Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



WATER, PART II, What's With the Whole Concur with the Patri Bashing they love you but Mention Class or Race, OUTSIDE THE CAMP YA GO?

Notes from OUTSIDE the CAMP and IN DE WILDERNESS!  See Also, WATER, 

So what's with this always being tossed OUTSIDE THE CAMP when one mentions CLASS OR RACE, but everything is fine if one is ONLY pointing out to the evils of PATRICENTER OR PATRIARCHY?????

and Jesus what's with this also being tossed OUTSIDE the CAMP if one ventures off into a different use of language, metaphors, Symbolism's, abstracts, poetry, music,  that may be Yes similar to other beliefs but still are NOT the same?  What gives with this fascist 'group think' control?

Is it so much being OUTSIDE the CAMP or is it, just being or choosing to not follow the 'crowd' but instead follow your own Heart?  That isn't an easy question nor does it give easy answers...the claims of WEED tend to come through like a bombardment of missiles making it extremely difficult to hear what the Spirit is saying, Unless,

one gets heavily into the Word and then there is Peace...but in THIS SOCIETY, to try and swim against the grain, or GRAINS is like a salmon swimming upstream with porcupine barbs being constantly thrown at her.

But God works in mysterious ways and Yesterday, HE pulled me over to a site of one whom is Also in the Wilderness, literally, and who follows her own path, what is amazing about her is that she doesn't proclaim Christianity or any dogma--but she LIVES THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE BIBLE.  And yesterday, on her blog, she posted a quote,

NOW to me, the Weed is not the one who follows their own heart, but rather, those that in Groups suck up the life/WATER out of the plants that give LIFE.

But in OUR world, those individuals who give LIFE and who do not follow the crowd, group think, status qua are the ones labeled 'weeds', or 'thorns', but now,

what ARE thorns?  Thorns are those porcupine barbs that when they hit they HURT, and they are used that way, as weapons.  But now are All thorns bad in themselves?

I wouldn't think so, Roses have 'thorns', thorns to protect her from being plucked before her time--as it's the Creator that has the right to open her up, not anyone or anything by force, but Only by HIS love alone, HIS care, HIS water, HIS sun, etc.

So there are good uses for thorns as well as not so good, well not so good in that they are often not of the positive uses BUT they can be used, as a form of teaching, they also, fill up Barren Lands,

yesterday I was sitting outside and I noticed, where the weeds were the most thickest, is where the land was barren.  It's not the 'weeds' that are the culprit to pain and robbing of Water but the Barren land that produces the Weeds, in other words, it's the lack of Water that produces the THORNS AND WEEDS.  WATER gives LIFE,

thorns do not, though thorns can produce the conditions that will make one SEEK WATER!

So anyhooo, right now I am pondering on Several things, the difference between being a Weed/Thorns, the use of Thorns in our life or use of Weeds, the Barren Lands/Heart and the Need for WATER.

One thing that Did come to me, was something Jesus said to Peter, after Jesus resurrected and that was that 'on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it', 

and I thought on that and Then it came to me, the belief has Always been that Jesus was talking here about an actual physical 'church' or 'church building' or 'group of people', but NO,

Jesus was talking about the Rock--the HEART, THE HARD HEART THAT HAS NO WATER...NO ROOT, and Jesus, will ON That rock, will build HIS church, HIS body, HIS Kingdom, 

the Kingdom is in OUR HEARTS...

remember, the four plantings of Seeds, one in the Hard heart where the enemy takes it away then the other where there is no root, the hard heart/but a bit soft but NOT soft enough for roots to take place or the seed not planted deep enough and then the heart that has other things choking the water out preventing the seed to grow [weeds, clutter, things in life, etc], and Then the good and Honest Heart--that has Roots, that has Water, that is Tended, weeds pulled and that Keeps the Word and then in Time, in Season, bears Fruit.

In that process of developing Roots however, Weeds do come, they can suck up water but they can Also fill up barren land that prevents erosion and help to preserve some water, they can also keep away certain pests that can do harm to plants, and so Nature things can work in various ways--it's the same way with God too.

So what does this have to do with being OUTSIDE the camp?  Well I thought of this, why is it that when I refer to Class or Race, that I get the silence and the shunning?  I prayed and I got some answers...I know at One place God was working healing among many and I brought up the class issue [poverty] and it was not well taken, at That time I was a thorny bush--so I asked Jesus about this and He said, Judas...remember, Judas was So angry about being poor/poverty/oppression that HE could not see the Love and the Longterm...

you see we are like in this huge Garden, we don't all grow at the same rate or time nor are we all the same kind of 'plant', and God knows what plant needs this, what plant needs that, and so if a bed of carnations doesn't understand that this poor rose is impoverished, that Doesn't mean the Caretaker of the Garden doesn't know's just that HE will get to that in HIS season/time,

so on that one, I got answer to, but then what about those that are just flat indifferent, that just don't care, or who don't see beyond their own 'moral superiority' and so forth?  What about them?

