Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.






I thought I heard it all, I mean, I've heard some dumb ass shit come out of mouths of women who still pander to menz [I swear they all got to be either amorous or Very young, wait till they have a few kids, abandoned, beaten, raped, married to a lazy ass for couple of years, That shit will change...but Then, I don't know, some of the comments these women make on boards, even I wasn't That stupid in my young years and I was pretty damn dumb and I do mean Dumb], and it seems to be, in my opinion, getting a Hell of a lot worse.

And not to somewhat gentlemen menz, you know the kind who fake it well, act all nice to the ladies but are still misogynist asswipes, NO, these women, and I kid you not, are fawning All over menz who blatantly make crude remarks to them and about them--on Public boards, on issues that Should be serious, and That is what I just can't get over--you see I grew up half of my life in the South, and so I can of understand how that culture works but Even then, crying out loud, some of the more conservative women would have had a bit more sense--it Must be something in the damn water.  So, anyhow so I'm reading the board, GLP on the latest radioactive news, Libya, etc., just to get quick morning what's going on doom wise, because you see Doom Addicts tend to keep watch on Every type of Doom out there, from Solar Flares to Comets to Earthquakes to Wars, etc., Finance-- better than average media so I can find out things going on around the world about two hours before it's on the news...of course you have to weed through the religiotard, neo-con, alien worship, 

neo-nazi, annukaki or what the hell they call them, Weirdo threads and comments, though the one about 'smoking will prevent radiation poisoning Was worth a laugh or two, got to admit', but once you weed through the mega B.S. and Debunk through all of That, you can sort of find where to look News wise then do your own research there--or from there, that is, While of course, laughing your ass off as some of the most stupid and asinine comments out there--those that don't send you spiraling down the rage channel, which many of them, do Because not two or three posts down and Boom, you got Mr Misogynist or Worse, Ms Misogynist panderer, with some crock eyed post comment and well That's when I know end of the news run for GLP at least for a couple of hours--on slow non-Doom weeks it's not even worth going out there, 

but anyway...yea Doom is addicting, hate to say it, but I'm the type I like to know what's going on, especially with solar flares and natural events such as tectonic plates shifting, etc.  [science oriented] And usually, with a bit of further research it's about half truth and half bullshit--theories and so forth, and Every now and then you can find some Good info, like today, a woman posted for women, what to do when SHTF, for women only, so I click...and it's good info, 

it's what to do, in case of natural disaster or economic crash, etc., about menstrual needs.  Not a bad topic to be informed on...and so, I'll post a few of the links here, on How to make your own recyclable menstrual pads, because Hey, this is need to know info, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to use them anyhow, Because they ARE better for the environment.  But before I post the links...I'm reading right, and of course a few menz come on with their stupid bullshit, like one jerk saying 'you should worry about making my dinner' and you know I immediately see vision


The bad thing about sorting through the majority of threads on GLP and other similar boards be they conspirator or Science related IS one has to to read this kind of blatant misogynist shit, because they all seem to flock there, but what gets me is how the women, with the Exclusion of one who told this asstard to go Fuck Off, and even That's EXTREMELY  rare as NOT only do the Majority of the Female posters on GLP Don't say anything, Hell they Pawn all over these Neanderthal types AND plead to be 'affirmed' by them and many even Flirt with them--it's either Drugs like Heavy Duty or Lobotomized Females, and what's More appalling is to See/Read EDUCATED women pandering to this type of garbage.  

[I can't post there they banned my ass long time ago for my being what they term a feminist-nazi, yea what the fuck ever, I read there, not some Groupie fan so could care less if they Ban me, been banned by far better, in Fact kind of good at getting Banned for standing up for Women's Human Rights, I take Pride in it!!!  Wonder if they make Banned for Not bowing Badges, Damn I should get one, heh heh let's see, hmmmm, Yep, Found One, Ha !!!

but you know I'm reading over and seeing the comments back and forth,

and then, if The silence to the menz who 'think' their misogynist comments are cute isn't bad enough--here Comes, a woman posting, on what Should be a serious topic which has already been polluted with the mentality of cave menz and numerous pandering women who if I didn't know better many are still in high school, giggling over women and menstruation, here comes Bimbo [and I Don't often Use that word just so You know] with the, ready for this, "I am worried about how to Still be able to get that Brazilian shave when the shit hits the fan, so I've been looking into and stocking up on razors that have these special batteries" etc etc etc and the Bimbo gives  links even, I kid you not, and I'm shaking my head here and there all this time--

