Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.






and This little RoadRunner has a few Songs she just Loves to Sing, Sshhh,It's So Quiet, the Army of ME is Coming


Except, an Army of Road Runners of course


Mara Reid said...

Two things.

1.) How do you define pagan?

2.) I was laying in bed thinking in that place half way between awake and sleep when something hit me. And it was probably something that you have been trying to get across and I heard it with my mind but not my heart. Anyway, while in bed, I think it sunk down into my heart.

The rage of the whore is, or is related to that emnity between the serpent and the woman, on steroids, if you will. Because the whore has experienced the brunt of the hatred of the serpent through the serpents human vessels.

Am I getting it Jane? Or am I still missing it?

JaneDoeThreads said...

You're getting it, also what is been the hardest for me to deal With is that the Lord God put that enmity there then turned and also said your desire will be to husband and he will rule Over you, so it's to me like the woman was put in situation where her soul would be slowly annihilated by both Satan and man. IT can Easily be seen this way...because in the physical this is what plays out

HOWEVER, while searching God on this issue I see two dimensions, guess how I could relay this, how this plays start, we have to remember God says HE is close to those who are of crushed spirit, broken hearted so, that aside the enmity esp when felt in the worst sense [enslavement of women etc] while horrible to the soul of women it is on the other hand THE very thing that prevents the CARRIERS OF LIFE-HUMANITY from joining Forces with the Serpent though now Some women do, his seed will hate your seed etc.

This is where Women share a unique parallel with God, because the Serpent hates God/Jesus, the same.

AS for the man husband part I think this has to do also with the your seed will hate her seed, and this there is a LOT to and I probably need to post on this...more in detail,

see continued below

JaneDoeThreads said...

And this actually lead me into going into Nature, not goddess religions been there done that--and I will get into some things later, and then I got into looking into the Ancients, Native Indians, etc.,

I am NOT pagan as far as pagan beliefs are today, however paganism has been so what's the word, twisted today, that it's hard to explain--I am not into the whole New Age though there ARE some things in both New Age and in Paganism that are Spiritual...and I think that is where a lot of the Confusion is

because we are disconnected with the nature world/spiritual in that [not referring to Pan here] and we look through the modernized/materialist literal lens.

The paganism that I suppose I have leaned toward to a small degree is more along the lines of the Ancients-Mysticism HOWEVER AND THIS I WILL REALLY GO INTO, WITH ALL THINGS I LOOK IN THE WORD OF GOD AND IT WAS THE WORD OF GOD THAT I FIRST BEGAN TO SEE THE CONNECTIONS.

There is, because of the Spiritual world and dark forces, esp today, a real Danger and Deceptions galore, with the pagan and mystic groups or well as there is with Psychology--however, that aside,

there is just as much danger IF NOT MORE SO with the gross demonizing of any leaning to, by Christian fundie groups [literal and materialist/disconnected] because of the fact that so much is being misconstrued in the Word of God--being taken with the understanding of the carnal-Material world rather than spiritual--they have turned all things spiritual into something it is not. Does that make sense?

So, the series I will be doing on Pagan leanings, isn't really about paganism, as much as it is going to be about the spiritual, nature, Old Testament, being reconnected with God though without getting into the other tenants, this is something I will really be praying a lot about.

It also has a lot to do with why I left the churchianity and mensianity, and am literally staying in the Wilderness, in the Word, learning Obedience...not easy, because the spiritual warfare is intense and it was through this that so much I began to see,

Watchman Knee did a series of books, that the West rejects, accusing him of eastern beliefs but actually the eastern beliefs are I think, far more truthful than the idolatrous west. The reason I went to look into the Ancients, particularly with Native Indians, is that contrary to the lies of the historians, they were not all worshipers of demons and totem poles. They WERE more in tune with the Spiritual world, as were all the Ancients--and Those things ARE in Old Testament and the Hebrews had great Respect for these forces, in other words, they were more connected with the nature and the source of Life then and they had a real understanding and vision of the spiritual hierarchy, where as in today's world other than with non-Christian beliefs, these have somewhat been forgotten or rejected and replaced by the thinking of man's mind/carnal mind.

So Mara I really don't know if the term pagan is even a good one for me to us but I thought I'd go ahead and write on some things I know places/blogs that I have written on, most reject they won't even consider,

where as with the Pagan leaning women they understand totally what I say, and there are more Christians, women in particular, without getting into the goddess religions [that IS a danger though and I will be getting into this as well and Why it is dangerous] or wicca, which I do not agree with either, anyway more women seeing into this,

and I think it really has a lot to do with the increasing hate of women in religion and women turning to nature for solace and then seeing...

which interesting, there is a small reference to this in Rev, where the earth helps the woman.

All I know, is really my experience and what I have been seeing and so I'll be going on that

with scriptures, a lot of them...just to be safe.



JaneDoeThreads said...

see above two,

I'll give you an example the two pictures, one is the bush of the Mojave desert the other a road runner. The road runner lives among these bushes -- she also eats scorpions and other insects including serpents.

In the desert where the elements burn up, also mentioned Numerous times in Bible, a place with no water, or little, animals have special adaptations for survival

the ancient religions of 'gods' and 'goddesses' all referred to insects, certain animals, they have to them certain powers they are also tied into the occult. Because of this, Christians tend to take any reference to nature as an 'evil' thing

however, the Bible gives numerous parables to also the same things, there is much Wisdom to be learned and in That day/epoch Mara women were cut off,

they were illiterate [except a few elites of nobles, ancient Mesopotamia] excluded, oppressed, etc. but through out all ancient societies women passed down through art, music, stories, wisdom of old,

a lot based on nature. Pagans still hold true to these, the religions rejected the ancient ways--but the ancient ways ARE in the Bible--

and if we learn to be quiet and pay attention, to nature, God does speak--and of all the things He has shown me they are all confirmed in the Word of God. Though I have also had to weed out, lies from the dark...which is why I don't discuss these things much,

but like the preserving of water in some animals and mammals using plants for water

we can take that, to relay the dire need to preserve Spiritual water, so to speak, through the Word, especially in times to come. Because they will be desperately needed,

that's one example.