Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




I am cross posting this, a reply I wrote today, regarding Qfull women, this 'notion' that having twenty babies with no pain meds and all that dark ages bunk,

makes women holier.


Got news for you Sisters, you're willful obedience to oppression is not a ticket to Heaven, [or non-willful], if that were the case, Jesus would have said,

submit to male oppression and you'll get to Heaven.

But He didn't say that, He said, Repent, be Born Again, that what is IMPOSSIBLE, get that, IMPOSSIBLE with men/women, is NOT IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD, etc etc etc


having twenty kids? being beaten by husband? submitting to your own rape? refusing medical care? wearing certain clothes? obeying the Law?


but how?

THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, THROUGH 'BELIEVING ON HIM', OBEYING HIS WORD, no where, NO where, did Jesus say, women, have all these kids, refuse medical [and Jesus HEALED -- TO SAY MEDICINE IS EVIL, IS TO EQUATE HEALING WITH EVIL---UH, LIKE, DUH],,

no, He said, to REPENT, to walk in LOVE, to Reach out to the Poor, to be Honest, to be Humble before God,

not about 'works', or this nationalist--political zealot type of twisting of the Gospel,

hardly. So, why then, do we Glorify the LIE?

I won't--I think, these CULTS, should be exposed for what they are, CULTS, nothing more. FALSE TEACHINGS, FALSE PROPHETS, FALSE BELIEFS---

if willful suffering which is NOT the suffering Paul talks about, which was suffering According to the Will of God, sharing with Jesus, HIS suffering, which was rejection from the world--from the world's view of 'making their own righteousness' and not submitting to God's righteousness--and the rejection of God--sharing in THAT suffering, the Suffering, caused by PERSECUTION when you WORK OR LABOR IN JESUS, FOR THE SAVING OF 'SOULS', not having babies for crying out loud....which has been so conveniently 'twisted' today by the false prophets, who in sheep's clothing are inside, ravening wolves [Jesus said so] and like Paul said, 'they only want to make merchandise or feed off of you], etc., and the one place you can really see this work, is the teachings to women, telling them, its their 'duty' to Suffer for God, by suffering under the hands of despots, men and CULTS. CULTs, that like the Dominion movement, have more in common [and I believe they are seriously just arms of a more 'sinister' movement, a very political and anti-semitic movement--fascist] with the Mutterland--Nationalist--be it right wing or left wing or Islamist--its NOT about Christianity, its USING the Bible-Christianity to push for a one world or nation--of one kind of people, under the rule of Despotism and FASCISM...its a FALSE CHRIST. I think, personally, its one if not THE Anti-Christ.

and you know something, ITS BUNK--AND NEEDS TO BE CALLED ON, for what it is, point blank. Call a spade a spade,

if 'suffering' under the oppression of selfish men made us holy and all that--hell, every one in Prison will go to heaven. You know, its just moronic,

and yet, we glorify this garbage, in so many Christian circles, as not to 'offend', but what is really, offensive,

perpetuating a LIE that does actually lead to the suffering and misery of Millions [because those mentalities are linked worldwide] or telling the Truth, to set the captives Free from the lies of Satan?

Women being manipulated and BRAINWASHED and OPPRESSED and COERCED into doing things that are dangerous, to themselves and to their children, to their health, etc., is NOT


its Demonic. So, lets call a spade a spade shall we, lets stop glorifying the oppression of women, in the name of Christ--because no where, in the Bible, did Jesus say, Women, put yourselves or remain willfully in situations where you are brutalized or forbidding care, to become 'holy' for me, NO where, does it say that. In fact, it says the opposite, Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church and GAVE HIMSELF UP FOR IT,

it wasn't the Church who died on the Cross, it was Jesus who died on the Cross, Jesus, without Sin...

today, by far, its the opposite, that is taught, its the women, who are being told, to 'give up their lives, their flesh, their souls even, to 'save' their husbands,

SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG with that picture. So, women, having twenty children, refusing medical care [at your risk even], being a 'slave', submitting to your rape, submitting to violence, guess what,

doesn't make you Holy--it makes you Foolish. [sorry but seriously, its not Holiness--its Will Worship, its no different that those who think they'll get into Heaven by walking on coals of fire and beating themselves with whips].

My reply

“We are very strong women. We had to be or we would have broken under the weight of our responsiblities and burdens a very long time ago.”

Is it ’strong’ or ASSIMILATED?

I think there is a huge difference,

strength, I believe, is that strength to question, Oppression, and to rattle the chains, to question the chains and to do what is necessary, within obedience to God, to one day say,

no more, being a ’slave’ to Satan and Sin and to Bondage.

I don’t think just because a woman becomes hardened and assimilated and internalizing ‘her oppression’ that is a strength,

if anything, its resignation. If it was strength, then women in prison are strong, women in Islam are strong, children who are abused are strong,

but truth is, THEY AREN’T STRONG, if anything, they are DAMAGED.

The whole ’strong’ thing is nothing but an ‘illusion’, used to deceive ourselves or others, that somehow, the more oppressed someone is, the ’stronger’ they are…

and why women buy into that load of crock, who knows, but we do…maybe because its been the measuring stick of ‘our supposedly value’ in an oppressive patriarchal society/sub-societies, that the stronger we are, the more we ‘endure’ the crap, somehow that we become ‘better’ than those ‘weak’ women who do not live under the same oppression.