I'm thinking of how stupid some of the other posts was that suggested cattails and that women in the 'old' days used grass and all kinds of stupid shit,

with the interjection of dumb ass dicktards with their puberty porn remarks and Then THIS!!!  LIKE major WTF, seriously, here I'm visualizing menstrual pads, emergency prep,  guerrilla warfare on the streets type of thing and THIS bimbo is worried about whether not she can still be 'fuckable' [never mind men Rape in chaos, or does this Bimbo not think that menz in the good old boy west won't rape??????] and if she can Shave her Pubes, I mean how does one even Begin to Grasp this level of I don't know, is it mean to say, Stupidity?????

 Just when you Think you've read all the fawning over the phallic, menz worship in web land, you ain't seen nothing, because it just seems to get worse and worse and worse.  If shaving the pubes isn't Stupid enough in it's own right--because It Is and is about as misogynist assimilating as one can get [and because it ties into that whole pedophilia promoting shit and why Women can't see that is Beyond me, it isn't brilliance to mold oneself into 7 year old Barbie, that Porn Culture shit is bad enough, seriously] OK but now we're talking, Times of Severe Crisis, war, financial breakdown, nuclear fall out, 2012 shit and here the Topic of concern becomes,

'oooh, how do I continue to shave so that Johny will still want my putang'

Hope you got a Sense of Humor, because I Just couldn't Resist, ROFLMAO


 Yea I know[shame on me]  it's not Nice and PC to slam women for pandering to Misogyny or calling her Bimbo...and you know for the most part, Look I don't, because God knows I KNOW what those internalization's are, I bowed  my knee to the phallic for Years, so I know how that psychological shit works, I know what it is to believe in that fairy tale that Johny does really luv me he just needs understanding and all that other stupid asinine b.s.  I used to tell myself--I know, I was young and dumb and full of cum once, I grew up in that mentality--so I know, I wasn't BORN FEMINIST, I BECAME, or EVOLVED is better term, Into a FEMINIST--after years of getting BURNED AND BURNED BAD, AND FINALLY WAKING THE FUCK UP AND SEEING AND NOT DENYING IN THE FACE 'REALITY' but I wasn't Born with that--IN addition to of course, what comes with becoming Conscious, having grew up in screwed up environment, In addition to the constructs of patriarchal society and most of that influencing my gender lens, being IN the good ole Southern Patriarchal Misogynist Good Ole Boys club--small communities that still KKK and MASONS and BAPTIST run, so I know--know how that mind poison shit works and you know it's One thing to deviate from that garbage when you live in somewhat of a liberal area--bad enough, try deviating in an ultra patriarchal backed by religion-racism culture, think Menz are bad...try living being Policed by patriarchal women, who tell you to shut up and keep your ass in line, that there is Something Wrong with you for NOT liking to be smacked around because you know he's jealous and it's Sexaaay, yea try growing up around that shit--major TIME WARP, yea there ARE communities that are Still like that--and yes it IS surreal, evil surreal and that doesn't help in dealing with the rise of consciousness of gender oppression mixed with  the cognitive dissonance and guilt one has to contend with particularly when it's put on you by others.  So, I DO understand it, though Yes it irks me to no end, It does, it's frustrating to say the least, and there are Days when I empathize and then there are Days when I just want to smack a few upside the head and say, What's the Matter With You?   

 so I can Emphasize with women who are not Conscious fully of Gender Oppression, I can, because I've been there--but Even for the most ultra patriarchal Southern woman I've known, even THEY aren't that damn stupid and it begs to be said Because Survival IS serious, it's no joking this isn't about Conservative Traditional Culture oh no, this is Porn Culture seeping through like no other, and I"m talking MAJOR BRAINWASHING---most would be thinking, stock up on food, guns, ammo, blankets, meds, even yes diapers and menstrual pads and reusable ones--and here comes This PORN INDOCTRINATED BIMBO WITH HER 'HOW TO HAVE THAT NICE CLEAN SHAVEN PUBIC REGION DURING A TOTAL BREAK DOWN OF LAW AND ORDER AND IN TOTAL CHAOS'!!!

