Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




I posted a while back about my experience, which is on going, with our lovely Fascist Judicial-Criminal system, however, I postponed the two essays because I had not yet went to court.  I was already being railroaded like no other, being poor, older woman with a disability, which was btw, related heavily to Why I was charged in the first place, child neglect for a very dirty house--NEVER MIND that there were two other adults, one an ADULT MALE who could have gotten off their asses and cleaned and NEVER MIND that my children are NOT two, three, four, but SIXTEEN AND TWELVE and NINETEEN.  Oh no, NEVER MIND that I have a SPINAL CORD DISEASE THAT IS PROGRESSIVE AND PERMANENT, needing surgery and that leaves me partially bed ridden, meaning,

after three hours max, I am on the bed with two heating pads---because my spine locks down and I cannot move.  I was diagnosed in 2005 with permanent spinal nerve damage from a back injury that was misdiagnosed earlier, then again in 2009 I was diagnosed with compressed spine/scoliosis SEVERE, then again, after that...

I got worse, not better.  With no medical insurance, canceled by my husband, I had no meds, nothing, and I on the majority of days rotted away in bed in EXTREME PAIN, and over time, our cats [two females] THAT needed to be neutered and I had no car [my husband's choice] kept having kittens, and over time the house began to deteriorate when I by myself could no longer keep up with cleaning up after FOUR other people who did nothing, and taking care of birds and cats.  In 2011, it went to shit, literally and I fell into a deep depression--WHY, gee, I don't know, something about laying in bed wracked with severe pain--to the point often times I was crying and screaming, rolling around literally in agony, with no help, nada, and when I got up to clean I had to shove three bags of ice frozen vegies down my pants to be able to even move and even WITH THAT,  my spine simply would not move once compressed--and eventually it all just went to hell, my body gave out as did my with that amount of pain on a daily basis SCREWS YOUR MIND UP, much less your house.

The thing is, there was another ADULT here who was also responsible for the children, house and cats.  DID they charge him, HELL NO, IN FACT, THEY MADE HIM A FUCKING 'HERO', A FEMALE BITCH OF A D.A. MADE HIM A VICTIM AND A HERO--NEVER MIND, HE HAS A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RECORD [ONE YEAR PROBATION] AND NEVER MIND HIS EX WIFE [TWO WOMEN NOW OTHER THAN ME] PUT A PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER ON HIM--DV,  [NEVER MIND that he sits on his ass taking 300+ pics of himself every weekend for the web--while the house went to shit--He's a MAN he's entitled, I am not kidding, they are Worse than the Taliban, for their hypocrisy and their BLATANT MISOGYNY--and I do mean BLATANT., it's BDSM PORN CULTURE in a big way, and it's blatantly anti-senior citizen, another topic, another time]

never mind any of that.  Oh hell, no all they saw was a dirty house [it was horrid] and a few too many cats--and Boy oh boy, here comes the SEXIST CONFORMIST POLICE with their patriarchal STATE NANNY BULLIES, and so I got charged,

for 7 months I had to deal with CPS and their lying bullshit.  Services, they said...I didn't get one service for me or the kids from CPS,  [I did however get some support, not much but some, from ONE woman, from the children's home that also does Life Skills, needless to say, when SHE saw what was really going on and She took me to the hospital, they pulled her off the case--of course, because SHE was actually IN it for the children and to her I'll always be grateful because She did save my life--but NOT without paying a price--that's the System for you]..., other than that, the Services were nothing more than them trying to dig up dirt, fucking with me, see ** at end of this essay, it was NEVER about the kids you see, it was about, pegging me as MENTALLY ILL so they could get me in--drugged up [money] and an easy win for the DA and of course, animal rights is big political agenda and you know, any woman with too many cats is A HOARDER, don't you know, fits the stereotype--the stereotype of the OLDER CRONE 'WITCH' WHO IS OUT OF HER MIND AND NEEDS TO BE ZONKED/ZOMBIED OUT OF EXISTENCE BECAUSE


bottom line folks, that is it.

