Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.





One of the scriptures that really stood out to me when I first began to learn who God really was/is, was the one in OT [not going to pull out my Bible today] about the Exodus, and when Moses married the Cush ? woman and Miriam and Aaron rebuked him and the Lord God sentenced Miriam to the outside of the camp.  At first this pissed me off because why not Aaron?  Why the woman?  It seemed kind of a double standard to me...
but then I re-read and re-read then I got it...for some reason Miriam did not approve of Moses marriage, and I do believe it might have had something to do with either race or class prejudice, or maybe jealousy, kind of wondered about that one...but whatever reason the usual feeling we get from that scripture/story is that she ticked off the Lord God.  But HE said to Moses, when she got leprosy, that IF a father spits in his daughter's face [guess it was some form of disapproval then discipline] should HE not do the same?  Let her remain outside of the camp for seven days...

Now maybe that seven days was seven months, who knows, I know time defining then [and to God one day is a thousand years] is not necessarily like how we define time today--so let's for fun, assume it was for seven months.  Even if only seven days, it's still a form of Exile and a showing of God's discipline...of HIS OWN, Hebrews it says when God disciplines HE is showing that YOU are HIS...those not disciplined are NOT HIS children--King David says in Psalms when complaining about the prosperity of the wicked, that God's hand has been on him day in and day out all day long....

we can take that in the Negative, and usually we do, but the thing about being Outside of the Camp, is that THAT is the time when GOD HIMSELF BEGINS TO DEAL WITH WHAT IS AILING is THE time you actually get to KNOW HIM as HIM, and NOT through, third parties.  The reason I want to also use seven months maybe even seven years, is that for those who have been especially wounded, who are Already in society outside the camp so to speak--the unclean lepers, a lot of the time those inside the camp may not know how to specifically answer or help those who are deemed, unclean.  We view unclean in Old Testament as a negative against the person---we don't see that too, unclean can mean the defilement/shame/damage that has been Done to a person through the acts of others.  Some of these damages can be life long--depending on when one comes to God....they are NOT quick fixes Contrary to the myths of the medicine & psychiatric quacks of religion today--many BTW which are nothing more than FRONTS FOR THE OCCULT FORCES THAT DID THE DAMAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE...they just use a different face that's all.  And they kill with kindness and peace--these are hard to discern if one doesn't have knowledge of how those forces work,

sadly, to understand how those forces work one often is a victim or has been of the forces of Occult, Masonry, RA, Prostitution/Sex slavery and so forth....

anyway, when being delivered from the House of Bondage [Egypt] one can still carry a lot of the toxins and belief systems, the soul is fragmented, disconnected, use to deceptions, vulnerable to the enemy and forth, and so like on one hand, because of the GRUDGE especially or grudges, that individual if NOT dealt with can continue to be a weed/plant/mole used by the Enemy to do hurt--which leaves that individual further ensnared and captive.  The only way sometimes I think, to undo the snare, is to be outside the camp.  It is yes, the life of exiled/being a leper--for women this is really hard because often the being the 'leper' was the cause of violence, sexual violence, abuse and's a pattern and a vicious cycle.  It is mental, psychological, but it is also heart--

broken souls don't heal with platitudes and cliches...fragments don't hold well together with Elmer's glue.  [WARNING--TRIGGER FOR RA ABUSE SURVIVORS, PRAY TO PROTECT MIND BEFORE READING ON]  One wrong word and the piecing together, like Humpty Dumpty on the Wall, which BTW, is an occult chant told to children and it is a curse/dark sentence, just so you know--it is tied into RA, ritual abuse, it's one of those key words used to reinforce abuse that is used to fragment the soul/cause split and open the door for 'outward control' by the handler/s.  Many of the nursery rhymes/stories to children ARE yes, dark enchantments, if there has been abuse in a child's life--one needs to be very wise here, what you read to the child or say to--this includes Adult survivors too--so why I include the Warning Trigger--but so you know, If like me, you are dealing with RA abuse--be aware of these chants they seem innocent enough, but they are dark sentences.  Anyway...

one word from someone can shatter all over again and the GRUDGE, especially if that GRUDGE is one that the inner child holds against God because of deep wounds and splits and detachments...comes up--and causes all kinds of havoc....resentment, self-destructive behaviors and so forth.  

So for Years I fought being outside the camp, the enemy will tell you that God is rejecting you, and it sure seems that way...and IF there is sin which for me it was a LIFE full, then those feelings are compounded...but the ONLY way to be delivered from lies is sometimes to be OUTSIDE the camp so that you learn how to HEAR GOD, AND IGNORE OTHER VOICES.  A person who has been horribly controlled/abused and mind damaged cannot weed out the wrong voices, and Religious voices are often the worse because they use SCRIPTURE.  One of the things about the FRONTS which are Reinforcements to keep you attached to the handlers is that they will use Scripture often mixed with psychology to further entrench the handler and rather than coming to GOD HIMSELF, like Jesus says you search the scriptures THINKING you will find eternal life in them but you WON'T COME TO works that way with HEALING AND DELIVERANCE TOO.  


the thing about voices is that if you rely on them, you get confused because they can be so many--and the big thing is, you don't learn how to Hear the voice of God through Spirit. You see the occult always tells you, be it dark or religious, that you Must have man's voice/to hear God.  That if you use Any reasoning ability to Test the Spirits, that you are in rebellion--when they cause FEAR and DOUBT, then the handlers have control.

This also binds you, keeps the GRUDGE alive in your and keeps you in BONDAGE TO SIN..THE HOUSE OF EGYPT....HOUSE OF BONDAGE.

