Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




[see update--bottom]

Most, are aware of the sweatshops,

but, are we aware, of the abuses, of children, child labor--in the picking and producing of


I will be adding some articles here, on the abuses, in some places where they are down right Horrid, in regards to the


that we get our clothes from--

starting with Uzbekistan.

more on this to come later today and this check back

Consumers should:

  • Demand that all products containing cotton are clearly labelled stating the country of origin of the cotton fibre;
  • Pick your cotton carefully - refuse to buy cotton products without certain knowledge that they have been produced without causing human rights abuses or environmental destruction;
  • Choose products which have been certified as fair trade.

BTW, I first learned, of the 'cotton' exploitation, by stumbling on it, I was fully aware of the sweatshops and how that whole industry works, from corporate to the fashion industry, and I had wondered about the utilizing of what Could be, lands for agriculture for food, being used for cottons,

but I did not know, about the brutality, of the cotton industry, Until I was browsing through a photo archive, by one photographer who does a lot of photography [and who has been threatened by political Islamists because of his photos of brutality in many Islamic countries], and he had done a write up and photo essay of the Suicides, by Cotton farmers, in India. I will go back and pull that section up, to add on to here,

but I simply had no idea, but its like in the flowers [why I don't buy flowers for Valentine's day--another very exploitative slave market] and why I am switching over to Fair Trade chocolate, why I don't buy diamonds any more, because of the blood diamonds, but look, NOT like this is any sacrifice OK, not like I ever BOUGHT diamonds to Begin with, LOL, like Duh...ain't in that money level market, closest thing I get to diamonds is those nice little things called


ah, but anyway, not big on diamonds anyhow, so like, not like here bragging on like these Huge sacrifices, because well, its not sacrifices for me/my family because well, we just don't shop much--no money, ya know,

but still, people need to be informed and well I always shopped either thrift stores or dumpster diving [yea, we Fregans] and well, other than my teen girls, not much of a clothes shopper either. But the reason I got so involved with the anti-sweatshop coalitions, was because of learning about the fashion industry and the ties to the slavery of women, in piece meal work, including in embroidery, which well, then That, that raised my eyebrows...and it took off from there,

long story, one day I might share it, but if you know sewing, you might not know, just the Extent, of the exploitation of Women, because of their caring for children, being more easily exploited, cheap labor, etc., of just how far that all goes, back in history, and how Deliberate the exploitation in Textiles has been. And well, its just corrupt beyond measure and the thing most people aren't aware of, is that Textiles, I do believe, is the second largest Global industry, according to the WTO and IMF. Don't quote me on that, its either second or third, but its way up there, as one of the top five largest,

and, the Most, exploitative and what is NOT really mentioned, is how Women--as CONSUMERS, actually have a lot of power here, and how, sadly, we, as Women, and on this, I blame that whole beauty market-patriarchal 'standard' to be 'accepted' to male desires/mores, actually, Feed into the Slave Market,

every time we shop IF we are not aware. And I say this, NOT to condemn, because many simply do not know,

but I will say, I have run into, those whom I Have informed, who after they do know, simply, do not care--and maybe that is why, I tend to get a little vocal in confronting Privilege, or better, the 'insistence' of protecting privilege and its here, that you really see the Geo-political racism, imperialism, American exceptionalism and well, class and before one says, yea its those white folks,

got news for you, there are Plenty of African Americans and Latinos, that have assimilated into that whole consumerist 'imperialist' exceptionalist culture just as much--Greed has no race--ethnicity or religion, or the rationalizations for, so,

well, lets just say,

its one thing to be Aware of these things, its quite another, to radically change whole consumption lifestyles, particularly if one has teens, long years of habitual shopping, because its NOT something, we like, think about, and may I also add,

often times, the 'ethical consumption' is more geared towards the upper middle classes, who can Afford the higher prices. And fair trade-etc., can be more costly--because they aren't in demand as much as cheap products. For working class--lower middle class to lower incomes--sometimes its simply not an option, to pay $70.00 for a shirt when they can pay $5.00 at Target or Walmart, and the thrift stores, while they are an alternative,

they don't always carry boys clothes, etc., so even if you thrift, you still depend on the 'markets' for clothing, etc. So, I just want to say,

because of this, I will be adding here, other alternatives, for ethical consumption, BECAUSE I know, what it is, to be low income and to also contend with trying to find alternatives--that one can afford, and sometimes its one of those things you just have to weigh, so, no condemnation here, OK,

because there ARE ways, in which we all can help, if anything, to make our voices heard and to Give support, to those who are working for Fair labor practices which btw, is Demanded, by Scripture, in both Old AND New Testaments.