The things that saved my ass is one, I had photos of the house when it was CPS saw that this wasn't an always thing...but the main thing that saved my, ready for this:

after two weeks of me remodeling-cleaning my house with an injured spine that NO ONE BELIEVED ME, THE COPS LAUGHED EVEN...I re-injured my back, did MORE damage to the point where a CPS INTAKE worker for a children's home, had to take me to the hospital because  couldn't move my neck, AT ALL,

well WHAT DO YA appears that I blew more discs out of my upper back now, so I had a herniated disc in my cervical spine plus neuro damage [was getting horrid cluster headaches] from the upper spine nerve damage--so I got put on steroids, percocet, you name it...and three references to be seen A.S.A.P. with a SPINE SURGEON, A NEUROLOGIST AND A REG DOC TO MONITOR THE OTHER HEALTH--

it was serious, not soon after that, CPS was talking of closing the case.  No concerns they said, NEVER MIND that hubby still sits on his ass with TOTAL IMPUNITY THANK YOU STEPFORD WIVE CREATOR D.A. and NEVER MIND that now the KIDS also have learned that it's totally OK

to call mom a bitch, do NOT ONE THING AROUND THE HOUSE EVER...BECAUSE HEY, THAT'S WHAT BITCH SLAVE CUMPUMP MOM IS FOR, and who enforced those beliefs?


anyway, so.....I got smart, took some money [that we really couldn't afford] and went to the SPINE SURGEON-DISORDER place, and got looked debt now because of but I'm glad I did it [I did this without hubby's knowledge or permission I might add] and I found,

I have a spine disease, a bulging disc [very broad at lower lumbar] that needs surgery and that my bones in sacral area are blown, decaying so to speak--may need a back brace for that, not sure yet...anyway, I'm in bad shape, they won't EVEN touch the upper spine until the lower one is operated on, and well anyway,  I had to then go in for an MRI later with no contrast--to see the extent of damage,

now of course I'm broke, paying still for the MRI and HOSPITAL with no insurance and can't GET insurance because of PRE-EXISTING CONDITION and so, I'm fucked by the time I save up another $500.00 to see the spine doc I'll need another MRI before they do surgery, as there are several and it all depends on further damage due to bulging disc, etc., arthrosis which I have and who knows what else.  [arthrosis is not's deterioration of the bones, not inflammation] anyway...

so once the judge heard this...he was lenient, for that I am thankful for, I think he saw through how the entire thing, though Yes as a parent I am responsible for the upkeep of the house--but the DA left out, the disability, oh, yea they left that out and among other things--because They don't care about TRUTH nor about the CHILDREN, they take partial truths and crucify you with them--

especially if you ARE A WOMAN.

They do this shit to men too, don't get me wrong--men who are poor, and mostly men of color, the system, is the MICRO OF THE MACRO SOCIETY, and it's here, behind the invisible SORCERY-PHARAOH LIKE OR BABYLONIAN WALLS you really see just how EVIL it all is,


All there is too it...and the HORROR of it, is that it's done and promoted and protected by none other than a fake piousness and RELIGION, but peel the b.s. away and it's MURDERING SACRIFICING MISOGYNIST RACIST 'CAPITALISM'

through and through, and it IS a Holocaust, kid yourself not.

The Prison Industrial Complex is just that, a SYSTEM OF 'GULAGS', and it's increasing in size, brutality and power.  LETHAL POWER.

So, while I cannot do a damn thing about the corruption, or a thing about my husband's behavior [can't divorce or leave right now, due to the disability...another story another time but I am separated as much as able right now, though civil about it],

I decided to make use of the probation--to better myself [it's not that long] and to grow as a woman, which is what I've done through this entire ordeal, I went through the hell and terror, soul reflecting, all of it, found out a lot about myself, and about following LIES, and how it was those LIES and RELIGION--CHRISTIANITY was a big one here, that lead me to the place of desolation in the first place over the years,

so that, and the other,



We can get into a bit of the spiritual here but for the time being  I want to keep it focused on the physical world we live in, dealing with the systematic means in which these ends are carried out.  Ends that profit, the Elite, Powerful and mostly White males and yes, White Females.  Though there is, yes some non-Whites or Euro-race people who benefit from this system, it IS a system that is/was based on the Roman-Greek and I would say, Babylonian and/or Assyrian Empires of old, meaning Law, and one that was always grafted to supply a steady meal of slaves, SEX SLAVES in particular and always to profit the power mongers, elite and war lords.

