Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




I am replying to a post on RMott's site, on the 'goddess' and creation of 'whore' and why the ancient religions as well as modern, particularly those that reverence the Goddess, are not only occultist, they are at the Root and Foundation of every child abuse, prostitution industry, porn industry, and sex slavery and the Ritual Abuse that is in BOTH...

My reply:  My reply is in bracket's, RMott's post is before the brackets and in color blue,

--The RITUALS used here are IDENTICAL to RA, and so I will show you, from MY OWN EXPERIENCE, how they work…and WHY the two are not only related, they are from the Very same occult source. Taking your post, I will put the RA abuse in brackets…[and These rituals yes Do go back to the ancient Mesopotamia, India and Mayan, Egypt, etc, they've only been assimilated/modernized, but the forces are still the same, means to the end still the same, so here they make slaves and sex slaves, and why they prefer Children, why they hate Mothers, it's to get the children when children are vulnerable, FACT]

To make a woman or girl into a long-term whore, you must have all the ingredients to make her dead inside, and hopefully if successful she will be made sub-human.
[To make a slave/sex slave into long term Obedience/without question Plus worship to the Deity/Goddess to the God, which can also be to the master state/one, you must have all the ingredients [soul] to make her/him dead inside, they are after all only ‘clay’ and what the ‘gods’ and/or goddesses put into them, is their ‘right’ by divine law/of elect superiority/that cannot be questioned, it is what it is, especially if the victim is of the lesser than species, it is owed to the givers of life, from all ancients, to pay for the life force given to the elect, etc., the goal is not to make sub human because they victim already IS sub human, a creation of the ‘gods’ [all ancients] and due to the ‘fall’ or ‘rebellion-Ancient Sumerian, FACT if you wanna go there’ the subject must be punished as a rule to 

1. show others the price that Will be paid for disobedience to the deities and their representatives on earth] and

2. as a means of utilizing power to conquer, appease the gods, for ability to see into the unknown through the liver, innocence of victim, etc., [fact], to gain monies [in ancient Gold] to the temple and other minerals for arms, chariots, armies, to appease and pacify the Patrons of such [johns] so they will be the perfect obedient MARTYRS of war, etc etc etc]

In this post, I will list some of the ingredients that will make the long-term whore. And like Blue Peter you can make yourself a long-term whore.
[in RA once the altars are there, they will themselves do the self abuse/obedience rituals and obey what the altars want, this is why there ARE so many abused children abused in cults [in religions included] that will obey/comply to the commands of the handlers/through doors of the soul, that are subconscious, the masters Know this, why they call it an art or craft]

Don’t worry if this one doesn’t work to your demands, you can just throw her away, whores are made to be disposal and easily replaced by an almost identical replacement.
[same with RA, they are clay anyway, once they are used up or have done their 'service' there are more to be made, due to the compliance of the masses and the Pyramid structure and the Patriarchy that the goddesses assist IN, with fertility [fertility cults that are in both occult AND in many Christian/Nordic Christianity/Dominion movements] the lower caste will obey by having many children, for the slave class at bottom, etc. They are not ‘gods’ therefore are disposable, they are simply NUMBERS, on BOOKS, Divination/Gambling, roll the dice, SNAKE EYES, means to an end, Mayan, Egypt, Babylonia, Greece-Rome, America, etc etc etc, Dubai, all heavy areas of TRAFFICKING-GAMBLING…]
First, it is good to get them young. Say 12 to 14, or younger if that is your requirement. Don’t worry that it may be child abuse – name it prostitution and give her cash or threats, and everything is ok.
[the younger the better because of the innocence for several reasons, one they are easily controlled and with little knowledge of good/evil they can be MOLDED soul wise through altars to what you want, be it gods or state [Nazi's, eg] and being that children are Kingdom of God [in all ancients there is reference to this] they have a knowing, so it works two ways, once they are soul split/controlled and the other they provide information into the ‘other side’, for the forces to be to use against enemies, to gain power/resources/future info on how to deviate or go around obstacles, wealth, etc. [regardless if you believe in the spiritual component, life is in blood, biology, there is a kinetic energy to pain, torturing children/prostitution of children/porn there is a dark energy created by such, this is WHY IT'S ADDICTING to those who participate, fact, one does not have to believe in the spiritual aspect to see WHY these RA and PROSTITUTION rings work the way they do and WHY they are so powerful and why BOTH DEMAND VIRGINS, supply and demand, for the blood/conquest, this also I believe, though I haven't researched it, taps into something in Primitive man in the hunting of animals]