While I'm in no way, Utopian, and believe that all these injustices will change in our lifetime, I do believe, we have a responsibility, at least some, to at least--make an effort, to be more fair, in our consumption, by fair, I mean, more ethical, in how our choices, lifestyles, may effect others, our neighbors, and again,

these are not things you just like overnight, change because consumption, IS after all, a habit. And some habits, are a bit hard to break...oh, you may not think so, but like with the chocolate,

once I started looking into buying only Fair Trade chocolate which there isn't any near us, without driving miles and with no car--you know, makes it kind of hard and the prices, don't help either, but what got me, was just how much, we really use Cocoa, its not just the chocolate but how many products USE cocoa, that is made by child-slaves. More than we think...

so, I decided, because the kids asked, that well, we might not be able to like, forever end all buying of cocoa...but we will do our best. And in meantime, write those letters, to Hershey and Nestle, demanding, that they change their labor practices, and work to inform,

because the MORE people are aware, the MORE social pressure, the MORE the DEMAND then begins to DEMAND, ethical labor practices. And it has to start somewhere...

and that means, Supporting those companies that Do take those cuts in Corporate Profits, when they do decide, to do more ethical and fair trade business. The more we support those, the more they become competitive, and the markets begin to change...

Personally, I don't know why we all can't just get a class action lawsuit and sue some of these Chocolate companies for Mental Cruelty, because to Think, that all those years, especially in my CHILDHOOD, I was eating chocolate that was made by forced slavery, of CHILDREN, who the same age as my youngest--

is Deplorable and I think, and outrage, and I think, that Hershey and Nestle and some of those companies, M&M included, OWE THE CHILDREN WHO WORK IN THESE SLAVE CAMPS, MORE THAN JUST AN APOLOGY--REPARATIONS, AND


A BIG FAT APOLOGY--because if Children really knew, WHAT they were buying,

they wouldn't be too happy about it.

Both of my children, passed on Hanukkah's golden coins {we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah} this year Because, they didn't want to eat something, that reminded them of the horrible images of small children being beaten with chains, BY ADULT MEN, for not harvesting cocoa leaves fast enough. It has caused my one daughter some problems--seeing those videos [because she's older and has more understanding] and as a parent, yea, it sort of pisses me off,

because Corporations, are making big bucks, off ENSLAVING KIDS. Kids sold for $30.00 [BECAUSE OF OVERPOPULATION-PATRIARCHY=LOW STATUS OF WOMEN, WAR, AND POVERTY in Africa]...

why I DO support, Birth Control, oh yea...OK won't get into That issue--but well, when children, are sold for $30.00 to be beaten, so we can buy cheap consumer goods,

Something, is really Sinister and EVIL about the whole economic framework that institutes that.

Anyway, come to find, its not much different in cotton either, not only that but cotton, industry, pulls a LOT of resources, from land AND water due to irrigation, water in places where water is rare AND the people, are impoverished. AND as one, who has been a dumpster diver for YEARS and has first hand knowledge of the MEGA AMOUNT OF CLOTHES WASTE IN THIS NATION,

there is simply, no excuse for pillaging and raping the land--for cotton production and on top of that--to do this labor--via SLAVES?

so, yea, I'm gonna be posting a lot here, about these things because well, we need to know.

Let me close in saying, while I am dead set opposed to the unethical practices of capitalism, I in no way, any longer, support the left parties--or the political 'agendas' of those who Manipulate these issues, who are Just as despotic, as the imperialists and the capitalist-corporations are...and Why is that?

