Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.





Last year, or actually during this year, in Reading the Word one thing that really has come up for me a lot is do we Live Truth or do we Live a Lie? I had a confirmation on this on a 'secular' blog that I added to this blog [on the roll] that is titled, "Living Honestly".

For a long time I had hoped to find genuine, in church [western/from Roman centric]  culture, I had even lived in Denial, pushing back a lot of what I knew deep down inside was not only wrong but Sinister. I searched the Word for Truth, who are you God? Needless to say the Old Testament was hard at times to wade through because it isn't a book that can be taken literally, not if you want to really understand who God is, one must read and re-read and well, digest the Word and not just the Word but in the Spirit. In a culture [religious] that is Highly misogynous, idolatrous, occultist [oh yes, it is and there Is a history of it, especially in the USA & Europe, from pagan worship of other 'gods' that goes all the way back to Egypt, Babylonia, Samaria], individualist, etc., and most of all Patriarchal, a Patriarchal culture that is Hugely influenced by the machismo/dominance of Hollywood/Capitalist culture AND of Porn--for a Woman to keep her soul intact long enough to actually be able to Think on God outside of the lens of occultist control, is very difficult.

I first realized the depth and seriousness of the Soul Destruction of women when I was looking heavily into the artistic and creative works of Women who are secular, into goddess religions [let me emphasize that the goddess beliefs spouted in feminism today are not in appearance true goddess beliefs, they are still under the deception mode, because of this reason what is inspired from is empowerment and embracing femininity though if you look deeper you will find it is a deception, the fertility goddess worship that is tied into the gods of war/destroyer, and it will only bring Desolation, I will write on this aspect more later but it's the embracing of femininity in opposition to the demonization/hate of that is in the Church culture that frees many women, however, know that BOTH are the works of Satan, to deceive, and to destroy souls, targeting women to kill life, that is what it means in Daniel when he says women will not support the anti-christ, though they will be given, the daughters of men, to him, etc, something along those lines, I do not know the whole thing yet but only in parts, this is why there is so much similarity between the abuse in religion against women and the abuse of women in ancient 'gods' religions] , into feminism, etc., Compared to the works of Women who are into Christian Patriarchy. The findings was GLARING, and more so, DISTURBING.

What I found was that Christian women [who adhere to the distorted doctrines that are really Egyptian], who had been slowly robbed of their Soul had little to No creativity in them, and any art works that they had done were somewhat monotone and never expressed Their creative individual self. Whereas, the pagan or woman who had NOT been robbed of her individual soul essence [and secularist misogyny is Just as damaging if not more so, don't get me wrong, but I am referring here to Women who HAVE a GENDER CONSCIOUSNESS OUTSIDE OF PATRIARCHAL 'CONSTRUCTS'] her works were far more expressive of her desires, her love of life, Especially her love of life OUTSIDE of gender role expectations, her freedom, her sexuality, all of it,

and the differences yes, were GLARING, it was like seeing that Christian[the false prophet kind, not the True Christ following] patriarchy had stripped Woman of her love of color, life, dreams, imagination...all she had left was the Husband 'god' and the kids....and of course, tons and tons of Scripture, that mental assent though denying the dying heartbreak of the heart and heaviness of Spirit.

Anyway I had put that kind of back in my mind and forgot about it and went on to focus on other things but here lately it's been haunting me a lot, well not haunting but I've been recalling, and asking, what does it really mean when God says He restores the Soul?

Well, religion has NOT restored my Soul, if anything, it has killed it. It has taken it and squeezed every beautiful thing OUT of it, that I once had when I was a small child....Patriarchy took it and said, it is evil, it must be ERASED AND YOUR HUSBAND WILL ERASE IT AND YOU MUST SUBMIT TO THAT


