Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




 photo Chernobyl from English Russia--remember, this was result of Partial Meltdown, ONE reactor, not 6, reactors.  see link for photos:

I was told yesterday, by someone whom honestly I'm still wanting to scream Indifferent Bimbo, still pisses me off when I even think of her stupid ass comments to me, when I posted about taking preps and the dangers of what is transpiring in Japan, Why do I react so strongly?  Well because, to NOT inform, when there is MEGA AND I DO MEAN MEGA, experts WARNING about the dangers to come, especially to those who may Not be even taking this seriously, OR because they simply do not have Time to read up, with caring for children, working, etc., and most Women do NOT have the luxury to read up on all the physics and international papers, etc., and they Do rely on our local news media which isn't worth a NOT say anything, even IF, it's premature, In MY STRONG OPINION, is to be an accessory to a FORM OF MURDER. 

And I'll be frank, I think that's some of the most Evil shit out there, people who Shame whistle-blowers, those who Warn, or who Distract from Serious very real live THREATS TO HUMAN LIVES because they simply don't either want to Think about the ugliness of horrible realities OR they flat just are too fucking shallow, to give a damn.   These types of folks, are more interested in preserving the Status Quo of faux security, in worrying more about Charlie Sheen [like who gives a fuck really, the guy's an ass-wipe misogynist moron], and Rather than just going on about their shallow existence, they instead demonize those who even if they aren't 100 percent accurate, are at Least, trying to get information out there that could possibly Save lives,

if Anything, even IF there isn't much one can do, taking Some measures, at least Empowers, and when we are faced with the unknown, particularly when it's Dangerous, the last thing we need, is to suffer through with a total feeling of POWERLESSNESS.  And that's what Women are Expected to do, is to just suffer through, Powerless, depending on Others, and you know, sometimes, especially when one has children, who is Head of Household, that simply isn't an Option, so why Should they NOT have the information, even IF dire and dark, to then at Least, be able to take some measures of dealing with--Even if, yes, it's speaking to those who are not of the optimistic fairy tale land bent, at least they Don't have to sit quiet, in their concern, in a Disney land world while very real clouds of death hang over them.  I thought about this a lot yesterday...IF, the end of the world, let's say was to happen seven months, I would want to know, I would at least, THEN have the option, of living out the rest of my days, with my family, my children, doing things I have put off...rather than existing for the working machine, putting off until the end, and looking back and thinking, Damn, now it's too late.

Time is precious...what Pisses me off, IS the disinformation, the NOT exposing the Real Dangers, by those of the Power Apparatus and those Bimbos and Delusional Addicts who perpetuate that shit, because hey, They one make Profit from misery [yes, that segment Does exist], they often can Afford to leave to a safer place, or buy needed goods, health care, etc., so it may Not effect them with the severity, that it does to those who can't leave, can't escape, and are stuck dealing with the worst ends of a disaster.  And this is why I have little tolerance for these types of individuals...Especially when there is Far enough voices out there who are saying the same damn thing, JUST because they are not spewing the typical mainstream bullshit, does NOT mean their claims don't have merit.  And when it comes to LIFE AND DEATH, I'm sorry, but I don't want to weigh my chances, on just one view, the mainstream view.  For Women, especially women who know damn well, the misogynist indifference of the Mainstream, media especially, to the plight of Women, status of Women, for Any, professed feminist, to turn around and say, to Warn of very real possible dangers, not relying on the 'comforting lies' of media as being a Fear Monger, is just  Unbelievable.  IF women's lives don't matter to our Porn-Rape culture aka media, what the Fuck do you think, makes a difference in matters of telling women the Truth about yes, radioactive fallout?????  Do you think that boom, some magical wand and Puff the Magic Dragon comes out and the status quo turns direction and begins to act with empathy???????  No one can Be that stupid,

especially when we have a HISTORY, OF GOVERNMENTS AND CORPORATIONS not telling us the Entire story, let's take Chernobyl, and NO it's NOT just because of communism--we have similar horrors of drug testing on Children here in America, with foreknowledge of dangers, by Corporate interests who are backed by science...IF any want to refute this, I would suggest one thing--Go to a damn court house and look up court docket cases on personal injury law.  I mean Seriously, no one can be That deluded to think prior knowledge of harm is not ignored when there is money to be made or reputations to be spared!  When there is big money investments, and a disaster strikes, the Last thing governments want to do is alert the Public--and it's not a coincidence, that They, the government, elite, scientists CAN get on a plane and evacuate, while the masses sit and Doesn't take a fucking genius, to figure it out folks--being a Woman, does NOT excuse, willful ignorance.

