Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




[AM CROSS POSTING THIS FROM A POST I WROTE ON ANOTHER BLOG--for now, I am just writing what I can here on this topic, eventually I will write it in full-edited and more academic format, under WIP-CW, because I'll be incorporating other essays, research that I've written and done on this issue.]

Some ‘light’ on the anti-feminist women targeting other women,

from studies of polygamy and ‘Islamic feminists’ who actually are traditional who are ‘tokens’ or what Mary Daly calls, ‘painted birds’ and who are utilized by men to ‘oppress other women’. [the painted birds can also be women in political power, right or left, who say they are feminist but are clearly anti-woman centered, they are more male centered, only way they can 'survive' in that world, etc., or women in secular, e.g., CEOs, etc., or women in militant nationalist societies, so forth.]

The reason so many women are anti-feminist, is because like the women who live under Muslim laws, who have to Return and LIVE under the brutal ‘dictatorship’ of men or both men and systems, the only ‘empowerment’ they DO have is over children and over one another, therefore, this is why, child abuse by women is extremely high in patriarchy and also, woman to woman abuse.

Its a form of denial, to ’survive’ without going batdung insane, literally. Its a form of ‘rationalization’ that is done to be able to ‘cope’ with the living the daily reality of being SUBJUGATED TO A SUB-HUMAN STATUS. It simply is against HUMAN NATURE [and not talking flesh here] survival instinct that is in all of us, that HUMAN DIGNITY that each of us owns. For women who have been ‘conditioned’ since birth or through fear, religious conditioning, intimidation, always with the threat of violence [and hell is a threat of violence btw], to believe that it is their ‘lot’ to suffer, to be treated with contempt BY THE DICTATES OF GOD, as they are taught,

then sure, they are going to have to somehow, rationalize that, within themselves, to fight down that ‘consciousness’ that ’something, isn’t quite right’.

When ‘free’ women [see note at bottom] REMIND these women of their ’status’ by either word or by their living, the oppressed woman feels resentful, MISERY LOVES MISERY. Why, should this woman, be free, be treated like a human being rather than a DOG, while I’m, good and obedient [due to fear and guilt] and being subjected without complaint [at least, not vocally, eventually they'll begin to believe their rationalizations because its the only 'dignity' they can find within that psychological hell] and therefore they lash out. By golly if we have to live like this, then ALL women will have to live like this,

and that is why, you see the brown shirt SS women policing and beating and sending those ‘free women’ to their rapes, gang rapes, prisons, in many patriarchal theocratic countries, or where there are nationalist wars, etc., or in yes, churches. [why so many subjugated women WILL TURN a blind eye to their daughter's screams and cries when husband is raping her in the next room--and this is rampant in patriarchal marriages, Christian and non-Christian, kid yourself not--because truth of the matter is, the whole 'subjugated woman into 'child-woman' is really, just an 'incest relationship, not a marriage between two adults, its the playing the role [by being forced] of the Pedophile fantasy. I’m convinced of this and why we are seeing so much of this being pimped out in sermons across this country, the ‘child-wife’ doctrines, and they can call it comp all they want too, bottom line, its men, who really want ‘child’ brides, they can’t have them ‘legally’, so they turn the adult woman, into a mere, Child. Why you have the co-dependent helpless ‘child’ woman, totally submissive, subjugated, non-resistant to any sexual advances/or demands, just as if she were three or four years old, Think about it, seriously. And why, where there is a huge stress on the ‘entitlement’ to Rule and Lord over women, there is a huge incidence of child sex abuse, rape in marriages, forced pregnancies, financial controls forcing economic dependency and just blatant ‘helplessness’, the man doesn’t have a relationship with an Adult-consenting woman, but with a woman with a woman’s body, but a Child intellect, that HE has molded as his perfect ‘child victim’.

And what do ‘children do’ when they are abused, they lash out and sexually act out towards other children, where we get ‘bullies’ from.