That is what religious misogyny does, it Erases a woman's soul, the very essence that GOD HIMSELF CREATED. And what is really frightening is how few women see this process taking place. It IS a kind of Fascism, make no mistake about it--why I say, if it's going to be that way then do away with the facade of love and just do it the way that it is done in Islam or in Communism or other totalitarianism's, and take away the Lie. Communism, now I know why it was so similar to Christianity [ the false religion--again not the True Christianity, there is a True Christianity, a remnant, John warned, as did Paul, that in THEIR DAY, not later, but in THEIR DAY, THE ANTI-CHRISTS WERE THERE, HAVING LEFT THEM AND SO THEY WARNED--THE TOXIN BEGAN IN THEIR TIME--this is WHY it is SO IMPORTANT TO READ THE OLD TESTAMENT TO GET A GOOD GRASP OF THE NEW, THE CHURCH NEGLECTS THE OLD TESTAMENT, FOR GOOD REASON, LEAVING NUMEROUS IGNORANT OF WHO MOLECH IS, ETC]  and why I kept seeing it though I didn't know what to call it, does the same, they Use a LIE to manipulate people into thinking they are being 'loved' and 'cared for' but really what is transpiring is that they are being Erased, into clones. It's really horrible when the doctrine is put out there that husbands have 'authority' and wives are to submit in all things and then that authority is taken As authority like what a Boss has--or a nation-state leader, but here's the difference,

we don't sleep with our boss or our nation state leader, we don't meld with them in the most intimate way...unless of course they are raping us, like state terror, etc., but even Then, we know that we, that space between us, that level of authority-subject, is there so if they violate that space we know that they are using rape as a Weapon,

whereas in a Marriage, a Union that is supposed to be about oneness and love, when that same kind of terror [subtle included] is used, it is the most intimate of damage, because there Is not that space between and who should be trusted has not only violated but has become then the authority with the distance of space--so you wind up with a facade relationship--

basically, a stranger boss or nation state leader who comes into your own intimate space, demands to screw you, any way they choose, then tells you to obey, then leaves because that 'intimacy' is NOT legit, and you can't Force it to be--though physically the 'authority' may violate boundaries and force itself upon the subject and tear into the most intimate of private space, the fact remains,

there is no joining, the distance is between them, it is one of Power and one of Subject and no amount of Rape will change that. This is why, the emphasis on 'authority' of men and submission of wives in that kind of dominance/subject nation state to citizen parallel with the occasional rape, will never be a TRUE MARRIAGE, IT IS IN FACT,



If my authority, boss rapes me, demands I bend over for him and bring him coffee and slaps me around and then tells me that he'll fire me if I don't comply, that doesn't make a Marraige. He is boss, I am employee, dominance/subject. He can spew he loves me till he's blue in the face, the fact remains, the 'authority' has forced himself onto me abusing HIS POWER,

that is not oneness, nor can it ever be, even if I comply out of fear, out of coercion, it can never be love, all it is is a coerced relationship. That is all it is, one that is really nothing more than Power/authority taking advantage of Power and Abusing it over the subject--it is not any different from an Adult who molests and rapes a child, though the child may comply out of fear, intimidation, it never is an equal relationship that has Consent. It is rape, it is coercion,

and it is in no way LOVE, there is nothing sacrificial about it, there is nothing good about it, there is nothing even remotely one union about it--it is, A BOLD FACE


And this is what marriage has been turned into by the dominance cults. It is, yes, Fascism, that has encroached upon what Should be relationships of bonding, refuge, sanctuary, joy,

and it kills the souls of those COERCED. It erases them, fascism erases the soul.

The movie One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, is a perfect example of what Christian and religious marriages/treatment of women is, the soul that fights for life, to keep it's distinct characteristics, finds that when the Power refuses to allow Life to live,

that Power will lobotomize that soul to where it's nothing more than a shell of a vegetable. Religion does this by using a guilt psychology, that is very similar to the soul splitting work of children by none other than Dr. Josef Mengele [Nazi Germany--Angel of Death] and of other social engineers, psychiatry, used in Soviet Union and so forth. It is actually more than a guilt psychology, and it's sinister in how it's done. Misogyny in the mind of the misogynist has already erase the soul of the woman because he/they don't believe she has one in the first place or if she does, it is a demon therefore it is perfectly justifiable to torture it into it's total destruction. And the most demonic thing is, this is accomplished through none other than using marriage and submission teachings that are twisted and quite cleverly, to slowly take bit by bit away a soul from a woman.

It is the work of the Magistrate and it is Evil.

The question then becomes, why is it then, more prevalent among Religious and other dogmas that really are a form of Religion [ideology] than in just the average life of the average citizen that does not adhere to any set form of Dogma?