There will be a huge market for the young whores – say they are fresh, in certain areas say they are virgins, say they will do anything – you be amazed how much money you will make. 
[in RA, again, like in prostitution, the younger are without knowledge therefore who takes ownership through rape/altars has the teacher/handler ability to mind control into slavery, the victim will comply because they have little to compare the handler's or pimp's instructions too OR they've been so soul split that depending on which altar the handler instructs [doors upon doors and if there is opening the subject will commit suicide, to prevent secrets of such societies from being shown] they are the perfect slave, they are detached from their very own voice, etc.]
Pretend you care about the whore. Say you love her, and you will not let anyone hurt her. [common ritual in RA, pain then pleasure technique, also used in mass control of societies [learned by RA through out history] using the ‘means’ of fortune, games, entertainment, parades, and then punishment, prisons, death penalty seen by public, etc etc etc]

Say if she complains that she is hurt, that she is scared, that she think it may be rape – say they are nasty men, it was a mistake.
[from RA, how the handlers tell the soul/child during the torture, rape, why it's repeated, brainwashing]
Pretend you are sorry – but make sure she keeps having men using her. [in RA, to cause confusion, trust of the handler even though pain is unbearable, victim will blame self, why many resort to self cutting, eating disorders, etc etc etc]

A good whore will gets used to violence – a very good whore won’t even feel it.
[also RA, it's the detachment/soul disconnect, the younger the victim and depending on type of rituals used, they will disassociate through other soul/altar doors, the Butterfly effect [also what today is the whole butterfly cult of women pedophile group in CA, fact]

Don’t be afraid to beat her, or rape her – or send her to your mates or business partners to be violently raped – if she get too much trouble, or just coz you are bored and feel like playing games with her.
[RA, the sex slave is Tested to show obedience and to see how well the ritual works, if slave fails to comply more torture/ritual abuse/rape is applied, etc]

Minds games is a vital ingredient to make a long-term whore. [RA, mind games is right, it's called Mind Control, militarie's use it too, god of war, god of fertility, do the MATH-NUMBERS BOOKS, roll the dice, it IS a game to the masters, always has been, victims are the amusement to the gods/goddesses, war lords, land lords, robber barons, whatever you want to call them, it IS all a game, pawns between kings and queens]

Tell no-one cares about – who give a damn about dirty whore.
[dirty, clay, going all the way back to ancient Sumeria, Babylonia, etc, RA, Serpent, cursed to the dust, fall of man return to dust, Mayan worship of serpent, a lot of clues in the Mayan, Aztec and Olmec, all three huge in pedophilia, packing women/FGMs with clay, etc., it's ALL ritual/spiritual beliefs and connected]

Speak about murdering her, or putting her in with men who may kill her – then laugh, say you were only joking. [RA, oh the good one, they LUV us, yea this one pisses me off the most]

Treat her gently, then yell at her for no reason – that can be really funny.
[RA, to cause confusion, also reinforces detachment to self, never trust inner core because of the altars, fragments, take dirt, without water, it creates clay, like a FRAGMENTED PUZZLE, no green can grow there, why in Healing, connection to the earth/nature is vital]

Tell you care about her safety, show her panic buttons, cameras in the room, security guards – only to put her in a closed room with a known violent man or men, and listen then do nothing. 
[Botta bing, here ya go, the Icing on the Cake, the ONE seeing All seeing EYE, the inner eye, spiritual eye, this is HUGE IN RA, ANCIENT RELIGIONS, AND ON OUR DOLLAR BILL, and yes they are Connected and they are real, notice one eye, is limited in HOW to see, not male female, just male or just female, no BALANCE, because balance is not the goal, POWER IS]

Persuade her that being indoors is better than walking the streets – knowing she will so easier to control under your roof.
[same with RA, same with Trafficking, underground tunnels, coffins/graves where RA torture of children is done, the glorification of Insects, etc, the aka scarab or dung beetle, one example, the putting child into dark hole/abyss, is one common Ritual abuse, or closet]

A good trick is to tell that what she does is empowering, that one day she will be rich, it the most liberating way for women to have sex. [RA, one day you too will be a god/goddess, princess, prince, crime boss, gang leader, yada yada, that good obedient 'sex slaves/wives' 'might, emphasis on might, since she's EVIL anyway' and it's a boy's club, go to Heaven]

Then tell her it is called sex work – that she is controlling the men.
[RA, the subject once released is the Manchurian, or slave, in control, of 'others', part of the secret elect, etc--this depends on the WHO is the RA handler/religion/cult]

Make out now that when there is violence and degradation that it is because her nature to enjoy kinky sex. [RA, this is what we truly were created for, service to the gods, goddesses, it's pleasurable, it's the path to higher enlightenment and so forth, a Transformation, Butterfly, etc]

Teach her to smile through pain and fear, soon she will be smiling automatically.
[what is known as the Sardonic smile, from Sargon, Molech [or MLK or MK] and it comes from the ancients, when they passed children through the fire the child would have a sardonic smile from the burning of flesh, etc–to Molech, Babylon e.g.  In dominion Christian cults, the sardonic smile is the subdued not wince spirit of child, a dead clay doll that blinks only when you lay her down/and rape her or command her to do your dirty work, or the boy child slave, and only pisses on command and ONLY then]