Its the same psychology, and when you look at the most patriarchal societies in our world, what do you see? Brutal forced marriages and sex slavery of ‘little girls’, women discarded once they hit a certain age [such as 25] and forced into prostitution [fact, in Iran, the numbers of prostitutes is ludicrous, why they allowed 'temp marriages' which is really just prostitution with a piece of paper], and why, women then, have only one means of any sense of ‘empowerment’ whatsoever, other than being a suicide bomber, and that is, policing other women and girls. This is also why slavery is rampant in these societies, and the worst ’slave owners’ are in fact, woman.

The oppressed child, becomes the oppressor of other oppressed children, child-woman that is,

because emotional growth is stunted, mental growth is stunted, because like slaves, they have not had the opportunity to ‘become full human beings’.

The only power, as a Human Being they arrive at, is yes, bullying others like themselves. And if they do a good enough job, they then can become ‘the painted birds’ or the ‘token’ women, who then, the men will utilize, to ‘police all the other women’ and they -men-will set her up, as the Icon, the role model for all other girls [children who are not yet women-child] to model after…

and any deviance of that, is publically scolded, and who better to do that, than another ‘woman-child’.

Its difficult to ’shame’ a confident woman who knows her ‘dignity and worth’ AS A HUMAN BEING,

its not that difficult, to ’shame’ a woman-child, into obedience, when she has been conditioned especially by other women, to accept her lot, and to accept her ‘lack of humanity’ and her role as ‘child bride’.

Now the question is, [I'm undecided on this one until I do more research] if this trend in This country, has always been this way, or if its increased, due to the obsession of pedophilia that has been increasing in porn. It seems to me, the ’submission zealots’ increased in the 80s, blaming feminism, but what I find interesting, it was in the 80s,

when the soft porn in media, became more prevalent, therefore, we have a rape culture as well as a pedophilia fantasy culture, and now, its polluted the church.

Well, anyway…not as detailed as I would like to format this–because there is a lot of credible facts that back this up, but it would take essay form, and would need to be in research format. [I have the studies here, but to write on this, just a summation, would take, at least, twenty to forty pages--but this is a brief overview].
on Free Woman,

ever wonder why, God chose, the Free Woman, rather than the Bond Woman, the ‘forced child slave-sex slave’ to be the line of redemption?

I believe, God shows us, HIS view, of how He sees what marriages and relationships should be, if it were His way–and He clearly,

rejected, the subjugated, forced, slave-wife–the child bride, who had no right to resist or say no,

for the woman, who not only was a strong confident woman, but who did say, to Abraham, in DISAGREEMENT, ‘let God judge between you and me’.

Peter says we are to follow Sarah’s example,

Sarah, was no ‘child bride’, she was not playing the role, of the pedophile’s victim. And neither, should we.

The teachings, that dictate to women, to be mere ‘girl children’ for their husbands to grope at will or to rape, to control, to abuse-they can call it ‘discipline’ but its abuse–and just the idea of ‘disciplining an adult woman’ is proof, that they are psychologically pedophilia in nature, etc., are more along the lines,

of the teachings, that were common in Egypt in that era, in Babylon, and among all those regions, you can find these studies in studies of culture/laws in ancient Mesopotamia. [and many cultures still live by these customs and mores and misogynist attitudes and the more patriarchal and subjugated the women are forced to be, for their 'gods', the more the forcing of very small girls into marriages [rapes] increase, and in fact, in Iran, Komenie (sic) wrote in his book, that its perfectly legit for men to ’sodomize their infant daughters’…and yes, he did write that, I read it when I was in a relationship with a Muslim, years ago [I also read the book on Sharia law and the Hadiths].

Bottom line–its about control, and power. Obsession with power, it has nothing to do, with Christ, with Love, with the Gospel, nada,

it has to do, with men, who have utilized, quite cleverly, the gospel texts to create environments that will allow and/or tolerate their pedophilia fantasies and power obsessions for ego [by creating the perfect woman-child slave and sex slave] and still have the ‘appearance of godliness and legality’.

