Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




Letters from a Concubine/Whore Series Part 5

When she goes to buy 'oil' to meet the bridegroom but 'Virgin' she is not...

I haven't felt like writing lately, call it mental block if you will, I prefer to call it a 'heart block'.  After the last post I had several revelations, both good and bad or good and evil that I've been wrestling with, back and forth for some days now.  It isn't easy writing this series because it opens so much of the past life of living in the flesh, and living in the flesh, causes spiritual death on a level that, when one is quickened or awakened, they not only have the flesh to contend with but the demonic forces, and they do not play nice nor do they let go so easily.

Those demonic forces are all around us, but the Whore, knows them from within, especially in her mind because she has had them enter her, time and time again.  I've read many ministries that claim that Jesus today just Whoosh, like magic, a simple prayer and chants [and that's what they are] and whoa-la, they are All but gone,

let me assure you, that is total B.S.   

From the life of whoredom both Spiritually and Physically, the mind is effected, add that to a long in deep grained psychological child abuse, ritual type of abuse I grew up with and the spiritual forces behind it, and the damage is deep, in depth, and hard to overcome, Not impossible, but very difficult.  Especially in that most of the psychology-psychiatry today operates under those same mind controlling forces [the demonic, yes it's true, one day I'll write on this]  and the church, for the most part, is a false one, men's church, what I now term as Mensianity.

Jesus said to the disciples, when they asked, "Why couldn't we cast them [demons] out?" that "these kind Only come out through Prayer and Fasting."  I do not understand all of what the means, as to the 'why' but I think it has to do with the fact that Strongholds, particularly those tied in with a history of iniquity, through the family trees, are not so easily cast out--Especially if they've been reinforced through present/past abuse AND willing sin, including sin done via deception and ignorance, or Anger, Anger I think is a huge one because anger opens one of the portal doors, as does extreme trauma and pain, do That to a child, and you have a damaged Soul.  Continue to do that type of trauma to a woman [or a man] and you have more of a split-damaged Soul, the Mind is a complex organism, the brain,

it is connected to a tree inside of us, the spine, which has nerve endings of both pain and pleasure.  These nerve centers make us aware, they also send signals to our brain, emotions, heart and vice versa.  I believe the Memory, where treasure is stored, what Jesus called evil treasure is actually those evil traumatic memories that send signals, which explains why trauma can be felt physically for years on afterward.  This is where I believe that Holistic treatment is necessary, and Jesus could treat Holistically, through the Holy Spirit, He always said, "your Faith has made you WHOLE" meaning, treating the WHOLE person, and not just a 'fragment' here and there,

Jesus could do that, WE, on the other hand, cannot.  The Holy Spirit can do that, but it Takes the Power of the Holy Spirit, not just scripture Chants...this is what I think fails, in the deliverance ministries, many which I think, run like the Medicine Man of old, the "Hey chant this, and poof all your troubles be gone" only to find, a year later, you are worse off than you were before.  Because the house, may be clean, but it's empty...and that spirit, brings in seven more...

In the end days, they will have a Form of Godliness but Deny the Power thereof, the Bible says, but where I wonder, is when Jesus said, IF you, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him."  Well, you know, my Evil parent Did give me a stone when I asked for bread, they Did give me a scorpion when I asked for an egg, they Did give me a serpent, etc...

so, my reference point there is shot all to hell.  I believe however that the Generation then, was a lot like the Generation today...the iniquity was full, they had evil and adulterous hearts because they were Products of a generation which were products of a generation that had known brutal oppression, war, conquest, rape, abuse, and they had hearts of stone, memory banks of evil stored, and the religious, relied on Religion, as their strength rather than God, religion was their Buffer so to speak, to stand Opposed to the ruling authorities/system though they also Compromised with that same system, to feed what was lacking in side of them...hearts full of UNBELIEF.  An evil and adulterous generation will not be given a sign, but the sign of Jonah, Repent...three days in the belly of the whale, the grave, the tomb.

In other words, they had No possible way, to Deliver themselves, from the spiritual state they were in, the woman with the plague, bled for years, going to Many 'doctor's [psychology ring a bell folks?, how bout ministries] and they Milked her for all her money yet she Still 


One touch of Jesus's garment and Bam, she was made Whole.

