Thousands of children are tortured and raped repeatedly in private run juvenile prisons...let's keep this in mind.


Women, need to realize, that the fastest growing population of the Prison SEX RAPE SLAVERY businesses is in fact, WOMEN. That includes, WOMEN JAILED FOR SELF DEFENSE WHICH IN THIS NATION, SISTER, WE DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TOO, we are not MEN nor ANIMAL, women get 50 to Life for Self Defense, against rape, abuse, repeated abuse and torture. Even for not dying while getting beat near to death, a man can kill or torture a child, and the WOMAN-MOTHER will be the one who gets the longer time in prison [if he even gets charged], AND IF the woman gets sentenced with mental health--she can expect to be Lobotomized by force.



Why I am Leaving the Egalitarian and Christian Hives and Agreeing more with many women of the Ex Quiverfull

Not sure how to write this, but I'll try to do my best to explain....Why I am Leaving, walking away, from the egalitarian hives, the Christian hives [esp them, culture, church, the whole shabang] and seeing more and more why so many Women turn to Goddess beliefs or Agnosticism. [understanding from the soul-spirit damage that the maintaining of the house causes, to hold onto destructive beliefs, etc]

NOT turning away from individuals, per se, but from the Collective GROUP THINK DOGMA, including yes, the more Positive side of DOGMA, [the friendly one, but that really is just trying to save the overall HOUSE] because it is what it is, just another type of 'controls' over WOMEN, addressing 'wrongs' but doing ALL IN THEIR POWER TO MAINTAIN THE FALLING DOWN 'HOUSE', A.K.A. THE CHURCH AND PATRIARCHAL 'SOCIETY' WITH ITS ENFORCEMENTS AND RULES AND SYSTEMS THAT OPPRESS, SUBJUGATE AND KILL THE SOULS, SPIRITS AND HEARTS OF WOMEN.

Last night, I was watching the movie "Reds", which triggered a lot of things, reminded me, of Why I left the Socialist Party I was in, Why I got OUT of communism, you see it Wasn't just my refusing to 'compromise' women's human rights, and this part, I sometimes Forget, but it was how, over time, the party became Centralist, Puritan, Dogmatic and Bureaucratic, run by a FEW, and controlled by them. Everything written became censured. I would write articles for the women's magazines and everything had to be approved by the Editor who was under the control of the tiny little Politburo. Anything that did not fall in line with the Party View, was discarded, and words, that I wrote, would be twisted, edited, to where I didn't recognize them as my own. What really angered me about this was how statistics, empirical evidence, and testimonies of countless women around the world, who suffer oppression, would be erased, because the goals of the Politburo [tiny as it was] were the 'god's dogma' that had to be Protected at All costs,

and so what, if they made mistakes that killed, so what if they worked with Allies who are All about slavery and oppression of women [Islamists], so what if they ran and mowed down women, children, VICTIMS, after all, they are COLLATERAL DAMAGE, and its history and the making of history [defined by MEN of course] and progress and materialism and building a New Society, That is what mattered,

female human beings, did NOT.

And as the party became more dogmatic the censorship got worse to where it wasn't only writing they censored, but ALL DISSENT,

and the party split, into several factions. And I would come to find, later after I left the party, that the 'controls' and 'development' of this puritanical THOUGHT CONTROL was being carried out but a FEW MEN, and the women TOKENS that obeyed and followed them, for Their ambition. So much for Feminism, so much for Women's Human Rights...why it was NOW, about POWER. To save what They thought, was a crumbling mass movement. Today that party is split, most of the old members are gone, into other faction parties and that is why in this country we have so many alternative parties. Somebody, always winds up, playing 'god'. And what is interesting, is how those 'gods' all, have no tears, for the bodies of women piled up to the sky...nor do they even flinch, when they wade through the pools of blood at their feet.

Of course its MORE complex then this simplistic explanation here [it would take a novel and I simply don't want to write one nor does it matter to me, I know what I saw and it wouldn't be the first time, I would see this trend]. I began to see [or better yet, take notice, recognize it] in other movements too, in feminism, liberalism, conservatism, hell even anarchism and libertarianism. Hive after Hive after Hive, and what was funny was that in the long run the females would be the ones thrown out....females that did not hold up the standard of the 'male thoughts' and this goes for feminism too, Marxist and Liberal, which has a lot of 'male doctrines defining what 'gender' is' at the core as well as women, but the 'definition of what is WORTHY HUMAN usually always centers around some type of male definition.