And in fact–its interesting, just how similar the doctrines, are to the doctrines of the Roman Empire under ‘paganism’,

and women who are in those situations and who have Internalized the abuse/misogyny and ‘religious conditioning or cultural’ are adopting to the power abuses the only way they know how–by policing or trying to police, and justify, their position, by lashing out at the free woman,

just like Hagar did to Sarah.

And the more they lash out, its clearly obvious, the more, they have been subjugated into being that ‘child-woman’, and its really sad,

meanwhile–the men, drink their sodas and lap up their power and entitlement while their ‘painted birds’ do their dirty work. [and as far as some of the really 'anti-woman' feminists go, its the same thing there too...why you will find the anti-mother sentiments with a lot of the feminist camps, they are, in fact, the painted birds, of the other side of the patriarchal camp, the materialist camp...another issue, another time].

In closing, THIS IS WHY, women’s only spaces, women’s culture [including in the arts], women’s clubs, women’s missions, have been attacked, eroded by attacks by the misogynists and pedophiles and why today, many churches, are coming against more and more, women to women friendships even,

if they can erode and destroy women’s solidarity and completely isolate her, then

they can then, destroy her, completely. And that is why, when women are more isolated, the deaths increase,

then its welcome, to Femicide and Gendercide. And then, what is ironic,

all those ‘anti-feminist’ women, when they like the nameless concubine find themselves being raped and gang raped and tortured and killed with the rest of their ’sisters’ they soon find out,

all that ass kissing and playing the role of ‘child’ to the ‘daddy husband’ didn’t do a thing for them–instead,

it reduced them to the child-property, to be bartered, sold, and yes, disposed of.

Just ask the women in the Congo–a nation, that is, Patriarchal, and 80% CHRISTIAN. [for those of you who may not be aware of what is going on in the Congo–men have been gang raping girls and women, as young as three years old, in THE THOUSANDS, AND THOUSANDS, shooting them in the genitals, disembowing them, multilating them, with total impunity,

and why? Because in the patriarchal society, the ‘child-woman’ bride-wife, was nothing but a ‘man’s property’ and when war breaks out–she’s game baby,

she ain’t got no HUMAN WORTH–and these CHRISTIAN MEN, throw their ‘child-bride’ wives out on the street once they’ve been raped and gang raped, because they don’t want DAMAGED GOODS,

that, THAT, is where the ‘anti-feminism’ will get you. REST ASSURED, OF THAT ONE.



P.S. I will later, sometime after the holidays, will write some on what brought me to this conclusion, and its not what you might think,

its not from feminism, but rather, from the writings of Christian women, back in earlier times, in This country. They believed in traditional values, but what they 'deemed' as 'submission' then is Totally different, from what is being preached across the board today, in this country, in our nation's churches,

and That, that was what got me to thinking--the women then, who were Very chaste, pure, and sober and diligent for Christ, were in no way, powerless, completely 'dependent' on husbands, even in the days when women were most likely to be illiterate, due to working on farms,

the mentality of women then, while they may have lived in patriarchal societies, was nothing like this 'woman-child' mentality that I have witnessed today, NOR were the teachings in the church to women, anywhere like what we are hearing today. [not only that, MEN in those days, WERE EXCOMMUNICATED from the churches for all sorts of sins, no way, would many men today, be deacons back then, no way...and I found this information out by reading older books from the 40s and 50s and even 30s, on church organization. [even billiards then was deemed as sinful--and it simply wasn't tolerated, and men, were expected, to behave in certain manner--while in the secular world men may have gotten by with all sorts of abuses, in the church, it was frowned upon and yes, rebuked. Men were expected to be gentle and Christ-like--not arrogant masters thumping Bibles demanding their 'lordship', not from what I have read, not that abusive men didn't exist then, they did, but the 'church' was no 'refuge' for them, not like the church has become today that is].