I am not advocating ridding of a judicial system, or for lawlessness.  But what I am going to address is the CORRUPTION, and BIAS that is in the system and Why that is.

So, for starters...I stumbled onto a blog, Scum O Rama, and I liked it...anyway I was scrolling through the old posts and I found the one on Prisons, rape and men who bemoan rape...and while I concur with yes, men via patriarchy are the rapists--I had to strongly disagree on a few of the comments, so I posted, it wasn't allowed obviously to which I'm not surprised, but I saved it, to post here, because this is one issue,

that I am committing myself too--advocating on behalf of those in PRISON and JAIL-SYSTEM.  There is a real ignorance about what is going on and the abuses--are EPIDEMIC AND THEY ARE BLATANT HUMAN RIGHT ABUSES--RIGHT IN OUR OWN BACKYARD.

the post on Scum O Rama will be at end of my reply--it's an older post, but here goes:


I have to say something here, while I concur that yes, men bemoan rape when it's about men being raped, when it comes to the SYSTEMATIC 'PLANNED' INDUSTRIAL RAPING of INMATES, MALE OR FEMALE, then men DO need to speak up, Why?

Because women are NOT speaking up enough on behalf of the hundreds of women raped DAILY IN OUR JAILS AND PRISONS, not only raped, but TRAFFICKED from one prison to another to be raped.  And, btw, yes women guards in male prisons ARE raping MEN, male are they doing this?  Easy, many rapes in prison are done via coercion by threatening to write up an inmate for any or made up violations which keeps the inmate from getting parole or loss of privileges such as seeing family, having meals, medical care, etc.  In fact many male inmates who are raped, including yes by female guards, are DISABLED, young or by patriarchal standards 'feminine'.  Rape is about Power and Control, and in our prison industrial complex rape is rampant because of the dynamics of IMPUNITY OF POWER OVER INMATES that are deemed not worthy by most in society of having human rights.

To make light of rapes of males in prisons or to refuse to look honestly at the reality of female guards who yes, rape and abuse males, you do more to perpetuate and PROTECT the horrid abuses against female inmates in ALL JAILS AND PRISONS.  Most, statistically around 75 or more percent of female inmates have been sexually abused and/or abused in domestic violence. 

This is a SERIOUS and GULAG EPIDEMIC issue in this nation and it's NOT being covered, and the horrid thing is, the few and I do mean FEW organizations that do cover female inmate rape, are religious groups that do more to reinforce patriarchal abuses of women in prison and/or who make PROFIT off of the stories of the victims in our penal system.  The horrid fact is, the most vocal of anti-abuse and rape of inmates including women, are in fact,

MALE VOICES, because the prejudicial belief by many, including rad fems, is that women behind bars are ultra bad women and well, 'if they do the crime they do the time' kind of attitudes out there.  This is the one issue that if you do the research, you'll be appalled at just how Little exposure or support these women have....the ONLY ongoing reporting of Case files of rapes in prison of both females and males, that I know of, is Prison Network News, and they fight being censured all the time.  IF it weren't for the Male voices out there on this issue, I'm sorry but there would be no coverage of the females getting raped except for the videos of guard made porn, of prison-jail rapes, sure Those are out there.  I am not kidding on this,

I recently was involved with the penal system and as a Rad Feminist I was appalled, saddened and never felt so betrayed by so called 'sisterhood'.  The ONLY support I could find was in fact, males who are fighting the abuses of the State and males fighting prison rapes.  The only 'female' oriented group other than one in-prison newsletter, was a religious one that in my opinion, did more to support the abuses that PUT women in prison in the first place, blaming the women for bad decisions, trivializing domestic violence and the blatant misogyny in our court systems, and of course, making profit, PROFIT THOSE WOMEN IN PRISON WILL NEVER, SEE.

