Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



The End Result of Going After & Targeting Fundie Groups is Ultimate Failure and Why.

Over the past few months, well actually a bit longer, I've been contemplating What it is, about the numerous confrontations to Fundamentalism, Christian in particularly and why it bothered me.  It wasn't that I didn't Concur with the Confrontation because I do and they are Needed, but

something wasn't quite right.  After the discussion on patriarchal fundamentalist cults/Christian and Homeschooling, this became more pressing to me and the cognitive dissonance I had been struggling with began to manifest itself in a huge way, yet I still couldn't put my finger on What exactly was it, Was it the Privilege confronting only their Privilege groups?  I've seen that, but this was something more than that,

and then today it dawned on me, what it was/is exactly, that I see that well, the best way I could describe it, would be the woman in the Bible who was bleeding out for years and Rather go to Jesus and hanging on to the hem of His garment to be healed, She instead hangs onto the garments of the very Doctors, that bled her dry in the first place--bled her money promising her healing that is.

And I couldn't get upset about this Because well, I understand it and I understand Why people will hang onto a falling down house so to speak.  When I left socialist party it was a painstaking decision, you see I invested YEARS and I do mean YEARS into the platform, party, beliefs, ideology, history, etc., all of it, it Was my Religion for many years.  I knew about the flaws but yet like many in the New Left today, we believed that in spite of the past horrors We would be different, WE would change and reform and after all, it wasn't the Ideology that was flawed, oh no,

it was only a Few Bad Apples.  It was only in how it was applied.  And btw one could take Capitalism and outline it the very same way...but my religion at least economically was at That time, Socialism.  When I faced up to the Huge betrayals to women's rights, human rights and yes even economic equality in socialism, this did not come overnight...but slowly with each revealing, each manifestation of something that was poisonous but for years you see I could come up with a hundred different reasons as to Why those revealings simply were not enough to take a very Hard Critical look at socialism in it's fullest glory.  

Well, when I began to dump the loyalty guilt and look at Truth rather than Utopia, I began to see but also I began to feel very disillusioned.  I didn't want to embrace capitalism, though for a few months I tried, sure enough the analysis of by socialist theory was in at least that aspect, very true, and I to this day do not support capitalism.  On the other hand however I couldn't support socialism either, especially not the Vanguard type.  This was extremely difficult because when you invest Trust and Belief in an ideology, any ideology and you form strong comradely in that, to leave is like ripping apart of yourself away.  You deal with the 'traitor' guilt, condemnation, the doubts especially self doubt because hey, if you've been fooled once maybe you'll be fooled again.  I believe this is probably one of the Main reasons I don't get into group think ideologies any longer, what I mean by that is this belief that one has to vow all allegiance to a system of beliefs without any deviance or critical thought or analysis..that in of itself is very dangerous and the foundation for establishing a mind control/social control of the masses  In other words, this is how dictatorships and despotic demi-god regimes are formed.

The same goes for Religion, All Religions.  The issue I have with Only confronting Fundamentalism is that it fails to take into serious consideration that the Entire Belief system itself, may be or is flawed.  It's like, the Fruits are being known and rather dump the entire tree, there are those who are so afraid to like, just dump the entire Deathly thing....because to Do so would mean to look square in the face the core of the belief itself.  In other words, Fundamentalism is NOT the problem,

Fundamentalism, such as the QF and the Ultra Patriarchal, etc., is not the Root, hardly, it is the FRUIT,


To confront with vehemence Fundamentalism without confronting the Mainstream and Entire History [which shows Mega amount of evidence of TYRANNY] is an oxymoron if there ever was one.  The Fundamentalists didn't Create the perversions or the tyranny, they simply, followed what was ALREADY THERE IN HISTORY, DEVELOPMENT OF CHRISTIANITY AND THE ENTIRE BELIEF SYSTEM OF THE BIBLE.

