Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




[images from google images--just an assortment of recycled metal lanterns and glass lanterns--though the one with flowers, that is from Vintage Lifestyle--her link is on blog bar]

Greetings All,

not posting much---because I am Finally--Working, lol...on projects I've been procrastinating. And I'm excited!

I started working with Decoupaging 'glass jars'. I for so long have felt so much 'guilt' for throwing out glass jars, and thought, there Has to be Something I can do with these, and while browsing through some vintage sites, I saw these lovely 'jar lanterns that you can hang outside. What I Didn't know, is that you can decoupage Fabric onto jars-well,

That did it right there, LOL, I had been saving glass jars for about two months--when a good friend of mine, who cans everything from peaches to onions talked to me last summer about teaching me to can. A conversation we had Over jar recycling, she's a farm girl, Literally, grew up on the farm and knows just about every survival technique there is [she's in her eighties], well anyhow--not only was I saving some after finding an old 'canner' but another friend gave me tons of glass jars.

I thought, ok won't throw these out--that and I wanted to also do something with all these metal cans, we already recycle coffee cans, and I knew I could paint those, etc., so well anyway,

Lanterns, are the way to go. So, I took out all my decoupage materials, and started working on two small width jars, that I used to hold my incense sticks. I didn't want to use flower paper, and so I started to search the house--Lo and behold, I remembered I had some double copies of children's textbooks, that are somewhat vintage [70s, 60s] and thought, hey, try those,

Oh, Yes! The graphics and the fonts are just perfect, to make Cartoon like images, and I wanted to use black, white and red. Found the perfect images/font words and went to work--still have to varnish them, and embellish the wire with beading, and then will photograph them and post them here. They turned out great--not bad for first time decoupage on glass,

then, LOL, I became a bit 'addicted' and started decoupaging with fabric, tissue paper, even some old dried up glitter that I used as 'bits' that look like little bits of 'fools gold' on a small jar--to be used as a candle. So then creativity juices kicked in and what's the rocker is that its all RECYCLED, except for the Mod Podge and varnish-I will be using a Water based varnish---oil base will turn the 'white' images yellow--don't want that.

NOT sure about varnish on fabric, am going to hold off on that, do some experimenting on bits of fabric before applying to jar--

as for the hardened glitter--I had to put a lot of mod podge on them--and will be putting some double layers, I might even add a bit of adhesive, to keep them from rubbing off--as they are pretty thick. Thus far, they are staying on--knock on wood, but I didn't do a lot of research on how to keep 'embellishments' on glass, so trial and error there--for now.

Anyway--I love the black and white/comic images, and they are hip enough that they can be used in an office--what I was striving for, I went through tons of images online to get an idea of what I wanted, what I didn't want, etc. I was not that thrilled with the tissue paper ones I saw, but thought I'd try one anyway, I used silver, it still crinkled a bit--didn't get all the glue flattened but then, I sort of liked it--so kept it that way, and will be adding some stars and things from a winter wrapping paper. I left the blue around the stars, so they will be circles and will add tons of glitter--around them to 'blend' them in. I am doing these in sets and placing them together--

some will be candles, some will be lanterns, and some will be beaded hanging baskets. Then, while doing those---I have one of those light bulb ornaments, and thought, you know, Bet I could do something with old lightbulbs,

and so I will, just not sure What, yet.

One can make lanterns out of coffee cans too---a type of hole punch or metal punch, they are really pretty and they create light images/shadows on any surface the light hits. Here is an example, she sells hers on Etsy,

see link of artist recycled lamps on Etsy:">

and where I found this idea, Among many Other GREAT recycling for Home Ideas--she has listed some AWESOME recycling projects, I shall be Busy Busy this summer--

http: //">http:

In fact, her listing is So Good I'm adding her to this blog, scroll through and see, the drawers turned into a bookshelf, the windows turned into a greenhouse, I mean these are some Brilliant Ideas! While I'll never have to shop again, LOL, except for podge and varnish and thread, LOL.


