Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




Wow, you know, when the Holy Spirit illuminates-heals, He just blows me away sometimes. Allow me to explain,

I have, for YEARS struggled with the destruction of my 'soul' from child abuse [my mother hated me, literally, not an understatement] and the repeated destruction from men, whom I looked to for love, and then the church, the patriarchy-misogyny then the politics and well, you name it, I looked and sought. However, in the meantime, not too long after my first marriage [after I became a Christian, I had been common law married before to a very abusive man when I was barely 17, having run away from home] and being in a very 'ultra-conservative' religious community, the Seeds of Hate, Hate of Soul, germinated in me, and I became, just as hateful and prejudice and bigoted as those haters of souls over me, though mine was covered in a sweet fake veneer of 'religion', Christianity and well, just flat out deceived. And it grew from bad to worse...and that is what Jesus means when he says, they receive the Word with joy but they fall away after temptation, Because their hearts have no 'root' in them, or their hearts are 'hard', or they receive the Word [Jesus] with joy and live for a bit then the Cares of this world CHOKE out the Word[Jesus] and they eventually fall away...again, a shallow-hard Heart,

but then, the Good and Honest Heart--receives Jesus, the Word, and KEEPS the Word, and bears fruit UNTO COMPLETION.

The heart is like a garden, in the OT, God says to break up the fallow ground. Now, we, We can't 'reform' an evil heart, God has to give us a new one...or recreate one, not sure how that works but I know, from my experience, at least, that for this to happen, its like an onion, layers upon layers have to be peeled away, to Expose, the true state of the heart,

guess what, it ain't too pretty.

Now, this is what I didn't realize, the Soul, is a bit different....I always thought they were sort of the same, I'm not so sure how that all works, like the soul, spirit, heart, and all that, but I had been lead to believe, or Did believe, that God hated my soul, that well, He wanted to save my soul but it was something that He really hated...therefore, my soul had to 'die'. The teachings, especially women, hear from the church, is that we are to Die to Self. That, to the abused child-woman-and yes, sometimes man, sounds more like this:

'your soul is bad, therefore your soul has to die, before you can be accepted by God'.

For women, under misogyny, their 'soul' is not only bad, its downright EVIL, to the Misogynist, and therefore, is either, non-existent because its only the man's soul that matters or it needs to be destroyed, ERASED, by whatever means necessary.

And the thing is, the Word, even when it is used to elevate, to the Damaged Soul, that same Word, has the power to reinforce the murder of that soul. The thing is, its so difficult to understand this...until someone has been in that position...and what happens, is then that soul, becomes turned all upside down, with that evil heart, and then like an abused child, lashes out, and learns, to hate Itself, AS WELL AS HATING EVERYONE AROUND IT, even if they 'love' underneath that love, that 'hate' is always there, breathing, just waiting for a chance to get out and do its destructive work. That is what it means, when Paul says, pray that they will see and be delivered or no, deliver themselves OUT OF THE SNARE of the devil who has TAKEN THEM CAPTIVE, to do



that is, Satan's business.

And where does it begin?


Jesus said, the Kingdom of God, is children, forbid not the children to come unto me FOR SUCH IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD. He said this a couple of times, along with WOE TO THOSE WHO OFFEND ONE OF THESE 'LITTLE ONES' WHO BELIEVE IN ME.....

Why, WHY did Jesus say this?

Because Satan, begins his destruction of the 'soul', our Personhood, in Childhood, and he does so, quite brilliantly, through the most deceptive guise there is,


Why Jesus said, if YOU being EVIL know how to give Good Gifts to Your Children, how much More the Heavenly Father give Good Things to those who ask-seek Him?

I recently wrote, two essays on the wifely submission and the relationship to the pedophile fantasy, see here and here:


What I didn't realize, is just how much, this relationship and that of the HATRED OF CHILDREN, THEIR SOULS, is


The 'myth' of pedophilia is that its a twisted love for children, NOT, its the HATRED OF CHILDREN, THE HATRED OF SOULS, it is the very nature, of Satan himself. Because its about Lording and Holding Violent Power [or violence through coercion, fear, intimidation, manipulation, etc] over a Child's Soul--for the aim of, Destroying that soul and sucking the life essence out of that soul to be Worshiped, by Force.

Its 'forcing' worship, where God doesn't force Himself on Anyone, but gives Free Will, Satan on the other hand, doesn't care about Free Will, nor does he care about the soul, he hates the soul, the soul created IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.

Religion, that uses FEAR, [John, perfect love cast out all fear] is not of God, its of Satan, its that 'you worship me while I destroy your soul or else'. You love me while I destroy your soul or else. That isn't God,

that is from the pits of hell, but its paraded around as Being 'God' all over the place...and its very subtle, very hard to discern, because we learn this, from childhood, some of us way more than others. We see God, as the soul destroyer who really hates us, He just 'tolerates' us, and wants to beat us into Erasure, only to form these pods who worship him without question.

That is the ultimate lie of Satan, to turn us against God.

And the thing is, when we learn to internalize [by no fault of our own] that soul-hatred, of our own souls, by whatever means we have learned that, we learn, we hate, all other Souls. This is why John says,

if you hate your brother-sister, the Love of God is not in you, because God is Love, love of souls. Not love of evil, not Love of wickedness, but love of souls, God loves every soul. God loves every soul so much, that he gave his only begotten son Jesus to Die for our souls, to REDEEM our souls, MALE AND FEMALE SOULS, from being


Abuse, be it child abuse or patriarchal abuse, is really, nothing more than the HATRED OF SOULS. To hate women, because they are 'weaker' or thought to be weaker, probably a better term, is the same as hating children,
who works with children, births children? WOMEN,

the hater of souls will abuse-hate children and women, but will also lust after women and children, including sexually, in one form or another. Because the intent is to destroy the soul, of woman, of child or of child.

