Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




I've been kind of out of it, of late, things in life/choices, etc., tend to have a ripple effect and that includes Dealing and working through those things...So, well that and daughter dropped my laptop, which then killed the hard drive, so took that as sign to take a leave from blogging--then got it fixed, using another computer which isn't the best [used-rebuilt computers and I do mean OLD computers] so--taking that as a sign to move away from internet world and deal with other things I've been yes, putting off or outright Avoiding--which isn't good,

because to continue to avoid is for me, living or perpetuating many Lies I've lived, translating into living things I don't really agree with or concur with, These things such as behaviors, etc., I have been working on, off and no, during the past two years BUT in those two years you see I had to Deconstruct So much negative shit--I had learned via Religion, the Abuse, living Lies to Please, oh yes, as well as living for my not too great part of self [the negative] and well it compounds, like interest you know--and so like Dealing with these truths Also required,

recovery [my new catch word] of the true Self [child] that I had over the years let die, that Positive, which is what I kind of got into in my last post--how Jesus [not the religious Jesus btw, I didn't get into that part because I am still learning to walk in this--and it's NOT easy because so much of it goes so contrary to the winds of Man's doctrinal bunk--and is far more Eastern [far east] or Native Indian, Nature centered, so like, LOL, I guess I see Jesus kind of like a Jesus-Buddha or something--AND I see Him more as a spiritual form like nature that is both male/female--hard to explain--Spirit, rather than the 'male icon image' -- put it that way,

and then there are days I do question even his existence on earth--whether the later 300+writings of Roman MENZ and obviously there was Many distortions, how much are true and how much are power monger mind control tyrant techniques...

so, yea, you know HOW does one judge or discern the INVISIBLE???????  I think faith is good, you know, but the question is then, what do we truly have faith IN.  And on that, well, I'm not so sure we've been lead in right directions, because in My life, religion did nothing but make me a mental case--But I can't just blame religion, to do would be a cop out, there is also my own choices, for numerous hmmmmm

yea, my beliefs are not TEXTBOOK, by no means and they change or adapt more each day, I think it's called Personal Growth.

So has ripple effects, choices we make and choices other's make towards us.  There is no way getting around it.  And right now, the ripple for me is a bit overwhelming so rather than me write up anything I thought I'd take a day and post some good blogs I've been reading, some things that Have for me--helped me, deal with some of what I've been dealing with of late,

so, to begin, I saw this on BallBuster's blog, and I liked it, so here it is

then there is a series on the blaming of feminism, on this blog, you have to scroll down a bit but they I think are a must read

Anyway, other than that--there is plasma something or another around the sun, CMS [solar flares] that NASA has put out that are like MAJOR, and of course--the radioactive mess in Japan--

which I haven't been writing on--all I'll say is, it's bad, IF one believes what t.v. idiot box media is saying, all I can say is


but on the Other hand--not a whole hell of a lot we can do really about Any of it--I mean you can store food, hope you got enough to last 100 years and a lead underground container, because by the looks of things we gonna need that--but then there is the dark planet many say is coming--I believe this, btw, but it's not the Planet [dark dwarf star/like the Sun but dark energy?? on other side of Pluto] that I think is going to smash into Earth [the theory of Niribu] but that Comet belt and you know, if that planet was to move forward well hey it would knock that comet or asteroid belt into all kinds of mess right into our orbit and then THAT would be, well,

kind of what the Rev of Bible predicts--which is also in other prophecies.  There is a movie coming out-on this but it's the planet smashing, can't recall the name but I know Kristen Dunzt? is  it--

I kind of laughed about this, OK GOD which one is it, do we fry with the Solar and Sun exploding [The Knowing] or do we vanish with the EQ and giant Super Volcano and Tsunami [2012] or do we slowly decay with radioactive damage and war and famine OR you know,

I mean, oh, and don't forget the Alien warfare/invasion--like OK which is it OR is it all of them?  And if it's all of them, well then, two stars, dark dwarf and sun--Hmmmmmm, at the Same time????

Talk about End Time Overload, Meanwhile, Hollywood is making mega bucks eh?  Hmmmmmm

I do believe in many aspects of all these prophecies, not necessarily in that order, but like with surety, it's this or that, who the hell can know, and dwelling on it I think can make you kind of go nutty--I kind of have been there, it's not too healthy I don't think,

because well, we can't Control none of it, all we can Control is how WE live personally--to Some degree because our lives yes ARE effected by all the externals.  Anyway I Do keep up with these things, why I read GLP [minus the rest of the crazy crap/and I think experimentation garbage going on that board--]

only because they post links on there to sites/with info--so here's the latest, on the whole Solar Flares and CMEs and all that jazz

Newly-arriving data from NASA's STEREO probes suggest that a coronal mass ejection (CME) might be heading toward Earth. The source of the cloud appears to be sunspot complex 1185-1186, which experienced an episode of magnetic instability during the early hours of April 9th. Stay tuned for updates to this preliminary analysis.

