Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.




I have often struggled in my faith with God because of the lies of patriarchy, lies that are perpetuated in our mainstream churches, Americanism.

I call it Americanism because its Americanist 'culture' that has hijacked the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "

"It is not born solely out of America however, it is the remnant or, rather the inheritance, that 'sin of hierarchy, monarchy, racism, patriarchy and privilege' that many held onto in the transference of political and social power in the formation of our government." [tcm, WIP, 2009]

And we see this pattern of inherited 'sin' not just in America but in other nations that have been known to be predominantly Christian, either in practice or by assimilation through force [colonization]. I will call it 'sin' because it IS SIN,

its the same SIN that filtered down in the Jewish people during the days of old, when God's system became molded into 'man's patriarchal' system, distorted, due to the hardness of men's hearts. The 'he shall rule over you' was not a blessing or curse 'blessed' and 'sanctioned' by God, [Genesis], no, but rather, the sentence of the reality that would be the result, spiritual death, of being then enslaved to the kingdom and ways of Satan.

However, many have taken that curse as what God intended, as if that is God's nature and we see this very much carried out in the treatment of women. As legalism, opposed to God's Grace and Love, becomes the social norm,

so does the mentality of misogyny, including within the Christian church. The most vivid example of this misogyny today is in the Congo, where Patriarchy was given complete blessing and sanction, even using scripture, and that lead to an ordained sanctioned systematic and socially and culturally accepted Misogyny. Women were routinely beaten by their husbands, raped by their husbands, all in the name of God, in the name of Christ even.

It was a woman's God ordained duty to accept her divine lot in life, the curse of her being the daughter of Eve. In the war thousands upon thousands of women were brutally gang raped BY so called Christian men, mutilated, raped again, to where women were so destroyed they became many of them, catatonic,

completely destroyed, seeing all men as mere dogs who do nothing but rape and hate women. And what is more worse,

seeing God, as the one who ordains such.

But contrary to what RELIGION AND INSTITUTIONALIZED MISOGYNY THAT PROFANES THE NAME AND CHARACTER OF GOD says and does, God has shown through men and women, that He is not only the Redeemer and Healer of Women, He is also, the opposite, of patriarchy and misogyny. This is an ongoing work,

and one that I feel needs to be seriously taken heed to, even warning, here in America and throughout Europe, because we not only live and permit a rape culture, we perpetuate and even contribute to that culture, with many of the distorted teachings, using the Word of God, to sanction

patriarchy and misogyny.

How can ANY woman, ever love and trust a God that she is convinced, blesses and ordains her rape, her gang rape, her molestation by fathers, uncles, brothers, preachers and priests, who not only hands her over to this but then demands that she just simply forgives and that somehow, she is guilty, and has brought it on herself [never mind that even in today's world, under patriarchy, women still have no political power, not even gender equity]? How can ANY woman truly love a God that she thinks and identifies as the friend to rapists, to women haters, to


inquisitor's who seek out women to burn them at the stake, for they are evil they inquisitor says, they are witches, they say, burn them at the stake, How can ANY woman love a God or identify with a God who sits on the throne of patriarchy and who deems her, only because she is 'she' and condemns her to a life of violence then to hell she goes? Those same inquisitor's who also condemn any woman for deviating from the patriarchal norm, for even Questioning its legitimacy, who revolt through a collective female consciousness, called feminism?

What is so sinister about the ways Satan destroys women is that he does so, more than anything, through none other than the church. Through religion,

and that includes, through the distortion of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the New Testament.

How many women have been brutally violated by fathers only to be told that they must submit to God's will and honor him, and to not harbor any anger and Then she must be willing to embrace the advances of her husband and dare she ever object or complain?

How many women have been brutally raped and then told by a pastor or another woman even, that she is sinful for her anger and that she should only forgive and that God will work it out for her good and that any trigger or reaction is only her selfish nature?

IS it any wonder, why so many women are the walking wounded, destroyed in spirit and in faith?

Is it any wonder why there are so many women who have not only been destroyed but they have totally rejected Christ, God, the message of God because they do not see God as a loving God towards women, no,

but only a God who is merely a Pimp, a Pimp in Heaven of women?

Whose fault is that? Simply the misogynist, or the silence of the church, the refusal to look and challenge those distortions and lies that Satan has been allowed to run through this earth rampant IN the church, destroying women, generation after generation of women. Whose fault is it? God's?