 you have GOT to be kidding me, seriously?  I'm sorry but that goes even beyond patriarchal mind fuck, and it gets Worse.  It's not that this is a one time occurrence, IF it was it wouldn't even be worthy of a mention, I"d just chalk it up to a really stupid woman, but NO you see, I've been seeing more of this mentality and belief system INcreasing, and NOT just in ultra-patriarchal  boards or cultures or regions either...but even in the Liberal more urbanized areas where Women are ""supposed"" to be Aware,  if you believe in the 'we arrived hype' beyond putting up and pandering to Menz, NO, I"m seeing more and more of this type of pandering to Porn Culture shit all over the place, like Seriously,
[I had to look up Vintage, this is Bad Enough, the images of what many Women today think is 'cute' and desirable to be Submissive, are bloody horrid, if it Wasn't serious it would be down right comical, in fact it's Unbelievable really, that there are Women out there who Think this Self Degradation is Normal Healthy Behavior, and add That to an Environment of chaos and societal break down and WE have some serious problems, that don't just effect Women, but Society as a Whole.  What kind of world are WE bringing Children up in when Women are Molding themselves into Bondage Slaves?  And we Worry about National Security Threats from the Outside?????????]

Even among some of the more Religious conservative boards/culture, when I did a bit of short research reading up on some of those, I was appalled at the Porn culture mentality/Assimilation I was seeing, and of course it's bad enough with that whole 'submissive culture and the doctrines of Subjugation of women' to begin with--you know where I grew up [South] women, I remember, so many of them, would say, "I have to get home so that dinner will be ready before Johny comes home" and many women saying, 'I have to ask Johny for permission to go here, there', and even Then, I thought, WTF, you aren't serious right?  Maybe that's why none of the menz liked me too much because even With growing up into and with that indoctrination I could see just how fucked up that shit was...the whole Perpetual Wife Child Syndrome--and YES there are numerous women who Obey this crap.  And not just religious women,

and it is NOT luuuuuvvvvv, it is Stockholm Syndrome is what it is.  And I'm going to say it, oh I KNOW this is going to get me into trouble but I"m going to say it, the majority of women whom I saw towing this garbage were WHITE WOMEN, Latino women are [where I grew up and Being since, to clarify, I didn't 'fit in' with the White culture in the Southern town I grew up in and so majority of friends All my life have been Latino and I know that culture, I think it has a lot to do with the Italian [strong] culture in my family circle so for Me it was just what I related to, felt comfortable with and Still do, in fact I still live along side Latinos than I do whites, also one of my daughters is very dark skin, so we Deal with racism a lot, oh Yes, why I left the South, a huge reason Was because of the racism we encountered and I was blacklisted for having yes, a dark skinned child, I'll say it because This still goes on, and SHE deals with racism on a daily basis, she's half Cherokee [father full blood] and so my Lens on this, comes from living with this reality and seeing it first hand so Anyway, just to give you some background] 

so as I was saying, most of the Latina women I know, are yes, somewhat submissive but NOT with the same type of cow bowing, what I mean is, they put up with a lot of shit because of the children and because of economy but they will stand up--they don't MENTALLY ASSIMILATE into the shit as much--NOT from what I've seen, and African American women, NO way, most of my friends would slap Johny's ass right out the Door,

but not WHITE women, oh no, not in the good ole South or Mid-West even, what Gives with that?   Seriously, and Why don't we Ask that enough?  [within White community I'm talking about here, and Yes I do believe it has a lot to do with the whole culture of Racism and White Privilege]  What is it with White Women who not only submit but Agree with their oppression???????  And if That isn't bad enough, Worship their oppressor?  Is it religious influence, internalized hierarchical GUILT, from being on the Privilege ladder, seriously What gives here?  And I ask this, because it seems to happen More with the more upper to middle [maybe even Worse in middle] class they go--income wise, hey I"ll say it, hey Maybe I am just a loud mouthy biatch, OK but I want to know WHY we don't ask these questions because either it's just ME and I'm crazy,

or this is Reflective of something that goes beyond just Gender that Reveals a Social Mental Disease.    This is something  I have wondered about FOR YEARS, meaning in HOW white women relate To each other and the Lack of Support To ONE ANOTHER, this is what I'm referring to so to NOT be misunderstood here.  And I'm including in that lack of support IN close tight knit communities, religious Included because those lack of support systems I find are even more stronger there--the Facade and Pretense of them yes are there but beyond that, they are only Pretense.