Call it wrong interpretation all you want, but Fact remains, the Majority of Christian Interpretation has led to

Torture/Rape/Abuse of women throughout the ENTIRE TIME LINE OF THE RELIGION
Torture of any who dissent
War mongering
Trafficking [sex] since B.C. and Slavery, FACT
Economic Slavery [this is where Marx, hate him all you want, was Right on the money]
Religious Wars
Torture, Slaughter and GENOCIDE against those who are declared 'the enemy'

Christianity and Judaism in their history have been in themselves, Yes, Totalitarian, Authoritarian and Brutal....whether Byzantine [slaughter of all Pagan or Folk Slavs when they took over Russia, FACT], Catholicism [gee do I Even need to go into the genocides there, the slavery, the lust for gold, the pagan worship, etc],  and Protestantism....Slavery, Genocide [yes Including I might add to refute one Christian opinion, responsible for Mass Terror, Torture and Coups in South America--including torture of children, there are numerous records of Fact on these and the terror networks supported by yes Reagan and other Neo-Con Christian Right supported Administrations were in fact, of the Nazi bent--especially in South America.  FACT.

And well Colonization, can't forget that...and with the confrontation/bashing of Islam, how soon they forget, Islam was an Outgrowth and Fruit of

Christianity [Catholicism]\ and Judaism [OT law]....FACT.  It didn't grow out of fact when Islam became supreme in the Middle East they butchered pagan and animist peoples, another FACT.

Does this mean, by my saying all the above, that I don't believe in Jesus?  No, it doesn't, but what it Does mean, is that Yes damn right, I question the legitimacy of the Bible, Common Sense would tell us, one would Think, that IF Christian Fundies can Change the Bible and Throw out scriptures they don't Like, such as the story about Jesus and the woman caught in adultery, they don't like that so they want to throw it out...if it can be done Today,

what the fuck, seriously, does one not think this couldn't have happened Before?  With men who in their lust for power, the Roman Empire...didn't take a few letters, leave out many others, hide many or's sure as hell Possible...funny that Jesus didn't Say, The "BIBLE" will lead you into all truth, no, HE SAID,


The Evidence is that the Papacy, one didn't Allow any 'common dumb peasant masses' to even have access to scripture so sure enough, the Foundation of that whole church was CORRUPT AS HELL, charging people money for forgiveness, FACT....then later when the Bible was printed up, then it Still was controlled at least the doctrines by a few select--groups of MEN who in their Zest for POWER were responsible for numerous deaths, religious wars, BUTCHERING OF WOMEN like no other, and the enslavement [as well as Gold lust] of numerous non-white people, FACT.

And NOW that the Fruits are come forth today more and more, we want to simply say,

why it's Only the Fundies?

That's like saying, to Communism, why it's only the KGB, the rest is Fine. 


And like communism, for years the followers did all to reform, to hold up, to maintain, to EXPLAIN AWAY, why it's Stalin or it was Capitalism and the Imperialist West and blah blah blah

NO, it was the belief that a vanguard of a select FEW had the right to be GOD over the entire state and Then some.

Same way with representative's amazing how many really are so gullible to belief that WE live in this direct action democracy, NO, we live in a REPUBLIC, you know, Plato's Republic, hardly direct democracy...sure it has democratic character...under REPRESENTATIVE 'ELITISM' which today is based on relying on the political ignorance [esp of history] of citizens as well as Charisma...or downright Apathy, FACT, ore people vote for American Idol than the do for the Elections.  

that isn't democracy, that is a form of representation that well, leaves a lot to be desired, especially if one wants to pull into the other parties such as Corporations, Lobbyists, so forth.  Right or Left, it's the same shit...and probably always will be, if not worse in the future.

And what many American's may not know, is that representative democracy, the term they use, Was in fact, to keep the dumb property less owners OUT of government and have the masses ruled by what the elites then, deemed as the Only ones who were of mind to Rule, Aristotle in it's finest....of course giving off the impression as time went on, as those RESTLESS NATIVES GOT MORE RESTLESS, that the opinions of the common masses, actually Mattered.