Some of the common things we hear about this horrible nuclear disaster in Japan, not by Their media so much as ours [western, US, Europe tends to be a bit more upcoming with facts], is that Chernobyl wasn't as bad in numbers wise [they under report the numbers of horrors that are Still continuing today] and they fail to mention the Difference in the numbers of reactors, varying degrees of meltdown, the Fact that the containment is gone, etc., a host of things--I heard last night, some Idiot newswoman saying, 'not to worry, the radioactivity is the equivalent of passing through an X-ray"  BULLSHIT.  And it's a flat out fucking LIE.  For one it's Partial truth--while yes low levels, one can survive, maybe not get cancer for fifty years--the FACT remains...these types of nuclear elements do NOT dissipate NOR do they just hit all areas in same levels.  Plutonium settles in dust, when wind picks it up it is back into the air--WE are looking at long term now, and These reactors are far more Powerful than Chernobyl.  And there is more than One that has blown--so to Think, that we can avoid a global or partial global fallout, is just asinine.  Hey I hope we can...but I damn sure, am not going to just sit and bank on it...IF there is something I can do, even if it's taking Kelp tablets, then by golly, I want that Choice, I want that Chance, it's far better, than sitting and being POWERLESS, and as a Woman, I refuse to be silent and told to shut up, bake cookies, and be POWERLESS.  And I DAMN SURE, AM NOT GOING TO TRUST AND RELY BIG BROTHER--if they don't take care of Women and take measures to end male violence, poverty, hate crime, YOU MEAN TO TELL ME, THAT I'M A FEAR MONGER FOR NOT NOW TRUSTING THEM FOR MY WELFARE?????

yea, RIGHT.  Let's smoke some more 420, yea do some BDSM, it will all be Fine, OK, SURE...

now, I'm not going to go in freak out mode, dig a hole, and store dried oats either...but I want to be at least, Informed, if to just take one last vacation [which I haven't been able to in 20 years] with my children...

and the other thing this moron said to me, which pissed me off more so, was that we should focus our attention on sending aid...Yes we Should send aid--but you know something, what Japan needs, is to get THOSE PEOPLE OUT...and like NOW, sending aid to people who are sitting under high levels of radiation that we KNOW will kill, is a insult to insult.  Tokyo already has above level rads measured, IF we do something, what we SHOULD DO, IS DEMAND AIRLINES TO FLY THESE PEOPLE OUT TO SAFETY, FOR FREE,

and let other nations/citizens pick up the tab--donate for this, rather than sending blankets while these people sit and slowly die of poisoning.  Kind of reminds me of what our ancestors did to the Native know if this commenter was really concerned about Aid, she would have thought of that--but no, you see, it was Just a guilt trip to Shut me up...because SHE didn't like what I had to say--and SHE is typical of many Westerners, sad to say, that attitude that IF you deviate from the Disney World Fantasy norm of the Status Quo, then you should shut up, your message distracted, and let's just go on like nothing's wrong...

and I for one am getting fed up with that BANALITY OF EVIL.  And it IS a banality of's NOT that evil is in the world, that's bad enough, it's when there is evil in the world and WE DO NOTHING, TO PREVENT OR STOP IT OR CONFRONT IT.  Because to Do so, well, would lesson our 'comfort zone', you know what, TO HELL WITH PROTECTING FAUX COMFORT. 

There is a book and website, on Chernobyl today, I want to post an excerpt, of a comment made, from a review of the book WRITTEN BY SURVIVORS, WHO LIVED THROUGH, THE LIES, THE HORRORS, THE DEATHS...and they say, and I quote:

 ""As an oral history this is a frightening experience (the term "experience" emphasized). Chernobyl has been largely hushed up and kept quiet, the scope of it is worse than most know or understand (occasionally we hear a few hundred or thousand people died and certain cancers are slightly up, don't believe it, much worse). Only about %5 of the nuclear material escaped so it was a minor accident on the scale of things. There is a %50 chance of another meltdown happening elsewhere in the world over the next 40 years (sourced in book). Had Chernobyl been a full meltdown much of Europe would be dieing off as we speak. 16 more Chernobyl-type reactors are still in operation (14 in Russia). As Alexievich says in her epitaph: "These people had already seen what for everyone else is still unknown. I felt like I was recording the future."