[link to]

[link to]

[link to]

Now, to be honest I don't understand a whole heck of a lot about how Solar Flares and all that works, I know it effects the magnetics, electro magnetic field, and I have been reading some about the HAARP conspiracies, Interesting those,

and I don't dismiss all of them, emphasis on All of them, because Interestingly, I have found that there IS electric magnetic Pollution that DOES EFFECT WOMEN MORE SO--there has been ongoing studies on this, and so because of the depression/OCD this is one thing God led me to do some reading in and let me tell you, it Has made a huge change in my cutting down lights, t.v. especially, internet and so forth ON my mental and nerves, a LOT, so I'm paying way more attention to this now.

Anyway...maybe tomorrow I'll post some of the cool nature things I've been looking at, maybe--no promises.  But I'll try,

till then,


Jane--ADDITION, ok I'm throwing these out here because LOL, too lazy right now [don't wanna] put these links to email--and using my daughter's computer and don't want to have to go here, download, pull, transfer and all that crap

so am posting these here BECAUSE like WOW, reading this right now on Aliens, a EDUCATED science/physics site [like Genius level/the Nerds ok] and so like, Interesting !!!  The theory of if aliens mined for resources in asteroid belts, etc., some GREAT stuff here...and one interesting science/theory findings/evolution or intelligent design on a Very high science level--

and so i want to click back and read these because This one, is AWESOME!!!  I FEEL like a 10 year old again, LOL, yea I LOVE this stuff, I do, have to admit, Gene Rodenberry, Deep Space Nine, you know..but this is some science based [from space what we Do know] theories, just theories now--

on the aliens and mining that I'm reading right now [which btw, Does get interesting when you read and compare to  the Sumer beliefs and some of those floating around out there]

on evolution [I Do believe in evolution to some degree, and don't see really where it's not in Bible, unless one takes a strict Literal view, the Bible [Genesis, gene] does say the men of renown/kings of old which refers to ancient times--also the part in first page of two creations, which is So like there--with the mentioning of the 'generations of earth' and HISTORY, THAT implies there are times--upon times--and Replenish the earth, has to have once been for something to be Replenished,

so I don't know, to me it's not been an issue, though don't believe we come from Monkeys, but there obviously is evolution/adaptation, Bible refers to it [and I don't really care what the narrow fundies say or think] and well,

yea...who knows right?  No one knows, not even the experts who study because the earth HAS changed, so even records, can be flawed and like, well IF they travel in a Time Machine--let me know, until then, in my opinion, it's all up for grabs,

and I like this site, interesting...because I like to read All views as well as findings

and who says God can't be like Q on Star Trek, LOL--ever see that, was that deep space?  Can't recall, gee been long time, think it was, no, it was the other Oh well, you know the Q who pops in, pops out, always annoyed the captain Bacard I think,

anyway...more sites, Where I found these two, because I wanted some info on CMEs, effects on OTHER galaxies, rather than the theories of 2012, etc., and I found this,

and it's Cool, Exploding Galaxies

and for readers,  this is at very bottom of my blog here...I LOVE this site, because I love nature clips [really cool video on Solar Eclipse I watched other day] and space/photos, etc., deep ocean,

and well, daily photo on this site




Ball said...

Hi Jane! I'm glad you are back. I was getting a bit worried when I didn't see you posting. Thanks for linking to my blog.

Much love to you. <3

JaneDoeThreads said...

thank you Ball, yea too many triggers spent me Spiraling and just processing a lot plus some other pieces of fragments have been coming together--it pulls so much energy, but also am dealing with some of my own issues/shit, I've dealt out, ya know...

shifting of Poles maybe? LOL, anyway, yea, taking a break from posting on issues--will post blogs articles for time being, and going to post some on just recent things/nature wisdom, etc.,

btw, Love your camper/survivor series and you know, so glad because I had started some posts on this but spiritually right now just can't do and so like, the winds work in ways, you know, four directions, which is Cool because it means we don't have to do it all on our own, this is one of the life lessons of control [to deal with fear] that God is working with me right now, and that is 'it's ok to let go and let others do'

and you know there is a freedom in that, I didn't realize HOW obsessed I was in this area, but I was/am getting free from, except my OCD with this was in Activism, taking on Every issue, etc., avoiding the pain of my own,

funny how that works, but anyway, I am so glad you are writing on these things because they are So SO needed, and I may be posting a bit with reference to some of your posts on this so readers here can just walk on over to your place...the camper was really good/and I'll read over the food one you posted today or yesterday? Good posts, keep them coming,

and much love to you too. Hope all is well--