Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



Sometimes when it just Pours you Have to Share...

Part of something I wrote this morning, on another blog and it was in reference to God, men, romance and Valentine's day, and well, so many things God has revealed to me when seeking and His mercy, things I took for granted sadly, when He was dealing with my tendency to be ungrateful, and filling some needs/voids in my heart and well, I started writing and it just poured forth...its not even a fourth of what He has shown me in His mercy, but well,

God and His Beauty, His Genius, oh, we just don't know all of it, it would kill us I think, to see it all at once. Anyway, part of what poured forth, to give Him Glory today. Jane


God and true ‘romance’ [not the romance from the pagan Roman, a.k.a. the whole James Bond-gender role stereotypes that force gender in a box].

The Romance and Beauty of God, the Almighty God, in just a few things here, what He has shown me…

before I was born–before many were born,

TASTE: He created not only every ‘food’ but HE had to have known, how food combined with spices would taste AND how they would appeal to Every single being. From salsa to candy to teas to pastries [and pastries in Bible, mentioned in story of Joseph], fish, you name it, HE knew them FIRST, every single Combination AND I have found, He is THE best cook! I am NOT KIDDING here, HE taught me how to cook, I didn’t have anyone to teach me and I have learned, listening to Him, HE is the Ultimate Chef.

Just last night, once again, a crazy day, had Nothing prepared to cook, had NO IDEA what to fix, and HE tells me, bit by bit this vegie soup, that was Good, as always He never ceases to Amaze me…and it was Him who one day showed me this amazing genius He has for food, when eating Salsa one day–from the tomatoes to the peppers, HE KNEW. HOW, but HE knew…years and years before Human ever thought of…THINK ABOUT THIS, REALLY THINK ABOUT IT.

SMELL: From the salt smell of the Sea to the sweet candy smell of Bougainvilleas gracing a fence, lovingly draping over to the smell of Jasmine at night, to the smell of the rain after the grass is cut or the sun comes out….Every smell we have, that raises our blood or that warns us of danger or, mysteriously smells that are not there but things that are deadly [carbon monoxide], Perfumes and Incense were NOT created by Chanel oh no, they were created by a very Powerful God, Our God, who commanded Moses how to mix a certain kind of incense that No one was allowed to use in any way but To GOD. How’s That, for romance? His Sanctuary, would NOT be defiled, something He showed me about yes, He understands what women feel, MORE than WE know….

SIGHT: From the Rainbow of His promise with the prime colors to the hundreds of Shades of plant greens to the flowers of pinks, violets, orange, yellows, blues, even green flowers [Bells of Ireland] to the crystal coral reefs to the white crystals that hang on water-snow glaciers, that our Eyes alone cannot embrace them all at once, why camaras, no matter How digital or advanced, Still need ‘photoshop’ to grab every reflection yet, they still cannot grab them all, from the colors in Space,

to the textures of rocks, leaves, wings of a bird, the grains of dirts that are different colors to the way the landscape changes when the sun hits at angles. One tree can change into at Least four different colors of shades from sun up to sun down, ONE TREE, just with HIS sun and shadows and light. From the thousands of chiseled chins and almond eyes, NO one, but No one, will ever be able to create such beauty that the eyes behold, that God can and does. And those eyes see and the mind holds in memory, each one of us having different ones, none are the same, of what we see, that God shows us in His universe.

HEAR: From the sound of the ocean crashing on the sea coasts that vary whether they are violent crashes on rocky shores or the smooth tides of the southern spheres to the windy storms, from the sound of winds from the most gentle breeze to the gales to the evening when you notice, there is nothing but silence, and you can here the tiniest of detailed sounds, from the cricket that lullabies you to sleep to the summer frogs that share their mating rituals to the chirping and chattering of bird gossip in the early morning, every musical sound we hear, is from the Mouth of the Lord, every day…ever vibration we feel from the thunder to the soft steps of a kitten, if we learn to listen. To that still small voice of His that says, I am here….

TOUCH: From His gentle touch in the breeze to His caress in water, that same water that makes 70% of our body and brains, that same water that without we die, wither, dry parched lips in the desert that will cause us to see visions, oh how we need His water, water Elijah prayed for to rain and prayed to not rain…the tiniest drop of water can be pleasure to our tongue and skin OR torture, if used in the wrong way.

From the grainy glass of the sand against our legs or its heat searing our feet if we’re foolish enough to not wear shoes at 9 in the morning, LOL, such fine fine lace sand can feel like hot coals in His heat of the sun yet hours later feel as cold as winter and providing shelter for the sea crawlers.

From the chill of the winter air that freezes the inside of the nostrils and that you can see coming from your breath, that can smell so clean and yet can burn if skin is exposed, but at night it all glitters like a Russian princess fairy land, with little light, like stars in Heaven, and the softness of the snow as it whirls around you in the wind.


His Words, when you Hear His Words, really hear them, they flow like water, like caresses and only His Words can break a heart in two to the point of surrender or challenge the fearful to take courage, His Words, that caress the barren heart with tenderness that NO human man will ever be able to compete with nor sultry woman either.

Oh how the world and human and the enemy has done all in their power, that base ‘nature’ of thief to Take Credit for the Romance that is TRULY GOD’S AND GOD’S ALONE,

from poetry to music to literature to drama to passion, even war — No one has His Strategy, but No One, not the greatest despot to the master of knowing the enemy [Sun Tzu is NOT the master of the ART of WAR, LOL, hardly],

our Lord who gives us Breathe and who Walked into the Halls of Academia, the Philosophers of Pagan times, Mars Hill [oh yea, saw that this morning, hmmm, lol, in Acts] and through Paul walked boldly in and Astonished the thinkers and the followers of Socrates and Aristotle and made a mockery of human foolishness,

that is OUR LORD, who can compete with Him? Any man? Any woman?

Never, never and never…

His giving us His breathe and our being and moving in Him [Acts] and the more you see Who He is,

it takes,

your breathe away.

[and that's not even the tiniest fourth of it]

Love, Peace, Solidarity,



Sonnet said...

Hi Jane,

Reading how God has given you ideas on how to cook and combine foods reminds me of George Washington Carver. I read a biography about his life, and it is amazing what God taught him about nature, esp. peanuts. I find it inspiring to read just how much God speaks and divulges special treasures to those who will take the time to listen for God's voice.
God is so good!!

JaneDoeThreads said...

Welcome to my blog Sonnet,

I'll have to read about that. I hear God a lot outdoors, always been a nature girl anyway but last summer, was the first time I heard His voice while outdoors and He taught me a lot about weeding out memories and hurts, strongholds like one does when cultivating a garden, and a lot more.

Next post to this regard I will be sharing some other things, like, how I found out the other day, that there is a rare snowflake, shaped in the shape of a pyramid of all things, and they found a mountain shaped like a pyramid in Greenland.

Yes, He is amazing, Genius actually, when one really thinks about every detail and diversity of His universe--one could ponder it for days and still not be able to mentally grasp it all.

I know, lol, I've tried. Can't do.

Solidarity, in Christ, Love