The disaster of Chernobyl is still going today, it never ended, it is like AIDS - it just keeps getting worse, there is no cure for radiation which lasts 100s of 1000s of years. The radiated material is finding its way outside of the "Zone" and spreading slowly around the world. Down the rivers into the seas, blown on dust, carried out by hand by bandits in the form of trucks and TV's and scrap metal sold to Asian scrap metal firms which build the goods we buy, grown in food and sold on the world market. I put this book down thinking two things: where can I buy a gieger counter and where can I buy iodine.""

from a review of the book Voices from Chernobyl

here is the website, Photo Gallery, Village of Joy,

You know this is the One room in a Chernobyl photograph, that the paint hasn't chipped off the walls, I think there is a message in that somewhere,  from Mother Nature, God, just like the children's books, often left intact after a disaster, 

People stick their necks out, speaking against the grain, Because they want to Do something, maybe Save someone or something, maybe Even part of them self [I tend to think its a combination], maybe it's something in nature inside of us, that shows in the life of the future, our Children, Hope for a Future,

we don't build for our Children by shutting our ears and going lalalalalalalala

no, we build and maybe save by taking action, by GIVING A DAMN, EVEN RISKING LOOKING CRAZY

and So what if we're wrong, I'd rather be wrong and have taken action, than to right and not have done anything....even If that anything, is spending a month with my children doing those things I've put off.  If the EQ and Tsunami showed us anything, it should have shown us, that Life is not guaranteed, it doesn't matter HOW much crap you own, you don't own the power of the forces of LIFE.  We need to start GIVING A DAMN

while I don't have the answers as to What to do to prevent radioactive poisoning in worst case scenarios, or even at all, I do have some things I can post here, whose to say they will work or not?  Maybe they don't...most likely they don't--but IF there's a chance, IF there's a chance, and it's Needed,


and if the Deniers and Status Quo jerks don't like it, TOO DAMN BAD.  Go play in bunny land or something

[yea sorry, bit of sarcasm there, it's kind of like those who told Jews in Hitler's Germany prior to the death marches/attacks that there was Nothing to worry about even though there was messages, saying Death to Jews, those kind of people just rub me the wrong way]

Anyway...someone posted some things on GLP yesterday [God Like Productions] about things one can do if they can't get the pills, now I don't and won't say they will Work--and I'd be SURE to check any ill side effects from--BUT if it's a situation where we KNOW there is a radioactive cloud with high RADS, then shit--it's better than nothing,

here's the link, to what this person posted...about kelp, etc., among other things, Please be sure to look thoroughly Into, and also Look thoroughly at This link, it's VERY informative...from what readings I have gotten thus far, West Coast, Seattle, looking anywhere from 7 to 10 days, the thing is, you have to watch the jetstream, and keep track of the RADS measured.  I have posted those links to the top of this blog...also, God Like Productions [numerous military posting there now] IS keeping up with all that is going on, it's a good source, often times you get info from others around world HOURS before our media even touches it.

that link is on what one can do:  If you CAN'T FIND POTASSIUM IODIDE ANYWHERE, some alternatives, remember, PI only protects from Thyroid exposure, you Still in case of Fall Out Cloud need to take Other precautions, I will repost That link too.

Be sure to read through Entire post entries, about two to three pages, some Good info here--except, on the Clay, be wary of giving it to Children, AND I'd be sure to really dilute it with Lots of WATER.

Read this site With links, do what you can:

and godlikeproduction [a lot of Good info here, a lot of b.s., you just have to Weed through it yourself, what I do, and BE sure to Research on your own as well]
just in, Japan preparing for Fall OUT evacs on large level...

so be Sure to keep watch on the jetstream maps, make sure you have stored water/food [for at least to ride out any possible cloud which well is Expected] and MOST OF ALL





JaneDoeThreads said...