Its a question that though is ugly, is one that is asked in the hearts of most women, though they may dare not vocalize it, because its one that is very fearful, to wonder if God, is nothing but a mere Pimp of women, that is women were nothing but ashtrays for men. Its that question that has contributed to the rise of the worship of goddesses, of the new age, of atheism and a question that has contributed to a very loud backlash against not only God but against Christianity in general.

And yet, in America, there is this silence.....that is looming,

and its a silence that millions of women in the world are hearing as they too ask, Where is God and why am I, woman, put here? To be nothing but a slave, a woman in chains, an ashtray for men?

And to make matters worse, we then have the 'quick fix' brigades from none other than the former Colonizing nations that come in and say, here, try THIS formula, take Jesus here, forgive and then, off you go sister, be obedient and when your husband demands your body, give to him without any hesitation,

and the cycle of abuse continues and continues as does the raping of these lands by the economic colonizers who rape and pillage the land for minerals, resources and slave labor.

Patriarchy, the worst and oldest COLONIZER of nations there is...

and COLONIZER of women's bodies, souls and spirits. The tool of patriarchy, by none other than the King of Colonization and Pillage and Rape,


Cleverly manifested and carried out, in the Holy Name of God, even using His texts from His Holy Word, to carry out the crimes...

Paul warned about this as did Jesus, 2 Corinthians 13-15:

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

But there is another scripture too, that I think is often not taken to its full meaning, and that is the one about testing the spirits,

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to determine if they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit who confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God. But every spirit who does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist; you have heard that he is coming, and he is already in the world now. You are from God, little children, and you have conquered them, because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. (1 John 4:1-4 HCSB)

Jesus said, Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them. Matthew 7:15-20.

Often we hear about false prophets in reference to those who preach another God or another Christ,

but what about those who preach God or Christ, using the Bible, yet, who preach to women, that MEN are to be their gods, that their HUSBANDS are to be their gods, that whatever that man does to her, is not to be questioned, even if its rape, abuse, etc.?

Is that not also, a propping up false gods?

Patriarchy is the molding God into MAN'S IMAGE, into MAN'S HIERARCHY, with woman at bottom of course,

its NOT man being molded into God's Image, into God's likeness. Same for women, women being instructed to worship men, is NOT a woman being molded into God's likeness, or Christ's, that goes for worshiping her husband too,

and in fact, it IS idolatry. Loving our husbands and children Yes, worshiping them in this subjugated surrender, that no matter what, we are to be passive and take whatever they throw at us,

is not submission in the Lord, no, its patriarchy, be it by necessity, influence or by Force [economic dependence], its NOT of God. IT might be the world's system, but its not God's system.

And while we may not be able to escape from the world's system or from patriarchy, because we live in this world and we live in a world under sin,

I do think, that we MUST begin, to seriously, confront the lies of Identity, that women have, in their image, meaning,

being made in God's image, what that identity is, and often the teaching is,

pretty much summed up to this, even in the most mainstream of churches,

woman's image is her sexual and labor servitude to her husband, to man, her role in life. Her role as a Godly woman,

and they've taken even Proverbs 31, totally misconstrued its meaning, and put that whole verse, as the PLATFORM for what women are supposed to be,


And it might not be, that God wants her to be a wife and mother. Maybe God wants that woman to be a missionary, maybe God wants that woman to be a doctor, or a teacher, maybe God wants that woman to remain single to serve the body of Christ,

but you see, we don't hear that anymore because all we hear is, Proverbs 31--that ONLY by being a beautiful and sexy desiring wife [is she desirable to her husband, that is usually number one, which mind you, is not any different from, excuse me for being really blunt here, [going to use a perverted curse term here but doing so to really get the point across] the porn culture that says, woman's worth is only in how 'fuckable' she is to men]. We only hear, its how much of a Supermom she is, can she,

raise five kids and keep an immaculate house that would make Martha Stewart envious and can she keep that 16 year old 'sex' figure and can she be the perfect teacher and cook and on and on and one,

and of course, her role and image as a Christian should be first those things AND then her doing those things as Glory unto God bringing Him glory in her subjugation and of course, her sexual services [very similar to temple prostitution btw, its just one man rather than 100, and on That point Marx was absolutely correct in his summation of this problem of the puritanical hypocrisy].