And YES, I am angry...I got probation, for now, but this is ONE issue I am going for the jugular on and as a Rad Feminist, NO apologies.  I am thankful to the men out there who ARE addressing the Gulag system of both the penal industrial slave system and the mental health [Buckenwald system that is MURDERING WOMEN in this nation like no other, and doing so with absolute impunity and people need to wake the hell up, because the numbers of incarcerated are rising.] 

Look I can't stand fun feminists nor patriarchy, but this is one area where class and race are Really intersecting here and I'll give it to you straight,

this is One area, the most horrid, that even Rad Fems have FAILED AND FAILED BIG....and those suffering Hell, and I'll include the thousands of Juveniles many of them females, who are right now,

being tortured, mind tortured via psychological controls Nazi style, raped, starved, left to rot with BLATANT MEDICAL NEGLECT, to the point of DEATH, in our jails and prisons, for non-violent crimes, mostly for drugs [medicating due to RAPE and ABUSE] only to be FORCED BY THE 'STATE' TO BE DRUGGED BY FAR WORSE DRUGS TO THE POINT THEY ARE 'BRAIN DEAD' and BDSM RAPED IN PRISON, both males AND females, mind you,

on a Holocaust level like in Nazi Germany [no joke, do your research, this is Serious folks], and forced into Slavery, such as making Victoria Secrets panties for less than 40 CENTS a day [tampons cost over 2.00 each in prison], one example of how Women are benefitting from the rapes of women and men,

I won't even go into the forced drugging'mental health abuses on women and poor males, income wise--what coverage out there is white washed and/or minimized, and it's KILLING WOMEN,  by the THOUSANDS, every Month in our nation right now, women are DYING in our jails, men too, and I'm talking men who are 18 years of age...something's up,

and if not for those men out there, even IF they only care about men, speaking out on this, better they speak out--than not, because if not for them,


for a CASE BY CASE OF FILINGS ON THE ABUSES THISI YEAR, in our Prison Gulag system, see

look up prisonlegalnews, to the column, look at articles on the prison rape EPIDEMIC, many on women but many on men, by Women guards, this is like Nazi Germany folks,

oh, in case you are crime [never had record before this], child abuse no injury, neglect...over a dirty house...I'm disabled partially bed ridden, spine cord disease [house was clean before spine injury], after judge was told by me [and they were trying to gag me/railroad me like no other] how serious my not curable spine disease was, even HE was shocked, gave me six months husband, was NOT charged, was made a victim by a female DA...never mind, my husband has a criminal record of DV and two restraining orders by two other women.  Who should have been charged, but 'he wasn't home at the time', it was over too many cats...long story,

but fact is, I got railroaded by some very sexist officers, and my real crime was not conforming to gender roles and being an old crone disabled woman.  IF I would have had money I could have fought it and won, but I'm poor--and I found,

this is how the system works, so I plead, to keep my children from not having to live with an abusive ass while I was rotting in jail.  Two of my children aren't even his, did the DA care, NO, all they wanted was easy conviction, even if it meant ENDANGERING MY CHILDREN,

my oldest, is suing, under Tort.  The system is SO CORRUPT, and the most appalling thing I found, is all the issues I advocated on, anti-porn, anti-prostitution, etc., women's rights, I had no idea, at just how little to no coverage on female inmates, how horrid the system is, how many women THEY ARE MURDERING RIGHT NOW, and how EASY it is to wind up in jail, and how FEW actually give a fuck, seriously,

the prison they say is the 'inside', no, the prison world is the micro-of the world that we refuse to see, and it's horrid...and it's really where push comes to shove, all the advocacy in this nation is mostly PR bullshit,

the real revolution is going on behind bars and it's being spilled with BLOOD,

and no one hears their screams...except, yea, those men who only care about men.  Well, this is ONE time, that those only caring about men by men, is the ONLY HOPE


I cannot stress this enough. 


