Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




I have been wrestling again with God, the submission to 'Authority' and the fact that in the Biblical times, Rome that is, it was Fact, that women slaves were raped with how then does a woman slave-believer be raped/submit to that [because to resist authority is damnation] and also be Chaste????

It's an oxymoron,

so men get license, Authority gets license, Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Cousins, Priests, Pastors, Husbands, Governments, Police Officers, Judges, Rulers they All get license

to rape, abuse, kill

women and children.

And then just call her the dirty, impure Hell bound WHORE.

Funny thing is though, in Revelations it's not listed, under Who goes to hell, Whores,

only Whore Mongers.


It is THAT that I have to hang onto to keep from thinking God is in the hate woman business,

so with that, my prayer today, to you Jesus,

is this essay, I saw this on Women's Space a while back, it is one of my favorites, it is now my prayer...


want the entire world to read them.  Respect and Love, Heart A Whore’s Rage
by Rebecca Mott
Whores are never listen to – unless they say they are happy.
Whores are not allowed to speak of pain. To speak of being made nothing. To speak of hatred of the sex trade.
Whores are not allowed to have rage – they must be quiet, perform at other’s will or command.
Well, whores have a rage that is not from one individual – they rage from centuries of sexually billions of whores in every culture.
Whores rage as they read histories of prostitution always written from the sex trade’s point of view.
A history that without any evidence from whores said they were always happy, always empowered – but always there is the other, the prostituted woman/girls. She is always enslaved, always treated with extreme sadism, always getting fucked until her soul is dead.

Whores are not allowed to speak of pain. To speak of being made nothing. To speak of hatred of the sex trade.

Whores are not allowed to have rage – they must be quiet, perform at others’ will or command.

The whore rages as there is no middle ground – always both the whore and prostituted woman/girl are never given the right and dignity to be a human. Only a fantasy, a cause, a means to an end.
History has no interest in the thoughts, dreams and backgrounds of the whore or the prostitute.
To see her and all her sisters as humans would mean thinking, maybe even the happiest whore has no freedom in the sex trade.
Whether she was an elite whore in ancient Athens, whether she was a courtesan in Versailles, whether she is a high-class whore to the Hollywood elite – or even some stupid whore- dream of sci-fi TV.
All whores are not allow to have a past, or to to dream of a future – and her present is made dead to her.

Read so many great male novels – and the whore is often there. Teaching the hero how to be a man, comforting him when no-one else understand him, being the bad to show how good the good is, an excuse to write porn and say it is literature, the character that can be murdered and the reader won’t give a damn.

The only time that counts to be a whore is the time johns, pimps, managers and all the sex trade are controlling your thoughts, what happens to your body – all else has no relevance.
A whore may as well be a machine.
A whore has place in culture, her only place is to formed into whatever image or concept that will protrays the sex trade as harmless fun.
Many whores see the arts and feel sickened.
The whore hears music, the many song and trends are built on her misery.
Listen to jazz and the blues, and so much romance of brothels in that culture. I personally hate “House of the Rising Sun”, get well piss off with the legends of Louis Armstrong being a child in a whore-house, sick that jazz fans see whores as some fun decoration to the music.
Read so many great male novels – and the whore is often there. Teaching the hero how to be a man, comforting him when no-one else understand him, being the bad to show how good the good is, an excuse to write porn and say it is literature, the character that can be murdered and the reader won’t give a damn.
In art galleries she stares down, she is is named model who the artist can fuck and throw away. In the paintings she is stripped of emotions, she just a husk for the artist to show his power and greatness.
The whore knows she is on TV. Usually the body being cut up in CSI, the background to show the characters are in a dodgy part of the city. She is often the whore with the heart of gold, the damaged whore, the whore who murdered some johns, the whore who jolly and make erotic a costume drama.
She is always a minor character, just there for spice, or to give the main character’s hidden depths. The whore can never has a 3-D, it would shatter all cultures for the whore to be human.
Now, I writing all this as a whore who loves history, loves the arts- music and TV give me massive pleasure.
I want these things to belong to whores as much as any other group.
I want music that speak of wanting more that being a fuck-toy, more than waiting for that next john to use you.
I want history to speak of the centuries of torture, how wars were fought to get more and more women and girls to enslaved inside brothels and others parts of the sex trade, of the throwing away of high-class hookers and courtesans when men got bored or didn’t like the way they look. History should say loud and clear that whores have always been murdered, always been forced into hard-core porn, always had done to what now is named gonzo.
Being a whore has always been a waste of women and girls – always left them with extreme trauma, with injuries that may be permanent, with dieseases that destroy their futures, with self-hatred.
There has never been safety for whores. Never safety as any john at any time in history has and will torture, murder and rape any whore, and know it is not a real crime.
None of that is inside history – only the glamour and blame which is the language of the sex trade.
A whore should see in art galleries images that show starkness, show empty souls, show their dreams of another life. Not in galleries where a select and often converted few will go – but into national galleries open to all who wander in.
A whore should have novels that speak to her – speaking to the silences, saying what is true but words are kept hidden from. Novels such as Jean Rhys, where the words on the page are a beginning to understanding that there is still a soul inside every whore.
A whore deserve to be inside history and culture.
But there is more rage.
The rage of how no-one listen to the whore. Even when she is screaming so loud that it could bring down a skyscaper, even when her words are clear and reasonable, even when she speak with a voice that cut into their guts – no-one listens.
Whores have always said that the vast majority of prostitution is torture, and that it destroys the essence of the woman or girl who does it.
The first cavewoman [? maybe Eve's Daughter--my interjection here] who was raped and then given an object to make it better – she was the first whore, and I bet you she protested and it was not heard.
Is it that exchange of goods, money or being put into a class named whore – is that some type of magic that makes all sexual and mental violence disappear. Does this magic make hatred of women and girls invisible.
Not in the whore’s eyes, she remembers all.
Whores know their personal histories, but also as they become aware of their own agony and betrayal, they feel and carry the centuries of destroying whores for male fuck-dreams.