Well, those are possible Weeds, thorns, they are always lashing out at those near by them, or those that they are targeting...robbing Water.  We all can rob water, plants Can become yes, very much like Weeds...

but Weeds you see, the weed groups, Survive by sucking up nutrients and water From plants, on barren ground.  Weeds also preserve water and why they do flourish in barren land.  Where as plants do not...without Rain plants will not flourish in barren land Unless they are low water plants.  So, weeds thrive on Barrenness,

that is why Weeds will flock to those things that are already BARREN, they flourish there and when the wind carries them off, those thorn bushes, they spin and tangle and dance across the road and whip and when they hit, they Hurt,

and then they drop their seeds onto other beds.

They like chaff do not Hold water once they are off the land and blowing in the wind...but they love to be flown here and there, tossing in the wind.  Of course I'm referring here to numerous types of weeds, not all weeds are the same and in fact many Herbs are also called 'weeds' but they are actual Healing Herbs.

So I asked Jesus, well how do I NOT be a weed/thorn bush, and how do I not be a dry, waterless chaff?  I sat outside another day and picked up a dry, brittle cane left over from one of the garden plants and I noticed it was hollow inside, brittle and dry, only good for the fire/kindling.

later that night, when sitting under the stars I asked Jesus well how does one stay Green, or how do you Know if you have Water?  And then HE pointed it out to me...the Indians, their belief is that you leave little imprint on this world and you walk softly, etc.  So the Wind blew, I was laying near the curb under the stars and I could hear this leaf...Fall is soon coming and so I could hear this leaf, dry, crackling on the ground.  And so I picked it up, like the chaff part of the plant it was dry, brittle, Disconnected from the tree....and then Jesus said,

"see that lilac plant, take a leaf off of it and throw it on the ground" so I made no sound...

That is what it means, by the makes no or little sound, imprint, Life as in WATER LIFE, it produces Green, Fruit,

it does not scream, it is not loud, it does not flaunt itself with fancy clothes or wealth or material goods, it does not flaunt it's theological brilliance or scholarly for that's just green, soft and quiet.  But it gives life...attached to the Vine, Tree, Roots it gives LIFE.  It has WATER.

so being OUTSIDE the camp, is not always as it appears, it doesn't mean outside of Life, away from Water,

it could very well mean, being AWAY FROM THE 'WEEDS' THAT CHOKE OUT THE WATER...

being outside the camp is being in Silence, before God, listening to Him, learning from Him...drinking His water,

in the Wilderness....learning His ways, His statutes, His laws, His LOVE, His CARE,

it is going Against the Grain, Swimming upstream rather than down and yes it is often, going it Alone.  Outside of the to speak, isn't necessary outside of God's camp--the church, the Heart, the Rock...on this Rock I will build my church and the GATES OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT....

because on that Rock, that heart that God is working in, that Soul Garden, He is watering, tending, weeding out...all those things, that prevent Roots from growing, that choke out the water and putting those seeds deep in darkness, even Using darkness of night, the insects, to aerate the soil and to add vital nutrients...but God the Gardener knows what HE is doing...

and I begin to see that it's not the other plants that care or tend for me, but the Gardener that I rely on, for it is HE that waters, that tends, that pulls off the bugs that eat at my skin leaves and that HE nurtures me and teaches me...

and sometimes HE even allows a weed or two to keep out other pests, to train me to reserve water, or to fill up what use to be barren...

just so many things...and then I see, that HE also, nurtures the impoverished, that HE sees the poverty, the racism, the class differences, the apathy, the indifference and the hypocrisy.  And the reason HE puts us outside the camp so to speak, is to teach us, to mold us, into HIS LIKENESS, not the worlds and not the weed that one day, WE will bear FRUIT,

not by our words, but by OUR DEEDS....

like my friend over Living Honestly who for years has done many wonderful works, who to me I see Jesus in Her...and like that soft green leaf, she doesn't leave a loud imprint nor waves a loud banner speaker, but she is Green, and she is producing LIFE....

outside the camp, a soft leaf, connected to the vine, she is producing LIFE, Jesus through her is producing LIFE...

and so, the lessons continue.....  to follow my heart, to listen to the Spirit, to trust Him enough to be outside the camp, to be shunned at times, to be not included, it's ok, it's His Garden, after all...

one of the main things about His putting us in the OUTSIDE of the CAMP, is that HE wants to deal with us [me] over our hypocrisy, our violating love with our violating Live be a Soft Green,

requires this...if one is not willing to go occasionally to the Outside of the Camp, then maybe the question is, whether or not they are following God, or following others?  Only each of us can answer that one,

this video--one song I like to sing to Myself--to Remind me, to not Fake It...better to be Green, better to be Molded, better to be Outside with God, under His discipline, even His occasional use of those thorns...

than to lose your soul along the way...

Yes Jesus, keep me Outside the camp for as long as it takes, work in me so I won't be just another

fucking hypocrite.