, let's not kid ourselves here, they are ABUSING, NOT DISCIPLINING, it's flat out CHILD ABUSE, someone giving a smack on the behind to a child who is hitting a sibling and no amount of other methods [having been used first] is working, a smack on the rear with a hand is NOT child abuse, to say it is, is the Other extreme and that causes Just as many problems, don't believe me, come hang out in my hood for a while--I promise you'll change your mind about the need for discipline...especially when some 14 year old kicks your ass and tells you to go F off, happens every day in my neighborhood and NO these kid's aren't abused, they are many from the middle class and spoiled rotten to the core, Entitlement mentality and the school down the block has more suspensions, so I see it from both sides of this issue.

However, that being said, there is just a huge difference between Discipline [reasonable discipline, you know that thing called COMMON SENSE] and well, using a plumber line and beating a child and all the garbage these CRIMINALS, THE PEARLS [and many like them] are spewing out, and doing, literally Doing to children, any body can see this is clearly CHILD ABUSE,

what I find Amazing though, is Why hasn't there been questioning and outrage BEFORE NOW? Talking about the System here, I mean, 1.8 million dollar industry pushing Child abuse how to beat ya baby and like NO ONE IN CPS OR THE LAW SAW THIS????????

And so, we really Should question, OK, obviously Many KNEW SO why DIDN'T THE SYSTEM STEP IN? AND that, THAT is where the REAL problem is,

so, it's NOT about lets rid of corporate punishment--look, if you're going to go that route, you had BETTER, go all the way with it, because it's Hypocrisy to the CORE to say, we don't like those fundie Christians smacking kids so let's go the Swedish route but oh, wait, we'll pretend we don't see the HONOR KILLINGS and THEY ARE HAPPENING, in THIS COUNTRY....I repeat, THIS COUNTRY, if THAT isn't child abuse, what the hell is?

And that really Ties into the Legal problems in how to Deal with this because the thing is, it's all under the Protection of Religion AND UH, CULTURE, oh yea Lets go there. So you go after the Pearls, ok, good, what about the 500 Other despots out there doing the same thing?

Not only that--here's where we get into another problem, you get into this whole anti-spanking thing using the Pearls as the 'agenda' and then you actually do more, to FEED the whole sympathy against the State interference which is EXACTLY what these Fundies thrive on--they Gain support, not Lose support--then it becomes the Issue between the right conservatives and the left tree hugging liberals [referring to the media rhetoric here, I'm one of those left tree hugging but more radical than liberal], and we've seen this Time and Time again.

And then MORE children are then pushed further into invisibility and the margins, it becomes all wrapped up in legal courts/and we know what happened with the Texas case--ACLU stood on the side of the Compound against the Encroachment of Police Nanny State--why Sure, hey, don't teach your kids about God but ok to rape them little girls or do FGMs, that's then a Male Entitlement under the protection of Culture and Religion...

do you See what I mean here? You also have the problem of What is defined as corporal punishment? WHO defines this, and That's where it gets a bit nasty--the UN already is now working to push laws but now here's where THAT gets interesting, the so called panel over that, are Notorious Human Right abusers OF CHILDREN, from forcing sex slavery to forced marriages to rapes, etc., to honor killings BUT see then it's ok because it's protected under certain religions/cultures and then you get the whole Human Rights card played by who has the power to use it as a weapon, when in fact, EVERY SINGLE STATE IS GUILTY AS HELL. All religions, all cultures, to some form of degree...including yes, America [our juvenile system, accessory to murder on Minors/and prison sentences is Horrid to say the least, Especially the racial bias and the application of],

so, my point here being, the PROBLEM is a lot bigger than the nutcase Pearls here, way more and so if you just go after them--and not saying here they shouldn't be held accountable, I believe they should, this issue will just Keep cropping up here and there, and more children die as a result of.

We need across the Board, Human Right laws that REMOVE THE IMMUNITY UNDER 'ANY' RELIGION, UNDER 'ANY' CULTURE, FOR CHILDREN, THAT MEANS, child abuse [excessive discipline/beatings/torture/burnings/etc], sexual abuse [in all it's forms], honor killings, forced marriages, fgms, starvation, isolation [not homeschooling there are many Liberals who homeschool who are NOT fundies, they are unschoolers and eclectic homeschoolers, the Fundie Loon lot does NOT represent all homeschoolers by far], Verbal Abuse, Ritual Abuse, etc.

Remove the Immunity that Preachers, Clerics [oh hell yea--they are preaching the Same garbage AND like the Pearls they care not, about their critics], Rabbi's, Priests, Cults, Occults, Corporations [oh yea lets go there...child slavery], Drug Cartels [child trafficking] and yes, Juvenile System and State including Mental Rehabs, etc., that have yes, Abused children--that includes Yes, Foster Care--there are Numerous cases of children who have DIED in Foster CARE with the prior Knowledge that these families were a bit off in the head---the STATE shouldn't have immunity either, and communes, etc.,

and then make the charges STICK.

See my thing is that these cases Always wind up into the whole batch pile politically against one certain group--meanwhile IGNORING THE THOUSANDS MORE SIMILAR CASES THAT ARE GOING ON RIGHT IN OUR OWN BACKYARDS and yet, Nothing done about them because you see then it's not PC,

it's either we are For children's rights, or we aren't. We are against Child Abuse, or we are's not just the Pearls, and it's not just Them making a Profit off of the abuse of Children,

we need Legislation, Laws that remove immunities and 'protections' under religion and/or culture, that's All there is to it. Until we have the GUTS, to really do this,

we'll have more and more Lydia's dying, and more and more Abusing thugs, out there pushing their doctrines, and many, under the cloak of invisibility--because we only go After those that we are somewhat Safe in going after--to go after All of it,

might mean Risk. Well, revolution ain't no tea party Mao said--if we are going to Stop haters from beating children to death--we got to go after All of them--not just a select few, because we don't like their religion or what have you...[this goes just as well to the right wing too on confronting honor killings and unmarked Graves of little girls who have been yes killed in America and in Canada, these past five years, with little to NO outrage over it].

Children are NOT property...and that's bottom line. That does not mean I don't support Parental Rights, I sure do, but we need Common Sense policies and laws, not reactionary ones. And ones, across the Entire board--if that offends

to bad, that child dying in honor killing or child dying at the hands of a evil religious claiming God, to me are the same in my book--or the child being raped by several in some occultic ritual,

to hell with sympathy, fear and tokenism, I say, it's time, we cut it at the Heart of the matter--legislation,

remove the Immunity, of Child abuse, under all religions, culture, if there is profit made especially, Hold accountability for

accessory to murder, felony assault, rape, etc., and that would include those who assist/making Profit [book publishers, etc] knowing full well, they are assisting in the creating environments that abuse children [that would include porn/child porn]

See THEN, it gets a bit interesting, at how many will Back down, from that fight--I won't.

and Never will.

just my two cents on the matter, I am working on a Petition, for Legislation, on this very issue,



Greenconsciousness said...

I support you in this petition - (state by state?)