Regarding using God Like Productions,

for the News, it's one of the best since alternative news sources are posted from around the world,

for the Rest of the nonsense, either it's humorous, opinion or just plain, insane...

so I don't like to refer to it AS a source, but it's a good reference if you want to get an estimation of how gov and media Controls minds OR how those who Question do see--it shows the worst and sometimes the best in people,

However, just to note, it IS a psyops social experimentation of none other than Tavisstock Corp out of UK, a psychological 'government-military' backed watch group [and MHO a bit more than that]

and they are of course, porn backed--forget posting AS a woman Concerned for women's human rights--they'll ban you in a heartbeat, they only accept the bdsm I plaleese want to be luved by you Menz types--I know, they ban me All de time,

oh well, goes with the program ya know...but now for News that has to do with anything scientific and NOT politically motivated, there's some damn good sources posted there. I also sometimes refer to Above Top Secret [it's a tad bit more intelligent poster wise],

use to refer to some sites overseas but then you have to sort through the nationalism/racism or the Islamo thugs taking over--

the Joys of sorting through Male dominated kaka to get to serious topics, information, etc., Hey, it's either that

or rely on the Barbie Doll nonsense poster child for mass mainstream media, PUKE

Journals are better of course, but most Don't read today, Sad to say...hell they Bitch about long posts.

peace out, Jane

JaneDoeThreads said...

Oh, thought I'd inform [though I have few readers of this blog, because it's not sensationalism and the gossip types of blogs so I don't get a lot of hits here--fine by me, not why I write anyhow], but thought I'd inform on the GLP thing,

in case you go out there, they getting the serious posts on nuclear moving to the bottom and the more uh, how to put it, Inquiring minds want to know kind of bullshit to the top--

so, Just so you know.

If it continues that way I'll post from journals/science news sources, Green Peace has a site but they use a lot of PDF files, which my laptop here those are pain to access,

And I really Don't want to get Bogged down in the whole nuclear issue, since it's not the core of this blog here, but I will say, it IS a bit infuriating,

when you browse/read numerous feminist blogs, and they are either bitching about Menz [and I do concur, don't get me wrong] OR they are spewing the left brainwashing agenda because those types are anti-conserve, which been on both sides of the polemic spectrum, no thanks, I ain't into the dick cheerleading shit

OR they are focused on one or two issues, Nothing wrong with that--but I've yet to find a Radical Feminist blog that Covers other issues where Women yes ARE impacted in huge ways,

like in geology, physics, etc., unless you focus on the more specialized, and so, I think I want to begin to cover some of these topics here [end of world depending/sarcasm] because they are needed--that and well,

they have always been an interest of mine.

OK then--Jane

Mara Reid said...

Finally thinking of long term help for the Japanese. Yeah, it takes me a while. But at least when I get on board, I'm willing to think long term.

I was wondering about housing Japanese too. Not absorbing them. Just giving them a place to say indefinitly until (if and when) it's safe for them to return.

I'm reminded of all the displaced New Orleans people.

If only we could get Japanese from there over here, Pregnant women and children, first and those with family here because they will be the easy to place quickly so that we can move on to more.

It is so huge.

Where else do we begin?

JaneDoeThreads said...

That's just it though Mara, it will never be safe for them to return, plutonium has a half life of thousands of one lives still in Chernobyl today. And that was one reactor, not near as powerful as far as elements giving off radiation, etc., used in the Japan's power plants.

Of course media, going back and forth it seems with the info, are saying that not much has been released, other experts beg to differ,

personally I think Japan is screwed, literally. Now to what extent I do not know nor to how many miles radius, that will depend on amount of plutonium/other radioactive elements released And fall out, etc., I simply do not know,

I know the fish, near Chernobyl, are still deformed. If that gives us any idea,

now multiply that ten times, you have the nuclear crisis in Japan. People simply believed the lies that the power apparatus Told them,

about nuclear power, energy, how clean it was in comparison to coal [true] and oil-gas, However,

once there is accident, then the Outcome, is far more deadly and for a very, Very long times in fact. Why I think, it was suicide, especially building them on EQ zones-and we have those similar dangerous plants right here in US, right on EQ zones,

but lest we forget, elites can afford to fly out to safer areas, it's about $$$, the masses, poor masses, get left to die,

slow, deaths. That's about the sum of it I'm afraid,