Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



Intercessory Prayer Group Challenge to End Slavery

OK well, you may not notice as much on this blog, I write on a couple, but, the more I pray and read the Word the more I see that, well,

my direction is changing. As well as how I am confronting issues, I can still be reactionary, a bit crass, but I am learning how to confront the injustice, and not so much the people [I know there are a few entries here that are not that good but I have deleted way, way more, after being convicted, hey Rome wasn't built in a day--God is not done with me yet, and what is hilarious, really is that I'm finding, I am not becoming more passive, what I feared, oh no, if anything more militant but the methods of warfare are becoming different--and the words to use, there are those times it pours out from me, very strong and I don't get that conviction, that maybe I was too harsh, its hard to explain, but Anyway,]

I have covered this CPSIA law, but I have to say its only a small fraction of the issues I have been burdened with as far as, being compelled to act, to move, to speak, to write, to pray for...

and it is connected to so many other issues [especially spiritually] and well, it is time,

to let the focus on the CPSIA go, as far as it being the sole focus, and I might be changing the title of this blog too, from Union to Coalition, or something, don't know yet, it doesn't appear that this is going to become a union,

there simply is not the solidarity or the interest. I have reasons to why I believe this is so but I'm not going to go into them here, I will say, however,

that in doing this, God opened my eyes to A LOT of things, and I learned, one very valuable lesson,

the danger of 'impulse', meaning, that reactionary impulse to want to change injustice, and NOT that the desire isn't good, because it is, we don't want indifference,

but its in HOW we fight injustice, that we fall and stumble. I think too it depends on what is going on in the environment, all of it, and honestly,

there is going to be a LOT of tribulation and hardship that we aren't going to be able to stop, change, run away from, and its not like we haven't been warned, in so many ways, through out the years. And I'm not just talking on a spiritual level either, I'm also referring to the political,

the consciousness may be there in part but the willingness to sacrifice, isn't there. Freedom has been so taken for granted for so long, and not just taken for granted, it has been horribly abused, to exploit others. With ignorance but, a willful ignorance, from the heart of selfishness,

a product of yes, our materialist society, but we can't just put the blame on the infrastructure, because WE form, the infrastructure more than we may realize. So, anyway,

not saying that I won't be confronting the law or the other laws, because I will and it may come to a day that God moves in the direction to where this union would take off, I don't know,

what I do know, however, is that there is a lot of need out there and not just in this country, that everything that is happening is connected and interlinked globally,

and that WAS one of the reasons I started the union was because of all that this law and the global industry, impacts. But I am seeing too, that for so many, its only about them and what is going on with them in their little circles, lives, what have you, and that wasn't my intent in this union, in forming it,

and it wasn't for working with other political motives either, and I prayed about this and kept asking, OK God what is it, and He's been showing me, a little here, a little there,

and one thing that He has impressed upon me is that there are two needs,

one, a need for the message of God's Word on these issues, particularly when it comes to women and women globally, because there is a lot of isolationist type of willful 'privilege' type of ignorance, that believe it or not, is racist, it is classist, it is in many ways, totally contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to be very frank with you.

This is why I sought to work in other avenues, it wasn't ONLY in rebellion and I'm seeing that too now, its becoming a bit more clear to me, the 'why's', put it that way.

two, a very urgent need for prayer, for numerous things that are not about women being good submissive wives or what we hear in the mainstream,

but a need for intercessory prayer, for workers, for God's work, for Healing, for Restoration and for Deliverance, for Salvation,

for the world and for the women everywhere, for everyone yes but my focus has always been human rights and women's human rights/children's human rights. Since I was a child, I was called in human rights,

my mother took me to see the Hiding Place [Corrie Ten Boom] when I was about 8, I wasn't the same since [and circumstances in my life prior to that, all worked towards my heart obsessed I can say, with human rights],

and at 12, while girls were dreaming about clothes and boys, etc., I was reading prisoner stories from the Soviet Union and Romania, like on a daily basis, one from Cuba, and I do mean,

horrid in detail torture and prison stories, now that simply is NOT normal, and then later in life I would totally go in all other directions, many NOT good, I ran away from home at 16, if that tells you anything,

and it would be back and forth, with God but I will say, in a way I'm glad that I did go through the darkness, it opened my eyes, in other words,

I'm glad I wasn't sheltered. Put it that way, though yes, I carry the scars, and will for a lifetime, but I am finding they are good scars, that keep me from forgetting.

So, I will be adding some info soon, on intercessory prayer, or prayer needs, that will be centered around these types of issues,

from the Congo to the Food Crisis to the need for workers/relief and healing, etc., for the need for activists who will commit and for the need to confront injustice, to stay strong in the face of adversity,

and so forth.

I will warn, the topics and the scripture I will add, will NOT be popular with many, so be it.

They won't be mainstream, nor pacifist, nor soft, and yes, they may even be revolutionary, in love but revolutionary all the same.

And I won't be holding up the 'glory' of America and the 'glory' of the Constitution as if its some IDOL,

it is fallible, it is not perfect, and I do not, DO NOT, put my trust in either, are the principles good, yes, I agree with them,

but they are not the core, of what I fight from, if that makes any sense. NOR do I fight from the core of the mainstream 'fundamentalist' church doctrines either, nor do I agree with them all.

I am not here to appeal to a select few or a certain type of people, and that was never my intent or desire. I am here, only because my love, in Christ, is for those people, those women,

[love for the whole world in Christ yes but I'm talking about where my heart is, what He has put on my heart], and for the poor,

the underdog, I guess you could say, the invisible.

What the world deems as ugly, undesirable, sinful...

maybe because I can so relate, to all of those, besides,

there are numerous agencies and people who fight for the middle class, for the desirables, for the beautiful, the so called 'moral',

so its not like, they'll hurt if I choose, not to focus on the popular.

OK then,

well, let me end, by saying, I finished a book last night that every person should read,

its a true story, about a woman, who as a child, was kidnapped in Sudan, raped, sold into slavery, and for years, she endured hell on earth. The book is called

SLAVE, the True Story of Mende Nazer.

Slavery is still going on today and it is unreal just how widespread it is even in America. I found, that chocolate, is made, mostly by child slaves, in a country in Africa,

that is why the Fair Trade campaign has a buy Fair Trade Chocolate. I have been aware of many products but I wasn't aware of the chocolate bars,

its just unreal, how many products we buy that are BLOOD PRODUCTS. It is just unreal, how many children and women and men, yes Men, are sold and trafficked as slaves...

I'm going to be covering this issue, here and adding several organizations.

for now, I am leaving this link, a brief interview with Mende Nazer, because I need to get but, wanted to leave this...will come back to this issue later. [and yes, the CPSIA is tied into this, I also read that the trafficked women into China, from North Korea, are being drugged, into addiction to make them more complacent, and I will, just for the record, continue covering Why the need for Fair Trade and why the need for civil disobedience, to participating in the global culture and infrastructure of slavery, sex slavery, sacrificing human beings and NOT because we're just rebellious and anti-government, no,

but because, IF, IF we believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we know, we bow to God or to the world, you can't bow to both. Pick one or the other,

render to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is God's. I think though, there is this tendency, to render all to Caesar, and to God, what is comfortable, what saves us, from persecution...

from rejection, and that is why, so many are turning to the revolutionary groups, something to think about.