Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




Yesterday I posted on this tree [pic below], and how Awesome God is, which HESHE is, anyhow, I realize that the mention of God can and does trigger for most women because God has always been defined By men and By yes, Patriarchal Constructs or Frames.   So I thought I would share a few things for next couple of days, of how I see God, why?  Because over the past couple of years it has been GOD who has set me free from so many of the patriarchal lies that bind women, even though yes, I still live in a patriarchal world and in fact in my own personal life still deal with yes, patriarchy, even misogyny.  I don't discuss my 'private' life on the web and I probably won't, I tend to be somewhat of a private person...However, all I will say, is that Yes I still deal with Misogyny on levels that it's still very painful, very frustrating AND IF, IF I went along with what Religion says [and there was a time I did attempt to 'mold' myself into man's doctrines] I would have been in a nuthouse long ago.  It was GOD and yes, even Jesus that gave ME the strength to DUMP all the constructs and be Free to just be--

now before I go on, I will say, I do not attend church [nor will I ever] nor am I what you would call a 'traditional' or 'western' Christian...I am of no denomination nor am I strictly 'by the book'.  And it is not my intention to 'preach here', but what I would like to do is redirect Focus, to some things that have Empowered me and aided me in being able to not only heal but see from eyes that no matter what horrors are in this world, those horrors do NOT have to hold a power Over me....

so, Beginning with this 'dancing tree', I would like to share with you how God has shown me, HIS HER sense of Humor, and so since I began with this tree, allow me to share with you these photos I stumbled upon yesterday....

this first one, how God feels about humans who Trash the environment, or who treat others nastily or who Ignore HisHer provision, detailed care, art in creation, etc., from a site called Tree Climbing Day [there are several odd trees, click on photo to go to link] but I am choosing the ones that LOL stood out to me, starting with the Ticked Tree

See God Does understand those times when I have just had enough of men's b.s. and I just wanna go, F You, oh God Does understand, believe me and has a great sense of humor to relay to me that maybe HESHE knows and understands ME more than I do sometimes,

then of course, there are some other hilarious displays of humor from yes, God's trees, like this one, LOL,

next time a Man comes on the scene, such as a feminist blog, just whip this out, ROFL, man thinks he has the monopoly on penis size, Ha, Ha, Don't think so

lol Couldn't resist that one, yes I would say GOD has one hell of a sense of humor alright, and HisHer 'size' lasts a hell of a lot more Time, He doesn't need any Viagra, Ever!  [yea so next time some MRA throws up male superiority, just plaster This on your blog, that should shut him up]
Oh and all this 'labia shame' b.s. that the Porn culture throws our way, GOD has something to say to you too, because GOD is dang proud of HISHER labia, clitoris and vulva, so proud that it isn't Covered up in shame

And they come in All shapes and  sizes too, so Next time some jackass man tells you, you don't measure up, tell him to shove a sock in his mouth because GOD begs to differ,

And gee Amazing isn't it, they aren't surgically 'altered' or mutilated, no GOD won't have any of That NONSENSE,  and if You don't like God's body image style OR HISHER creation of the Female Body,   then well, remember, 

OK that's just for starters, so you see GOD empowers my Body Image, I love my Body, Curves and all!  If you click on these photos there are numerous other trees with various nipple shapes, thigh shapes, penis shapes and vagina shapes...and Yes I believe with my whole heart GOD speaks to us all through Nature,  in Thousands of ways.  And you know the Awesome thing about Trees is that they provide shade, they provide ample branch strength to hold up rope swings so that we can fly and listen to the birds at the same time.

I spend a lot of time swinging Still, yes even at my age...this winter, me and Jesus made a deal that during snow I would's one thing I had not ever done, was swing during a snow storm, so it was a date, sure was, I was to make a thermos of hot cocoa [which I settled for tea since I didn't have any Fair Trade at the time--arrrgh, come on Grocery Stores get ON the ball with this, it like totally sucks having to go twenty miles for Fair Trade Choc], bundle down and first snowstorm head on out to the park.  Now it wasn't a tree swing, just a swing set at a local park but there is right near it a huge Oak tree, some Cottonwoods and Numerous Fir, Pine and Aspen trees.  So one afternoon it was snowing and so He told me, 'remember you and I have a date'  so I bundled up in layers with my long Camels Hair coat [that I purchased cheap at a thrift store years ago, it was made in Russia and it has lasted me for years and it is So warm, our winters can get a bit cold so the coat was I think a blessing, not my favorite color, the camel brown/beige but it is baggy, long and warm as toast.  And great for wearing bulky sweaters underneath].  So I bundled up, wrapped my  head up in my wool scarf so I could stay outside for a long time because long and WIDE, the key is Wide, wool scarves can be wrapped around where they don't fall off and yet still leave enough room if one wants to cover the face loosely so you can breath warm air back onto yourself...which helps when it's wind chill factor and below zero.  