Forbid them not to come unto me for Such is the Kingdom of God.

To hate a child, to hate a child's soul, to hate a woman,

is the very same as


One cannot, hate woman, hate child, verbally abuse woman, verbally abuse child, physically and/or sexually abuse woman, or child, and be at the same time,

part of the Kingdom of God, because one cannot Hate the Kingdom of God, and try to Destroy the Kingdom of God at the same time.

One cannot 'hate' the Kingdom of God and 'love' the Kingdom of God both,

you're either one or the other.

Now the thing is, then, what is the Love of the Soul? Is it, permissiveness, NO, because permissiveness allows the soul to destroy itself,

but is it then, harsh rigid abuse, to 'mold' the soul, NO, because then the soul can be destroyed, why God says, Fathers, love your children in the nurture, NURTURE AND ADMONISHING OF THE LORD.

God does both...he nurtures, RESTORES the Soul, and he Admonishes, the Soul. When God chastises, [Hebrews] he does not for 'his own selfish pleasure' but FOR OUR OWN GOOD.

NOT to destroy or tear down our soul, but to preserve our souls.

Love, edifies, protects, nurtures, builds up, guards, it does not tear down, render to shreds, beats down, nor erases...

now, does that mean, God won't destroy souls? NO, but which souls does he destroy [and is it really God who destroys souls or SIN that destroys souls?], those Souls that 'reject' Him and His Grace, His Redemption,

so in other words, God is not in the business of destroying souls, to die to self, is not to 'kill your soul' or allow others to 'destroy' your soul or to 'erase' your soul...that isn't what dying to self is, but it surely has been mislead to be that--by those very soul assassins in Religion [and in secular], this is what it means, when Jesus says,

I have come, so that they may Have Life, and have it more Abundantly.

Often many [and I have] believed that means, life here on earth--no, it means, the life of the soul. King David says, God restoreth my soul,

so, for women, and children, to learn that their souls are hated, by abuse, rejection, verbal abuse [words kill] and all other forms of abuses, in the name of God--is really, the work of Satan.

Because if one hates their 'own soul', they will hate other souls as well.

and vice can't hate others souls and love your own, it don't wash,

because Hate, is the poison, its like a cancer--it destroys. This is why, when many come to God, with those hearts that have been bruised by abuse, their souls poisoned by hate--many do fall away or have a hard time in conversion, because all that poison has to be dealt with, AND if they are still in those environments that in the name of God claim that they are 'less than' or 'only tolerated' by God,

what they are really doing, is what they did when they forbid the children to come unto Jesus, and Jesus said,

forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of God.

IF the church does NOT address and confront this ugly 'deception' of evil, the hatred of souls, of children, of women, it will grow and poison,
a little leaven leavens the whole lump...

a little 'law' leavens the whole lump
a little 'hate' leavens the whole lump
a little 'poison' poisons the whole batch

the Great Falling Away, I believe, is the falling away from the Love, from the Grace, that leavening, that 'law' and 'hate' and 'hate of souls' and 'poison' that causes people [when they choose to totally give in to those] to fall away from the Love and Grace of God,

because they choose

hate over love.

God is Love, no, not hedonist love, not permissive license to sin love, because love doesn't want souls destroyed,

but God is Love, in that He, created the 'soul' in His image, and He loves each and every soul, and desires not, that any soul,


He loves the 'soul' so much, the soul of man, the soul of woman, the soul of child, that He gave of himself, His Word made Flesh, and took all our hate and poison, sin, so that we wouldn't have to that we could be Restored, our Souls, to the image, He first created them To Be.

Souls that are loved and that love...

its not about lordship and hierarchy and some souls count more than others, no, the 'least' is the greatest in Heaven, time and time again, Jesus says this....the last will be first,

to KNOW HIM, is not just to be religious, to follow 'law' oh no, its to KNOW HIM, because HE FIRST


to Love Him, Obey Him [which is obeying Love] and to Love one another, to Love the Souls, of others,

one cannot hate or work to destroy a 'soul', and know God,

no way....the two simply are opposite.

And that includes, hating one's own soul--

Our souls are like a Mirror, they Reflect, what we see and are, if we 'hate' and only see hate, of ourselves we will reflect that onto others, because if we see God, as hating us, we will reflect that onto others,

what our souls are, is what we reflect.

Mirror, is the image, of who we are....souls restored and beloved, in Jesus,

or souls, destroyed and destroying others, in Satan.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, is ALL ABOUT, SAVING 'SOULS'.

If, we hear a different gospel, a different Jesus, if we hear that its normal in God to 'hate souls' or to have permission or license to 'destroy souls' for whatever reason,

that isn't God....that is, none other, than Satan.

May the Holy Spirit, shed light to all who read this, and please, pass this forward.

[I will reword this, but for now, just writing, what the Holy Spirit showed me this morning and has been for some time now, just now, its like coming together, like a puzzle.]

Peace, Love,



Mara Reid said...

A lot of things to think about.
A lot of things to consider.
Pretty good analysis if you ask me.
A pretty good beginning of taking off the layers of what is really going on.