Well, will tell you, because many of them, have joined forces, with Political Islam--and they see nothing wrong with enslaving women [in the most brutal and Inhumane ways] and not only that, while they are opposed to Western Religions--due to the history of imperialism,

well, Ironically, in Islam, Slavery is not only tolerated--its condoned and supported by Hadiths. Look at Sudan--

and so, to say, on one hand, one is Marxist--and then, support a religion, that is pro-Slavery, well, its sort of an my opinion...

you don't end slavery/wage slavery by embracing a system that is rooted in the beliefs of SLAVERY, like, uh, DUH, knock knock, anyone there? You know,

[and if one doesn't believe that, do some looking into the torture and oppression of the Communist Worker Party in Iran--and yet, we have idiotic 'leftists' and 'liberals' here in This country, who march along side, the very ones who one day, will yes, indeed, enslave them--the leftists in other nations, KNOW THIS,

but for some reason, there tends to be some either denial or complete stupidity in America AND in Europe over this. Even commies-socialists and union leaders in former Soviets, know a bit more, about the dangers of compromising with fundies on this one...[though, we won't get into the hypocrisy of the commies there--with that reality of capitalism for the elites--feudal Slavery for the masses, but eh, I speak as a one time, supporter of that whole ideology'.

Regardless, though, I never embraced capitalism nor will I--but I do believe, there has to be some other 'alternatives' other than state social engineering, selling out to the Dark Ages and/or embracing complete anarchy [been there, done that one too], LOL,

well--I think one solution, is women centered economics--another issue, another time,

and well, what DID surprise me, was the Voluntary 'communal' distribution in the Bible--from hearts of Love--not by coercion,

and it was one scripture, that Marx often quoted, many think its his own--to each according to his needs,

well guess what, its in the Bible--read the book of ACTS. It was, the First Church--who claimed that one.

Bet many didn't' know that, eh?????

One more thing, and this is another area where I really butted heads with many in the far left in those days [when I was a party member], and its on the state--protection of children, which often times, is really not protection, but is more exploitation on a whole other level. Allow me to explain,

one one thing, that I would disagree with, with the labor front--international, is in regards to child labor--its not 'enough' to say, end child labor WITHOUT replacing the NEED for that labor, with alternatives, because IF WE DON'T,


Now, the capitalist will USE that fact, to perpetuate the 'excuses' to justify child labor, or to sweep them under the rug, etc., and the leftists will use the children to target capitalism yet once the economy has been pulled out, even though yes its exploitative, they tend to leave the children vulnerable to Other predators and those predators are in the left as well as the right--so, this is where I think, a women centered or feminist [true women centered, not misogyny masked as feminism] economics-fair trade is in order. I would suggest, Until there is either a better market [labor] or means for families to make enough to support themselves, to make fair labor practices While cutting hours, and making education available for these children--that way, they aren't cut off at the knees OR exploited,

that is only one suggestion. I also think, this is Really, where Empowerment, Economic Empowerment for Women-Mothers really is important, because a lot of the child-labor IS due to the low status of women, who can't get work that pays enough, to support AND the patriarchal low status of women in many societies, that force women to be pregnant--in abusive marriages, etc., who can't work, because they always have young kids to care for--leaving the older Kids to have to work--to support families.

In other words, its an oxymoron to say on one hand, lets end child labor, but on the same hand, be tolerant or apologetic towards Cultures that oppress and subjugate mothers, e.g. women, and think, that child labor will end. It may end, but it won't end completely, it will only be transferred to trafficking,

which, one one hand, at Least--if children are employed locally, they can be monitored with Labor unions, if they are trafficked to other nations, with different languages, in sweat shops OR in worse--sex slavery-legalized prostitution [oh, Holland is the WORST] where there IS no rescue or help for these kids--

and they can't be monitored there--and many wind up dying, either of AIDS or torture/mutilation, etc., which is why, the support of Porn--the demand for legal prostitution which 'normalizes' that whole market--[which ironically, is supported by today's hypocritical LEFT], is also, a part of the whole problem--and I include this, because its that whole sex industry, that guess what,

is supported by big Corporate Lawyers and big business conventions all over the big cities--to entertain--those big business elites. Corrupt, you betcha,

it gets really nasty.

So like with many things, you can't end one form of exploitation and be 'sympathetic' towards another and Expect real change to come about--and what is so funny, both Marx AND Lenin, said as much,

and why they were opposed to the more 'liberal' forms of what they deemed as Bourgeoisie Liberal Socialism.

Hate to say it, but on Those points--they were 100 percent correct. So--taking All that in mind, there needs to be, a more wider solution, targeting the problems of economy, so that, in one form or another, these children AND their families, don't fall between the cracks. And part of that solution,

is where WE come in...demanding Fair Trade, Ethical Labor-Living Wages-and an end, to Fraudulent practices.


more on this later, Peace