And I headed off, I was hoping for large snowflakes so I could see the outlines of the shapes but the wind was whipping it  up so didn't get to see those [I have on a couple of occasions seen some amazing snowflakes, you know what you Can see with naked eye] but anyway so I began to swing, watching the snow grace the large Oak or Cottonwood? in front of the swing not too far away, don't have a photo but found one that is Kind of similar to give you an idea of what I was seeing [the one tree anyway]

having my talk with GOD and the next thing I know [without sharing all the details as this was kind of a special time for me] my attention is brought to watching the smoke come out of a chimney where a fireplace was I'm swinging in this snowstorm, warm but yes a Bit chilly so I could see the smoke from my breath, which I have always loved that--and so I'm watching this big Oak tree and the smoke billowing out from the fire chimney and it makes all these beautiful shapes, as If it was Dancing in the Snow, the snow was in no way This heavy but this was the only photo I could find that shows 'chimney smoke During a snow storm' so to give you an idea

So anyway I'm swinging, which Isn't as EASY to do when it's freezing outside, no matter how well one is bundled up, though it WAS beautiful, the air other than the wind was silent and the smoke would change colors from a whitish gray to a darker shade of almost this teal gray and it looked as if there was a ghost, laughing at all the houses with the people hunkered down inside--and all this time there is this ghost smoke being, from a fire inside, bellowing out, it was really amazing to just watch.  And then I thought of fire, how vital fire has been in the life of humanity but also how destructive the force of fire can be, you know the mind thinks all sorts of odd things, when contemplating God in distinct yet powerful HisHer forces are, how Dependent we are on them TO LIVE yet at the same time, those same forces can take us out...if ya know what I mean, kind of gives a Whole new meaning to the phrase mother's use,

"I brought you into this world and I can take you out of this world",

LOL, except you see, when GOD says it, GOD can do it, and so, I'm swinging, watching the smoke, and then my breath, because that was another cool love I had and had talked to GOD about numerous times, some memories I had walking in winters growing up and how I would watch my breath, you see I walked long distances in the snow [yes I  had shoes lol] and Winter is one of my Favorite Seasons, Fall is my Favorite so anyway, I would take walks during Winter when I was younger [my back injury doesn't allow me to do as much now as I would like] and that included walks in day and numerous walks at night--I especially Loved night snow walks because how everything looked like it was covered in diamond flakes and the way the street lights would play with the shadows.  So the breathing...I'm sitting on this swing, took a break from swinging as I was tiring out [back injury there as well] and thinking images between my breath and then the smoke from the chimney fire, and then it dawns on me...

here's what our breathing looks like, now I chose this photo because even though it's a horse it's has good detail

You see the smoke right, from the breathing...well OK so I'm thinking on this, how GOD gives us LIFE in our breathe, through the air, how our heart beating with a time [like a clock] and how all that works, you know, how the Trees breathe back and how that whole cycle works, and then, I get a mental image kind of like this,
what I think is GOD's BREATH

Yea Yea I know, it's just the steam and mountains, blah blah blah, yea Whatever, lol, I don't see it that way, to me it's All ALIVE, from the trees to the blades of grass to the particles that make up the air, and so let me include these photos as well [click on photos to go to links, I'm just choosing them from images/google browsing--mentioning this because some of these are from photographers and they have several in their galleries]--
how GOD breathes in Snow
now She has a blog of her work, am including link here because I want to come back and look, it caught my eye, 
So, GOD breathing back to me, never thought of it that way before until that day...So you see, while Living in this screwed up misogynist patriarchal world, and having to have had to Deal with the PTSD from yes misogynist abuses, from past trauma, I know what it is to wrestle with the inner demons of hatred, resentment, Despair, and losing my Faith not only in humanity but in GOD too,

been there, done that, been in that Pit.  Religion didn't pull me out of the pit, if anything Religion helped to throw me into the pit and by religion I also mean man's ideals, man's philosophies, man's answers and including how man Defines GOD and tells us, has always told us who GOD is in Man's image of course,

while demonizing She, the Female, Woman, while demonizing her, controlling her, killing her and Erasing her.

