Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



The Scary Math

I posted a long reply today, on a blog, in response to a comment from one who defended patriarchy, and this has been what I've been contemplating, deconstructing, and in thought, to actually write it out [though not well I'm afraid] and then re-reading it,

affirms my worst fears though I have not concluded yet to all the possibilities.  But I want to post my reply, to go back to this, and expand, for now, this reply will be a rough draft.

Reply on Commandments of Men blog  [more like, a thinking out loud and typing reply]

In regards to the patriarchy not being the culprit, the reply about the non-Christian man being horrible, etc., to defend Patriarchy...

this is false. Patriarchy, is an Institution of male supremacy over the females, by birth, by genetics, by creation, that in Secular society, was Begun by the teachings/writings of Religion, going all the way back to Samaria, Egypt and the rest of Ancient Mesopotamia. Fact. In fact the teachings of Moses, came After the laws and teachings of Ancient Sumeria, land of Ur, Babylon, tower of Babel, etc. In secular debates, it is debated often that what Christians believe [from Judaic] to be inspired by God was actually just the inheritance of male dominanece/power structures in ancient societies once slavery which Did begin with the looting [war] and rape of women, to build up tribal clans so that more land resources could be gobbled up, due to times of famine, etc., and one or two men with strength/power justified their conquests with the IDEAL of a GOD, and therefore over time it spread. This is the secular [no belief in God] explanation, however, it IS interesting that in other Ancient Societies where there was no Judaic NOR Mesopotamian Babylonian ROOT, there is NOT the same contempt or male superiority over women therefore no strong leanings towards Either, patriarchy or power economics hierarchies, what is known as pyramids. This is why in several non-Judaic root or non-Babylonian/Egyptian root societies there was egalitarian/Harmony beliefs, including with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and even during famines, the amount of warfare/violence was low, In comparison, to those societies forming institutions over time with the patri-male God center, etc. con't 

.In Bible, during early families/tribes [the split of Noah's sons] it says that the earth lands were split, so it can appear that at one time, Biblical speaking, that all continents were one, that would explain the Four rivers in Genesis, as well as the Hierarchy/Pyramid structure of Mayans/Aztec [who also were Extremely misogynist and slavery obsessed as well as sacrificing/rape of women/pedophilia] to the
'elites' who were deemed the officers of God, male God supreme I believe in Mayan it was the Serpent [as seen on temple even today at seasons] and interesting the Peru Incas, similar circular stadiums btw was diminished prior to Mayan power, take over, maybe, we Know the Mayans/Aztecs [with similar nazi symbols] butchered numerous weaker slaves,

However up further North Native Indians, the Nations, did not inherit that level nor beliefs of power/misogyny, now Whether they would have later, hard to say, it Is interesting though that even in parts of Africa and South America, in isolated areas there are Still to this day, Indigenous tribes [though they are dying out] that go All the way back to ancient times in beliefs, that did Not assimilate into the Catholic-Protestant enslavement/cultural Genocide, and these tribes do NOT have patriarchal beliefs NOR do they have

obsession with blood lust violence or war
an entitlement belief that the earth is theirs for taking/by any means necessary but that they are to take Only what they need and always giving something back
they are Woman friendly/with women with high esteem and power within the tribal families
there is no strict gender role division of labor but labor is communal and decided Upon the Nature environment around them, depending on the gifts of the individuals as a group, both men And women together will farm, weave, hunt/farm depending on climate/nature, NOT religious order so forth

and last, they are a people who have high regard for spirituality, the Spirit world and ancestors, wisdom, etc. Ways of Peace, with a very strong love one another blood bond within,

so, looking at this, we can see that Patriarchy, is not just religious, that is it extremely tied into Resources [economics] and religion is it's birth as well as it's strength, even IF the religious core is removed, the structure institution of patriarchy Because of it's filtering into all aspects of Life to survive, from communal to nuclear for economy [to keep that God/man god elites at top etc-aka the pyramid with the Eye] that patriarchy still strongly survives,

so it's not surprising then that in non-Christian families/communities that the patriarchy subjugation, contempt of mother/womb/woman is still strong and damaging/abusive.

