Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




SEE ALL PHOTOS in this Post from His gallery, see index at bottom of post, please look through them all, the pictures speak for themselves.


Hi all,

well, as you know, I’ve been wrestling with many issues and topics since coming back to Jesus–after years of working in what is deemed as the ‘far left’ or the ‘left’. That and having Lived life as a homeless woman with kids, for two years–there were just too many things that I just couldn’t like, sweep under the rug and pretend to not notice.

Things such as indifference and patriarchal misogyny and hierarchy and its influences and ties-foundation to the abuses that go along with consumption and all forms of tyranny, particularly that of Power.

I had, as you know, already decided where I stood as far as the ‘generally speaking’ ‘CHURCH’ is concerned–I want no part of, NOT that I won’t attend, but I just decided I could not in good conscience concur with the politics and mentality of what is pretty much across the board, in this nation, a type of CULTURE, that I just couldn’t agree with. Though I tried, I just couldn’t.

So I had to make a decision–to either just forgo Christianity altogether or find some way to make peace–with the conflicts, the inner turmoil in particularly, the treatment and subjugation of women, which I believe strongly, underlies the basis of All subjugation of peoples, be it slavery, racism, economic oppression, exploitation, violence, and so forth. On that, I concur, a lot with Marx’s analysis, just not his ’solutions’. I do believe, ‘religion’ as an institution is yes, an Opiate, that has been used as a means of social control, using Fear and Intimidation and Terror, to control and suppress the masses, especially by oppressing and controlling women who then transfer that control over to children–and there it goes, generation to generation.

Yet, I kept coming back to the Cross, and in reading the Word, and I couldn’t just forsake Jesus, so then it became a question of, in Lenin’s words, What is to be done?

This has not been an easy decision, not one without struggling with guilt and condemnation, the two of which I feel strongly, are not from God, but a result of conditioned learning from living in a conservative Christian community [in the South]that was Extremely misogynist and racist, and nationalist,

and having then through out the years when I was in church–trying to ‘live according to the doctrines of what we deem as the mainstream evangelical culture’. Those conditionings or indoctrinations I have found to be extremely difficult in wading through, to find my values and to be at peace with them,

and by my values, values that I could find numerous scriptures that backed them up–but then, avoiding the ‘trying to be my ‘own righteousness’ if you know what I mean.

So, after much prayer, much haggling it out over the internet [world wide web--those pyramids put together, ah ha], and with a couple of dreams, that have all but confirmed what I was wrestling with, I have found now that place–where I belong. Its not a well known place, at least not among Christians, not in This country that is, but its one, that I feel that I can stick to my guns on the values I believe in, and still walk in the Spirit, and be at peace.

A lot of it has to do with changing my life–to be radical more on the micro level now, rather than in advocating change in the macro level, which, I believe after the experiences I’ve had simply won’t happen–however, just because it may not change in the macro–will even get worse if one believes in Bible prophecy–that in no way gives us license, to just go along with the status quo and perpetuate the demise of the planet, of humanity, to stand on the side of the ‘oppressor’.

So the first value, that I am returning to, is my beliefs on consumerism, or consumption. To consume with ethics, with conscious, that every thing we buy, consume, and use, is not just solitary in itself–but is linked to the well fare or misery, particularly that of exploitation, of others. And while we cannot prevent or change the exploitation of others, in other lands, I do feel, we can change our attitudes and behaviors as to NOT be a part, of the processes of exploitation.

Now the problem is, for those who are working class or low income, some of the Fair Trade items are very costly because they are NOT dependent on SLAVERY. However, there Are ways, in which all of us, can be more conscious consumers, or simply cutting back–living lean, or just changing our ‘beliefs on what we want, contrary to what we need’, and putting those changes into practice.

I had, for many years, refused to shop at malls, at Walmarts, and at retails. I for many years recycled [still do] and we are, yes, a Green Family–we are, yes, what many neo-cons call, bleeding heart liberals or tree huggers. Yes, I am a tree hugger, proud of it–

when going back to church, I compromised on some things such as using styrofoam at one group setting, I didn’t want to be ‘offensive’ or like, cause any to stumble–but at the same time, I knew, in my heart, that I was deliberately causing harm to the environment. Now to some this may not seem like a big deal–but to me, it made me question,

just How much of my ’self’ and my ‘values’ was I going to give up, to become this model of a Christian, that is deemed as ‘proper’ that I knew, many habits were just down right detrimental to the health of not only the environment but to thousands of people who get to live with our excesses–called Landfills.