So, anyway, so I'm getting inspired here, and have been, off and on, reading about 'natural dying' of fabrics, using berries, and LOL wouldn't you know, you need 'glass jars' to do this as well--and so, am adding another site to the blog-

where I first learned of natural dying with berries,

and more 'detailed how to's' here:

Actually I first 'thought' of doing natural dying when cooking with blueberries, both canned and frozen, and I thought, hmmmm, wonder if I could dye fabric with these. And then, put it on the backshelf of my mind and then saw Love-Stitching Red's work with cranberries and elderberries, did some reading up on natural dyes and mordants [many company sold natural dyes aren't truly natural, so I found doing some research]. Alum is safe though--just not sure what to use it with-more research there needed,

anyway, I am going to experiment with some natural dyes this spring-summer, on little swatches of white and muslin colored cotton, from 'recycled' sheets/garments, see what I come up with. I want to try and use blueberry juice from frozen too, not sure how the 'sugar' content will effect, but what the heck--that and Pomengranites, why not? They stain everything on permanent, lol, and why not some wine?

Problem is, if I embroidery over them--bleeding, so might wash a few times, to check for that--and take it from there.

I like these mixed mediums, which I got into after learning 'crazy patchwork', because I had So many garments, that I was recycling and needed a way to incorporate them-with embroidery and well--now I'm incorporating more into my works. Thus far I've worked on purses and aprons [top segments or pockets of] and other items that can be used around the house--practical things, but sturdy enough to handle washing daily. I use aprons to clean---dishes, etc., but also to 'hold' those small items I pick up--why I got into aprons, making my own, because I don't like the ones that are flimsy after a couple of washes or that bind or that are well--just impractical. One idea leading into another--

and I wanted a background to embroidery my own artwork--that I could still sell and utilize in my activist work.

Its funny how one small idea can lead into a whole change of 'lifestyle', for me, its less consumption--meaning more funds to go where they are more needed, like relief work--less waste, and utilizing art for a cause. But who would think, that one can decorate an entire house-with Recycled projects?!!!!

I've done some recycling projects for the yard, garden, especially for Holidays, from scarecrows to flower arrangements using natural branches fallen from trees to straw found in trash--candle arrangements, so forth--then stopped for a year and a half, just no time...that and so busy with other work. But I've got the 'bug' again, now having done research and figuring just exactly 'how and where' I want to go with these types of projects, narrowing the focus down a bit so not to spread myself too thin OR accumulate too many 'things',

which is easy to do once you get into recycling--you can accumulate 'clutter' really fast if you are not careful. On that, I've learned to 'swap' and 'give away' materials that I know I Won't use--rather than having them clutter up my shed and garage. This goes for fabric too, I shop on Craigs now and then and at garage sales, esp those who are selling out their 'craft' or 'arts' business--often times I will have certain fabrics in a batch that I know I'll never use, e.g., fabrics with Native prints--just not the style I use in any of my work--and I found a woman that does 'landscape' quilting and she Does use those--so there you go,

and I get laces from her. Now if I could Just find someone who wants to unload buttons! They I think are some of the hardest things to find 'thrifty', in my area anyway.

Anyway, sometime this week I'll upload some photos, of these decoupage jars, they are fun to do and well

saving them from landfills, one jar at a time.

Oh, LOL, while learning how to 'crochet' [I could Kick myself for not paying attention when Nana attempted to teach me when I was a kid--that and tatting, arrrgh, though I did learn the embroidery], I have been seeing this 'felting' all over the place, and well, one day, I have just Got to learn this---I have tons of sweaters I could felt down--always find them in trash throw outs, people are so wasteful--anyhow, check out These cute little creatures, who can Resist learning how to make these!

kits sold here:

What an Awesome way to recycle all those old wool sweaters and LOL, those shrunken wool pants of mine---shrunk by accident one fatal day.

Several of the embroidery-textile blogs use felting as a background of their artwork--its not something I want to do--but oh, those little birds and animals, can't resist learning to do those...and then using them in arrangements, of different sorts. It's really just amazing what one can do with a little bit of know-how, materials and recycled materials---with some labor. Those will be a later project however, can't take on too much at one time. But at least now--I can finally do something with the stained sweaters and shrunken pants, LOL.




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