**  When the CPS or what ever it is called in your state opens a case, they supposedly offer 'services' to help keep your family together [which is detrimental when you are in a Domestic Violence situ--this really plays into the hands of controlling, coercive and abusive men--and believe me, it's MEANT to be this way, using the guise of 'child welfare' to force conformity and keep your mouth shut bitch slavery onto women--it's very subtle and sinister and almost innocent in how they do this--IF there is horrid abuse, then it's the children get removed--but NOT to safety, then it's a whole other ballgame because the Pedo wanks and Abusers who get PAID by Federal dollars plus the Nazi Shrinks who force drug who get paid Bank baby, sacrifice these children, why so many are SLAUGHTERED in foster care in this nation, this is a corrupt criminal racket, kid yourself not, and it's supported by none other than patriarchy, leftism, and Religion.]

Anyway, these services--you never get them, you have to push for them, I asked for a dryer which we really needed due to my back--one excuse after another, because fact is, they didn't give a fuck about the children, IF I tripped and fell using the apartment dryer in my husband's never been cleaned garage--and wound up in wheelchair--so what--because it's all about the children, I mean, yea it's a load of bullshit and one would not believe it unless they lived through it.  What really got me is that they for THEMSELVES saw my husband's blatant not giving a fuck--and they REWARDED AND CODDLED HIM LIKE HE WAS A FUCKING BABY--

That's what pisses me off the most.  Not ONCE did they tell him, to get off his lazy ass and FIX the floors or Clean up the fire-hazard garage [which they charged ME for, back in July--along with the house], NOT once....yet he bragged about his weekends on his garden--while the house goes to shit, I mean yea it's some mind games lying bullshit is what it is,

and it's SEXIST as hell.  Worse, is the Lesbians [Mary Daly, those Patriarchal Painted Birds the Boys Club loves to use, who really Hate women] who work for this system,

I had one tell me, to my face, that women who are or have been abused via D.V. are MENTALLY ILL,

I mean, talk about protecting abusive men, and blaming the women--it's the same ole shit,

blame the victim, NEVER HOLD THE PERP ACCOUNTABLE FOR ONE DAMN THING--when my husband was charged with a D.V. before I met him [I didn't know the entire story till After I was three months pregnant] they didn't even give him a full charge but a Diversion, and a slap on the wrist--meaning He can get it off record, so they say.

And these men learn, they learn how to abuse the system, no, use the system because frankly, the system WORKS FOR THEM--this is why Family Courts are handing over children and to their deaths, to abusive men across this nation, that's the other side of the coin, but you see, the fun feminists and the 'activist suck the cocks of liberal men' and the 'activist suck the cock of neo con men' have thrown these women and children off the bus too--another part of this whole banality of evil,

but, there were two who rallied for me, support wise, but the System, run by PATRIARCHAL MEN, makes damn sure, those types of women/and men are thrown off or penalized for caring, and you, if you are paying attention, really see how there ARE yes, good people in the system that are trying to make change, but boy they are bound hand and foot--and they are a small minority and I think that's why many of them finally quit working those jobs,

and it's the CORRUPTION, is what it is because it's BIG MONEY.  Bottom line, in the end it's all about MONEY, and they are killing women, children, disabled, for it--and that's what most don't see, is the RACKET, MAFIA LIKE RACKET THAT HAS TAKEN OVER THE SYSTEM,

but take over, or was it Always that way?  Hard to say--The majority of child abuse cases are in fact Neglect cases, which include even the smallest of things [and that's not including the mega numbers of False Charges and in some states it's epidemic and it's corrupt as hell], and it's neglect that IF there was community and RESPECT FOR MOTHERS, WOMEN,

wouldn't BE there.  It's an oxymoron, to force slavery onto women--reward men for blatant laziness, then turn right around, and tell those Mothers, who Do unpaid labor, that if they demand anything, including welfare, that they are lazy no good PARASITE bitches and they should not be breeding,  It's even a worse oxymoron to REWARD men who are blatantly [and knowingly] verbally abusive, coercive types of abuse including economic controls, withholding medical care to create/hold hostage disabled women, emotional and severe psychological abuses that is deliberate and CULT LIKE to mold a willing mind enslaved victim and often this is for economic gain or to avoid child support--hey, if you can beat down a woman physically through psychological abuse then you can have her claimed 'mentally ill' and then off you go--ride off to the sunset, with the money gained, no child support and even custody, she gets demonized and maybe even worse, you the man get off scott free and no one knows any better--this is how SMART MEN PULL THIS PSYCHOPATHIC SHIT AND GET BY WITH IT--warning to you women out there, I looked for Physical Abuse, but even more Dangerous, is hooking up with Intellectual Men [Academics] who know psychology, law and how to use it, in a Charles Manson type of way or Jim Jones type of way because they System is run by the same types--and it's one big boy club, this is why women married to rich, powerful or academic men who are powerful, if abused are caught up in a nightmare they cannot get out of, These types of MEN are Very CONTROLLED as are their ABUSES and they know how to manage their victims and the circumstances to where they are never caught--and women and children die under their cult like power.  This is also why these types of men can be found in RELIGION--

