Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montanta) Can't Be Tamed Video and the Genius Behind Part 2 -section A

For part I of this Series see:

I am dividing Part 2 of this Series into two or three parts, depending on how much information I decide to put into, because after this Series I will be following up with a comparative analysis on today's spiritual warfare and the story line of Final Fantasy 7, that relates to much of what I will be writing about here.  Before I begin, however, I wanted to add a few things to last night's post, on confronting patriarchal fundamentalism or fundamentalism and what I said about the Bible, etc.  I thought and prayed about this, this morning and I got a  lot of answers, more like a Closure on all the numerous things the Spirit has been showing me this past year, putting all the 'puzzle' pieces together so to speak.  Anyway, what I wrote about the Bible may be misleading to some so I'd like to clarify, this is in regards to the post below or last night's post.  When I say I question the legitimacy of the Bible that does not mean I don't Believe in the Bible, because I do, however I am very skeptical of the translations, the putting the Canon together and how much of the literal word is true.  I Do believe that in numerous ways the Bible was tampered with by power monger men who utilized the letters and testimonies for their own Political gain, to control the minds through Fear.  Oddly however, if you read the Bible through the lens of love, the Holy Spirit, it will show this,

to me it's like a type of spiritual book that can be Used for either good or evil, depending on who is reading and Why they are reading, teaching, so forth....because it IS of the Spiritual Realm.  In a more simpler way of explaining, to me it's like a 'magic' book, OK, like in that movie Charmed, which of course is about witches and sorcery, warlocks, wizards, and all that, they had the book of the Bible is Not a Book of Shadows BUT to those who are of the 'dark forces' by either their choice or their desire the Bible can be used as a form of shadows, what Daniel called Dark Sentences.  And I think, how some of this is done IS through the use of language, now I can't outline the details of this, but it's what I've seen spiritually and I guess the best way to describe this is that the Bible is a key of sorts, hidden among truths and lies, and this is why so much Evil can be done, yes through using the Word.  Personally, not a thus saith the Lord, but personally I think some of the writing of the Bible, had some deliberate attempt at doing this--that God allowed maybe, I don't know, but I think, the KEY is, those who Choose Love over Power, will see it, those who Choose Love over Measurement, will see it, through the work of the Holy Spirit.  

I don't have as much problems with the Old Testament or with the Gospels [Jesus's Word] as I do with the Pauline Letters, of which If taken literally can be weapons of death, same with the Old Testament.  Some of this again goes back to the use of language and how language depicts what we see in the Material World, how we measure, judge, etc., but without the spirit the keys are easy to miss, and that may be done on purpose....remember God said these things are hidden to those who are of no faith, or when Paul said the heard but didn't believe because their Hearts did not have faith--Faith works by LOVE, not 'eros' love, not matter love, but Love, God's kind of Love, not Religious pretense love, but Love that is Truth. To close Jesus said,

John 5:39-47 (King James Version)

 39Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.
 40And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.
 41I receive not honour from men.
 42But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.
 43I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.
 44How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?
 45Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.
 46For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me.
 47But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?

To those who have ears let them hear what the Spirit is saying...

OK, going back to original topic at hand...Hannah Montana, a few days ago I wrote about the music video "I Can't Be Tamed" and the uproar it has caused and the brilliant meanings behind that video that I believe many missed.  Just my opinion on this, not saying that she or the market she works for Deliberately put those meanings into the video or the song for that matter, but they are there and so I wanted to explore them because they Do address several important issues we are facing today.  The oppression and caging of the environment, of animals and of women.  Right now I want to focus on the environment [Mother Earth] and the parallels To that degradation of the environment for Idolatry and the debasing of Women, She, and why both are in fact, an outright slander and attack on God, the Creator who is both Male AND Female.  Fe-Male, both, we have a difficult time in seeing how this could be without the dividing etc., but if you study plants then it's not so hard to see or understand how something Spiritual could yes [and I believe IS] both male and female, or FE-MALE.  With the Fall came the division and death of the FE-MALE, in the world of matter,

human matter that is.  The first clue of this is right after the fruit of knowledge is taken, when Adam and Eve [remember they didn't see until After Adam had eaten] realized they were Naked.  That was the Division or Separation right there, not down the road, the death had already begun, the separation of two in one unit into enemies.  Naked means shame, but what is interesting to have shame, naked one has to have self hate, self loathing, so really the First Separation was the separation of self from God.  God is love therefore to be separated by a lie is to have self hate.  From there we see a spiral moving downwards into an abyss of hate, separation, blaming each other, lording it over and pain and murder and so forth....but what I want to focus on is the other part we Don't hear about in religion, and that was the Separation from the Earth, our Mother in God [FE-MALE, the FE],