I have been So envious of Latino and African American women whom I know well, and to me their relating to each other and the Support they have towards one another, for the most part--exceptions to this Of course, you know yes They have misogynist oppression too but they don't seem to have the cowering to Menz, that yes, White women do, generally speaking, they aren't Afraid to get in the Faces of these asstards and go ballistic,

not so with the Majority of White women and even When they do, they are all lady like and polite and ass kissing of Johny.  There are exceptions, obviously but I'm talking Culture here, and I know it's on some level either a Lack of Consciousness, or a Lack of solidarity OR class influence [I think Class has a hell of a lot to do with this] and those social stigmas Put on behavior...and so it's Not surprising really to see, the Majority of Porn Apologist's and BDSM especially, being from WHITE WOMEN.  [excluding Hip Hop culture but that psychology I honestly have to say I haven't delved into much To understand it nor have I been exposed to it as much So I can't really put much of an opinion on that except that I find the culture to be misogynist and assimilated into a lot of white male power dynamics, I could be wrong on that aspect however, in other words, I don't like Speaking  For other cultures on issues that I in no way can truly understand, I think it's paternalist to do so and so I won't],

but I bring this up because it seems, to Me at least, that the majority of time, when I read mixed boards or hear conversations between men and women, it's White women who pander to Misogynist men the most--and NOT only do they pander to it, they are many of them, so assimilated into it that it just leaves me dumbfounded,

and maybe it Does have a lot to do with Privilege and FEAR of losing that--AS well as, I'm going to say it, their OWN class prejudice and racism [their refusal to really See it and  Deal with it]  because They don't want to see that They are just like all the other women out there [not just referring to race but Class, particularly Class], that Johny doesn't give a shit about them Anymore than he gives a shit about women of color or poor women or women who don't fit inside the male defined or white male defined hierarchical male accepting box,  if I can just be blunt here...that in her buying INTO the Delusion and it IS a delusion that if she just panders to oh Johny that she'll be Immune from ever knowing poverty or abandonment with children or homelessness or rape or violence...that IF she just continues to build this imaginary bubble of fairy tale land that SHE isn't like THEM...THOSE OTHER WOMEN...

yea I'll say it, and you know I think it's Because those OTHER WOMEN, who have had to deal with Johny's shit for centuries, as well as deal with White Women's shit and yes let's not Hide this FACT,  [speaking here about racism and class hierarchies] who KNOW what Johny really IS, behind his gentlemen facade and his fake ass bullshit pretense, they have more of a Grip on yes, Reality...though from what I've read in the younger generation that seems to be changing, I don't know, not an expert in sociology and so I can't relay an educated opinion as to Why that is, I can only assume from a lens of Where I SIT, which isn't the entire world you know, but it sure seems from what I've seen and read that the younger or this generation today, that even among Latinos and African Americans there tends to be an increase in tolerance to misogyny more and more and the Assimilation INTO the misogynist culture with this belief that IF they assimilate they'll be safe from male violence.  

One of many Growing numbers of Homeless Veteran Women, USA

With the lack of support systems however, I will say, this is Where it HURTS us the most, Because, the reason I yes AM envious of Latino and African American women is that they have this Solidarity, between them, this understanding and you know they Work together, they Support one another, Especially when times get rough, Generally speaking, sure it's not perfect and a lot of this Depends on region, urban to rural, etc., I realize that--but from My life experience, This is what I've seen, where as with White women, there isn't that solidarity Other than the cliches of class that don't mean shit because even Within those, it's more like a pit bull coop rather than a hen house, probably not the Best analogy but hey..there it is,

and it really shows up in Feminism, the most.  At least I think--and throw in the generation gap in there and it's worse...and so like with this woman with her obsessive worry [if you saw the links she posted She did her homework on yes, how to have shaved pubs in times of serious major chaos and crisis] over being 'fuckable' to Johny, I think it reflects something really SERIOUS,