some day I'll get into this a bit more, one thing I'll tell you, these types of men LOOK for women with a history of abuse, such as myself.  They are isolationists [and they will keep you isolated/hostage] and they are big on 'taking care of you', which translates into, 'control you to render you incapable of thinking' and MIND SOUL CONTROL is the name of their game...they break you down just like any CULT and then rebuild you into the plastic doll image, they want--but it's not so they can keep you, they thrive on murdering you, it's their power trip, once they destroy you, they off seeking another victim, and the STATE HELPS THEM, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME WAY.  More on this another time, but this is why if you suffer from severe psychological torture and controls, you won't get help from the D.V. centers, and this is deliberate, because it's colonization of the mind to create slaves--women are unpaid slaves, fact....the foundation of slave society [Gerda Lerner, Creation of Patriarchy"], when domestic-child care labor is reduced to meaningless unpaid labor, it opens the door wide open to exploitation--and this is where Marx in his analysis was right--a wife is no different than a prostitute as far as exploitation is concerned, she is private property of the man--a sex slave, domestic slave and breeder.  While yes, the children need full time care [I do not support the solution that applied Marxism under Lenin attempted, it's just another twisted form of fascism and it failed both women and children, fact], they need care under BOTH PARENTS, and FAMILY-TRIBE, not nuclear 'decay' setting.  IF the priority was Care of the Children--then the Status of Women as Mothers would be upheld--not demeaned and exploited, this is where push comes to shove.  More on this issue at another time....

you cannot win.  As a female you cannot win, because it's really about MISOGYNY,

you really see this when you investigate the treatment and lack of DV services for Disabled Women, this is where you see the Nazi like machinery, that is cleverly hidden, that includes Mental Disabilities from TRAUMA, trauma from horrid rapes, abuses including those in the system [foster care, etc and they Do keep a data base and it IS SOCIAL ENGINEERING AND 'EXPERIMENTATION' VIA BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION JUST LIKE IT WAS IN NAZI GERMANY PRIOR TO THE CAMPS],

and This is where you begin to see the connection, esp with Genetic Experimentation-Study, and of course, it's mostly WOMEN AND WOMEN OF COLOR, POOR AND ELDERLY WOMEN they are doing this shit too,

and this goes into the mind control/tortures via psychology they are doing through the well planned system of the prison industry and mental health hospitals, they work together--and they are meticulous record keepers.

so were the Nazi's.

Last but not least, Be Ware--many of the so called women's 'charities' actually are Working for these very same systems--they are operated by the very same MEN who are over the judicial-prison corporate systems, follow the money trail, you'll see it...then go up the ladder a bit,

to the universities and think tanks.

A good book, that exposes a lot of this, is Michael Parenti's "Democracy for a Few" and there is another, though can't recall the author, "Friendly Fascism",

but let me assure you, for the thousands caught up in this labyrinth, it's far from friendly. Far from it--in fact it's a slow torturous death.  And I will be explaining a lot on this, in detail, in weeks to come.

I believe the Goddess allowed these things to happen to me for a reason--I also believe my experience in the Left parties [both socialism and communism] paved the way for me to understand and grasp the extent of the social engineering that is going on, but not noticed, by most.  They mastered the art of psyops--that would put Stalin to shame--

it isn't simply about dividing the haves and have nots--oh no, this is about creating a society of mind controlled SLAVES that will never question authority--and they are using both Science and Religion, to pull this off.  And it's working--