Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.





For months I had heard from various youth that Hannah Montana had gone down the tubes so to speak with her new style, etc.....we are I'm sure all aware of the downward slope of the music industry and the exploitation of girls/women In that industry, the market of soft porn sex, etc..  Personally I do not believe that it's the Innocence Disney then the Slutty Emerging into the Mainstream that is often spouted by the public, quite the contrary, the 'exploitation' Begins with the LIE of the innocent 'virginal' creature Snow White.  The patriarchal 'fuck-rape' dream of the virgin, begins in the imagery of Fairy Tale.

But my focus here today isn't on That aspect so much as it is on the genius and very Truth telling exposure from a video that I believe due to the usual marketing/style of devirginizing Snow White in the music industry, Many did miss.  And in fact, the clever message if any were to Look beyond the Shock of a girl grown into woman, Hannah, and see the other meanings, they would find I believe, two very Serious Issues confronting the world today,

the oppression of women And

the oppression of the animals and environment, pay attention to the latter Especially.

Let's begin, with the video--watch two times, and pay attention to the Other details behind Hannah's dancing, etc.

The video begins with a showing of a rare species in an exhibit for the obviously 'elites' of society, this isn't new news btw, in not so ancient times people with disabilities, mental and physical, were Put onto display for public ridicule, dark entertainment and mocking...of course for the profit of the handlers and these cruelties Still exist today in many parts of the world...though I won't get into this here but we could include Porn here, especially hard core/war porn, etc., because it's basically the same thing--voyeurism getting off on violence, spectacle and imprisoning of those weaker or defenseless.  And it's obvious from the video and what we know about the music industry/movies, etc., that the song is about the role expectations and pressures put onto those in the industry for the feasting of the public--the public representing the elite and/or vampires in a consumerist society especially.

However I would like for you to focus on another point that this video I believe does bring out and that is the voyeurism humanity has towards Animals and Environment.  The treatment of animals, environment and Women is intertwined, the entitlement belief to enslave, pillage, chain and CAGE for the amusement and titillation of the voyeur/master/handler  are in fact Identical, in nature, in ritual and in the violence of the colonization.  The intended result is to break the Spirit of the 'pet' within the cage so that the 'pet' can never leave, escape or love from their own autonomy.  

The song, she repeats several times that she can't be tamed, yet in the end of the video she is still in the cage...the question that Should be asked here is what happens to the Spirit of the one in the cage, be it animal, environment or woman?  While they may be subdued, their Spirit will never completely be tamed nor die to the desire for freedom, the desire to spread their wings and fly and to breathe without the suffocation of the serpent so to speak that is always upon them.  One of the best examples of this Truth is what happens to actual Birds who are taken from their natural habitats including those who are bred in so called 'bird mills' and then taking these birds and putting them into a cage, as 'pets' and then attempting to 'change them' like the song says into a creature that is in compliant agreement with the master/handler or owner

when in fact, they never truly are.  This is why birds wings have to be clipped, it doesn't matter if one keeps that bird and spoils it with plastic toys [not natural or native to their Native habitats] feeds it the best of dietary food, handles it often, If and When that bird's wings grow back that Bird will Always attempt to fly away if a window is open or a door, etc., Because that is what birds by Nature were created for, they were created From the Sky, the Bible says [for those who don't believe in the Bible we could use simple physics of wing structure, birds were Not created to live in cages, it's that simple] and they were created to FLY,

not be 'pets'.  Now one Can free flight train a bird [parrot,etc] and due to the Trust built and the fact that the bird is allowed to Be a Bird, that bird will usually fly back but even in Those conditions there has to be a long amount of training, certain environmental conditions so not to spook the bird and so forth, because it is Still not 'nature' or natural.  

And yes many will say, "Oh but it isn't Like that with MY bird, MY pet, my pet loves me, etc.", as a parrot rescuer [very small scale, I don't take in parrots today but I still have four that live with our family] I can Assure you, no matter how much that parrot/s may Love you, given the chance, even with years of forced domestication, that parrot/bird Cannot be tamed...given the chance, that bird will break away and fly....because Instinct is a force that No Human can erase....break, dis-empower, cripple yes, erase NO.