Why is that?  Because Jesus, knew All of it, the ins and outs, the pain, the betrayals, every little crook and cranny of her mind, soul, heart, body.  He had the Power to set her free, as Only HE can do.  Only the Holy Spirit's Power can deliver us and make us whole.  But why is it, that it isn't immediately?  Why is it, that it drags on and on and on?  Why some say they are Immediately Well and wow like they are just Super Christians!  So why not me?  Why 27 years later was I worse than I was before?  These kind, Only come out, with prayer and fasting...

so let's take a look at what that means, well, prayer, to ask, knock, seek, in Truth, one must be Truthful, first, and in today's religious climate truth is not popular, saying the 'right' things is, but not truth.  But until there is truth, there is no healing, there is no deliverance, and the Truth is, seeing our own beastly nature, not just what was 'done to us', you see that is where it gets messy, where the Memory bank, all those demons just love to remind us, hey remember this and how did a God of Love let this happen to you and why you know those folks aren't sincere and blah blah blah...or it could be a dream or a word someone says and you're reliving the nightmare all over again.  These are what Paul called Strongholds and in our world today, the End Times, those strongholds are all around us, in both the spiritual AND the physical.  Love will grow cold because of iniquity Jesus said, but Before that, He also said, that there would be betrayals [within the so called Godly] and they would HATE ONE ANOTHER...the state of the world will be so evil and the iniquity full,  that we are born into iniquity and the cup is full--so I wonder, how full is that cup Inside of us, before we even begin our journey into this world...add abuse to that, ritual abuse especially, and you have a set up for failure,

why?  Because a heart that polluted can't love, it's impossible, Not without some major deliverance from Jesus Christ Himself.  Half ass ministries aren't going to do it, psychology isn't going to do it, because it takes Those who are praying and Fasting, not just praying, but Fasting, denying the flesh, that will have the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Oil, to See, rather than doing it in the 'flesh'.   We live in a gluttonous society today, even mensianity is all about gluttony, oh God What can you do for me, Oh God please heal my toe, Oh God please heal my marriage and my bedroom, Oh God feed me feed me feed me...

but Jesus said, He would give us the Holy Spirit to those who Asked Him, ask, seek, we Ask for the Holy Spirit, or do we ask, feed me, feed me [James, you ask amiss so you can consume it on your lusts], prior to the two scriptures where Jesus talks about iniquity, love growing cold and the betrayals, He also mentions the numerous false prophets, deceiving many...prophets who teach the God will Feed your Desires,

this is not the Gospel of Prayer and Fasting.  Hardly.  In an evil and ADULTEROUS nation...whoredom, is spiritual, not just physical, whoredom is turning away from Christ to go after the desires, to be Fed, the flesh...they don't necessarily have to be 'evil' desires either, in fact I think the most dangerous are the ones that aren't evil, but good, because they can slowly replace the love of Jesus in our hearts and they are Extremely deceptive.  When I came to God when I was 20, my heart was full of the Feed Me God, oh Praise God I wanted both, oh sure, Jesus saves me but you know it's the husband I want, it's the house I want, it's the picket fence I want, it's all those things deprived in my childhood I want, to heal the void and ache and to stop all those memories and so I believed that God was going to just do all these Wonderful things and when the iniquity, the thread of, which was still I think owning me or attempting to, because I wasn't delivered from Egypt, not even, because I couldn't SEE, I had no Oil, and I didn't even know how to buy, couple of betrayals and I was gone, turning away and never truly converted.  The physical whore became the spiritual whore...

it didn't take much, just a few reminders of my past from none other than other Christians [supposedly, who knows, I doubt seriously if they Knew what they were doing, I see now it was the work of the demonic] and some cruel events and my faith faltered, because faith works by Love and well, Love I did not know, I knew being hated, used, hating and using, all the religious 'clothing' didn't erase the iniquity inside, it couldn't, nor could a few people slamming their hands on the front part of my head, where the Emotional Center lies, claiming to cast out demons, which I believe now, is actually a false work [not that there isn't deliverance but if you knew where I was at, you'd understand--the Bible talks about false signs and wonders, in the church] was actually a channeling of sorts to Reinforce those demonic strongholds in my mind, emotions in particular.   All it needed to work was a root of bitterness [I had several] and unforgiveness, doesn't take much,

in a false conversion.  By false conversion, I mean, sure, I really Did believe, don't get me wrong, but was there a True 'regeneration'?  I don't believe there was, because IF there was, I would have not been so foolish, I would have not so easily been led right back to a life of Whoredom, which I was, and I wouldn't have rebelled for 27 years.  A 'form' of regeneration but not power thereof', same thing,

really....without Fasting [denying self, taking up the Cross] OR Trials there is no stripping of the power of the flesh.  The flesh, is not so willing to just die...Without trials by FIRE, ok, not the little boo boo that is paraded around today, which is a joke, but the Trials by FIRE, the flesh I think can be extremely deceptive.  But it's not suffering in of itself, because if That was the case, then heck, all the people of Somalia would be Super Christians, so that can't be it.  No, it has to be Obedience to Jesus Christ, His Lordship, through the Fire.  I think, that's the key, easier said than done and Obedience through the Fire cannot be done without