I could not, in good conscience, say, ‘oh, well they have jobs’, when I knew–that many of their ‘jobs’ is children being chained to tables and beaten so they’ll make those tee shirt quotas, and then being starved in process. [fact, see my blog--on child slavery to the right]

I could not, in good conscience, just forget all those who actually LIVE in landfills, digging for trash, in some of the worst polluted and contaminated, lead infested, places in the world [all from our goods mind you or For our goods] and knowing how many children and women are dying–

issues like that–at the Same time however, it always was nagging at me–HOW many of them have I fed? How many of them have I clothed? While I’ve done a few things–

in the years of advocacy–it amounts to nothing, seriously, so I had That to wrestle with–and I said one day, That’s it, Lord, I want to LIVE what I so strongly believe in,

but, at the same time, I know, I’ll be going across the grain. But too, I do feel, there is a real need, for Awareness among Christians,

I have found, a lot of willful ignorance, on the part of many Christians in this nation, and I do believe, its willful because to see it, means one thing,

‘you have to do something, to change how you and I, contribute To the ills that cause so many to die and perish’.

Not an easy task, and it can be overwhelming…but, that shouldn’t be a reason, to not try.

So, that is what I am doing, and I will start here, by listing a really good blog, about a family, who for one year, decided not to ‘consume’. They wrote [or she wrote] a journal of how they did it, WHY they did it, and how it changed their entire family, to be more conscious of how what they do,

effects millions of others.

To the left of her blog, you will see, many articles and links, to some of the worst forms of consumer exploitation in our world, such as chocolate, coffee and child slavery. Now I do not buy Fair Trade chocolate, its very expensive, but I have cut back, on both chocolate and coffee, and I do, when I can, purchase Fair Trade. What I do, is I do pray, for those regions and try to keep up with what is going on in those places of the world,

the thing is, IF more people were aware, and Did buy, the prices would come down, not only that, Fair Trade, rather than Free ‘exploitative trade’ would be in demand–and would pressure corporations to be more ethical to their workers and to whole communities.

One thing too, on these issues, are their EXTREME OPPRESSIVE EFFECTS on Millions of WOMEN AND CHILDREN. In Proverbs it says, to Plead the Cause of the Poor,

well, women and children, particularly in agriculture societies are the most impoverished in the world, they are Forced to be pregnant all the time, many are forced into marriages at very young ages which are equivalent to sexual slavery, many are without any clean water or healthcare what so ever, and sadly, many of the policies the Christian right have pushed–

have done more to ‘assure’ these women and children, their lot of suffering and misery in life. [trafficking, forced prostitution, children born into this life not knowing anything else--patriarchy and forced subjugated status, particularly in forcing economic dependence on men, leaves millions of girls and women, into sex slavery around the world, see index] Particularly in keeping them in such low status, that even animals in those countries, have more Rights. And its all for economy,

for cheap goods, that Ricardo effect, and many of the goods we consume are yes, blood goods. The minerals in cell phones, are mined in the Congo, the wars over the land, are the backbone of the gang rapes and rapes of Thousands of girls and women–on the level of being GENOCIDE OF THE FEMALE SPECIES in that country.

[that is why, we only recycle electronics, as much as we can, that and the dumping of electronics in nations such as Nigeria that are poisoning water with lead and other toxins killing sheep, cattle, children, and causing famines.]

While in no way are we Saints in this area–by no means, there Are things, we can do And strive for–it Does mean, changing lifestyle, it Does mean, sacrifice, it Does mean, having more of a global awareness of how we are interdependent on one another,

not only that, I have found, that in the years, especially now, I can’t go one day, without thinking about women in other countries, their conditions, and not pray for them.

They are, our neighbor. We do not have the luxury of excuse now days to say, ‘oh, we just don’t know’, with the global awareness, be it in the news, on the web, in media, we just can’t say,

Oh God, I just didn’t know. Because its out there, all over the place–and our Neighbor today, IS that woman in Africa who has Aids or the child in Benin that is forced to be a sex slave in a temple shrine or the woman in Vietnam who can’t get birth control [thanks to policy pushed by women haters] but who has just watched her seventh child die of malnutrition,

Anyway, take a look at the blog. I will keep you updated, at some of the changes we are again, making in our life,

one of those changes, is my daughter, who loves clothes [and we are not rich--we shop at thrift stores], well, she will be learning how to sew and Reconstruct clothing, using what we have,

to save landfills, to re-use and to not buy, garments made in sweatshops. Not only that, the children learn, that to Love in Christ, is not just talking it,

but to be more conscious, of what we do, what we consume, and what we set forth, that it does effect, someone else,

including people we don’t even see.

I am going back to writing and researching current global issues and their impact on women and children, on my blogs, but this time,

some solutions, as to how, we can be a light–on a micro level, create awareness, and hopefully, create hearts of compassion, to pray, to intercede, but more than that,

to shun, being a part, of the systems, the infrastructures, that are, yes, on the side of Oppression.