Sure, not saying there isn’t a ’strength’ that comes from years of being oppressed, but its not inner strength, no, its hardening…beat someone enough times and eventually the skin hardens. You know, hearts are the same way,

and for some reason, I don’t think that kind of ’strength’ is a good one, nor is it the kind, that God wants us to have,

I always thought, it was ’strength in the Lord’s spirit and in His might, not ours’? that mattered,

Personally, I don’t find it ’strong’ that a woman endangers herself and her health [and maybe endangering her children if God forbid she dies and an abusive asshole of a man has them to himself with no protection] by having child after child, with no health care, no precautions, etc., I think

point blank, its down right stupid, and as one who Yes, did have two homebirths, not because of patriarchy but because I believed and still do, in the Women having empowerment over her birth [be it at home or in hospital, when MEN have those babies, then by golly, then they should have those controls, I've yet, to see ONE man, spit a baby out of his penis...and whether its forced meds or forced non-meds, MEN, get the Fn' out of our wombs and out of our births], but anyway,

though I had two homebirths, I still, believed in preparation, including what to do IF I needed to go to hospital, having alternatives to pain, etc., in other words, I did my research,

because I believed that it was my Human Right, it is, after all, my womb, my body, I do not ‘lose’ that just because I belong to God or to a ‘man’ per se,

and though I had two homebirths, I also had two in hospital, when I was high risk, with epidurals, want to know something,

big deal, having a homebirth with no pain didn’t make me a better woman or a stronger one, hardly,

the heart is Just as sinful…it gains no awards nor does it deserve Merit, either way.

So, this whole b.s. glorification of the strong ‘martyr’ woman who has twenty children [at her own risk and risk of others as Well as perpetuating the myth that DOES LEAD MILLIONS OF WOMEN TO THEIR PREMATURE DEATHS IN OTHER COUNTRIES THAT DO NOT HAVE MEDICINE AND PRENATAL], and all that,

I’m sorry, but I don’t glorify it and I don’t think we should. I don’t see them as strong,

I see them as STUPID.

Sorry, but I do. [and I say that, admitting that I have been STUPID so many times in my life]

I realize stupid is a harsh word, but the Bible refers to it as FOOLISHNESS,

and Jesus said, just like other evils, that foolishness comes out of our evil hearts,

and the lifestyle of ‘risking’ one’s health, Deliberately, to prove one’s strength or super holiness, to me, is yes, Foolishness,

its will – worship, NOTHING ELSE. And while I realize that the women in those CULTS have little choice–I don’t think, we do them or any other woman, any service, by portraying in Any form or way, some fallacy of ’strength’ or holiness the Oppression, of women. Actually, in the Qfulls, lets call it for what it is, shall we,

slavery, sex slavery and chattel slavery.

Nothing more, and if you really want to peel the layers and tell it like it is, lets call it what it really is too, on the nationalist side,


It has more in common with the Hitler-Mussolini plan of ‘nation via how many babies can you pop out] than it does with Anything, Biblical.

I, a Christian, have no qualms about confronting the political ‘manipulation’ of Christianity, especially where the ultra-right and fertility cults are concerned, and I will in no way, glorify the oppression of women,

or in this misleading, by saying that ‘oh they are so strong’,

no they aren’t, they are OPPRESSED, and most likely, very damaged on the inside.

By saying they are ’strong’ is I think, giving them credit where credit shouldn’t really be given, because its that ‘myth’ that is the framework of so many women being oppressed,

I think its tragic, really tragic.

I don’t know but when there is ‘choice’ to actually progress some from the curse–I think, to remain in that curse, as some show of will worship–super holiness [that is based on human merit, not on Christ] is just ludicrous,

and here is where the hypocrisy can really be seen. Oh these women are strong, blah blah because they have twenty children and wear long hair and they are obedient to that whole ‘curse’ garbage,

meanwhile, I don’t see those men, living under THEIR supposedly curse–do YOU?

NO, in fact, those lazy sex driven ‘thugs’ transfer their farming and work ONTO ALL THOSE WOMEN AND CHILDREN,

while they in turn, sit on their asses, at the gates,

I don’t call those Holy Men, I call them,

the equivalent of the lazy asshole men who sit around the projects and wait for the first of the month for those welfare checks.

Seriously, and its really the same ‘mentality’ whether its Islamic nationalism or the tribal morons in Africa who force the women to do ALL the work while they rape and kill [or neglect women to their deaths] or the machismo moron in many countries or the yee haw misogynist in many a church,

and the women who play that role, that subservient obedient role, who say,

oh we’re so much holier than you,

well, I’ll say it,

no, you’re not holier, you’re just still in chains and have no consciousness of it yet,

that’s all. But you’re not holier…

in fact, there is NO FLESH, JUSTIFIED


So, prostitute, or Quiverfull,

guess what, you’re in the same damn boat….

and all those babies, all that sacrifice and willful suffering,

ain’t gonna save you, any more than the prostitute buying her way in,

its the Blood of Christ,

and ONLY that,

the Cross.

So, no, I don’t think, they are stronger, or that its ’strength’,

I think, its hardening…

and I really think, its time, to stop glorifying the oppression of women in all its forms, especially under the lie of will worship, in these CULTS,

and they are cults—make no mistake about it, they


And so, no, I won’t give them or that sort of martyrdom crap that has NOTHING to do, with the Gospel or the Kingdom of God,

any glory,

because it simply,

doesn’t deserve none.

just my two cents