Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



PART II of A Block and a Break and the Sum, Light and Darkness, Notes from the Wilderness


When we look at darkness and light in Religion we see that through the centuries what is defined as being 'darkness' has been Defined by MEN, of RELIGION, WHO CLAIM THEIR 'MALE GOD--the PHALLIC' SAYS SUCH AND SUCH...of course with Women and Young Virgin Girls, always being demonized and reduced to the PENIS-PHALLIC TOILET.  One would think more would Question this form of Reasoning in 2010 but alas we see not only few question including in secular [the secular having it's own form of religious virgin girl and woman hatred, the Twin of Religion under the Secular LIE] but more misogynist and violent types are flocking to these three religions or religions Based off of these three foundational religions in higher numbers....the love of an authoritarian dark 'god' to rule over the masses mindset is alive and strong, think Resident Evil but rather than one big Umbrella Corporation that lets out a Virus that infects the people, it is the People who are infected and infecting each other with the Virus and they themselves forming the Umbrella Corporation of Dominion and/or Caliph, take your pick, but all in all, it's the equivalent of Sephiroth, the Fallen Angel [not to be Confused with Seraphim's the Angels that attend to God's throne]  just like in the game Final Fantasy.  [in photo above] 
The Sephiroth in Final Fantasy, the fallen angel or the son of the devil, could very well be Mistaken for a good angel of light.

And that is what Religion [and NOT just Fundamentalism, the true Bastard is the Mainstream and what Appears as 'liberal', that is the Worst lie Sephiroth there ever was] is, a fallen angel, that transforms into a form of light, a Counterfeit, but the intents are always Sinister, Particularly to Women and Virgin Girls.  I emphasize virgin girls because their Obsession has always been and always will be, to defile and smash the spirit of the virgin girl....the Child, to destroy all remnant of innocence and goodness, of LIFE.  Why, because SHE is the carrier of seed, future Mother of future Generations

destroy the heart and spirit of the girl you own the generation that follows.

Create in her darkness, Especially mis-trust, or not being able to trust, Anyone, she is open game to be utilized in training all children under her to be Just as mistrusting especially of THEIR OWN VOICE AND SOUL therefore they will believe Anything and Anyone, they will Follow anything or their own Sacrificial Death and Sacrificial Slavery.

What is worse, the number one Weapon of choice is the Illusion of Peace, that's right, the Illusion of Peace.  See it's one thing, to see through the eyes of light, to see Balance, Yin and Yang, it's quite another,

to be Blinded by the LIE of dark with false light Optimism, and by Dark I mean the seeing things through this illusionist 'false' light from Emotionalism [the Religious Sephiroth's totally depend on emotionalism, utopia, mass frenzy, blood letting and Violence in an Euphoric sense, why they Thrive on RAPE including the 'rape by forced subjugation of women & virgin girls through psychological manipulation, using the Virgin-Whore dichotomy they master so well].  

Having the Kingdom of Heaven inside you, the eyes of peace and light is NOT the same as seeing through the eyes of LIES, that through indifference and apathy SEES the dark around them but doesn't quite Give a Damn because they've opted to SEE only what they Prefer to SEE to fulfill their own Selfish Desires and/or fulfilling the female role for the Male Fuck-Rape Pedophile Bent Fantasies [or for women their Cinderella Fantasies they sadly been brainwashed through indoctrination from birth to believe], those packaged constructs based on  the LIE that WESTERN EURO-CENTRIC OR ARYAN Greek, ROME based Christianity and the Judaic patriarchal 'romantic stories of conquest/concubinage of course acceptable if it's 'Goy' women/girls, Goy meaning 'non-Jew' to the religious Nationalist Womb Hater,  that Western MEN love to sell to naive young girls, from the pulpits and wooden pedestals of male dominion temples.