By their Fruits ye shall know them....

this doesn't Mean, that those Fruits should be without flaws or perfect, that is not possible, we are human after all and humans do er, humans Do evolve, somewhat, sometimes maybe the evolve then de-evolve, haven't quite decided on That one but by the defining by Fruits,

over a long long period of time, IF those Fruits are Always consistent [even with reform] with murder, violence, rape, slavery, terrorism, greed, etc., then, uh,


Either there is a fraudulent counterfeit or space aliens that have taken over as pods OR

the belief system in itself is Terribly Flawed and needs another look.

Maybe even overthrown, with Theocracy I tend to support the latter, why I do not support the Other fascist extremes of Thought Control, you know the ones who want to Eradicate all forms of faith and have you believe in their god of science, technology or what have you, which when those desires are met with zealous persecution that in of itself is just another RELIGION....mob rule is jut that, mob rule.

But when Religion becomes such a widespread terror network that especially forces belief, then it must be OVERTHROWN, PERIOD.  That is my belief and I stand on that one...I'm talking about Religion that is established By Man and the Rule of by Man....State,

I am a huge believer of Separation of Church [religion included, that goes for Islam, don't like to too fucking bad, shove your cultural relativism and your Trojan Horse take overs] and State.

I am also a believer in freedom of Religion IF that Religion isn't causing abuse, Human Right abuses, and Terror.

Now it would be easy to right there, go, well religion except for those 'fundies' but NOPE, you see it's not just Fundies....Fundies are the Fruit of a sinister framework of beliefs that the Basis of those beliefs, since 300 something A.D. have been founded on

gold and money entitlements at the expense of others
abuse and hatred of women, imprisoning of women, forced marriages and that is the basis of yes sex slavery/prostitution because it sets women up as Property, a Commodity to be bought, sold and exchanged
and the list goes on and on and on

It does NO good to go after these Fundie Cults when you support Mainstream Christianity [or Churchianity] that donates Mega amounts of money into the political machine that Does push for policies that ARE TRYANNICAL

maybe not to You white male privilege

but to Women, YES

to People of other Races, Yes

to People of other Races/Developing Countries, Yes

these fundie Cults didn't just come out from the yonder land somewhere, they Came out of the very mainstream conservative Christian beliefs that have been the backbone of the Western Nations--a.k.a. capitalist racist chauvinist misogynist and yes, Imperialist.

What we are seeing today is the Privilege White Christian going after the Fruit of what Privilege in this nation Created in the first place,

like a pit bull that has turned ugly, that is what Fundamentalism is...but the Culprit, I'm afraid to say,

goes way back...

this is Why, back in the 80s and 70s, we didn't see Christians all in an uproar over sermons on wife submission, oh no, it was just tolerated, it was ONLY when Fundamentalism became more extreme in it's carrying out clergy power that THEN, many Christians began to uh, bitch, to put it nicely,

when Blacks were mistreated in this country by so called Mainstream Christians no one bitched then, when Black women were raped by white KKK members no one bitched then, when Latina women were gang raped/and raped on our borders no one bitched then,

when the poor in this nation [poor whites included] were oppressed and discriminated against No one bitched Then,

and Guess what, many Still don't bitch, hell many don't even take a damn Look--except they throw out a few 'oh that's so tragic, well ya know God loves them and blah blah blah',

but Oh, let some Christian Fundie get up in a pulpit and let him preach the ultra patriarchal doctrines and it be a THREAT to the LIBERTY OF ALL CHRISTIANS


and Then it's Oh my Gosh you know those Fundies we just got to stop them...

and the 'oh that isn't Really Christianity you know that's just THEIR literal interpretation of the scriptures'




so now Why is it, that many Seeing the Ill Fruits, rather than Walk away and Dump this Poisonous Rotted Tree of DEATH,

are still hanging on, to the wrong Hem, and trying to save a dying house?