Jesus said, the root ROOT of all evil is the love of money, money used, in Ancient, to pay for slaves/women...

under patriarchy, money that was at one time, what one owned to barter/pay for women pleasure, workers to get OUT of work, therefore, destroying the Communal family/tribe, going to Lamech [Genesis] and establishing, the

pyramid structure, CON'T  

con't, will attempt this again, hard to sum up in few point is, due to resources, famines, and I believe, a lot due to the desire to get OUT of work, one man, or a couple, decided to dump work on to another, OR due to famine, combined maybe, rather than sacrifice Resources one or few decided to slaughter others, appease FEAR by sacrificing, [maybe this varies to societies] and putting a GOD on it, to Justify their conscience, and forming a Pyramid, Once there is a demi-god other men [women not so because of the vulnerability with children] get Jealous, decide they want theirs too, war breaks out, women are loot, because women are easily enslaved, also pleasure, more children to create more labor [less work for demi god men],

and there you go...the first motive Maybe, to dump the work, onto another, rather than Live in harmony with Mother Earth, animals, Women, Family, one or two decided they wanted to do Less,

and who better, than to dump on the Weaker, with children, and to then gather More, to get out of More work, to set themself up as a kind of

and then build Kingdoms, other's See this, decide They want this too, they fight, women as the commodity to build Armies,

and there you go...put God on it, the Spiritual Constitution, when That doesn't work, take God out, put Constitution [or God back in, Or Allah or whatever] and there you go,

the elites [demi-man gods] stay in power, kill one another, agree together to keep women under, that is Necessity to keep the power pyramid up, aka slavery, the masses so that a few, can live as gods/goddesses [goddesses for sex always] and there you go,


Till one day, only ONE demigod stands, one man, the son of perdition?????

and countless, women, children, beginning with the demonized religions/RACE, are the sacrifices, for this one main man-god.

Patriarchy, was the Means, to an End.
after deconstructing this Formula [which Is interestingly also Math], I find it interesting that the variable, used to justify man's being God, was the womb, woman, and in Patriarchal religions [Judaic/Babylonian Root] there was no Heavenly Mother [or earth mother] mentioned, only a Male God Supreme with heavy focus on Governments, from tribal clan ruler to all male angels to judges [exception Deborah] to king to Empire [Rome] and so forth, Because of the Mix of God and Government, even in secular society/family Patriarchy or Male Supremacy and Entitlement reigns supreme, be it via violence [including psychological terrorism] or benevolent With always the threat of violence to females,

and in this process, the earth is destroyed AS are the increase of the murder of Womb, women. This we see worldwide, and it's NOW to the point where there can be no turning back, too much destruction, earth cannot heal herself, too many holes from mining [esp it's effect on water, necessary for human life] and woman, in societies where there has been Holocaust of females [Congo ex] or Bosnia, Afghanistan, the damage to the female soul is so bad that there will be No future nurture of generations, therefore there will be a furthering of blood lust/rape [including now rape of boys on increase==there's your Male heaven btw] and Warlords, because that is All these boys know,

with increase of HIV [women/trafficking sex slaves] and there you go,

the destruction/demonization of Eve, Womb, Women, and Erasure of any Female Spiritual and only a Male Supreme being, from Ancient Babylon/Mesopotamia/Egypt/Judaic, to Protestant,

will END the human race, by removing the variable,

Woman and Mother Earth [they are twins in that they are the nurture/womb].

So be it religious or secular, they too are Twins, and are killing humanity, life and earth,

the same, patriarchy, and the SAD truth is, it's so far gone now, that it's too late to reverse it. And this is why, Yes, we see both, Leavens, in religious male centric and secular male centric,

societies/families, and interestingly, BOTH, have built, temples [Pope with Gold temple] and [Capitals with Gold temples] the tops,

gold that pollutes waters [fact, gold mining and silver/and rare earth mining, destroys water, agriculture, etc] and also has been the backbone of creating sex slavery, prostitution, and WAR. Both religion, and GOVERNMENT, secular,

gold on blood--take this further, Genesis, the river had gold...

a lot to think about, if one Dares, to question.