Or, maybe  many religious indoctrinated [and other internalized misogyny] women to protect their Illusions of a Love they believe in but that is not dependable, such as the case in this video here...that depicts just how what our Emotions tell us, does effect HOW we see the world around us.  This is the Sephiroth's Strongest Weapon used against Women, the LIE of Romance and Romantic Love, a.k.a. Eros, ESPECIALLY, IN THE LIE OF CHRISTIAN, JUDAIC RELIGION...not so much in Islam, as they skipped the Romance part and just went straight to sanctified RAPE.  [in this ironic way I have to say, I have a bit more respect for Islam here, at Least they don't package their hate of woman/sanctified rape via forced marriage through some LIE of LOVE bullshit that WESTERN BASED Judaism and WESTERN BASED/AKA ROME Christianity Especially are Notorious for]

See it's one thing to see through eyes of Light, from a Heart of Light, it's quite another, to see through the Deception and Lies of an Illusion, and Religion like no other packages that Illusion, especially to Women and Virgin Girls,

in one Hell of a Deadly Poisonous Vermin Infested Package,

through the lying mouth of MEN, Pulpit Pimps, Clergy Pimps, Rabbi Pimps, Priest Pimps, and so forth. 
And of course, their many Bathory Reptilian Females who Assist them in their Deadly Work.

And just like Resident Evil, one soon finds, that no amount of Utopia Wishing, can Erase the List of FEMALE VICTIMS AND SACRIFICES CENTURIES LONG. 

On one hand the Sephiroth's Armies through out all time sell the LIE to women and girls that IF they just submit, obey, trust, blindly and follow the Patriarchal Romantic Norm they'll be protected, loved, cherished and all that other lying bullshit, and maybe some of them ARE, those Token women, to keep the Illusion of Utopia Romantic Bliss strong [while assisting the slave capitalist based market],

and at the Same time be perfectly able to Rape, Traffick/Sexually Enslave in dark rooms and back alleys those Goys, Infidels, all those 'Other's' and Whores and Non-Human Invisible Girls and Women of other races, religions, classes and Still come out,

their Butcher MEN who think, they are smelling deliciously Pure and Clean, never mind the Blood on the Phallic sword, the weaponry of choice [along with that poisonous infected mouth they use so well to spew their Words of Womb Hate Sorcery], 

and the Bathory Vampires of course will Pretend not to notice the screams of the millions of female victims, some may even enslave a few them selves while adorning their 'think they are free but really Rapunzel' asses with blood diamonds, blood furs, blood cotton and the like...anything to Keep that Illusion going,

and what better means to do this than with the Lie of Counterfeit Light, Optimism, that Virus called


Call it theocracy, call it the system of order, call it any damn thing you want, but truth is, it is a LIE, an Umbrella Corporation that has murdered, raped, killed slowly the souls of females since it's inception.

And will Continue to do so, as long as Women, Females, think in putting on a pretty red dress and dancing and singing while walking past the dog shit and blood of other females, they'll somehow escape the Intents of the Sephiroth's,

when in fact, they'll wind up, like the other females before long and Why the ONLY way to truly See through the Eyes of REAL LIGHT,

is to look Darkness square in the face, see the Dogs and then, DEAL WITH IT...HEAD ON,

just like in the movie, while it may be the Real World, we women do have these demons, this virus, that is infecting more and more...

and like the character [main Female Warrior] in the movie series, the Only way to Survive,

is to face it head on and KILL IT,

forget pandering to it, forget kissing their asses, forget submission, forget protecting the LIE thinking the benevolent umbrella will Spare you, LOL,

it's LIFE or DEATH, for your SOUL,

and it ain't no game.  

flirt with them, even in debate, they'll slice you and eat you like no tomorrow....

because to them, Females are nothing more than their next Blood Meal.

  like her, you will have to declare MOVE and then SHOOT the sorry fucking pieces of demon shit and their lies,

or cut their lies down with any sword or weapon you can find [metaphorically speaking here]

and damn MEAN BUSINESS, or else,

lie down, beg and well, watch while they eat you alive.