A good whore will always makes the customer happy, always give him a happy ending. She will make him a god, the centre of the universe.
[RA same thing...true happiness is service, self sacrifice, MARTYRDOM, to become, or it's brainwashed in and then no desire is needed, it's automated on a time clock, triggered by things to set the clock off]

She will not mind what porn fantasy he wants – her role is to the living moving porn object that he can manipulate to his satisfaction.
[RA, in the rituals she/he has been trained how to do all they want, sex slaves are trained to endure torture, pain, and smile through detachment, etc]

With real women this would cause them great and terrifying agony, would put into them a fear that will be there every time she closes her eyes.
[RA, many children die, why the art/craft has been perfected over time, the Nazi's perfected a lot of it on the twins/children in the camps, used in South America in camps, all taken from ancient records, genocide/mass rape same thing--where the doctors revive the subject and they know, clock wise, what signs to look for for death, revive [resurrect] then re submit to torture/rape, to program slave, this goes back to Ancients, the cutting out brains Egypt-Mayan, sacrifices, etc, gladiators and sacrifices to see what/kills and how long, all clock obsessed, rhythm/drums, etc, all techniques used in war propaganda and brainwashing, learned by RA abuse/prostitution/witch hunts, which btw, the latter, witch hunts were done by Romans via Herod way prior to Catholic [pagan] church, FACT, it is also RA]  AND THE REAL CLINCHER...A REAL WOMAN WOULD BE IN FEAR...ETC., A SUPER POWERED/SUPER EMPOWERED WOMAN GODDESS OR CHRISTIAN WON'T FEEL ANYTHING BUT 'JOY' IN HER RAPE, MARTYRDOM, TORTURE!

But it is ok for a good whore is never a real woman – she is just a fuck-object that is there used and thrown away. Don’t worry she has no feelings worth bothering about.
[RA, they don't give a damn about our feelings, it's power to them, we are the clay shit put here for their use and then to be thrown away--for THEIR worship, love to the abusive power monger is nothing more than a pacifist manipulation of the mind drone masses, why they rely on Romance, romans...another clue for you, Solidarity love for fellow clay humans looked down upon, this goes contrary to the Pyramid or Temples, can cause slave revolts, all is done to keep slaves in control, sex slaves for men, men for war, all for labor]  [ANOTHER REAL CLINCHER, NOT ONLY IS SHE JUST A FUCK OBJECT OR BABY MAKER, WHY SHE'S THE CREATION OF ALL EVIL  TO BEGIN WITH, A LESS THAN SPECIES, A MISTAKE, A LESS THAN ANIMAL, A MISTAKE MADE OUT OF MAN, TERTULLIAN- THE PRIEST EXPERT AT 'RITUAL ABUSE--AKA RA--AND OTHER THUGS LIKE HIM THEREFORE ANY TORTURE-RAPE-BURNING OF HARLOT WHO IS BEGGAR/STARVING IN ANCIENTS IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE, IT WAS 'HER LOT IN LIFE BY THE GOD OR gods, SO SAYS AQUINAS AND THE 'CITY OF GOD'....]

These are the major ingredients to make a long-term whore.
Now have fun and hopefully make loads of money.
[oh they DO make loads of money, the TEMPLES of ancient Sumeria, Babylon, Chaldea, Mayan, Rome, made it through gold (or GOLD ON THE TOP OF TEMPLES/VATICAN, HINT HINT, here here ROME PANTHEON] or precious stones, metals, today rare earth minerals/blood goods cell phones minerals Congo/those rapes are blood sacrifices, it was All about money,
the ritual temple prostitute and the Idols [objects made in image, today we got Hannah Montana dolls, same damn thing with the Sumerian dolls, FACT] Disney-Sorcery, children, ring ring folks wake up, that people, the masses, pay for, the glorification to the gods [or stars, Chaldean] meanwhile training through ‘gender constructs’ little children to want to BE those
on and on and on, all paid for, by the sacrifices of the less than clay pieces of filth that they used, butchered, raped, sold, bartered, murdered, in dark rooms and dungeons, when needed to keep the dumb masses in check they executed them/TERRORISM OF THE ‘GODS’, CRUCIFIXIONS, etc., all it took is a few examples, to get the dumb clay things to shut up and comply…but need to keep the morale up for work so pacify through PLEASURE, here is the utilizing of gambling/games and prostitutes and the Illusion of the male god/his wife goddess/slave, etc]

I hope you leave this up,
because THIS is the puzzle, and Why it goes back to the Ancients, and why it has destroyed this Planet, Mother Earth, and our fellow humanity,

to be as the ‘gods’…was death.  [the TRUE GOD DIDN'T LIE]

to those with wisdom, it is Time, women, love thy sister, as thy love thyself,
the goddesses, can love themselves, NO MORE SACRIFICES.