And women then, were looked upon as the 'moral gatekeepers' therefore, while there were obviously, as we know, strict limits to women's power, where 'religion' was concerned, women had a lot of power--not like today, where women have been reduced to mere 'children' in women's bodies, with the emphasis being taught that they should strive to always be sexually available to their men and obedient and helpless and well, just down right stupid [sorry, but its true] and naive, to boost the 'male ego', to 'honor his LORDSHIP' as if he were a 'god', [and where it really is different, is then, women were the highest percentages of MISSIONARIES, where today, most churches across the board, don't even HAVE A MISSIONS ORIENTED VIEW FOR 'SINGLE WOMEN', but instead, they have 'purity virgin balls that parade virgin girls around on display, as if we were back in the days of the TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS, seriously, and from the sermons I have heard, its always 'ladies in waiting for their 'God given daddy, er, man', do they know where the term 'ladies in waiting' came from? Ladies in Waiting, were the PROSTITUTES, the KEPT WOMEN, in the days of the Protestant boom in Europe--for the knights, who of course, worked for the king--men who felt 'entitled' to that you know, on the side--what an Insult--for a Christian woman, to be called, lady in waiting. But it reveals just how little respect the church in the West has for women these days--and I believe, women who did the majority of mission work and relief work in the early days in this nation--would be APPALLED, at the garbage spewed from pulpits to radio shows to t.v. evangelism to books, and they'd be more appalled at the behavior of so many women, who have willingly let themselves be dumbed down and turned into, yes, mere children.]

while daily demands of work were the reality for women then, they were expected to RULE over their households and to RULE THEM WELL, to be able to rule, one cannot be a CHILD,

and in fact, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and other women [Christian] wrote on what they saw, was the demise of the Christian woman as an ADULT--once capitalism and industrialism took sway, the corruption and the turning women into 'silly little child creatures'.

They were right--and we are seeing the reality of this today. On numerous Christian [patriarchal] boards, I have seen somewhat 'theological' discussions where men are concerned, among the women, its been discussions about dandruff to how to submit to unwanted sex with a drunk to clothes. It was like reading discussions between junior high school girls,

not women.

Compared to the writings and diaries of women back in the 1800s and 1900s, a HUGE difference--women then, were WOMEN,

women in the church today, are more like CHILDREN. [no offense but its true--not of any fault of their own, but by conditioning, of what I feel is a culture, that has taken over the church--a culture that is not Christ like--but is more about creating the environments of abusive power and yes, pedophilia, be it forcing women into 'children' or eventually, marrying younger and younger women--and its about power, power and lust and the want to rape, its in our culture--and its most surely, taken over, the churches in the west. [not all churches, but I would say, most of them]



Corrie said...

Excellent post! I have noticed many of the same things and stated such on other forums but you have stated it much more eloquently than I ever could have.

JaneDoeThreads said...

Thank you, and Welcome to the blog. Lately I've been struggling/wrestling with God on some other issues, that sort of tie into the whole dynamics of 'child' bride fantasy and iniquity, concerning child abuse,
and the 'destruction of souls'. And why, its so difficult, for those who have suffered child abuse then patriarchal abuse, to really grasp the love of God for them, because this is something I have lived with, and well, anyway,

it also works on the other side too, those who are critical, who are abusive, who 'lord' it over others, patriarchs and misogynists, also, have learned the hatred of souls--iniquity,

what the Holy Spirit is and has been showing me, though, and there is a key scripture,

is that, the Children, ARE the Kingdom of God. What does that mean exactly--and it has to do, with Souls,

those who hate/have no tolerance for childre, hate God. There is a lot there, that goes over to the hatred of women too,

so, well, anyway, just some things I am seeing in my self-life, while God heals so much in me, as well as giving me some enlightenment here [I've been struggling-praying over these very painful issues for years, sadly, not always being the most loving person to others, and seeing just how damaging abuse is, not just to ourselves but to all those we encounter--that is the Iniquity part].

So, well, stay tuned, because I will be building on this, and I'm thrilled, to see that there are people reading, so that confirms, that God is doing this for a reason.

Peace, Love,