But you know no matter How much Man and Man's systems erase, they cannot Erase our words, our Existence nor our Herstory, and they cannot Erase, GOD.  GOD as in HE and SHE.  GOD is everywhere, 

Nature is GOD's masterpiece, of art, literature, science, history, herstory [there is Reason those water vessels in women's graves are still around], and yes, even


Nature is GOD's gift to all of us Women--

whether we See it or not, is up to us, She in GOD won't force herself on us, yet SHEHE is always there...waiting, breathing always...His and Her love to us.

more to come, Peace,

Jane--edit, note

I wanted to show someone the photos here, links and when I clicked, links didn't show SO, I am adding links here, because I don't like to post photos without links...I hope other photos here have not left out link sites, but I will be sure to check from now on,

the tree [male penis and vulva trees] shown [there are several various photos of Mother Nature's trees and various body shapes] here:  BTW, my Intent here is not to do some Porn tree series, hardly, but to SHOW, the trees, being that they are also what give us LIFE in the oxygen we breath [without Trees, Tree of LIFE we DIE], we are made in 'their image' the Bible says, I believe all parts of our bodies are modeled after Something in yes Nature, that is why I show these, man has in his small mind/self hate projected hate and dominance over the female body, I want to show that our Body is something that is to be respected, not to be ashamed of either, but to see it in it's Total LIFE FUNCTION, just like in NATURE...

storm cloud:  [I clicked it on google looking for face in cloud photos, was looking for a Particular one but couldn't find it, liked this one so, there ya go]

Sorry about that, I just don't like to put photos here without the Credits, for some reason they aren't going to the Link when you click on, from now on I'll be checking to make sure they do...the oak tree swing and the cottonwood or oak I remember getting from google images, when I find them I'll post the links.  Again my apologies to the photographers, it wasn't my intent to steal photos...that and I like to go to the links and look at the galleries and That is how I  noticed, so, OK,

to readers, sorry about the additional edit, hope you understand.  This is how I used to do each photo btw when I began this blog then they changed the format, and clicking the photo immediately sent you to the web site, but now that doesn't seem to work so either I'm not doing it right or something--but I'll look into it.  




Ball said...

I love these posts, especially the one with the tree giving the middle finger. Brilliant! Rock on my friend. :)


JaneDoeThreads said...

Thank you, yea I had to take a break from the bdsm culture posts, though I am going to go back to that, I may interject it in there sometime next week--am going to get into the industrial culture complex side of it--

however in confronting numerous of these issues, they trigger in a Huge way, due to the RA so I write these healing posts for me as well--helps me to recenter my focus, so not to get stuck going down the spiral which is hard enough battling even on good days, so these are just some of the things that have pulled me or helped to pull me out of the pit, so to speak,

and I will be posting more. We need to confront, very much so, but I am finding, we also need to find ways to regain what is lost, robbed, taken, or we lose much more of our selves, you know what I mean?

So I hope, that eventually to do a longer series, that others can link to or I don't know, will see where it goes, that will assist others in directing focus on how to not just survive, especially trauma and while still having to live with trauma inducing events or living with toxic people, etc., how to thrive in that, without having to completely detach--easier said than done. I don't have any formulas or easy answers to that one, it's a daily walk for me...but if maybe something helps someone else,

then, it's something. And yea, those trees are neat aren't they? I laughed my ass off at the ticked tree, Nature has some outrageous humor, that's for sure.



Ball said...

I wanted to stop by and tell you that you are saying EVERYTHING I've been feeling on that bdsm-is-for-narcissists thread. Your posts are GOLD in the cesspool of shit those two have been spraying on Nine's blog.

I just made a post about being a Pope, but that is a response to trans/bdsm/furry/otherkin/avatar/vampire fantasy "rights" assholes and how it interferes with real human rights. It was not directed at you or anyone else of spiritual persuasion... just thought I'd mention that.

You're awesome. :) Hope that RA doesn't flare up again.

Peace. <3

JaneDoeThreads said...

LOL Ball that's ok, about the Pope that is, no need to explain, women have been fighting horrendous abuses and that bdsm mentality in religion, from Catholicism to Protestant to Anglican for thousands of years and these past ten years that battle has come full force,

there is a Revolution going on 'in' the religions on women's rights, also a war between die hard fundamentalists [and the cults there are increasing] and mainstream or what is termed egalitarians, and the backlash against women is fierce.

And a LOT of the problem is in fact the Porn Culture that has infiltrated church culture, which because of the Already abuses of scriptures [as well as mistranslations which many women ARE looking into right now] against women, Creates an environment Conducive for abuses because of the whole submission and so forth,

so yea I've seen just about every screwed up justification there is for BDSM relations,

what pissed me off was the circle jerk fest of those two who Repeatedly were told to go elsewhere and when one said 'she ain't going anywhere' after all this garbage about respecting safe words,

oh, that was it, raping women mind's on a rad fem blog, NOT if I can help it. Yea the one thing women Cannot do is be Nice to types who rape and think nothing OF rape, it simply does NOT work,

that level of evil, banality of evil and lack, Total lack of conscience towards other's unreachable, in my opinion, only one thing you Can do with this,

shoot them.

and I'm dead serious on that one...these folks are like Charlie Manson's walking around promoting their filth, and it's filth that HARMS women and children,

I have zero tolerance for it...and being as WE the People ARE the government [or are supposed to be, kind of Wonder about that one], I believe WE have a DUTY to protect each other from those who Don't have respect for Freedom, they say they do, they say they are all about liberal ideas,

I say bullshit on that one, because there is nothing, NOTHING, liberal about making Profit off of and Encouraging the Profit off of Torture and Rape. To hell with them,

and their kind, it just Defies common sense as to Why we allow them even the airspace to spread their's the equivalent of letting a rapist brag in detail to victims of rape,

and Women need to put their foot down and say Hell NO. Respect NO, the Boundary, or Pay the Price.