And IF, IF she has any amount of time after all that, then she might serve Jesus, 15 minutes in the morning with Bible reading and maybe prayer through out the day, but all in all, her Duty, number one, is to be that super sexy wife [keeping him hard twenty for seven and she ready to go at the snap of a finger] AND keeping that perfect home and those perfect children...that showcase for Christ,

and IF that husband is abusive, she must ask herself, where SHE has failed, he of course is let off the hook for accountability,

and if there are any problems, its always HER that is the problem, the patriarchy 'enabling' of men's horrid SINFUL behavior must always be protected first and foremost.

And it just goes on and on and on....

meanwhile, prostitution increases, exploitation increases, porn industry increases as does

sexual violence.


PATRIARCHY--its no different in Christianity than the Patriarchy of Islam, only difference is,

the age of marriage, the means of divorce, and the type of covering.

That is the only difference....oh, well, the stoning of women, in Christian patriarchy there is also a stoning,

but its not so much seen physically, but its a spiritual stoning that is slow and agonizing and that is just as deadly,

not just to the woman being stoned, but to all the daughters who see that stoning and who learn at a very young age,



It is the lie and distorted message that does more to put up walls between women and God, than any lie out there, that is My opinion, [actually yes it is a lie, because there are numerous scriptures that refer to the use of violence to terrorize, and Why it is sin to do so]

and it does more to harm the spiritual life of women.

God becomes this being that though we fear and worship, we say we love, but we love in this very distant way, with this constant fear that if we don't do exactly as we are told, we too, might suffer the wrath of

rape and violence and by His hand.

Or we might suffer the abandonment, rejection, etc....

But this is NOT how Jesus treated women, nor is it how God treated women either. Its how PATRIARCHS treated women, but not God.

Now does this mean that God won't allow suffering, violence, even rape? [note: never is Any person raped responsible for the rape--rape is the sin of the rapist/s, and God does not intervene always when one sins against another due to Free Will, I in no way believe that God predestines rape or singles out victims for rape, nor do I believe that healing can ONLY come from just forgiving, because there must be deliverance from fear, the robbing of sexuality and that means dealing with the lies of patriarchy, because Rape isn't just a crime against the person, in the violence itself but rape, I believe is a crime that is intertwined with the misogyny in culture, and the lies that women are told since birth, of what their worth is, and rape is the physical violence to enforce that subjugation/control/violence.]

No, because we live in a sinful patriarchal world that is misogynist--he shall rule over thee, the penalty of sin.

But I think, what we forget, is that it doesn't end there....we forget,

salvation and redemption.

Man has been redeemed, according to church doctrine, there is this restoration that happens for men,

not so, for women. Men aren't under the curse or if they are, there are those 'escape routes' that God has provided,

not so for women...the message to women is that they are still under the curse and therefore, that is their lot in life. In some places, like the Congo, that lot is living hell...

the Reformation, the Enlightenment...all for 'men',

maybe a bit for women, but only in the area of 'forced marriage', you see men didn't like the idea of not having choice, it was NEVER about women having yes, there was some liberation for women there,

and as far as Capitalism, sure, women were liberated there too--but ONLY for that extra work, and of course, to help Adam's sons be relieved of their 'curse' but now, she must now be expected to not only carry out her life sentence of the curse but she must now, carry out Adam's too.

That what in the left has been termed, 'double burden'.

And yet, patriarchy not only thrives, it becomes more and more entrenched, even in the secular systems patriarchy is so entrenched that while racism is rejected and prejudice is rejected and wage slavery is rejected,

the curse of women, is not only NOT rejected, its expanded. Its still accepted and even praised,

to rape women, to mutilate women, to enslave women, to exploit women, to kill women.

Be it society, her husband, even her God.

Men have been redeemed, women have not, according to the patriarchs, women are still to be SLAVES TO MEN, no matter what...and any spiritual redemption, still is ONLY with her being slave to men, she still has no 'self', she still has no value outside of being a 'cumdump and womb' and she still has no real

identity in God, only through 'man' is she even recognized, as a child of God.

Under Patriarchy that is...not in Scriptures.

and what is the FRUIT OF THIS, SEE HERE:

There can be no healing or knowing redemption until we first begin to question patriarchy, including the patriarchy that is still being perpetuated in our own churches.

There is that need, for our minds to be set free, from the lies of Satan, our minds to be renewed by the Word of God,

not as taught by Patriarchs, the Colonizers of women's bodies and souls, no,

but renewed and set free, by the Holy Spirit. Until that happens, we can never truly have a healthy relationship with Jesus,

because while we may surrender and do all the right things, we will still always have that small question of that wounded woman inside who wonders, what her value is, really,

in God's eyes? Is He her Heavenly Father, or simply, her Pimp, her Master, her Abuser?