And it is Here, that you will see, if you do enough homework, that there is a Relationship between Religion, Cults and Ideologies of Power [fascism, communism, etc] and Psychiatry [psyche that comes from Venus, her control over psyche out of her jealousy] -- meaning the Soul. Psyche means soul. This is one reason I have added the Luciferian cult of the Illuminati here because it Is real, it IS in fact operating and it has been around since ancient Egypt, ancient Samaria and ancient Babylon. And it is manifested especially in how it uses mind controls to erase the souls of women and to split the souls of children, to make Slaves, to make Drones.

To sacrifice unto Molech, to be blunt about it.

Erase the soul of the woman, she will then turn into the shell in which the Reptilian can live then she will eat her young,

just like the Reptiles eat their young.

It's in the Bible--all over the Old Testament,

but one does not have to read the Old Testament to see it, all one has to do, is look at the teachings of today's church culture and it's effects on the Woman's Soul. She, is being erased, slowly,

so the generation of children, coming up, will be not protected, and the reptile mother, will offer that child up, to be sacrificed, to the 'gods'.

It is not a coincidence, that Alice in Wonderland is back--

In solidarity,  remember something, Jesus said, BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM....FRUITS, OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONG SUFFERING, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, ETC., IF THOSE ARE NOT LEFT IN THE 'WAKE' OF SOMEONE PROFESSING JESUS, BUT INSTEAD THERE IS A PATH OF DESTRUCTION/DESOLATION LEFT, THAT IS NOT JESUS, THAT IS SATAN...I am learning that it is very important to judge our lives by the fruits we Leave, not just what we 'act' which can be false...and that is where I saw how I was ensnared by Satan doing his will, a weed, not a follower of Jesus Christ--the teachings today, especially the ones about submission/authority are twisted and false, they are working and have been which the culprit is the deceptiveness of our Hearts, we are drawn away and enticed/also end days, perilous times will come, those end days began YEARS ago, even prior to America--but anyway those distortions are actually what is leading many to worship the Beast, and they won't or don't even know it...this is why it is Imperative to study the Word of God in both testaments and to DO the Word of God, to Obey Jesus--this is what I am seeing about MY self and life.  I was deceived for Years, and it is very difficult to get unsnared, because the LIES are so wrapped in what LOOKS like CHRISTIANITY--it isn't.  SEEK DILIGENTLY, IN THE WORD OF GOD, ASK, SEEK, KNOCK.



Anonymous said...

Do you have an email? I'd like to contact you on behalf of a friend who can relate to a recent comment you made.

JaneDoeThreads said...

Yes Hilary I do,

and I've been praying, Praying, for someone who I can talk to that knows a bit about what I've been going through because I'm doing it all alone besides the Word and prayer.

my email is

I read your piece on how to help daughters of patriarchy heal, it blew me away how much of the things I struggle with--and the abuse I endured as child was not patriarchal, because it was my mother but it was Extremely fascist in a very psychological Nazi way, mind control that still I deal with, a lot of negativity and just always thinking 'evil tidings' or lack of trust, that's a huge one I struggle with and it is very dark, reading the Bible even can be extremely triggering for me,

so it's a constant having to question the spirits, you know that battlefield in the heart and mind. The people I have read online who know about the occult-masonry, etc., most it is secular, some of it even says that God is also just a construct, of that whole system [masonry, Illuminati, etc.], I don't believe that, but the negative aspects I really have to stay on top of things, mentally that is, it can and is Very draining.

So yes, I'd be grateful to hear from your friend.



JaneDoeThreads said...

I'm sorry I saw the reference to Hilary and thought you were Hilary,

but yes go ahead and email me. I don't know if I can be of any help to your friend but if your friend needs help I'll do what I can or refer some things that have helped me,

or if they have something to share with me I am happy to receive, I am still working through a lot, what is Truth and what is Lies, my self/life/sanctification and learning what Love is, what it isn't and how to Walk IN the Spirit, rather than the flesh,

and on top of that, flesh mind that has been for very long time controlled by darkness--negativity, which has on one side of it, one good thing, it sees through pretense,

on the other side though, it can not see love, where the mistrust of God comes in so like learning obedience after years of being forced to obey a form of luciferian worship by no direct consent of my own [history of family involvement through yes, religion], it is very difficult to say the least,

so, anyway thank you and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.