Because they are Afraid to take a dang good hard look Critically at the Faith itself, that Maybe, just Maybe the Bible is flawed, or Maybe, just Maybe there really Isn't any Jesus or God,

maybe if we Just focus on those nasty fundies why we can Save our ailing Faith!

I find it Amazing that after hundreds of years, after them having their people murdered By Christians no less, having their languages forcibly taken from them, having their women raped, being colonized, enslaved, etc., that Their Beliefs in their Spiritual since B.C. times ARE STILL 




the Native Indians...who Also believe in a Great Spirit [Holy Spirit], who also believe in a teacher or messiah [they call him white man, we call him Jesus and there ARE many Native Indian Christians today who still go by Their beliefs as well as the Christian], and who still respect the ways of the ancients, respect for Mother Earth, who do NOT oppress [generally] women nor teach the oppression of women as Sanctified,

and their Fruits are more what Jesus spoke of,

than all the Years of Churchianity COMBINED.

Gee what does that tell us?

Something is Flawed, that's what it tells us, and it starts with the Bible, with the Catholic Papacy [Roman Empire like Pantheon beliefs turned Christian] and their child, Protestantism.

Some call it the Babylonian Whore,

I think they may be on to something....

so instead we go after those dang Fundies...but don't DARE look critically at the religion of itself...and like those attempting to Reform Islam,

we are finding, especially Women, that is simply doesn't WORK.

You can't change something that is That corrupt, no didn't work with Communism, it didn't work with Socialism or Capitalism which is today's Fascist Corporatism,

and it sure as hell ain't gonna work, with Christianity either.

IF overall the FRUITS are not there, THEN we need to take a hard look, and find out WHY.

OR, take a hard look at What we are believing...

I did do this, why I left Christianity as a Religion, why I left doctrines traditionally taught, why I left the entire culture and why I will NEVER, go back,

but I also found my faith stronger...leaning to Indian beliefs, or nature But,

what I found, is that the Bible, has Truth in Does,

but it's like that fruit off that tree, good and evil,

that temptation, the serpent, when he told Eve a little truth with some ME that is how I take the Bible,

the truth is there, but a lot of it is wrapped up in a clever lie.  I may well be Wrong on this but it is something I've I take the Bible, metaphorically, observe nature, the ancient ways and Dump the rest.

That rest included Christianity or what  call Mensianity or Churchianity.

Now my focus is on Fruit, in my life, I am finding, to get to that place, I've had to Leave religion, dogma, and yes,

the focusing on Fundamentalism as well.  It's a distraction and a very clever on at that...either

find the Hem of Jesus and go touch it,

or keep hanging on to the Hem of Religion, of those doctors of Theology and let them bleed you dry, of money, of energy, of faith and of love,

that Dead, poisonous Tree, of Good and Evil.

I think...I'd rather, find the Tree of LIFE, and Stay there.  It's shaky leaving the 'dogma' and 'ideology' at first, I know I've done it, but the thing is, like with socialism, I found many points of that I still adhere to but I don't have to hang on to a dying flawed ideology that leads only to death and terror, no, I can form my own economic theories and try to live by them as best as I can, and the thing I found,

is that in doing that comes Freedom.  It takes step out, and leave what you've look at it honestly and see that well, maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be.  Take the good, dump the rest,

IF I would have from Fear chosen to hang in there and save a dying and very poisonous ideology I would have lost myself and quite possibly my soul,

same is true for Religion, including yes, Christianity.  It IS hard leaving the fold, it Is hard to think differently, it Is hard to be deemed a rebel or heretic,

but one thing gives me comfort, it wasn't the Free thinkers who Crucified Jesus, 

it was the RELIGIONS, both one God and pantheon beliefs/political,

[speaking secular lens here, not spiritual].  by their FRUITS ye shall know them.....that is All Fruits,

history does NOT lie.  Neither does mass graves of many, who Died for not adhering---way before Fundie Cults even got their start...

just saying

In solidarity,