And that's Really what it is, and they PROVE they have no respect for boundaries or SAFE WORDS, which what a load of bs you know...I hope, it becomes apparent, to All, just what Liars they truly are.



JaneDoeThreads said...

Don't get me wrong Ball, I'm all for open discourse, not a neo con or anything, and in fact I'm somewhat of the more, well far more liberal side on Numerous issues, sexually and so forth,

though fiercly anti-porn, anti-prostitution and anti-bdsm and especially the Corporate side of it. [because it really IS far more than just idiots playing kink, way more] -- when it involves the Harm of others then that is when to me, it becomes a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE,

so that is why I fight with everything I have. The problem with the whole discourse-debate kaka they use is that,

the psyops is Clever, what they Really do, is use that liberalism against you, and turn the stage of discussion into a clever mind fuck dynamic where They are the dom and the women who oppose are the subs--

and then, they begin if you read through the threads, expose more sexual innuendos and details in their descriptors--basically turning a discourse into a porn verbatim advertisement, on the Backs of yes, Rad Fems who are opposed to porn,

yea as soon as you mention a Corporate name, it kind of does invite these kind...I swear they watch and target anti-porn blogs, and no doubt it IS psyops, what one feminist called Cyber Terrorism against feminists,

and yea I believe her. The more radical opponents, against porn and rape, I've seen many of their blogs taken down because of assholes like the bdsm types, first it's discourse with mind fuck, then it's actual threats...and it IS a form of Rape and Silencing when they Encroach on Women's space and Feminist blogs ARE a form of Space for Women,

with their garbage and INSIST on CONTINUING TO DETAIL AND MOCK THOSE AGAINST THE INDUSTRY--not only that [caps for bold btw], when they MOCK women who they KNOW have been victimized,

that is when it steps out of discourse and becomes to rape fuck fest for these types...

and yea, they Do talk about this crap on their boards, it's a big joke to them. All one has to do is some google research, it doesn't take a genius--these rapist loving types Thrive on that kind of shit,

I did a post on religion and the bdsm mentality that is sweeping, used a few photos [they were tame but enough to Show what is going on with spiritual abuse in cults] because my audience was readers, many of whom are NOT informed to Porn culture, OK, and I shit you not, those photos, the bdsm were all over it and the post Wasn't even about them,

they track the photos, so I backtracked, good gawd I am not kidding every sick fuck freak out there was reading through those posts Looking to see if they could find more bdsm related material, so I had to Pull that whole article, that was almost a year ago,

but yea, you got to watch when doing Any related bdsm or pedophilia article, it brings the creeps out of the woodwork for sure.


Ball said...

Hi Jane! Hope you have had a good day so far.

You're right - they don't know how to take "no" for an answer. So much for "safe, sane and consensual."

They could care less about having a true, respectful conversation, which makes them a no go for actual open dialogue. A couple of fuckwits mentally masturbating with their false egos.

Sorry about my language... it's the truth tho isn't it? I guess they haven't gotten the memo that acting like a condescending, arrogant asshole doesn't win respect from anyone except condescending arrogant assholes. May they all go fuck themselves.


A heart to you Jane <3

JaneDoeThreads said...

Oh Ball, either today or tomorrow I am going to be doing a two or three part series, that you and Joy and others NEED to see,

because, there is FAR more that meets the eye with those two, sneeky and bean, FAR more, and it DOES tied into the RA, in a way that when I saw this, blew my mind,

God works in mysterious ways, there was one thing on your blog that ties in with the history of RA in a big way...something Joy said that confirmed to me numerous fragments to a puzzle I was putting together,

yesterday I was really triggered but Didn't know why, was being lured into a dark snare [like my dark ego side] and so when I figured it out--another piece of the puzzle came together,

there was a Huge reason sneeky triggered me, I didn't know exactly What it was but I do now
and I am going to expose what it is. Because Everything I said about the bdsm and kink and the threat to children,

was true, in ways that are Stark evident.

And it IS tied into Satanic Ritual Abuse. I will be writing on this later,

expose it in the light. That's what we do, we bring it into the light.