now, before I post the video let me say, when I say Mother Earth, do not think New Age, because I'm not talking here about Worshiping the Mother Earth, or asking you to look at the Earth as a separate Unit, Mother, instead, remember, God created the earth and space, etc., with His Word, Let there be.....then the Lord God put two trees, Tree of LIFE and Tree of Knowledge of good/evil, in the Creation those Trees work like an invisible string and in the first Creation Story remember God said, let the earth bear plants, trees, etc., that bear seed after their own kind and then the animals were created not All from the dirt/earth but only those who crawled on earth, remember the birds created out of sky and fish, etc., out of ocean/waters.  Try to imagine an invisible string/s and a physics force, atoms, molecules, etc., and yes there was some form of evolution Because after the first creation story it says, These are the GENERATION'S, that implies time.  Also when God made man He also said Replenish the earth, to replenish means something had to have been Before, an interesting observation from a poster over at GLP.  Anyway, the Lord God made or formed Adam out of Dust, Clay from EARTH, earth our Mother....that dust scientists know today, which is a combination of ELEMENTS, are in Outer Space.  The breathe [air] comes from God...Father, this is also similar to Native Indian beliefs.  Anyhooo.....if you are having trouble with the elements thing, remember your body has to have all elements in diet/vitamins and minerals And air and water to live--get these out of balance and you have serious problems, etc.  So, we are made up of elements from Earth and Sky [air, water, etc] so yes, Mother Earth, Father Sky, God being all of it...not Pan now, but God.  [I throw that in there because of the Fear factor of Religion that blinds people, there are Numerous scriptures to back all this up but it would take literally a Book to get into here] 

so, ok so Adam and Eve disobey God and then the Separation...what I want to focus on or get your eyes toward is the Separation from the Earth, the Garden of Eden [has  several meanings by the way] and recall, the beginning, let them have dominion on the Earth, etc., the Lord God puts Adam and Eve in the Garden and says let them TEND to the Garden...Dominion and Tend are two different things, One of the theories I have [not a thus saith the Lord] is that the first story is creation of angels and the second, the Lord God is creation of man, because there ARE differences in the two.  This would explain why the serpent told Eve, you'll be as the 'gods', If the angels fallen were ruling and slaving then possibly Adam and Eve wanted freedom from that OR maybe they wanted to BE gods, I don't know wasn't there and again this is all speculation....If my theory is right then this was a war possibly for dominion [and a school lesson by God, the mystery] and well, this Would go along with the ancient creation stories of the Sumerians, etc., and remember, later in Genesis, when Adam and Eve were kicked out of garden the Lord God said, 'they NOW know good and evil like Us', etc., Lest they take of the Tree of Life put cherubim s, etc., two flaming swords, so forth...I wondered about this, IF they had of been able to take of the Tree of Life there would be no hope for humanity, so Obviously there is more To this whole process or reason behind all of Why we were created and so forth, I tend to believe this is a 1. school and 2. a choice and 3. a sorting at the end, etc., just my opinion, and it's to be like the angels, Servants of God, for the next earth, etc., not Lords or 'gods' but Servants, based on what the angel says to John in Rev, you're a fellow Servant.  Remember God's good angels always say, do not worship me but the only God, etc.  God knows both good and evil, so then His servants/children to be in His likeness also must know--would be kind of difficult to serve God in eternity and not know, then we'd be robots/slaves, and that btw obviously was one of the Lies of the serpent, when we Love and Serve that isn't Slavery, that is LOVE.  

So...the separation between man/woman [Adam and Eve] and separation between them and God [lack of love/shame, etc] and then the separation between man, woman and this video, rather than look at Miley as bird as female here, look at it from the perspective of her, that bird being what Mother Earth is singing, saying...

Let's look at the video again before I continue...

In the beginning we see Miley, the bird ducked down in the nest shamed, hiding, from the probing eyes of the buyers, etc.  Then she rises up and sings she can't be Tamed, well Mother Earth can't be tamed either,

the belief is that the world [nature] and animals were turned violent/wild with Adam and Eve after the fall, I tend to believe that it was human Nature and the spiral to death that Corrupted the Earth, as the Lord God says in regards to Noah, the flood, that the Earth herself had become Corrupted.  We know in evolution that animals adapt new methods to survive the Onslaught of Mankind on this planet--a.k.a. Corruption.  The Bird represents the animals and Mother Nature [earth] being Pissed, one that they are now under the rule of FALLEN SINFUL HUMANITY and then two they are now in a DEFENSE POSITION.

Remember the Earth gives us LIFE.  The Native Indians [and other native tribes/indigenous peoples] as Well as the Old Testament Hebrews [fact] believed that our Life, water, food, corn, wine were from the Earth, GOD and that there was to be Respect to GOD and to the EARTH, there were Numerous laws in OT law about the caring for Mother Earth, and yes GOD did refer to EARTH as SHE.  The Penalty of degrading, abusing and corrupting Mother Earth, by worshiping other gods, idols which are things taken from LIFE things such as trees and turning them into objects then Worshiping those and wanting more, more, and more brought GOD'S PUNISHMENT AND WRATH...same goes for the blood letting, remember after Abel was killed, the blood cries out from the ground, GOD told Noah later that blood spilled on earth WOULD BE REQUIRED at HIS hand,

it's serious business spilling innocent blood onto the earth, the Mother--OT law, do NOT boil the goat kid in Mother's Milk, that is what that means...because it was Representative of what Humans with greed, lack of love, etc., DO to our Planet.

Can't be Tamed...WE like the SERPENT have been raping and plundering and dominating the Mother Earth for goods, food [over zealously so], for OIL, for tons and tons and tons of CLOTHES, TO COVER OUR 'NAKEDNESS', our Shame in being ourselves, etc., to hide under that Pretense,

and she is saying, all over, I CAN'T BE TAMED...BY YOU,

and more and more Humanity in their attempt to Dominate the Earth, are bringing about their own

DESTRUCTION.  to be continued....for now will close with this Video, please think on it because I will pick back up on this Tomorrow.