So I got into the other hive, Radical and women centered feminism, but then I would find that those movements have been taken over pretty much by lesbians, many whom in their agenda to 'deconstruct' patriarchy and gender seem to me, at least, to do away with anything remotely 'feminine' and go towards those things that have been the core of what men think makes MEN superior. Worse too was this belief, that men are inheritently EVIL by nature and women angelic beings, the whole Goddess thing, and that if Women did EVIL it was ONLY because the devil 'man' constructed them to do it,

well, having had grown up with an Evil female abuser, uh, I just didn't buy into that whole line of logic and frankly I didn't give a fuck whether a devil man made her into the horrible abuser she was, because when I looked into HER face, I saw HER, EVIL, NOT SOME MAN BEHIND HER. [for millions suffering Horribly around the world, from sex slaves to abused children hiding in closets to men huffing glue to escape the hell of poverty in Bangladesh or the person rotting away in solidarity somewhere with only their torturers, I don't think they give a rats ass about what constructs are anyway but to just have Somebody rescue them--male or female, it don't matter, evil is evil and that's that].

Not to say that there wasn't men or patriarchy or religion that didn't have a lot to Do with why she was screwed up and full of hate--but IS that really an excuse? No, I don't think it was or is, and so,

that kept coming up as a conflict and Any time I would mention it, I would see that CENSORSHIP happening ALL OVER AGAIN....

so, eventually out of that Hive I went.

So I jumped from hive [or maybe flew is better word] to hive to hive, and it was then I began to see similarities how the hives have either a king or queen and the rest are mere drones and worker bees, sacrificial lambs and well, dissent, simply was NOT tolerated. And I found that the worker bees, usually male or 'like male' didn't really leave room for those bees that were more well, uh, different.

So for a while I broke off by myself and worked alone, funny I did some of my best writing then, and it was then that I started reading the Bible again. Anyway to make a long story short--I find another hive, why it had all that I thought, I embraced, equal rights, women's rights, love, etc., and so I got in, and began to listen and to speak,

but Then I found, that a lot of things I did learn from All those Other hives would surface, and I began to question, [esp when questioning the whole rhetoric and the bullshit about 'love' --usually too, interestingly, leaning to romantic love, when in fact its obvious that there IS no love among them and/or in majority of so called Christian marriages] and at first the hive of Christians, were tolerant but then I noticed, that to Question, Especially to voice RAGE as a Woman, started to get me the very same results---but, what I didn't expect, was how more Sinister they were,

much like, the sinister methods used by the Communist and Socialists. [the latter its the same right or left, nationalist esp] And That, did shock me, but I rationalized it because the Bible, how I was reading it, was God was the Dictator, and we, were the worker bees.

But God was a nicer dictator, a dictator still who would burn up His enemies in eternal fire but to those under Him, He was nice too--as LONG AS YOU CONFORMED AND ESPECIALLY, IF YOU ARE

W.O.M.A.N. [you not only conform to God's rule you conform to every tom, dick and harry's rule too--pulpit pimps and madames for those Johns [husbands who bring in the $$$ to the temples, er, brothels, same damn thing--on macro level its economics and buying votes, if ya know what I mean, can't piss of the Patriarchy now]

And the thing is, with the whole Egalitarian, and what is I think, a tad deceptive about many of them, is that yes, they do address Abuses, within MARRIAGE, but when it comes to WOMEN questioning FEMALE CONTRUCTS OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE, EXCLUDING MINISTRY [because there you see, its again, Self Interests, but where women in patriarchal Society are concerned, that's different--you really see this where it concerns reproductive rights, rights to work, ECONOMIC RIGHTS ESP, don't dare touch anyone's pocketbook and well, its really, to Hell with women out there in world, esp the poor, unless of course its a Discussion 'topic' or something that will sell Books, profit, etc--in other words, like the middle class white feminist, challenge those constructs & systems that hurt their ambition, but leave the rest alone, wouldn't want to upset Privilege or anything, etc] The what I think, is more the Riding the backs of the miserable, using their misery [women] as fodder for preserving the culture as a whole, in other word, its a lot of them, not really about Helping women, but just addressing the abuses because you see, the women are leaving in droves---that effects culture AND is a real threat, to the whole hive--and hey, why not make a few bucks in the process]


it was another ballgame altogether, and Not just questioning Gender Constructs [like beauty, or oh, to NOT be a Mother, to Reject marriage, or to be a Feminist that is more Radical, environmentalist, political...don't venture Too far, got to stay within a prescribed belief system that is true to the overall Doctrine of GOD] but to DARE question,