Every sexual act of violence you can imagine, and those sexual tortures that are outside your imagination have always been inflicted on whores on a mass scale for all human history.
Always these acts are done with the full knowledge of the culture, society and authority surrounding the men that fuck or sell whores.
Whores would never exist if those men were punished, made outcasts, locked for long periods in jail and made to view as idiots.
The sex trade thrive and always grows because all cultures and societies are on the side of johns and pimps – and will refuse to hear or see the rivers of blood from the torture and deaths of billions of whores.
It is not rocket science, if no man could ever buy a whore anywhere, the sex trade would be destroy.
What the fuck made humans ever think making whores was such an excellent idea.
We are meant to be against rape, against torture, against kidnapping, against brainwashing, against murder, against violent porn, against the destruction of the human soul.
Only not for whores – they do not count.
Well, I speak a whore who is full of rage.
If you choose discount whores as derserving of being full humans – than all your language of human rights or being against violence against women is meaningless.


Mara Reid said...

I made my small circle of friends aware of this poem the first time you linked it.
One, in particular, thanked me for it and she passed it on.
I believe she is one who is commenting on the blog you've mentioned recently.

Anyway, my point in commenting today is to assure you that you ARE making a difference. Your voice is important and making an impact.
I know things are frustrating you right now but I trust that God is moving in your life and the lives of my other friends in different ways/ministries and that God is in charge working all things together for His purposes.

Keep seeking Him and keep talking.

JaneDoeThreads said...

Thank you Mara,

well I'm taking a break from writing, for a while, getting into Word and applying a lot of it to my life [doing and not just seeing], seeing what is important where eternal value is and not just this temporal world,

by God showing me, it's Him who shows me. I have to do some being 'faithful' in my personal life, so that maybe, become a vessel that He can use to help those who He has put into my heart--

been asking a lot what truth-Love is, what is God's definition of Love contrasted with the lens of love that we are taught, I think they are very different.

Peace, Grace to you, in Jesus Christ,



Mara Reid said...

Jane, how are you on science concepts.
I know Charis's seed of Eve blessed you.
How about this one?

You are trying to find True, God-kind-of Truth and Love. The world has feed you a lot of lies about what is true, good, and love. But you have to cut through that garbage to find the Real.

Some times it helps me to look at God as our gyroscope.

He helps us to center ourselves on His firm foundation, no matter what outside forces are at work to knock us off of Him.

There's a neat animated picture of a gyroscope in motion at the link above if you scroll down. The center of the gyroscope remains constant no matter what outside forces act on it. I learned in school that they used gyroscopes in space to keep the guys oriented even though they were in an orientless situation.

I think of God as my center. I think of Him as being the one that can keep me from yielding to the lies and other outward forces at work against me.

An example in movies was "Remember the Titans". Denzal Washington's character had to remain centered on producing a competetive High School Football team in the face of the outward forces of racism trying to stop him. He remained amazingly centered, all the while the world around him raged.

Sounds to me like you are trying to find your center. Or I should say, THE CENTER. HE is your Center.

JaneDoeThreads said...


ok well I looked at this, funny I had seen a image of it two days prior,

yes He's been showing me not only center but anchor.