prayer and fasting, it simply can't.   It also can't be done with a 'whore's heart', because until that heart is purified, she will always go after her 'lovers', and those Lovers, can be the dark, the memories, the evil treasure, the Negativity, because you see, they are Protectors, they are there to Protect her from every being stupid enough to believe in anything good again and especially if that good is Love.  See everyone thinks that the whore's heart/or whore's forehead are her wanting all these lovers, but that's not the case, it's her UNBELIEF IN LOVE, IN GOD, that she seeks the strength of the brutal, the harsh, the cruel because THAT, THAT SHE CAN BELIEVE IN, IT WORKS, IT ALWAYS HAS, IT'S BEEN HER REALITY, HER LIFE, HER WORLD, IT IS THE WORLD,

so when Love tries to break through She will reject it, She will hate it because she is Convinced, it's just another mask of evil--the evil and adulterous generation. She will resist, God is merciful though and knowing the past and probably present pain, does not give up, He works, often times, at least in my experience, through using evil, to get our attention, the hard heart, it often takes, the evil, to break us to the point where we resign our will. He doesn't do evil, it's our being in bondage to sin and strongholds, that bring us the evil, but He will allow it to deal with our flesh.  

Prayer and Fasting and one more thing, the word, Only the Word of God,[and also it will come to a point where one Must also DO the Word of God, if one refuses, over time, the lamp can go out, just a warning there] can wash away the banks stored in the heart and mind, Only the Holy Spirit through the Word of God can bring the oil and the light and the love, Only the Word, the Word made Flesh, Jesus Christ,

can deliver.

And it is a seed, it takes darkness, time, to grow.  It doesn't come overnight, and one must work the soil, the garden, Continually, for it to grow and then once grown one must protect it from the scorching sun and the blistering wind and the droughts, in a church that is false, where there is no water, no love, but only scathing words and hypocrisy, unless that tender shoot stays IN the VINE, it will wither,



I was withering, I truly was...but I heard, this voice, somewhere, I heard it...and it said,


He knew, how to reach this Whore's heart, He knew, only He could know, all the doctors failed, all the psychology, failed, all the ministries failed...

but just the Hem of His garment, and the Deliverance's not been an easy overnight process, these things take Fasting and Prayer, they take Time, Diligence,

they take Oil.

So that I can meet, my Bridegroom, right now, it's very dark, but I, am starting, to see, HE is showing me, through His Word, His voice, His patience, His love, His mercy, His knowing...every nook and cranny, even those dark places I'm not aware of, HE takes me

through the forest of iniquity, sin, pain, abuse, trauma, lies, betrayals, and HE cuts the ties, chains, lies, one by one. His Word, is a Lamp, unto our feet. So take my advice, the life of spiritual Whoredom, is the road to death, to blindness,

all the ministries, books, tapes, cds, blogs, churches, retreats, marriages, etc., will NOT, deliver,

they will NOT set you free,

only by prayer and by fasting, Jesus said, do these kind come out.

Only through the washing of the water, of the Word, does that bank, stored things, become clean, hearts pure, lives worthy, for His service. It is not an easy path, by no means, for the broken and downtrodden, it can and is, sheer hell, this world lies in darkness, the more we partake of it's fruits the more dark it is to us, religious clothes won't cut it, saying the right things, won't cut it,

going to all the doctors won't cut it,

one must literally, be at that place, where they'll Grovel, Crawl, on the dirt, to reach out, grasp the Hem of His Garment, Believe, just a little, that HE will answer, and why the groveling, because often times, the whores heart, must be opened up, broken up, the hard shell, that evil Buffer, which is also a form of resistance and pride, Especially if that whore has ever gotten into 'any religion' that is a buffer lie, against the evils of the world yet at the same time a defense mechanism against true Love, that too, must be broken, the illusions shattered, so that she, comes to that place where only she can look up, and see just the Hem of His garment, and she will risk all, out of desperation. People don't like to hear about the LORD GOD in our world today, a LORD that will yes, break us, that will whet His sword to speak, it's totally contrary to the gospels or doctrines rather, taught to us today, it's always about what God can do for you, not a lot on Obedience. Wounded people aren't always so obedient, contrary to the myth, because pain, injury, can be one hell of an excuse to not submit to His LORDSHIP. Only through His Lordship, are we healed, does He deliver us,

and when HE does,

He doesn't do a half ass job, HE makes us WHOLE. In His time, but He does. HE DOES, WE DON'T, HE ALONE, DOES. BY HIS POWER, TO JESUS, BE THE GLORY.