Yet sadly this IS what most women [religious especially] DO, they scream and beg and plead and hope or sadly Believe that all their begging, pleading, obeying will Change the Heart of THIS,

Keep the 'dancing dreams' to Preserve your Goodness in your Soul, Save that Light Within,

at the same time, FACE the Darkness by Seeing TRUTH, and then by Dealing With IT,

Females won't Survive this Onslaught of Misogyny, Violence by playing Nice is Time for a consciousness, the Army of Sephiroth's won't play nice nice with you Sister,

no matter HOW much you arch your back or how good you suck or bake muffins, or How much you SUBMIT

or how much RELIGION you know....if the 'forces' haven't protected the millions yet, what the hell makes you think they'll protect in today or future?  Time to wake up...the Virus of Infection is Growing

The Darkness that is the most dangerous is the Female mental acquiescence to Religion, Misogyny in All it's forms Including Secular and the LIES under the Goddess 'it's empowering to be a WHORE' cults/religions and all the other misogynist ideology and bullshit out there, and their doctrines regarding Women, including the Foundational Basis of Rape and Enslaving of Women, all of it,

Freedom isn't Given, it's FOUGHT Every revolution for Freedom from Tyranny it has boiled down to eventually having to FIGHT, through the darkness of LIES, mental colonization and then the actual Warfare,

forget the example of Gandhi that is always used, as a clever ruse to Deceive the oppressed into if you just starve yourself the masters will feel empathy, bullshit, and we can SEE the Truth Results of the oppression and lingering effects of BRITISH COLONIZATION IN INDIA TODAY,

and in PAKISTAN, especially for Women I might add.  Peaceful activism and debates Have their place, Diplomacy has it's place,

but when you're up against a demonic Army that their entire Goals is FEASTING ON YOUR BLOOD AND GETTING OFF ON YOUR AGONY,

uh then it's time to throw down the Alice in Wonderland Dress and Tea Cups



leaving the demon virus infested Bed of Religion,

unless,  you've Already been Bitten and are yourself, INFECTED.  

then for you it's only a matter of time...and you too will become dinner for the ravens.

[on another note, interesting how so many of the warnings, in Bible, are used in Hollywood, like the feasting on infected flesh by ravens, question is, Warning, or Truth Seeping Through, or more Illuminati Brainwashing?  Illuminati btw, mix of religion [Christianity/Islam going all the way back to Babylon/Egypt, Sumeria, etc., Masons, Templers, Secret Societies, Government, etc] and the whole Nazi-Aryan [in Orient/Asia/India, ancients] with Nordic [about 90% of Western Christianity today]

kind of makes you wonder, who is who and who is the Real Resident Evil....Jesus said by their Fruits ye shall know them [what part of the Bible wasn't infected with the Illuminati LIE that is]



big time FAILS.  want Proof, do some Homework Sherlock, get a clue or two

[that's just for Starters, btw I'm one of the survivors, many of us from 60s, oh yea...I wouldn't trust Religion, Christianity in the West as Far if my LIFE depended on it...Baptist, Catholic, Prebs, don't matter, it's all the same toxic shit,

lies straight from the PITS OF HELL.  Fundies are just the Offshoot--their Child, not the root, oh Hell no....the poison root of death is in the Foundation---always has been.

Beware, you've been warned...

just saying, so I'll think, I'll end my Tribute to the Illuminati Lie with this,  been in the dark and know it well, seen the lies and felt the death,
you'll Never see Truth if you run from the dark

Little 'clue' for ya, Rasmus can be Luciferian, has been in one movie, Rasmus is also in Erasmus,

the Humanist, who Questioned the Tyranny of Catholicism and Jesuits, as well as the Reformists, Despots [predestination Nazi like elites]  see

Erasmus lived through the Reformation period and he consistently criticized some contemporary popular Christian beliefs. In relation to clerical abuses in the Church, Erasmus remained committed to reforming the Church from within. He also held to Catholic doctrines such as that of free will, which some Protestant Reformers rejected in favor of the doctrine of predestination. His middle road approach disappointed and even angered many Protestants, such as Martin Luther, as well as conservative Catholics. He died in Basel in 1536 and was buried in the formerly Catholic cathedral there, recently converted to a Reformed church.[3]
either way, to and for Women, it don't matter does it, it's all the same shit from where WE sit, unless of course, one is blind, in dark or has been infected with the Virus,

why they [all of them] Sephiroth's Army through RELIGION, always killed, demonized, raped, subjugated, prostituted, enslaved, beat to death, WOMEN,

to keep the TRUTH SILENT.

Figure it out...

In solidarity,