that the lack of real Solidarity among White women, has left White women, to be more and more, dependent upon Johny in case of Shit hitting the fan and That's NOT GOOD.   I say this because I've also Seen it's effects, the years I lived on the Streets, another issue and I might go into this a bit tomorrow, but yea you Really see the Fruit of the hierarchical ladder and it's Harms to yes, not just women but to White women, Because of the lack of solidarity particularly in how hierarchy is leveled on a Class ladder--though This DOES depend on the region, demographics that is, the South sucks for poverty/for women, in Mid-West it's not much better, in urban North, worse, in West--from what I've heard from the underground if you're hard up and white you had better have a Johny or you're really screwed, there just isn't the help out there For women, this isn't an issue many like to Delve into because the MYTH of many in feminism is that Because there is the Discourse, that in the streets it's the same--NOT, not even, it's a Whole other world on the streets in comparison to middle class or worse, Academia land, so I Do shed light on this Because the way it stands Now, it's not good for Any of us, and I'll be frank, there is a HELL OF A LOT OF  

OUT THERE--not among those of us who have Lived it, you know, and there IS this separation of realities I think, that is like Unspoken, especially in a lot of feminist discourse I see and of course a lot of that has to do with the fact that Most of the poorest of poor/isolated women/homeless, underground are not spending hours upon hours on the Web or in Academic circles, you know, so most don't Hear those voices and NO the sound byte or journal bit on 'so and so's five line testimony of what it is to be Poor, Homeless, Down and Out does NOT count, in fact, many of those stories and HOW they are twisted to make some more privileged Look good, especially activists, yea I'll say it, are more damn insulting than anything--not only that, they are so fucking way off from what Really goes on, that those of us who Do know, just laugh our asses off, snicker and move on.  Though in that laughter, there is a LOT Of bitterness, believe me...

and it's something I think, we really need to begin to Honestly address, as un P.C. as it is, because IF the Shit Hits the Fan and trust me, IT will,

we're screwed, if the consensus among women is concern over shaved pubes, we truly are Screwed.

No pun intended,

In solidarity,

Jane -- Oh, the links, not to the shaved pubes, a sarcastic lol, but for the menstrual pads that one can make, since I am putting this on the Emergency Prep Label,

and for those who use more tampon products:

I stopped using tampons years ago...and going through beginning stages of menopause so I haven't thought of this much, to be honest, though I Should have, shame on me...but I will say one thing, and this again, is where Reality conflicts with the Delusions...these homemade are all great and all, I concur,

but having Lived on the streets, uh, you have to keep in mind, accessibility to WATER.  IF you don't have WATER then, uh, you're going to run into some problems...and this may be where more nature products like types of leaves, etc., would be more feasible and practical, now What type, I have no idea, but I'll look into it.  Because I can tell you now, if you're out in urban or wild and there is lack of water, Good luck getting oh Johny and the boys to give you some water so you can wash dose pads.. I mean, this is what I''m talking about, this Naive belief that this Chivalry of Menz will come out in some surreal Hollywood movie type of way and these boys will just be all protective over women and all that b.s. nonsense and What is really heartbreaking, is just HOW MANY WOMEN REALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT,

NO SISTER, when Shit hits the fan, the Last thing you want to be concerned about is Johny, you had better be ready to watch your back at EVERY turn because when you Aren't defending yourself from rape-gang rape, you'll be defending yourself on every little thing Just to survive, and Worse if you have Children who will Also be vulnerable more so.  This is where Women need to get a clue--seriously, and WHY WE NEED SOLIDARITY WORKING, and the Only reason I say it like this IS because, we have in this world Women, who are more Concerned with razors to Shave their Pubes rather than HOW to Survive in a world full of chaos and where male violence runs rampant with NO restraints--and it's really kind of SAD that I'd even have to mention this, you know--shows Just how Porn Culture is yes, KILLING US.