The 'I believe' in the New Testament, the confession of the people, when they were healed, delivered, was the I believe in YOUR LORDSHIP, meaning, they believed, HE was God, HE was Lord God, HE was able, the evil and adulterous generation, that refused to believe, was not healed, nor delivered. But Jesus still taught them, rebuked them, and many, as we read in Acts, were eventually saved. For me, the religious false conversion I think, did far more delaying damage, in my seeing my true self, and the need for a Savior, sure I mentally assented, but deep in my heart, there was no change,

at least, not enough, to where I was broken, to the point where I would obey and yield to His Lordship. I was still lord of my life...the hurts and betrayals and abuse, were the reasons, I would not yield, they were very clever tools the enemy used to keep me in a state of unforgiveness, especially at God, oh yes, deep inside, and in a state of refusing to see that I was not my own maker, that I was not put here to just live my life as I pleased, but that I had a Creator, a Maker, who yes, was and is LORD GOD, who redeemed me, through HIS BLOOD, WHO HAD LEGAL RIGHT, TO ME AND MY LIFE, ALL OF IT.

The belief I think, when we talk of whoremongers, is that it's only 'men' who abuse women, but I don't think that's all that means anymore, I think it also means, those men AND women, who in their hearts, whore after other things, including 'good' things, lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God. I am seeing that whoredom, is more than just a woman who is a harlot, that it's both spiritual and physical,

depending on how it's referenced in the Bible. What I didn't know, is that spiritual whoredom can also be the going after lovers of things of evil report, negative beliefs, mistrust, that is why, I think it's one of the most damaging harms done to young children and to women, is forcing them into whoredom, whether by betrayals, abuse, rape, trafficking, etc....the damage it causes, is just as toxic as one that goes after things of pleasure, money, etc. Maybe this is why often the Bible referred to harlots and publicans in the same context. There is being forced into whoredom against one's will, there is also chasing after whoredoms from a heart of unbelief. Both have lack of love, lack of love, equals no faith. We live what we believe,

our works, rewarded, show what we truly believe. I never had good works, because I, just didn't believe...I had a two way whore's heart, one of abuse/forced and one of running after whoredoms in my later years, the latter, sparked or assisted by the lies of false religion, mensianity. The God will give you this, this, if you just believe,

that isn't what the Gospel is about. Both, are tactics, to lure us into hating God, from the Mother of Harlots, the Babylonian Whore. The end goal, is always to turn us against God, to get us to blaspheme God, to hate Him. To hate, love, TO NOT BELIEVE, IN LOVE.

The dark forces will use abuse, lies, things of this world, our desires both good and bad, and religion, to take us all, down with them. This is why Love is so powerful, real love, not the fake pretentious kind that works among a mirage of fake purity, dead works, insincere words which are just lies, where nakedness I think, is required, if one can't love you while you are totally naked, referring here to being authentic, not physical o.k., then it's not really love, it's simply just that religious 'buffer' to hide or defend, against true Love, from a heart of unbelief, an adulterous and evil


And I think, that this is why, the Lord God, does allow, those lovers, He mentioned in the Old Testament, to take over, the whores, those two sisters [spiritual whoredom in this reference], that abused them, because all the years that HE loved them, they hardened their hearts, like a harlot does who is abused/coerced into--you see it has the same effect, whether we are hardened by abuse or hardened by sin, we resist love,

if we continue in that resistance then God will give us over and sometimes we are even destroyed, as they were in Old Testament [though I believe a remnant was saved]...the Danger, I see now, is that when He begins to work, healing, we must, begin to cast down, the mental strongholds, regardless of feelings, to not do so, we allow the enemy to remain and if we continue, he will bring in seven more worse than himself, to come in,

we Must, let the Holy Spirit RULE in our hearts, that means, denying self, that means, getting to that place, where we listen and obey. But more than that, we Must, allow,

Him to love us.

And that, that I think, for the whore, is the most difficult of all....


letters from a concubine/whore.


OneSurvivor said...

I see so much truth in your words. I hope that others will read them and think about you have written. The whole idea of spiritual whoredom and resisting love is so important. We have all been spiritual whores and, if we are honest, lean in that direction pretty naturally if we don't purposefully choose to walk in the other walk in His Spirit and in Truth and in His incredible, incomparable Love!

JaneDoeThreads said...

OK well I was just checking to see if your comment came through, it's not showing up on the full page under comments.

Yea, on this post, I will later, get into how we define Love, under patriarchy [esp influenced by the cultist beliefs] love has been somewhat polluted, but that's another topic, another time.