CAPITALISM, [OH ESPECIALLY CAPITALISM--GOT TO SAVE WESTERN IMPERIALISM] SOCIAL CONTROLS, HIERARCHY, SCIENCE, EDUCATION anything that is by far, the AGREED UPON DOCTRINE OF THE WHOLE, CHRISTIANITY, [CULTURE--WESTERN THAT IS] [oh, Islamists -- Nationalists, do the same damn thing btw, so do other dogmatic fanatics who kill/exile/subjugate, you preserve that core belief and spread that hegemony or else and dogma atheists-materialists do this shit too, lest we forget, how many Stalin butchered, to rid the world of believers/of God and so example there]


In more ways than could Question a little IF YOU AGREED WITH THEM...but DARE venture OUT of the box, dare to Dissent, to CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO OF 'CULTURE',


well, then the methods began. And here is what I found, that is similar in ALL OF THE HIVES,

1. immediate deflection onto YOU the minute you voice hurt, rage, doubt [esp doubt] and truth about YOUR reality...if YOUR reality brings into Question the Validity of THEIR ARGUMENT, or, especially, if YOUR REALITY, brings into reflection that something is not just Wrong with the few symptoms of doctrine abuse by individuals BUT that something may be flawed within the BELIEF SYSTEM ITSELF. They immediately draw attention to others that YOU are in pain and that YOU need help and that YOU and YOUR reality[or the REALITY of other women, ESPECIALLY POOR AND WOMEN OF COLOR--don't bring those up because to do so is to question white euro-centric beliefs/constructs Including yes, Christianity 'American' Culture] is AN EXCEPTION TO THE RULE therefore leaving the others to Immediately disqualify what you say, as a lie. Therefore, why Question anything, because obviously nothing Wrong with the overall or core--and the status quo is PROTECTED, UNHARMED AND CAN GO ON.

2. fear tactics, these are a bit more cleverly used but they refer to something that is the higher authority [God, party ideology, what happens IF you don't adhere, focus on the Enemy as the problem and not the Whole], etc., that gets YOU to refocus on the 'other' or enemy immediately because to Challenge or have Doubts is after all, to show signs that you are a Traitor, or a potential Traitor [and that may be contagious after all] or a class enemy or not completely PURE.

3. love, oh That is a good one, probably the most deceptive of all, whether its Brethren or Comrade, or Child of God, [of course this will apply more to women than men, how they USE doctrines of love and promises to manipulate the Emotions so that you Willingly sacrifice your soul on the altar---the whole God loves you thing] but this is more than just the 'love bomb' that cults use--it is more the, it hurts us more than it hurts you type of thing...or the 'its for your own good' type of thing and of course, the God or 'gods' of course, always want what is best for you,
and if you don't take what is best for you


4. Disassociation, the most clever and harmful of all...because it really, is nothing more, than being


First they EXILE your voice, then they EXILE your REALITY, then they EXILE your communications and Then, they EXILE YOU...

to get you, to return and denounce any Deviation from their 'course and train of thought' OR to, now get This,