The one thing the handlers never want you do do, well two is 1. get alone with Jesus and stay there especially in Prayer and possibly fasting and 2.  get alone in nature....

the handlers will use interference, activity that is repetition and bombardment with useless and lifeless things, materialism is huge here, advice from others usually that is back handed insults to erode your faith in God's love for you, your  own negative thoughts [a huge one here], guilt, fear, reminders [the WEB a.k.a. INTERNET IS HUGE FOR THIS--IT IS ALSO, A MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUE BE VERY AWARE ESP IF YOU ARE ALWAYS GOING ROUND AND ROUND OVER SAME ISSUES-HURTS--IT IS LIKE THE SPIES WHO SAID, WE CAN'T DRIVE THEM OUT--WE ARE GRASSHOPPERS, IT REINFORCES NEGATIVITY]

they will Draw you from inside heart/soul to the very forces that work, to keep you in BONDAGE TO THEM.

OR they will send them to you, God also can send and pull but when one has bad radar/fragmentation the ability to Discern, and when there is sin, as well, is cloudy...dark,

and That is why, God will sometimes force you outside the camp.  So to speak,

BEWARE of those who try to FORCE you back into the camp because IF you are not well and in OBEDIENCE to Jesus, GOD, then it's the enemy using you, to do harm and to be a weed.  Toxins, this is why the church is full of weeds...

weeds choke water btw, water that is given to both herb, flower, vine and weed.  We can have weeds inside us too, like bitter roots [Hebrews], Paul didn't say NOT to have bitter root, he said, Watch out for those bitter roots that they don't overtake you and many be defiled...there is bitterness in life in lives of horrid abuse there yes, is Bitterness.  Any Christian who tells you that you are not to have bitterness from rape, abuse, etc. is a voice of the lie--you are NOT to let bitterness CONTROL YOU, you are to OVERCOME THAT BITTERNESS, but that doesn't mean that bitterness doesn't exist, it sure does.  To get out a weed sometimes one has to dig Deep to get at the root, yanking [that whole denial/stuff/put aside without dealing] the weed, only gets the top part, it will come back again and again if not dug deep and pulled out BY THE ROOT....the thing is, there is often more than one Weed in our soul bed.  IF we do not let the Holy Spirit deal with them they Will choke out the water and prevent the Seed of God's Word from producing FRUIT.  That is when you get a bed full of thorns, thistles and brier...TOXIC.

This is why being outside the camp, often means, working in that soul Garden, letting God work, as only HE CAN DO ANYHOW, and learning how to Tend to your soul garden, in HIS LOVE,




See we can look at those verses in the negative [religion/dogma/woman hate esp] or in the positive, tree of life.

The thing is, being outside the camp, can and IS lonely, it IS also not comfortable because the GRUDGE can be really strong and must also be dealt with and it can be very dark.  It is a  valley and if there is sin/rebellion God is dealing with Yes there can be oppression, sometimes it takes that to get us to a point where we CRY OUT TO HIM--RATHER THAN TO OTHERS, who like Job's friends will give us wrong advice because THEY DON'T SEE, WHAT GOD SEES...

modern religion/man tells us that we depend on the visual and the material.  This is where nature, is so important, because the material is idols, goods of EGYPT, house of bondage.  They do not have LIFE IN THEM, they are matter that have no life.  The Spirit does not speak through objects...this is also another disconnect, one that is HUGE today.  WE were created to Tend to Nature and the Animals -- the Earth, the Garden,

Genesis, it's right there.  WE were not created to be slaves to make idols of gold silver brass and wood.  NOR were we created to be dominant gods over one another.  To live in harmony and to be Servants to GOD yes, to the LORD GOD, yes, to take Care of one another Yes, to rule, dominate, destroy, consume, NO...we spend more time in our lives taking care of material objects that have NO LIFE, no SPIRIT OF GOD GIVING THE LIFE then we wonder, why we are So disconnected from Him and from Each Other.

In the Old Testament they lived and depended on the land/water/ the Wilderness, they depended on GOD AND GOD ALONE.  Much like the Native Indian Tribes, they knew, that without rain, they would perish, they knew, that without rich soil, they would starve, they knew, that without the help of all in the tribe, they would be weak and divided.  They knew, harmony, with nature, the Great Spirit [GOD] and each other.  Those were the Ancients...they did NOT have fragmented souls like we do today--NOT until, they began [some] to worship things/gods and to dominate, each other, Woman, slaves, other tribes.

For a tribe to live there had to be HARMONY, when there was friction then that had to be dealt with, that is why yes, sometimes when there is inner friction, God will remove you to the outside of the camp [tribe] so to speak.  HARMONY IN THE TRIBE so to speak cannot occur when GOD IS NOT THE CENTER, GOD AS IN 'LOVE' of the tribe.  Dominance, competition, prejudices, etc. will divide harmony.  They will also work in the destroyer mode.  Another topic, another time,

this is why, when there is THE GRUDGE, it is vital, that it is dealt with, and only God can do this, in HIS way.  [there I think can be other grudges I do know it's tied into family iniquity, that much I do know--it can also be a national and/or religious occult grudge, read Ezekiel, and though we are NOT under OT law anymore, beware of those who push the whole ancestor curse thing in extremes, Jesus redeems us from the curse of the law, that includes family However Iniquity, is something else, that we have to Depart from, be aware of and overcome/put away, etc., this is what takes discernment AND TIME ALONE WITH GOD/PRAYER/WORD MEDITATION.]  There are no 'formulas' for this...formulas work a bit like 'enchantments' this is why there can be occult in yes, religion.  The use of dark sentences/chants can be done through the use of SCRIPTURE, in fact I think, it's one of the most Dangerous RA abuses there is.  

This is why Love is so powerful, but WE can't LOVE when we are disconnected in ourselves, from each other, from nature and from God.

to be continued....