This is an area that I feel many women dare not even bring to light, it is one however, that I personally, have been seeking God's face on, on a series I started, that is called,

Is God a Misogynist?

I one day, just flat out asked Him, and I asked Him, to show me, through His Word. I never, NEVER, thought I would have so many entrenched and conditioned lies of my colonized mind, to wade through and its been

a very, very painful process but one, that I am finding, just how much, women have been lied to, enslaved, and kept in bondage to the lies of Satan and just how much damage has been done,

and just how much of a barrier and a wall, there is, between many woman and God, not because God is a misogynist,

but that, we have been conditioned to believe and see Him as one.

More on this later...


I will be showing scriptures, a two fold series,

one, scriptures of the Old Testament that are very difficult to read as they are triggers, for women who have ever suffered abuse or rape, but I want to stress, that what God may allow, even for saving our souls [from eternal death], or due to the 'how sin results in death and suffering--not God that does but Sin and the Wages of Sin and not just from a personal act but from the acts of other individuals [free will] and of the acts of leaders of the church or then, of Israel, or nations in how they've acted upon other nations...there were punishments, or rather, retributions and IF one is not careful, in seeing the entire picture on a spiritual level, its really easy to paint God as some uncaring and misogynist cruel God...

and often these scriptures have been used to sanction violence against women, but more to be very indifferent to the violence against women. BUT what they fail to take into account, and this is what I am finding, is that you have to read the Entire texts, to see the entire dialectic or full circle, and in that, you see, that God hates rape, that God hates the shedding of blood, that is was NEVER GOD'S WILL OR GOD'S PLAN, FOR WOMEN, TO BE VIOLATED, RAVISHED [IS THE TERM USED THEN], NEVER, NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER...

it IS, however, the result of the slavery to sin, the result of the fall, because you see Satan doesn't care about your free will, Satan HATES WOMEN, because of the promise, given to Eve, about the redemption [buying back humanity from the power/slavery under Satan], that would come from the birth--through a woman.

Secondly, there are other scriptures [more than I can count] that I am finding that show God's identifying with woman, with her suffering, not just through Christ, you see that in the New Testament but you also see it in the Old Testament, when patriarchy was extremely embraced...there was in the most darkest and cruel misogynist systems, God's revealing His female nature**, His mothering, His love for women AND His understanding but not just His empathy,

His hatred, towards the sin of misogyny. Misogyny is Sin, it is inspired and IS the character of Satan and the Word of God makes that very clear, and I am finding, that God, not only heals women [if she'll allow Him] but He makes her victorious no matter how much violence is thrown at her...

because her worth is not in her sexuality nor in her 'desire' to men, her worth, is simply this,

she is the daughter of God, she is, made in God's image, not in man's, she is made, created in God's image, IN GOD'S IMAGE, really really think about that, not in Satan's image, in God's,

and She, is Loved, by God, God loves women.

And you, woman, God loves YOU, God Loves You.

When men rape, beat, abuse women, they are raping, beating, and abusing GOD.

Why God says, Love thy neighbor as thyself...why Jesus said, no one can hate and/or murder even in the heart, and say they Love God...that also included adultery, in the heart...

God takes the violation of women VERY SERIOUSLY, it is SIN, and it is SIN THAT GOD WILL PUNISH.

Those men, in the Congo [or anywhere for that fact] who rape and think that just because they may know mentally about God, that God won't punish them, are highly mistaken,

they will reap the fruits of their violence, in more ways than one. When they rape, they already, have separated themselves from God,

that, is what hell is, and its about time, that the church, starts dealing with this, and stop, giving permissions, in act or in indifference, in silence, towards the rape and patriarchal culture.