and what better form of terrorism than to use the FEAR of EXILE, REJECTION, DEMONIZATION AND HELL FIRE.

~~~~ so That got me to thinking and Questioning



and then I saw it....who the Hell am I?

and, I really, didn't KNOW, what I believed anymore or if I liked anything I believed anymore, especially God. Did I even Like God?

and then I knew, NO, I did NOT. And probably didn't for years,

how could anyone Like a God who says,

I demand you love me or else....

then all the memories of MEN like that, who said the same thing, Love me or else, here comes the fists, the rape, the parent with the Love me and it hurts me worse than you and you are to be destroyed and so in Love [when justifying to others] and Hate when telling me [and my brother] I will 'fix' you and MAKE YOU CONFORM, THINK WHAT I TELL YOU AND DO WHAT I TELL YOU BUT YOU WORSHIP ME...[maybe why I've always been able to SEE this pattern, not just abuse but mind controls and conformity, de-individualization]

and That got me to Really question...if Love is Love, then WHY DOES IT ALWAYS NEED FORCE? AND TERROR?

AND FORCED CONFORMITY? Especially for women and children?

Then I saw how All these Hives to the Same Exact Damn thing...whether they be of one ideology or another--its always, in the end, about Forcing CONFORMITY.


So then, That got me to thinking...and I started pondering on nature...and it dawned on me,

not Everything in nature lives in a Collective or a Hive. And while there is Strength and Protection in Hives/Collectives, the other thing about them, is that, their Strength, is often times, their Weakness,

and their Goal, is to always protect their House. From intruders, from weather, and ironically, you could say, from God Himself [natural disasters, etc]. But more, from other hives and collectives.

So I pondered that more and realized that many things in the animal and plant world do not thrive in Hives nor collectives, and the one that I then, saw, in my mind,

was the Eagle.

Why the Eagle, I don't know really but the Eagle, I saw soaring and flying high, higher than any bird, [at least in our hemisphere] and that represented one thing


The one thing that you will Never Have in Any HIVE, IS


Freedom of the soul, Freedom of the Spirit, Freedom of Thought, Freedom from Fear, Freedom from destruction and self destruction--

the Hives, thrive on ridding you of All Freedoms, except, of course, the Freedom to serve the Queen or King and to Sacrifice your Life to rid of your self, to be a


And then, I started questioning, was God, just an invention of Man to Legitiamize his rule of power over women, over others? And did all other 'gods' come from that one?

Goddess included?

And Ideology is also a God, communism simply was just and is just another Religion...make no mistake about it.

And then I questioned all the destruction to Life--the planet, animals, space [the pollution from all our satellites] and women, Especially women,

all under the belief that GOD said.

then, it came to me, when Jesus told the Pharisees that was it better on the Sabbath to save life, or to destroy life?
Then I saw it...


For years I followed this Jesus as a Person...because that is how He is always taught, the Personhood of Jesus, but Jesus didn't say, I am the Person,

He said, I am the Way, the Truth, the LIFE.

God, is Love, that is what John says,

not, take that Command again,

Thou shall Love God [or else]

Thou shall Love LOVE [or else, or else What? what is the Opposite of Love? HATE]

what is the opposite of Life? Death

Eternal Life, or Eternal Death?

The Spirit is like the Wind, no man knows whence it comes, Jesus said,

funny, how in our world today, bees are in danger of extinction, the Hives. Why is that?

because of Man, Humanity, that's why, because of the


So, then, now its questioning, ok, what IS LOVE, really? What is Love? We know about the Cross and Jesus, but to be honest, I have not seen real Love among Christians, comps or egals [minus a few and I am not talking about the Manipulative love, which there IS A LOT OF THAT GOING AROUND to shut you up and conform you or else, type of thing] and sad, I saw more Love, among sinners and heathens and lefties and hell,

Wiccans, Wiccans have far more love for each other--in Action, than many Christians do, like, uh,

what IS Love? And I don't believe I'll ever see true Love, in a Hive...

So all this time, hanging out with Hives, I saw, that they really aren't that different, other than their 'god' beliefs, they aren't that different, and not once, did I ever, FLY or SOAR while being in one. Not Once,

nor, get this,


Because you see, there IS no LOVE when there is Forced conformity, there simply can't be, all that is, is despotism, and Hate, that is all it is, and self-abnegation. In fact, to be a member of a HIVE you must, self-abnegate. [women this is Mandatory, especially]

But I never realized, that its not just Women--its the INDIVIDUAL WHO MUST ABNEGATE TO BE IN A HIVE...TILL EVENTUALLY,


And they don't come back, there Is no resurrection, they just lay there, DEAD.

And looking back, if they could, they HAD, NO LIFE EITHER because the HIVE CONSUMED ALL THE LIFE THEY HAD.

The Eagle takes care of her young, she Soars on the Winds, like the Spirit...she sees, for miles and miles away...

she is her OWN...FREE...

I am not sure, where is this leads, but this is what I have seen thus far...I also saw, how the Eagle often, is alone. Alone with only the sky and wind as her companions...

maybe, God?

I don't know, but what I do know is this, the nest of the Eagles, no man can make a nest that will Stand, against weather, like Eagles [and other birds] can...

the Hives houses are easily Destroyed.