Peace, and solidarity in Christ,



his entire gallery is heartbreaking, but photos that are true life, about the conditions of many living in Asia, similar photos like these can be found too about Africa, South America, parts of Europe, etc.

see also, several of the links to the side of blog,

[note: to the readers, Thank you, for bearing with me, the months of my wrestling with a lot of these issues, the anger [lots of, I've worked through a lot of that with God's help] at indifference and the hypocrisy and well, just a lot--and the going back and forth. As you know, I began this blog to form a sewer's union, when the CPSIA laws were in dispute [still are, I believe], however, there simply was no interest, other than a few. There is just no 'cohesion' or class consciousness here, that isn't divided, and well, there is simply just too much 'its about me and well I'm sorry for you but too bad, I've got to protect myself' mentality, therefore the union never took off. I then went on to confront many of the conflicts I faced when trying to reconcile my faith [and returning to] with the issues I had fought for, protested, worked on, for years. I clearly know the betrayals to women on a huge scale in the left-far left, particularly the far left, I no longer hold on to those 'illusions', but that never meant, that I forsook all the good that they fight for. Because they do fight for a lot of social good. After months of reading and searching the scriptures [and reading the entire Bible, I have found, that what is claimed as Christianity in the West--is so far from the Bible, in so many ways, that its not even funny, why I do believe that yes, America is the modern day Babylon, spiritually speaking], but anyway, its taken months, for me to reconcile, so much. I have not done this, alone,

but through many tears, debates with God, searching the scriptures and A LOT OF PRAYER. While I spent years advocating, and helping when I could, what Jesus did show me, is that I on a micro level, could have done way more---its not enough to scream and rage at injustice, one must Live a life, that is contrary, to injustice, in all things. And that is where I am at now, bringing those fruits of repentance {Luke] and the first two, that John the Baptist said, was, to give a coat away if you have two, meat the same, to the Publican, he said, to not exact more than you have to, to the Soldier he said, do no violence TO NO MAN [OR WOMAN] and to be content with your wages.

There is a belief system in this nation that says, all one has to do is repent vocally and just live merry and so forth--to be 'religious', its very Pharisee today, but searching the scriptures, I found that not to be, and that yes, we WILL be judged on our works, IF we are children of Christ Jesus, our lives should bear fruit showing that--and that means, not hoarding up wealth or storing up 'earthly' things or worshiping marriage or 'husbands as kings and 'gods' which is heresy in my opinion', not perpetuating the status quo of oppression by just living and ignoring the oppressed, and not standing on the side of the oppressor. That doesn't mean to take up arms and use violence--I have chosen the path of peaceful resistance,

that in no way means though, a submissive 'mouse' like resistance--I get told often, that I use strong language. Well, yes, I do, when people are unmercifully oppressed, and there is indifference, I see nothing more needed than strong language, firm that is. To sugar coat it, I believe is just a religious way of diminishing it, to 'cover up social guilt' or even personal guilt--in refusing to really take a hard look and say,

you know, I need to change in this area or we need to change. I hate pretense [religious pretense especially] and sugar coating...I can't stand it. I grew up with abuse [just stating fact] and I have experienced oppression and homelessness, so I know, these things are real, they hurt, and they don't just 'whish away' just because one becomes Christian--I do not concur with the INDUSTRY of PROFIT that is so huge today, esp among the religious, that sells 'positive' 'myths' and heaps guilt on the victims, because yes, there ARE victims,

there are victims of oppression in abusive marriages, victims who are abused as children, and the Bible does in no way, diminish this fact, in fact, the opposite....but you see, Those scriptures, are often, sadly, just flat out ignored, and many churches simply refuse to preach on them. But they are there, the problem is, not many read the Bible, they depend on 'teachings' of popular 'preachers' and ministries and books, that will tell them, what they want to hear but leave them, feeling 'saved' and well, guilt free.

I am, not guilt free--I have sinned, I still every day struggle with my nasty flesh human nature, I still struggle with doubts, I have my days of skepticism, I have my days of wondering if there even is a God, and well, I have my good days,

its a daily struggle, a daily battle, a daily having to do it over again, die to myself daily, so to speak. I am, learning what love is, what walking in Real love is, love without hypocrisy, its not an overnight process, but one thing I have learned, is that God is real, that God is not into pretense, or fake religion, and that God does yes, see....

and cares. And God hates oppression and brutality and cruelty just as much as we do, He hates exploitation and in fact, from what I read in the Bible, if Jesus were to come to America today, I think, He'd spit this nation right out of His mouth--the religious that is. There is no community that really 'loves' because I believe, we haven't been 'tried by fire yet' like in many other nations,

we are an people full of idolatry and reliance on the 'righteousness' of our own so called knowledge, or progress, what have you...the 'gods and goddesses', so to speak. But, we are NOT gods, we are clay. And if I have learned anything, in all this, its what, Jesus really meant, when He said, Love thy thyself.

And really, that's the gist of the world's problems, and that, well, that is where I am at now...putting it into action, in all that I do. Its not an easy change, but its one, that I am finding, when I stick to it [living in the Spirit, in Christ] does bring me peace...but not peace, without tears. And its given me much deeper understanding, on what mercy is, but mercy, is not 'complacency or indifference' to suffering,

mercy, is being taken to that point--where you know, that you are to live out that mercy, towards all, in action.