WE need to Prepare and work on Solidarity and Networking info/Resources, NOW, not after the fact.  Why we Don't prep for these things, oh, I know, because Girl Scouts spends more damn time teaching girls to be Barbie Cookie Capitalist Whores[sorry know that's offensive but That shit always gets to me, not the girls but the Women Adults who should KNOW BETTER who perpetuate this insult to the whole ideology of Scouts] than teaching them REAL SURVIVAL TACTICS, THAT'S WHY yea I'll say it, damn right I will--

when Boys learn [well they now pimp them out to sell popcorn now don't they?  hmmm, luv that corporatist capitalist culture] but at least they learn Some things about Survival...
typical images of what we see or think when we hear Boy Scouts, see something Different here?

and you know folks This is where Class difference is really going to break the dam, because those who are clueless, including those para-military wanna be Types who just they'll be safe with their guns and ammo and stockpiles, they forget, there are Street Gangs and criminals that know far more, live on Streets and You'll see real quick, some of the ones you have to watch the most are the ones you Think won't harm you, poor robbing the poor, etc., when they Don't have anything to lose guess what, THEY DON'T CARE--including who keep up with many websites, don't think for a minute they will just sit quietly by and starve in peace, in fact the majority of Youth from the lower incomes districts won't either--just telling you like it is, so, ya, this is where real common sense is what is going to be needed, not trying to Scare anyone here, but you know, it just amazes me, at some of the Stupidity out there, and we Can't talk Empowerment and NOT address these issues, because Just because one calls herself a Feminist, or How many gender books she's read or How radical she Thinks she is, or non-conforming--IF she Doesn't know how to survive in worst case scenario, that don't mean Empowered, that just means, not being prepared and really, it's kind of ignorant.  And that's NOT empowerment.

Because Survival, is no laughing matter, and it won't Matter how many Johny's there are OR what your if your Pubes are shaven...just ask These women

Just saying



Ball said...

Jane, this is an awesome post. It's so true in so many ways. Thank you for letting me link to your blog. I'll probably link to this post too. :)

JaneDoeThreads said...

thank you, yea you know I hesitate writing in this style, though I often talk this way because it is what people where I reside relate to--online I try to tone it down a bit for a wider audience but when I see some of the denials out there, then I automatically go into that what I term 'down to earth-street' mode, though I tone down the language a bit, because sometimes I think that's what it takes to get the message of seriousness across. It has it's downsides too, because it can be offensive and turn people off, women who don't live exposed To these realities...but I know, that all it takes is a crisis and one can find them self in a situ and place they'd never thought possible--and for women this can be Very traumatic itself, the culture shock alone does damage,

so I don't know, I read some of the discourses, like on prep and that whole 'how to have that Brazilian shave nonsense' and Immediately I think, omg, 'these women are clueless' and it's not that I want to poke fun at them, as insane as some of the denials Are out there, but having been on the streets, with children, in a crisis, it seems that there is this Detachment from reality, on the part of many, and that's scary because I don't think they really know just how bad it Gets.

In times of Peace, being on the streets or surviving in the wild can Kill you, but in times of Crisis? The dependence patriarchy causes, is dangerous in of itself, throw in lack of support in there it's worse--but now we have Not only the dependence/economic, etc., but to make matters far worse, we have this budding 'submit to abuse' culture via Porn/Rape culture that is dumbing down women, men too actually, but women more so, IF violence to women in crisis is horrid in nations where traditional values/esp regarding women and sexuality are held in esteem BY women, then how much more violent will times be in a nation where it's own Women, prior to chaos, are already being indoctrinated into bondage and slavery? By their own willing concession and That is downright bothersome because that mentality of normalizing, is dangerous to ALL women, and

children, even more so. It's like, imagine Jews in pre-Hitler Germany, assenting to bdsm rituals with Nazi types, for culture acceptance, that is what porn culture has Done to women--referring to fun feminism or the fun Christianese submissive women [same thing, just different means] in those dominion cults, and well anyway, I see a Serious problem,

it's like, a type of prep for some kind of mass Sacrifice ritual...and crazy as this sounds, nihilism sort of works this way Anyhow but this seems to be working in a much more Sinister way--targeting Women through various mediums. And it becomes more apparent that this is a social engineering agenda...when one exposes it in public arenas and immediately there are bans, distractions from message, censure-ship and out right attacks--Something is definitely up, the underground HAS been warning about this but they've been focusing on fema camps and so forth, what you mentioned about the rape camps, IS TRUE, homeless folks have seen AND know, in fact, just got an idea of what to write on next--

I'll elaborate on this a lot more in my next post. I'm going to bring in the post you wrote on the camp thing--because there needs to be a lot more light shed on Yes this very real reality,

notice something, FEMA, is short, for FEMALE. I will tie that in as well.