the house of the Eagle, is not. Not only that, the Hives have a tendency to build their nests under the ground, or in some trees or under the eaves of homes,

not so with the Eagle--her's are often, on the ROCK.

So, what I learned, about the Egalitarian Hive, is that, while they may be addressing legit abuses, they are, after all, still working, to maintain the House in which, those abuses are occurring, and as long as they work to maintain the House, rather than just let it fall down [AND IT WILL FALL DOWN], as God shakes it from it's foundations,

they will Fall with it. Like Samson and the Philistines, when God destroys the house of Dagon, it All will come down...

and then, I knew.

I don't belong in hives...I don't like them, I find them suffocating and just as abusive as the lords and despots and horrible men and parents and collectives with their 'gulags', and ideologies with their eventual leading up to genocides...

no, I think, I prefer to be an Eagle, lonely as it is sometimes, but an Eagle nethertheless,

and just, listen to the winds...and learn there.

No conforming, no obeying, no fear, no exile [or maybe exile in a Good way because you can't hold down an Eagle unless you destroy her--remember what Jesus said, is it better to destroy life or to kill life, Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy...]

and I'll build my nest on the Rock--and when the houses fall,

I'll watch with the other Eagles...

no longer, will I sacrifice and self-abnegate, to preserve a dying and falling house--sacrifice the lives of Women, to preserve a dying and falling house...

In solidarity,



Waneta Dawn said...

I can relate to your battle, your journey, even though I haven't arrived at the same conclusions you have. I, too, find little love in churches. I find they do not adequately represent God's love. Instead, they tend to be meeting places where friends meet together. If you are not one of a particular clique, you can forget it.

There also seems to be a law of wealth that was around ever since the time of Christ. No one cared for Christ either--until he started giving out free meals and doctoring. I, too, would likely have friends a-plenty if I had the money to feed and/or cure everybody.

Fashion comes in here, too. It seems you are better accepted if you dress "right." It can be the fashion of that church group or the fashion dictated by the larger society.

Basically, so many are just following the back end of the ant ahead of them. Or following the urine trail of the other mice--whichever metaphor you prefer.

Few think for themselves. Few truly follow a call of God on their lives. So many are focused on the latest entertainment, on putting one foot in front of the other when necessary and the rest of the time doing something to escape the drudgery.

The thing of it is that God is not the problem. The people and what they've been taught is. I have been guilty of blaming God for not protecting me from what people do. Yet, think about it. If God did step in and miraculously stop the misdeeds of people, I, too, would have my actions overridden. God would by His actions make me and everyone else into mere puppets.

Currently, I am trying to get my act together, asking God how He wants me to make a difference in churches and out of churches. So many people are hurting, hurting. They are just trying to survive.

And all of that is in the USA, where people are "free."

The Bible is clear: God is against injustice and oppression. Even Moses's law requiring husbands to give their wives a writing of divorcement, was to protect the wives from the even worse abuses of abandonment and perpetual singlehood and poverty.

While I have found that God IS on our side, I can certainly understand your decision to separate from Him.


JaneDoeThreads said...


I'm not Separating from God, or Jesus, but ONLY the teachings, of who He is, by doctrines and church, that is all,

it's hard to explain but I think, you sort of did, when you said this,
"The thing of it is that God is not the problem. The people and what they've been taught is."
and that is just it, what we know of Jesus is what we've been taught by men, by the Bible [and I wonder about the translations, it's just a little odd how even with the taking the whole it still is a book that is centered around men/male lens], and well, something that has been bugging me for some time [along with a few other things]

Jesus said, the Holy Spirit will lead you into all Truth, not, the Bible or Scripture. And even IF, Waneta, we question church doctrines, our lens has been so distorted by Culture, Wealth yes, religion/development of, gender roles, etc., and I will add, our Separation from Nature--has a LOT to do with it,

a year ago, I began to question a lot about Native American Indian beliefs, about ancient societies and some studies I did years ago on the development of patriarchy in ancient societies. I brushed a lot of those off,

now I'm not so sure. I see a LOT of female references in OT, I also see a lot of references to Nature--not just the materialist matter, but something more, and over time its been coming together,

the prophets of old, were Wild Vines, John the Baptist lived in the Wild, even Jesus, often went to the mountains to pray, Why is that? Paul says in end times the elements will burn up--look at global warming and What causes it...

when I was in the rad fem lot, of course they focused on the Goddess beliefs, I looked into those but I couldn't buy into a lot of the stories BUT there was something there about the women of old, how their roles were NOT like they are today, and there was a sense of peace, being around those women and beliefs that I never found before--that got me to question,