And this is what happens when the Spirit of a bird, left in a cage, is is not pretty,

This is the image, the TRUTH, about the condition of the Spirit within a caged pet bird...the same is true when humans attempt to cage Women especially in patriarchal-misogynist societies and the same is true when Humans attempt to cage the Environment....the recent oil gushing in the Gulf should not need photo images to relay the brutal truth of this fact,

when Humans play 'god', they do not give LIFE, but rather they cage and enslave the Spirit that should have

never been tamed....

to begin with.  

The definition of 'tame' is 1.  reduce from the state of Native Wildness as to be able to control, 2.  to force submission, and 3.  lacking spirit, zest, etc., 


While many may have scoffed, laughed, ridiculed this video due to the music industry influence/content and exploitation that yes the Public is more responsible for than the industry itself, remember its Supply and DEMAND, not just Supply,

what many Didn't see, is the background of this video....let's go back and watch it again, and See if you can pick out the other 'chained' beings and symbolism's of these...

Notice first the Raven wings, a bird that has been for centuries demonized as an 'evil' symbolism, however in the Bible, the Raven was the first to be set free from the ark, Noah's ark.  The Raven which yes is a scavenger is also one of the most playful birds in the wild, with a sense of humor.  Fact is these birds are highly intelligent and extremely beneficial to humanity.  I believe and as one documentary revealed that IF not for the Ravens, during the Black Plague, or Black Death, more humans would have died due to the spread of that disease because the dead were put onto the streets as there was not enough people to bury them in time and the Ravens, being the 'nature' scavengers they are while eating the remains prevented further spreading of the plague which nearly wiped out all of Europe.  

The other symbolism's are for one the Polar Bear behind the window of obviously a 'museum', a place where humanity holds the conquests of human knowledge endeavor under yes often the guise of 'enlightenment' and even 'education' and where cities of great wealth and the elites can showcase their wealth of conquest of such knowledge, including stuffed animals that were one time hunted or that may still be hunted.  Ironically however with all the museums and zoos and all the education and caging and showcasing of these animals we Still have not come up with the knowledge on how to preserve them and End the exploitation of we Still have people who see nothing wrong with butchering animals simply to wear their temperatures that these furs are Not even necessary....they are simply worn to show off wealth, prestige and glamor.  At the expense of the animals of course,

the Native Indians believed you use every part of an animal taken and Only from earth what you Need...

there is much wisdom in that,

and today, Polar Bears are dying because of mass consumption, which causes global warming and so forth.  I will expand more on the environmental in the following series on this video and others,

for now...I will close with a few more symbols that I will return to also in the following series,

the Ram in the back and the Peacock, both which in numerous ancient beliefs have strong Spiritual meanings as well as Warnings,

that we'd be Wise to take heed to today...

I will end, with these two videos, THESE BIRDS, CANNOT BE TAMED, NOR SHOULD THEY EVER BE...

birds caged...

Birds FREE...

foster parrots @ Yahoo! Video


Hannah said...

Hannah is such a pretty girl, and very talented. I hope she doesn't sell out like some lost souls before her.

WOW... that video! I see what you are talking about.

JaneDoeThreads said...

Yea you know I didn't watch it for the longest time because I had heard or read negative things, and well I'm not really a huge fan of what I call 'youth' pop, though there are a few songs I've heard off the Disney/Nick shows when my kids watched that I did like, eg. Selma and the song "Naturally" which the video has some kick ass graphics and she's got great fashion taste, lol, ah but anyway, my music love goes All over the place, as long as it's somewhat clean, not violent, etc., [not that it has to be puritan or anything but to me the song has to Speak something, if it's just the oh baby let me do ya then I'm like yea 'turn off' find another...LOL]

anyhoo, yea This video I loved it actually and I LOVE The song in fact so much I'm going to get it for my Pod, but to Me I just saw Huge connotations [whether they were deliberate on Their part I do not know] with the enslaving of women, women in industry, animals and environment/mother earth and Her rage,

like a volcano and then the sad part, at the end where she's still in the cage,

the video just has So many various intertwined meanings and I tend to go through all of them, because they speak a Lot of relevance to So many issues I write/advocate about and the thing is too, there are numerous Other female messages that are coming out, all over the place and I do believe this is Spiritual...I'll be getting into that one a bit more today.