This patriarchal culture, that if you have read the pdf article posted above, you will see, was and IS the culture of the Congo, as in many other parts of Africa. The second series I will be working on, is going to address that,

because that same patriarchal culture, IS THE COLONIAL IMPERIALIST CULTURE. In other words, Christians who worked in missions and allowed the Distortion of Christianity or even the Use of, as THE MEANS, TO COLONIZE AFRICA AND OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD,



Yes, RAPE, the pillaging of resources, peoples [enslavement, etc] and its NOT good enough, to just say, oh there were mistakes,

oh no, there Must be an accountability before God AND a REPENTANCE, a complete repentance and that includes, ending the continued colonizing of the world today through the economic colonizing. [mostly btw in technology, militarization and labor/sex industry, a.k.a. tourist industry] And as far as Africa is concerned, two things,

there can be no healing, no matter how many hymns they sing, until there is JUSTICE FOR THOSE WOMEN AND CHILDREN, that means, bringing the rapists to account, no exceptions. That also includes, holding those accountable, in companies, who traded arms/or goods with these armies/militias who rape. NO EXCEPTIONS. There must be reparations, NOT RETRIBUTIONS, meaning more violence, but reparations,

AND, last but not least, there must be, a spiritual breaking of the SOUL TIES, OF THE PAST ANCESTOR COLONISTS-SLAVE INDUSTRY. ON both sides of the Atlantic, that includes, the church [all denominations involved AND the elites/tribes in Africa and in the Arab lands who benefited and/or formed the slave trade].

This must be done, this is the missing link as to why, no matter if its communism or nationalism or finding ancestor religious roots or Islam, doesn't matter, Africa will be plagued with violence, NOT because only they are violent today, no,

but because the demons, from the past, by the works of false prophets and imperialist who used 'Christianity] and that includes those Christians who ignored the injustice and who took part in the sin, must be cast out, spiritually AND then, the house, once swept clean, will have to be filled, by the Choice of Africans, not Westerners, and NOT Arabs either, but Africans. IF they so choose Christ--it must be on their will and choice, and only then,

in other words, Yes they can come to Christ now but there has to be repentance by those who have benefited from the exploitation and rape of Africa, both in present and in the past. We simply cannot continue to bury the injustice, or just look at the sins of the Islamists [who yes are enslaving and who formed the slave trade--fact, and who still are forcing belief via the sword--but judgment begins with the House of God first, meaning the church, that is OUR responsibility as Christians, God will deal with Islam]. This too IS the reason, that God will not protect us from the enemy until these crimes of the past and present, patriarchy, imperialism and colonizing-raping nations, is dealt with, God is not mocked, what a nation sows, a nation shall reap.

Last, might be three series, the church in the west MUST deal with the indifference, that includes, those westerners through their travels who have become so desensitized to violence [this includes far leftists too, I've read comments by them and they could care less about women being raped or three year olds, as one Maoist commenter asserted, to them, its always the 'excuse' of colonizing, never the sin of sinful man, who even WITHOUT THE PAST COLONIZING would still, rape]. We must deal with that--

patriarchy, hierarchy that is distorted, misogyny and imperialism--are all sin, period. Its as simple as that, and until those sins are dealt with, NEVER MIND, what Islam does--I'm talking about Christianity--UNTIL those sins are taken account--meaning, taking ownership, and REPENTING AND REPARATIONS, then the blood of Africa, is spiritually, on the hands of the church [those who willfully took part and/or those who willfully refuse to denounce those sins]. IF we continue to ignore, make excuses for, be indifferent, perpetuate patriarchy, even here at home--

we are accountable AND we profane the Name of God and the character of God. Prayer warriors, there must be prayer on this matter AND the breaking of the soul ties--it is serious spiritual warfare, and one that must NOT be taken, lightly.

**I refer to God as He, as does the Bible however, there are texts in the Old Testament, the references to SHE, in Proverbs [wisdom, the Holy Spirit, she cries to humanity, etc], there are symbolism's used quite often, allegories, metaphors in both Old and New Testaments that reveal a female God, or a God as Mother, and while I am aware of the question as to whether God is both male-female or if God is spirit and is neither,

I can't say I know, but I do believe, just in how God created woman, from the 'side' of man, that He shows, something about Himself/or Him-Herself, because it says, Male and Female He created them, in OUR image, male and female are its not clear, but I think, there is enough through out the Bible that shows, or reveals,

that God is not simply Male. I don't see God as a Man, not even, the symbols to relate to humanity yes, are used but I think its much larger than that and that we may not be able to truly comprehend, due to our fallen nature however,

I am finding a LOT of healing in God's word and I am seeing, a female nature, that identifies and that I can identify with, both in God of the Old Testament and God of the New Testament [He is the same, yesterday and forever Hebrews 13:8]

Also, when I say, we may not escape patriarchy, I am referring to the state of THIS WORLD, due to sin, the Bible is very clear, that in Heaven, in the New Earth, there will be absolutely no patriarchy, or division of gender. Why, simple,

there is no sin.