but I never thought, I would see and question these things when reading the Bible. Weird things, like why has Mary, the Mother of Jesus, been pushed to the wayside? [opposite in Catholic--and I have my theory there, some interesting things I found on Rome, prior to Catholic church including witch hunts, by the Romans], but, there are some other things too--why is it, that American [Western actually, not just America] Christians differ so much, life experience, etc., from Christians in the East? Why is it that Eastern Christians tend to be more down to earth and even mystical? [like some sects of Jews]

I think, it has something to do with our physical connection that is cut off from the natural world and how the image of God, Jesus, has been Constructed, not just Gender, but God, has been constructed, to meet the ideals of western democracy and culture.

But is that who God is? So, I'm not giving up on God, just tossing all I have been told about God, through doctrines. And I have been talking to Jesus about this...

as far as the whole Christian Culture here in America [not individual people mind you, not leaving them], I'm so done with it and I won't ever return. A lot of reasons, that I won't go into here, but, well, I'm just done with it.

In peace,


JaneDoeThreads said...

Something also you said, Waneta, that is a LOT of what I've been really cringing about, in the whole Christian [faux Christ] culture, and it is over the issues I do strongly believe in,

"There also seems to be a law of wealth that was around ever since the time of Christ. No one cared for Christ either--until he started giving out free meals and doctoring. I, too, would likely have friends a-plenty if I had the money to feed and/or cure everybody."

I told Jesus, that I was going to go into relief work, hell or high water, even if I went to hell, that I couldn't do this 'life' anymore, having to refuse doubts and believe in what doctrines say and well, this whole insanity like trying to believe Santa is real, you know,

but I do know what IS real, and its all over this blog and that is where my heart is at. And always has been,

I won't ever be 'moral', I'm so Sick of the whole emotional terrorism and don't do this and do this self-policing I do, due to fear, fear of judgment fear of this fear of that, am I right am I wrong, I mean,

it just got to the point where its like, You know Jesus I didn't ask to be born nor for that whole damn tree thing or any of that--I have failed Way, WAY too much, hell didn't even Live for Him for years, you know, but I DID believe, in the issues I was fighting for and was willing to die for them...

still am. Though of course Jude says we are not to mouth authorities well, the jerks in these countries that are raping girls and women and butchering, I guess I'm going to hell because I won't honor them, and I'll admit it, I support a lot of revolutions, maybe not their ideologies but I don't blame them one bit--its like, I told Jesus, ok you want me to love my enemies and turn the other cheek but if I was standing there while some one was hacking a child to bits, guess what, I'm going to Do something, if I got a gun, I'm going to shoot--I won't pray,

and it's the one thing that really irks me, about a lot of western teachings, this whole just leave it in God's hands, blah blah blah, I could Maybe see it, once in a while, with minor infractions,

but not the gross abuses we see today. And another thing I don't agree with God about [I know, huh, lol, kind of bold there ain't I, bold or stupid], is HE needed an 11th commandment, Thou shall not abuse thy children,

but He left them, unprotected. And yea, I've asked Him about that--that whole tree in garden, like, a parent leaving a loaded gun on the table, telling a two year old, now don't shoot it or you'll die.

Yea, I have these 'struggles' and I just don't do the 'pat' answers the church gives or the 'oh don't you dare question or disagree or hell fire, like, I'm sort of sick of that whole terrorism garbage',

but I am not quitting God or Jesus--just not, going to refuse to Question Him anymore, or be upfront, about why, I don't believe in a lot of things. I guess, I'm just at the end of my rope, hanging onto things, just because I am supposed to--and this whole thing that He loves me, I have never got that, seriously, America seems to be hung up on that,

I think, you know I'm a speck, really, in a world of billions and billions and through out time. But well, you answered [or He did] one thing tonight--what you said, about Jesus, and that few wanted Him other than healing/feeding, etc.,

I will ponder on that one a lot, this week [probably from now on as I tend to do that], and well, will take it to Him, I still talk to Him, all day. [including telling Him, maybe I don't believe in Him anymore...but I'll hang on to the faith because, well, can't prove He ain't either, and just to be safe, I know that's terrible but, well, it's how I feel inside]



Mara Reid said...

The thing about eagles...

In the Bible they are symbolic of deliverance. And also of the prophets.

The Bible says for us to walk in the freedom the Jesus won for us and to not let others take that away.

Hives appear to be safer, tucked away in the tree or ground. It is a fearful thing to be exposed on the bare heights. But it is where we are called. He will set our feet securely on high. The Bible says that MANY times. He'll also hide us under the shadow of His wings so we aren't as out there and exposes as we might think.

JaneDoeThreads said...

Thank you Mara and Waneta,

just know, both of you, God spoke to me, through you, just one or two things you said,

your kindness and reaching out, you won't know how much you've helped me, there is no words to say,

but know, God did work through you...the prompting you had, was right on target.

Please pray, for me and my children.